Monday, June 22, 2020

Solar Eclipse And Lunar Birthday

It has  been  hot  here ,really hot actually .Temps  been spinning around above and below 50 C. Airy  weather  been great helped to avoid  stress that  extreme heat has brought on us. Each time When i pull up bucket of moment from the well of  life ,it has some water of hope for me ,and if it's not i think may be i missed the bottom :)

I really don't know what i just wrote friends but i had to otherwise my hands were tied to type further lol

We witnessed solar eclipse after many years i guess. When light started to dim slowly i  immediately looked at sun .It felt like loosing it's sharpness .Then i remember that hubby told yesterday that solar eclipse will occur tomorrow .My heart  filled with excitement suddenly . I tried hard to observe that magical moment with my bare eyes but invain .My both son also left their laptops and came out in front yard .My younger son brought an x ray sheet and looked through it.Result was astonishing so he called me and asked to do same . Oh it was unbelievably beautiful and enchanting !

We witnessed whole process by peaking through x ray sheet time to time.Moon took almost two  hours to cross between sun and earth .My imagination was another great support to see it from close :) it was extraterrestrial  and phenomenal indeed! I am happy i could see it in this part of life as next one probably will occur  after me . 

I took this image when i realized that light is dimming  and views looked mysteriously beautiful!
i think it was almost 10 am .While morning recitation in our veranda i felt that light is weakening slowly ,i went out if it was getting cloudy but sky looked as clear as conscience of saint still it was amazing to find sudden reduction in heat as some kind heart placed umbrella upon our heads :)

My younger son took so many shots through his phone Samsung A 50 but no success until he placed x ray sheet before lenses 

how thrilling to be able to watch such phenomenal event :) this universe is too big to fit in even our imagination and imagining all the happening within it makes me feel so small yet so blessed and fortunate as human .as human brain is designed to bring all the answers that this  universe offers ,both are meant for each other ,what a love story !

i hope someday humans will so enlightened and will quit all the stupid  useless quarrels and focus their energies on right directions to unfold mysteries of this life and universe . I can see human flying like fireflies among the countless stars and planets  floating in the space .i believe it will happen may after thousand years but it will 

My eldest son sent me few images last day . He participated in birthday gathering of one of his closest friend .On left   lovely gorgeous  birthday lady stands .Super smart ,active and amazingly kind ,i have met her mother and sister when we visited Karachi .Beautiful family with wise mom and ambitious kids ,i liked them all. On right another friend common friend of both ,i know less about her except she is so caring and  generous 

this is great to find happiness and opportunity to gather with friends when world is  going through weird times .

I don't think life can be perfect for anyone on this planet forever . It seems  a perfect examination hall and we all are giving our exams since we are able to think and solve .
And we will be doing so until our last breath .
It's okay to fail few once or few times i think.
It matters less how many times we have passed it 
But it matters most how much we have learnt from our previous failures .

Stay blessed with hope that comes along undefeated faith in Lord and yourself  dear friends!
be kind to yourself as you are PRECIOUS!


  1. It must have been great to share the experience of the eclipse with your family.

  2. I'm glad you saw the solar eclipse! I've only seen one full solar eclipse in my life and it was fantastic -- an experience not to be missed!

  3. The ecli8pse you saw must have been extraordinary. We saw one here last year. It was thrilling to experience.

  4. Terrific post. I think that you make an excellent point about the human brain going hand in hand and being part of the universe and being a way to understand the universe.

    The eclipse pictures are marvelous. I hand never gotten a good view of a solar eclipse.

  5. Glad you safely experience the beauty of the eclipse!

  6. I don't know where you come up with all the interesting metaphors like life being an examination room. I like it.

  7. Sunday, 4 PM, hundreds looking at the sky in Macau to see the eclipse.

  8. That's hot weather then, try and stay cool if possible.
    The people look happy which is lovely to see.
    The eclipse not down this end of the earth, but up your way, beautiful photos.

  9. Oh WOW...such dramatically beautiful photos of the eclipse!! I can barely tear my eyes away... isn't it the most mesmerising sight!!!
    Thank you so, so much for sharing this, dearest Baili!!😊😊
    It is so good to see these beautiful happy faces...and I hope this lovely lady had a very happy birthday!🎂🍩🍿🎁🎼

    Have a wonderful day, my beautiful friend...and stay safe.

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. ahh beautiful post and photos and i enjoyed reading you. I hope you get some cool breezes flow through your life during this hot summer.

  11. Always such a joy to read your posts! From your heart to your hand - so, so lovely! I'm happy that you were able to experience this beautiful celestial event. Thank you for the photos and for letting us enjoy it through your eyes.
    And those happy faces - the perfect ending:)
    Hugs & God bless you:)

  12. We are having a cold winter you a hot summer but you all look very happy despite the heat.

  13. An eclipse is exciting to witness! And what a lovely gathering of friends. Your son looks very happy.

  14. How neat to see the eclipse with your family. Nice pictures of your son and his friends. They all look quite happy.

  15. First of all let me express that I like your soft soothing words out of concern for all. The occasionally occurring phenomena, are indeed astounding experiences. The powerful sun's light and heat also fade for us. It is a truth that however powerful one may be there will be times of waning power in life. Let us have equal emotions with power and powerlessness. Well-penned,dear Baily.

  16. Thank you for sharing all of these lovely photographs, especially the wonderful eclipse ones.

    All the best Jan

  17. Wow, those are cool photos your son took with his phone. What a sight that must have been! That one picture looks like a heart. It's nice that your oldest son is meeting so many different friends along the way. : )


  18. I loved this post, Baili, for two different things. First the wonderful pictures of the eclipse. Your son was so clever to think of using an X-ray sheet to view it. Actually that is much safer. I saw my first eclipse when I was 12. I peeked at it with my naked eyes and burned green spots in my vision. The spots lasted several months, and I was too scared to tell my parents. Fortunately my eyes healed. I loved the heart eclipse image ~ a true message for our world!

    And then, I always love the photos of your son and his friends in Germany. It makes me happy to see him thriving in Germany and experiencing lots of things! I'm glad too, that Germany is relatively safe.

    The coronavirus is out of control here, and our leaders are failing miserably. I am stunned at what is happening here. Never would I have imagined that my country would have acted as it has. I am appalled at and ashamed on the anti-science bias. Terry and I are being very careful. He is playing pickleball outside with some friends several times a week, but that's it. I did visit several friends some 10 or 12 days ago, but with the virus spreading as it is, I won't be doing that again. We're likely isolated until there is a vaccine. My other country, Canada, is managing things much better.

    Take care, my friend!

  19. I love the photo of the heart :-)


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