Sunday, June 14, 2020

Mano the Cat Our First Pet

I  just  recovered  from  typhoid  fever  by the grace of Lord!  Days when i was recovering  were  often  full of of  memories . Laying  helplessly on bed ,looking at loved ones  wandering around me  while showering healing smiles and occasional hugs   made me realize  life is worth living  until now.

Still i had lots of time to  take walk in valley of  memory when  i lived with my  mom ,sister and father back in my native village .I had brother  too yes, but  he was mostly sore part  of our life (still we loved him). All  the maternal  relatives and other  people from village  were  also very close  to us. Life was simple  though not easy  sometimes but it's simplicity  had added  lots of beauty  in it . Despite of all  odds  we  were more than just happy.  Happy to have each other . Happy to be able to live in  heavenly village near our  own relationships. Love was shield  that  had protected us from being hurt  by  problems and uncertainty of life . I remember even than i never asked for more than that. Even  than i had belief that  If  we have love for each other  nothing  further is more essential .I  had  realization that  Love and connectivity  to loved ones  keeps life   serene and beautiful  and brings true meaning to it. Even than  i knew  that all the material  and diamonds of this world cannot  bring me one moment of True happiness . But one kind  ,honest smile  of my loved ones can enlighten my world.

May be i was meant to be and feel that way . So  i loved and wanted to have bit of love back always. Still it was not condition for my love for them . I was  made to love everything and all unconditionally . Sounds weird may be but this is reality and i am designed this way.

I strolled old photos and this image  made  those  days Alive before my eyes at once . It is taken when  hubby  and me went to visit my parents  first time after marriage. Mom  was under treatment  for tuberculosis . I though was separate  from her physical being still i felt she was more than 70 percent of me . It was not simple love .It was more than that . I had forced her and my younger sister to stay with me after marriage in my husband's home because i knew  my closeness can heal her soon . It worked and she was fine within six months almost. She left for her native home after recovering though my sister stayed with me for few years more later.

in this image we are sitting  on our traditional bed  with our mom. Such moments were most precious .We would  press her shoulder to comfort her and listen to her life stories.Sometime  stories were repeated  numerously still we would  love to hear them from her .We would shed tears and share smile meanwhile. 
 Mom was  loving and kind person. A  chosen  person to love all around her unconditionally . When she moved to her native town  she could have obtain  her own farm  from her father which was her birth right .But she preferred to relay on home garden so she can stay with her girls. We were center of her thoughts as she was center of our life . Her garden was hardly 12 by 15  still she would give away much of her harvest to friends and specially who she found needy .  

Whenever i think to write about her it seems  One post will not be enough to share what i have in my heart for her. She was hero of my life. Who inspired me to be what i am today.
In this image i have our first pet Mano the cat in my lap. She  was mother  and grandmother  of few .
Then only one kind of pets were common in our village. Dogs who could guard houses  along with  other domestic cattle .

Guarding dogs were not appreciated  as family members but they would stay outside in yard ,entering in rooms or touching  any 
stuff was strictly forbidden. No one had cats  there then. My maternal grandparents were  quite religious ,specially my my grandma was though bold and brave lady but was little superstitious . They had  no likening for pet as they believed  animals allowing in house spoils the sacredness  of a house.

Mano entered in our life accidentally .Mom  went to a funeral in village near and found  cat that was  wounded . She brought her home despite of all mumbling of her fellow travelers. She thought she would let her go once she is healthy but Mano seemed to loved her company and decided to stay . I remember how much grandma found this annoying and  left  while saying that she will not visit again until cat is thrown out. 
It took almost months to pursue  her that animals are also creatures of Lord and it is not possible that he forbid to love them. My grandpa and me both convinced her eventually. But it was decided that Mano  would not be around when grandma visit.Mano 's presence revealed  unseen part of mom's nature.She  would treat her like her own child. She never forgot to feed her at time.If she was away we both sisters were responsible for her.

First few months mom taught Mano how to behave and how to stay away from. Kitchen stuff and specially from  chicken. Only once in the beginning mano  disobeyed and drank milk from  the kettle but never attached on chicken. It was surprising that she would understand mom's scold or warning eye. She learnt fast .
We were more surprised to see that she would go to straight mom's bed and mom would let her sleep near her feet.
We saw growing friends of mano and mom. Sometimes we would feel jealous of  her.She was allowed to play with wool roll and spoil it  though doing same was punishable for us . Mom would spend sometime in whispering  to her ears.But Mano never learned speaking despite of her all efforts except "mewao".

Today when lots of knowledge about germs has added to my poor mind and I want to even think about touching an animal seems shivering.But back then when we knew nothing nor we had fear about any health issues.We played with her carefreely.

Knowledge and more knowledge burdens out heart and takes away our liveliness, how grieving!
I can write for hours today but it is almost time to evening prayer dear friends!
I will share about our few pets that we had time to time later.
Keep taking good care.blessings to all of you!



  1. Cats are delightful and Mano sounds like she was a wonderful cat! I'm glad your Mom recognized that and let you keep her.

