Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dropped By Whirlwind And Evil Eye

12 pm noon . I am sitting in my veranda and writing this post. Feeling  bit stable physically and mentally after almost two weeks. It's good to feel normal again. As i said many times before that change adds new colors to same routine . I am feeling  this change  gratefully .

Terror that has been occupied  our life  for many days has passed  away finally . It's like   we were  captivated  in a whirlwind  who put us down on the silent beach  and left  quietly . Though view is serene and  soul filling yet howl of  previous experience  is echoing in our minds. I learnt from this  terrible  incident that fear is biggest enemy of all. It magnifies troubles and weakens  your inner strength .I don't know  what will i do when such times are repeated but i have decided to not let it rule  my nerves so i can think better.

Despite of  it is 40 c outside sun looks kind and familiar .Beauty of weather to me is  if  it is breezy . I  find it uplifting when it is airy and trees ,plants and branches are celebrating presence of it :) 
Air  pours  life in still views .Air is soul .Soul  is essential .It cannot be seen  though still  it is reason  for  the visible existence of  a body .It glorifies the physical existence metaphorically.Scenes  loose half of their charm and magic without air. It hurts  me when they  stand like life less statue and  seems to look around for air with sad barren eyes. It  is airy since few days. Different parts of getting  rains once in a while .So  our weather is  behaving little bit too thankfully.

We have desert  near our city . In summers  winds  loaded with heavy dust rise from desert and bring  it to our area . They shower  sandy dust over our areas generously when pass by. So it is quite hard task to keep removing this dust from yards almost everyday. It goes like this from June to September . 

When this house was being built we both (hubby ,me) decided to keep it open instead of air tight.Most of the people prefer closed house and install air conditioning  system to avoid such mess. We both are nature lover so we kept our house open .We left 4 ft wide  street at the back of house that gives free cross to air and it feels nice to have natural  environment little bit. No air can replace natural  breeze  certainly. Every coin has two sides so we are not sad to add this hard work of cleaning until we are out of energy in future . 

Dear friends  Typhoid  is common  here specially in summers it hits so many people.  I  add link below so if you want to know more about it.

My mother  used  tell me story of my very first  typhoid  many times in her life. She told  that once when i was hardly one year and she came to visit our native village   i got sick because of an evil eye . She would  say 
" i just  gave you bath and put on you pink flowery shirt. You were  taking sun bath while  one of my cousin came and saw you .He said sister your baby is so pretty and fair colored .Oh that were his words and you fell ill within one hour"

I would try to hide my laughter and felt for that uncle who was being accused for crime he did not do even lol.
Actually we both sister were so different in looks. My younger sister was extremely  beautiful and very fair. She was loved by all .In school even teacher who lived in hostile would carry her in her lap and would  feed her sweets . She was our doll.
When my mother would tell this story she would might try to cheer me up (though was no need as i never felt less because of looks due to my tomboyish nature) .Mom would say ah after that typhoid you  lost your fair color and health forever.

Okay that was my first  typhoid. I went to Islamabad to take mom Lahore  Shaukat Khanam Hospital  in 2010. The night we returned from Lahore to Islamabad .I  fell seriously ill with shivering cold ,vomiting and loose motions. This was my second typhoid attack that lasted for  three weeks .

I came out of third attack few days back. I don't know why it is hitting me  and will it be continue or stop in future !?

Only  one thing concerns me that my family can get hurt because me probably but i don't  know what should i do.

Precious friends  1 pm noon . I have to go to kitchen and prepare  lunch . After five days i am going to eat (traditional) bread again .sounds good as i am fed up with rice every day .Here doctors advise to avoid wheat bread during medication course of typhoid.

Please take good care and stay strong and positive!
Blessings to all of you! 


  1. Good to have an open aired home.
    I'm aware of typhoid and how you get it but we don't have it here.
    You take care.

    1. what a relief to hear dear Margaret that you don't have it there :)

  2. Baili,
    The best thing in life is to be healthy and happy!
    May better days come for you.
    I didn't know your blog, but I read your story of faith in life and started to follow your space on the Web.
    A hug from Brazil!

