Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Seasonal Plantation , Visits And Bit Of Shopping

Hey   Lovely  Souls !

Hope   enjoying  each  moment  in  hand  with   gratefulness  and  lots  of  positive   Energy :) 

Few   days   ago   hubby   visited  nursery  and  brought   some  more  pots  to  plant   seasonal  flowering   plants .Image  below  is  taken  by  younger  son  when  they  visited  nursery  near  home .      

whenever  we  go  for  outing  i  love  passing  by   nurseries, Watching  so  many  blooms   at  one  place  make  me  feel  WORLD  IS  FILLED  WITH  JOYS :)))  Absorbing  delightful  colors  appeal  eyes  and  awake  senses more  vibrantly

 This  is  mango  tree  ,poor  thing  was  sown   here  years  ago  because  we  both  love  it's  leaves ,though  no  chance  to  grow   tall and   fruitful as  our  garden is too small  to  provide  it  enough  space  to  do so ,below  right  neem  tree  it  is  grown  hardly  four  feet  until  now ,how  essential  is  perfect  environment  to  grow well nature  tells it beautifully

Another  victim  in  my  garden  area  is  this Grapefruit  plant ,he  tries  to  grow  upward  but  our  climber  and  plants  in  surrounding  restrain  him ,still i enjoy  his  powerfully green  hue  that  deliver  tranquility to senses ,specially when  is bathed in  rain

now  days  rooms  temps  are  cool so  kids  prefer  breakfast  in  veranda near  grill where sun peeks in ,Me and hubby   take our morning  meal and tea in  frontyard on desk you can  see if   on right ,outside .It  is  so  comforting  and  delightful  to  sipping  tea  while  chatting over  little things :)

it was  afternoon  when  hubby  brought  pots  and  started  to  fill   them ,he  always  try  to  do  something  to  make  his  home  more  comfortable  and  beautiful ,and  to  make  his  family  happy ,he  is really  special  person and  gift  for his  family and  friends! i  see him  blessing  of  Lord in  my  life !!!

hubby  involved  our  younger  son  in  so  he  can   distract  from  his  laptop  for  while as he  is  so  attached  with  his  study  table  and  pleasures offered by technology which  make  us  worry  sometimes  for his  health specially eyesight !

i  think  on  Saturday  afternoon   it  was  cloudy  and  hubby  took  me  for   bike  trip   in  surroundings, we  passed  by  railwayline  ,i  found  those  bunch  of  goats  interesting ,they reminded me fields and  hills where i used  to see such  views often ,few birds were enjoying the view as well

road  near  our  colony is peaceful with less traffic mostly ,it has army ground on the one side and playground on the other  , i like ride through it always ,sky through  branches is always fascinating 

           before returning to home we bought few things to enjoy with tea from local bakery

sorry for the blur image ,it looked fine while i took it ,though leaves were more until i touched them  so they can look more better but many fell as protest :( i  found that fall color charming

Last  sunday  we visited  to Sukkur  market  ,we  visited  river  park   for  while  and enjoyed the  glory  of weather  and  views before  leaving  further for  shopping ,squirrels were  playing  all over  without  taking  notice  of  people around ,it  was  afternoon and we  were bit  early  for  crowded times ,absolutely loved the serenity :)

bought new set of cushions ,i loved another one with bluish green  color but hubby chose this one as according  to  him  one i chose  will require  washing  often  as will look dirty  soon if touched with  hands not so clean ( we have guests often ) still  i have that one in my mind and will buy in  next visit hopefully as i liked that one so much

Some  more pans ,i am trying to complete non stick pans as perfect set for all kind of cooking necessaries  so now left two  more as i have three already 

i am never  tired  of  buying  blue  stuff for  house ,another blue bed sheet ,quite heavy and expensive ,1800  rupees which mean  25 u.s dollars , hubby  too have started  to  like  blue  because of me lol ,i try  to  bring other  colors  in  home  but soon i realize i am  missing the blue around :)

bought  few  things  more  but could not  capture for post .