  2. We had mostly dogs as pets in my life. Still we also had a pig named Hortense, a goat named Cooper, as well as cats, hamsters, etc. I understand how you feel about your mother. I feel that way about my mother too.

    1. it is beyond my approach to not miss her ever day dear Emma
      i think i will write online book about her life one day :)

  3. Reminiscing is usually very good…

  4. Mano was a great pet. Pets are important in our lives for sure.

  5. Glad you are getting well. We love cats and dogs here and see them as spirits/souls that we can share our home with and our love with. They give great loyalty in return. I hope you can have a pet Baili, it is so lovely to have a pet to cuddle and love and they can learn very quickly to go to the toilet in a clean place and not to steal food if they understand the house rules.

    1. dear Betty actually i don't have any domestic except hubby and kids can help if they are home like now days they are

      i have divided my routine quite tightly and having pet can add more effort to it this is why i am not thinking about it at the moment ,i miss my readings so badly and i am waiting for bit freer days when i will have plenty of time to read peacefully
      having pet is an option and i will go for it when i will find time and energy hopefully

  6. I like your words: " Love was shield that had protected us from being hurt by problems and uncertainty of life." Indeed love and our loved ones makes us feels that life is worth it. May love be with you always.

  7. So glad you have recovered, Baili! You have lovely memories and thank you for sharing your sweet photos. I've had so many pets over the years, but one very special one was a Siamese cat with sky-blue eyes. She was my sweet companion for 18 years and also slept at the foot of my bed. She was the only one I ever allowed to sleep with me, as she was dainty and sweet. I still have my pet bird, too, and she and the bird coexisted peacefully. Such dear memories of your Mother. She would be proud to know that you are carrying on her wonderful legacy. Sending hugs xo Karen

    1. Oh even reading about your blue eyes darling sooth my heart dear Karen :)

      18 years is quite an era to have deep bonding with a pet indeed
      our mom 's generosity to Mano was surprising ,specially when she let her sleep in her bed it made us wondered about her really cautious attitude towards cleanliness ,though she would give her bath daily still having her in was truly big thing for us
      mom never lived without pet ,before coming to village she had parrot and later when she moved to Islamabad she again had pair of parrot until she left this world
      she had limitless love and she nurtured all who came on her way with love always

  8. Oh, this made me smile, baili: "Mom would spend sometime in whispering to her ears. Mano never learned speaking despite of her all efforts except "mewao"."

    I'm glad you have such good and strong memories of your mother to sustain you through times such as illness. You must miss her presence in your life today very much. She sounds like an exceptional woman.

    1. i agree that when we are slow in life specially due to some kind of illness we miss our moms :) and we miss them like never before each time

      actually i realized that though mom had relatives and girl friends still she had passion for having pets to whom she can talk ,i saw special shine on her face when she would talk to her cat or parrots
      i said this because when i saw her being so talkative with cat i would feel mom wanted her to respond her but Mano would not say anything
      later when mom once again adopted parrots she taught them many sentences and chats which would make people surprised so much

    2. How interesting about the parrots - your mom must have had a lot of patience also.

      At times I wonder what animals would say to us if they could do so.

  9. Good to hear that you are feeling better. It's funny how some things take us back in time and we contemplate our early life.

  10. We just adopted two, Oscar and Monica.
    He is playful, she is a lady.
    Have a great week

  11. I am glad you recovered from typhoid fever, that sounds dangerous. I think you have a kind heart, I can tell from your posts.

  12. Gostei de saber que melhorou. Gostei da forma como falou da sua mãe e do amor familiar.
    Gostei da história do seu gato mano, que vos deve ter feito muita companhia.
    Uma boa semana, com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  13. Dearest Baili, oh what a beautiful post!😊😊
    How I loved hearing about your earlier life, and couldn't help wishing that mine had been similar to yours. My family were never very close, in fact even today, my brother lives only a mile away from me, yet never visits me because his wife dislikes me. It makes me feel so sad. I often feel that I was born into the wrong culture. I thoroughly dislike living this way. It is too insular and so very lonely. I, too, have always felt I was born to love unconditionally. Unfortunately, in our modern western culture, when you bare your soul you are so often taken advantage of. I would so love to have grown up with a friend like you. I would have truly felt at home.😊
    Dear Baili, I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am that you are recovering so well! And also that your beautiful mother recovered too, which I am certain is a direct result of the love you bestowed on her. Love can truly work miracles...😊😊

    Have a lovely day...and stay safe.

