Friday, June 26, 2020

New Blog And Hot Days

I  am using new them of blogger since few weeks . It was hard to follow in beginning though i think i am being familiar with it slowly .

Today when i sat to write post my mind was totally blank . Then suddenly  i thought about  creating another blog . I hardly can deal with my single blog already why another then ?

Well since years i was often reminded by my eldest son to write another blog where i can share my old poems in native language. When i told him that i don't have  visitors who can understand my long ago done poetry in native language . He said by time may be  i can have visitors  who like to read  urdu poetry ".This way my poetry will be saved too " he added .

So i did it today . Thank to google as i had to ask for help each step to create  new blog on blogger .It was easy yet little tough for first trier.But i am not satisfy translator  would translate it appropriately :(

When it was done i felt better. It is weird but i love my poems that i used to write when i was young . May be it is natural for a writer to like his works but i remember that after marriage when my brain was stuck for years and i could not write for years .I was not excited to write once again when that blockage was gone .I did not write any of them on paper but would send it to my friends or my son who would appreciate and ask to write it and preserve so he can publish them someday.

I don't know why i did such carelessness but i wasted quite a part of my nice poetry  written during 2003 to 2010 i think .

I know that each form of creativity is important and we should respect skills that lord has blessed us with .If in future i will find way to write poetry in native language again i will save it by publishing .

Days are extremely hot though it is airy and i am happy about it. Rain is falling in different parts specially northern parts but not here ,i am still grateful . We are enjoying our days at home together . No clue when academic institutions will open . Schools have started online classes thankfully .

Keep taking great care dear friends!
i wish you all the happiness and peace in days ahead!



  1. Your son had a good idea! Good for you for putting your Urdu poetry online!

  2. It is a good idea to archive your creativity in some way, whether it's on paper or on a blog.

  3. Blogging is a great way to preserve your poetry.

  4. You speak Urdu?? I learned something in Urdu many years ago. Mujhey tum sey piyar haih. Does that mean I love you?

    Will your new blog have a translator? Unfortunately, I only know that one sentence! 😊

  5. The reason I began writing my blog was to preserve the family stories. I had always told them orally before. Now I am having a hard time restarting after being gone because of my son's car accident.
    Don't be too fast to open everything. Some did it here and now it's as bad as before. We need to practice patience.

  6. That was a good idea from your son … and well done on creating a new blog and getting accustomed to 'new blogger'

    Happy weekend wishes.

    All the best Jan

  7. That is neat that you have poetry written by you when you were younger. I think it is great if you can find a way to preserve it.

  8. Have fun with the new blog.

    I hope that you get some relief in the days ahead.

  9. Baili, I haven't switched over to the new blogger yet. I'm not really good with technical stuff, so I'll wait as long as I can haha. I like the BIG font that you're using. When you get older, it's so much easier to read our favorite blogs with a bigger font. Your son is always thoughtful in helping you with things. I'm glad you are enjoying your days at home. Some people find it hard to stay home for so long. I stayed home and raised my children all those years, so staying home is second nature to me.

    Take care, dear Baili. Can you believe it's almost July?


  10. Keep on writing your poetry. You have things to say.

  11. That is a wonderful idea, that way it should be there for years and your work won't be lost.

  12. Dearest Baili, oh I am so happy to hear that you are going to preserve your poetry on a special blog. It would indeed have been a real pity if they had been lost forever. You are such a talented and creative writer, and your work should be read more widely. I wish you the very best of luck...🍀🍀🍀

    Have a super weekend, my beautiful friend.😊😊

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Your son had a good idea in urging you to out your poems online, Baili. Hopefully, they will be read and enjoyed by many including your family. There are many times, I have considered another blog just for photo images and maybe one day will follow through and try one.

  14. I think that is great that your son wants you to write and save your poetry in native language. I have four sons and I don't think any of them have ever cared one way or the other about my art. But that's okay. I don't do it for them, i do it for myself and if they find it some day they will see I have left a lot of stuff along the way. I would love to read your poetry.

  15. Hi Baili :) I love that you started a poetry blog! :) I think that Google Translate doesn't do a very good job to be honest, but writing your poetry in Urdu is a wonderful idea. I'm forcing myself to use the new blogger as takes time but we'll get used to it! :)

  16. No one has any idea when things will be back to normal, Baili.
    Have a great week

  17. Creio que é uma boa ideia publicar os seus poemas na sua língua materna num blogue. É uma forma de os guardar. O seu filho tem razão.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  18. ہائے میرے پیارے دوست! میں آپ کو اردو میں ایک پیغام بھیجنے کے لئے گوگل مترجم کا استعمال کر رہا ہوں۔ میں صرف دو زبانوں میں آپ کے روانی سے حیرت زدہ ہوں ، خاص طور پر کیونکہ وہ اتنے مختلف ہیں۔ میں آپ کے برابر بہت جاہل ہوں۔ مجھے دوسرا بلاگ ترتیب دینے کا طریقہ معلوم کرنے پر آپ پر فخر ہے۔ میں آپ کی شاعری میں اضافے کا انتظار نہیں کرسکتا۔

    Wow! I used Google translator to send you an Urdu message. Here's my English original: "Hi my dear friend! I'm using Google translator to send you a message in Urdu. I am just in awe of your fluency in two languages, especially as they are so different. I feel so ignorant next to you. I'm proud of you for figuring out how to set up a second blog. I can't wait for your poetry to soar."

    آپ سے پیار اور گلے ملتے ہیں۔

  19. Dear Baili - Writing a poetry in your native language sounds perfectly nice, showing the most powerful emotion and message than any other second language. We are fortunate to be able to read nice translation but sometimes the essence could be lost. I have read poems by Rabindranath Tagore in English translation. I can understand mostly but feel something is missing. I’m cheering you for a new challenge from my little corner of the world.


  20. A lovely idea to share your poetry online :-)


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