Okay  i  think  this is enough for today friends. Thank  you for being  so  kind  and  sweet always .Wishing you  a happy healthy peaceful life ahead ,amen!


  1. I like seeing plants/flowers outside in a garden or in their natural habitat. While it is nice to have a cut bouquet inside the house, the flowers don't last and I hate throwing the dead ones away.
    Our backyard is rather wild looking. Something new seems to come up every year. Mostly wild flowers and grasses. And a few cactus. All for free! lol

  2. I tried to grow the African daisies but failed. I used to have 2 big mango trees in my small garden but no more. Now I use the space to plant vegetables. The cushions sure make your home so comfortable.

  3. Your son's photos are so good. You have a good life Baili, and a wonderful home and garden, also a loving family.

  4. Such a lovely post. I enjoy getting a glimpse of where you are and of your beautiful family. Blue if my favourite colour. My eye is always drawn to that shade.

  5. Funny to hear you say that you're eating outside. We have minus 15 C this morning.

  6. I love these glimpses into your life, Baili.

  7. Hi Baili :) Oh the flowers look so pretty. And what a great photo of your sons!!! I love the silhouette look! The cushions really are pretty! We can't have pretty cushions because the dogs and cats assume they belong to them and they do get dirty fast lol! The blue bed sheet is beautiful! Seeing your post makes me want to be in the garden again!!! :)

  8. Everything looks so pretty and comfortable both inside and outside. Your home is lovely.

  9. Lovely snapshots of your life, baili - and I too love all the shades of blue.

    You are so appreciative of your surroundings; you're a very good example for some of the rest of us :)

  10. Always nice to have beautiful new plants and flowers in the garden! Love those new pillows and sheets too!

  11. Lovely seeing all of your photographs.
    I like your cushions, and the blue bed sheet - it looks a nice design.

    All the best Jan

  12. Flowers are a need in my life.
    At home, in my office, always.
    Have a great weekend

  13. I loved every photo, Baili! But especially I loved the one of your husband planting flowers and the one of your two sons enjoying breakfast in the veranda. I always enjoy seeing your lovely river park and other scenes around your city. Were you riding on the back of the motorcycle when you and your husband went on a bike ride? You are so brave! I am terrified of motorcycles! The new things you bought for your house are such pretty shade of blue. We have quite a few touches of blue in our home too. I find blue very calming. I quite like the pillows your husband picked out. They are perfect on your settees. But I think a bluish green pillow would add a nice pop of color ~ Winkers! "Winkers" is a fun expression that one of my friends uses. It's a wink of the eye rolled up with a laugh and shared fun. I had to laugh ~ We have the same exact yellow rubber gloves. Now I shall think of you when washing my dishes, and that will make me smile! Hugs to you!

  14. Beautiful photos, Baili.
    The River Park looks nice and quite. Seems it was a big shopping. The decorative pillows, and bed sheets are awesome. Nice blue color.
    Have a great weekend, Baili.

  15. You are going to have such a pretty garden when the flowers grow and flower.
    I like the things you bought along with the cushions.
    Enjoy your days that are cooler and it's always good to sit outside when you can and eat.

  16. I would like to tell a lot of mangoo trees with their fruits in my home town he he he..

  17. Dearest Baili, thank you so much for this wonderful glimpse into your world!
    I really love these photos...the beautiful flowers, your garden, the delicious cakes...and those pretty cushion covers...oh WOW...your life is so filled with beauty...😊😊

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. I liked seeing these glimpses into your day. The new flowers will look so pretty when they are all in bloom. I like the blue that you bought for the house. Such a pretty color.

  19. Full colour if see a flowers and plant all the tree

  20. I love nurseries and am always taking photos of the plants. I use to plant a lot but we sold our house and moved to a smaller one in the mountains. Your house is beautiful and your husband is such a good man it sounds and no doubt feels the same way towards you as you do toward him - wonderful marriage. thanks for sharing the photos. Love seeing your home.

  21. It is so lovely to see your house and garden. The flowers and shady places to sit look so inviting.


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