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Precious ygraine
      your most beautiful and kind words made me cry

      what i felt strongly was desire to be loved and adored as loved one
      blessing or curse but i born with same desire too ,since i got into my senses i remember that despite of all financial problems i never thought of life loaded with luxury and comfort ,specially when i was in my late teens and many wealthy people came to ask for my hand i strictly said "No" because i did not want to be part of family who has everything and most probably is living life where everybody minds his own business
      it possibly could be different but i did not want to take risk ,and then i had vision of life that i wanted to live after marriage (if i had to get married ) Starting from nothing and building up living by contributing with love and sacrifice was my choice "
      I believed that such way of life deepens bonding between family members and they do not develop distance between them by the time ,but time and struggle they share through out the years strengthen their relationships.
      in short i was quite greedy for CLOSENESS AND LOVE OF MY FAMILY
      and i wanted to continue the way i lived my life with my parents
      I was fortunate that all went good and i almost could live the way i wanted to

      it is painful to have blood relation but not their love , just like wife of your brother i had similar
      she hated me for reason i did not give her ,she made our life miserable until i got married ,now when she see that i am living peaceful prosperous life she is nice to me ,i have forgiven (not forgotten) her cruelties and talk to her as nothing happened because i saw that my Creator blessed me with his grace because of my nature that has no place for hate for anyone ,even bot for them who hated me and tried to destroy me just to coll down their egos
      after reading your words i wanted to come to you and hug you tight my precious Ygraine ,i really wish i could and i wish all my love that my heart felt for you can comfort you
      if there is way so there is will ,may if our intentions are true Lord bring us close to each other and we spend our last years while sharing our hearts with each other :)
      people who dislike you for nothing let them be unfortunate my friend ,they are made to hate and might have find anyone else if you were not around so stay happy and serene and stay blessed with faith and gratitude !
      i am here ,always with you ,hugs!

    2. My dear precious Baili...I am crying, too, as I read your most beautiful and kind words. In fact, no one else has ever been so kind to me before.
      My precious have truly given me faith, and the courage to just be, without the need to apologise for, or be embarrassed by who I am.
      All my life, there has been something inside of me that has been crying out to be allowed to manifest...a deep need to make things better, to heal all the hurt I see around me. There is selfishness, intolerance and greed everywhere...and it hurts me deeply. I feel like a stranger in a strange land, because those ways of living are totally alien to me. In your beautiful Soul, I have found a kindred Spirit, and a place I finally feel I belong...and for that, I am most profoundly grateful.😊😊
      We may live many miles apart, but I feel much closer to you than than I ever have my own family.
      Oh thank you, my dearest Baili...from the depths of my heart. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Pleasing to read you have recovered, not good at all being unwell.
    Good memories and a nice photo too.
    Take care Baili.

  15. Good strong memories of time with your mother. The photo says so much. We did not allow pets in the house. When we left, with just Mom and Dad, he allowed his border collie herding dog Cindy to come in at mealtime. Cindy would sit or lie by his feet.

    Be gentle with yourself.

  16. Glad to hear you are feeling better. You have many wonderful memories. Loving and being loved are certainly the best of what we have.

  17. While I was saddened to read about your illness, but glad to read about your recovery, Baili, I agree that there are certain times, perhaps when we are ill?, that trigger so many memories of family and other things. Your memories of your mother are of a wise and loving woman and glad that Mano weas able to stay despite your grandmother's dislike of cats.

  18. I'm happy to hear you're on the mend. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  19. Dear Baili - Nice to know you recovered from typhoid. I read the past posts to know the process. I understand how your eldest son was worried if it was not COVID-19, living far from you without seeing real condition with his eyes. I can feel “a loving and kind person” in you, Baili, too. Now we live in a difficult time and you might miss the carefree days, but I think we learn something on this crisis. To be careful and to be kind to any other living things at the same time is not impossible. While living with utmost care for the virus, we can be kind, loving, and compassionate to the less fortunate or to the weaker ones. Take care of yourself.


  20. wow, i'm so glad i didn't miss this post. There is something about the way you write that makes my eyes tear up and I feel in my heart what you talk about. What a wonderful post about your mother and your feelings towards her and then the cat - how much she loved the cat. I can relate - right now I feed all the feral wild cats in the area and they now come to me and flop on their backs to show me their tummies and that they trust me. Where we live it's okay that there are several cats about in the wild because the neighbors also love them and they are all well taken care of with food and make shift shelters in the winter where they can escape the snow. I liked seeing the photo of your mom, sister and you. you came - you were born to show and express what unconditional love means. and by the way I liked the series Anne with an E.

  21. Cats are wonderful companions and Mano sounds adorable! I'm glad you have such nice memories.

  22. Thank you for sharing these memories and that lovely photograph.
    I am pleased you are feeling so much better.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  23. . Take care of your health Very nice post . Loved reading

  24. You had typhoid fever, Baili? Oh my goodness! I am glad that you have recovered! I grew up fearing typhoid fever. I love that photo of you, your sister, and your mother. It is truly special! Your mother was strong and fierce and took such good care of you. I remember your sharing how she would walk a long way over hills to bring you lunch at school. And I loved your stories about your mother's cat Mano! I would dearly love to have a kitty cat, but Terry hates litter boxes and how cats scratch things. We'd get a dog, but we love to travel so much. Haha! Like we're traveling now. I'm glad that you had typhoid fever and not Covid-19. Your family must have been frantic with worry. Please take care!!!

  25. I am glad you have recovered from your illness.

    I am so sorry for my late reply.


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