  3. Dearest Baili, I am so relieved that you are on the mend! I have been SO concerned about you. Fortunately, I have never suffered from typhoid, but it sounds horrendous. I can understand why you are afraid when you have an attack. I would be terrified too!
    I totally agree with you...our mental attitude does have a huge impact on our health. I am a worrier, and the more I worry and fret, the poorer my health becomes. I now try to keep calmer and think positive...but that isn't always easy to do, is it?!
    Anyway, please take things easy and have plenty of rest. 😊😊
    You are so precious, my wonderful friend...I am praying for your speedy return to full health!🙏🙏🙏

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. you are so kind dear Ygraine

      i feel so blessed to have friends like ,such a grace of Lord upon my soul!

      this is great you try to keep serene and positive
      after ages i learnt as well that our body works under the instruction of our mind and if we let it be weak and foggy with worries ,our mind forgets to pay his duties properly
      i too try to give him space now :)

  4. Blessings to you too, Baili!

    I think I had a Typhoid vaccination once. I was traveling somewhere it is a problem, but I can't remember for certain if it was a shot for that. Do they have a vaccine? What is the treatment.

    Praying for you, friend. Be well.

    1. thank you dear Sandi!

      here pregnant women are given vaccination for few diseases but i don't remember it includes the typhoid
      it just came in my knowledge that Pakistan has included typhoid vaccination recommended by WHO into it's regular immunization schedule
      i don't know if doctors have it already because mine has never mentioned about it

  5. It sounds like you are on the road to recovery Baili. I hope this is your last encounter with typhoid!

    1. i wish it is true dear Marie
      typhoid has weaken me alot specially hair loss and dizziness is worrying

  6. Glad you're feeling so much better! I hope you never have another typhoid attack!

  7. I'm glad that you have made a recovery. It's hard not to worry about things.

    1. i agree dear Red

      it is so challenging to avoid frightening thoughts when times are such uncertain and painful

  8. It seems that your family are not as susceptible to typhoid as you are. some people do not build up strong enough immunity to certain diseases as others do. I have the same problem with mumps. I know people who have pneumonia or strep at the drop of a hat. The best thing to do is to try to be healthy enough to deal with it. At least they now have medicine to treat it. It used to be deadly.

    1. one of the biggest fear was that it will transfer to kids and how we will take care of each other if all are sick
      thankfully they seem fine until now by the grace of Lord!

      i am born weak and ill person and used to deal with various health issues since always dear Emma
      may be this is because of weak immune system

  9. I'm glad you are feeling better now, baili. The feeling of being back to normal without illness or fear is such a peaceful feeling, as you said. I hope you can avoid typhoid in future. Take care, my friend, and enjoy being able to eat regular foods again!

    1. dear Jenny you are always so generous !

      i love living in moment that is in my hand no matter what so being able to feel normal allows me to enjoy my days once again with gratitude
      i was excited to eat my traditional bread after many days but my tasteless tongue disappointed me lol
      i wish i get my normal taste buds back

  10. So pleased you are feeling much better.
    Take care, sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. Stay strong and healthy.
    And don't rush

  12. Such a nightmare for you and your family, and for people in your country where you explain this is so common. I imagine it feels so good to feel good again:)
    Plenty of rest & positive thoughts, and a big hug from me to you!

  13. I am glad you are feeling better.

    Whenever the weather allows we always open our doors and windows to allow free flow of air through our house.

  14. I'm glad you're feeling better. And I hope you never again have to deal with another typhoid attack!

  15. I'm so glad to hear you're doing better. Please take good care of yourself so that you continue to feel better.

  16. Glad you recuperated well! I heard about this disease but thank goodness none of it around here but we covid which is worse. Take care!!

  17. I am late in catching up on my blog reading, but so happy to read that you are feeling better, Baili. Thank you for sharing that typhoid can be contracted many times as I was ignorant of this sad fact. I hope that you will recover your strength with rest. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  18. Wow, I too did not know that you could get typhoid repeatedly, Baili. I've had vaccinations for typhoid in the past because of traveling. Fortunately I've never had it. I hope that you never get it again!

    I was just looking at the photo of you, your sister, and your mother in your "Mano" post. I was struck by your beauty, my friend. You were and remain beautiful! Like you and your husband, Terry and I love to have natural breezes flowing through our home. We have our windows open as much as possible, and we enjoy sitting out on our deck. We've had our air conditioning on twice, yesterday and today. Coming from Canada I don't like heat. I wilt when it hits 90º F. (32º C.). We are expecting a serious heat wave in the next few days, but nothing like you've had to endure. All of you please stay healthy and safe.


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