Monday, November 25, 2019

My Son Went Hiking ,images

Hello  Sweet  Hearts 

Hope   tasting  each  bite  of  life  pie   with   gratitude   and  positivism :)

As  in  previous  post  i  shared   about  my  son  who  have  to  spent   winter   in  Munich  Germany  this  year  .He  is  trying   to   light   his  days   with   gatherings   and  outing  with   his  friends   he  has  there . Images  below   are   taken  by  him   while   hiking .He  went  to hiking  with  his  some  of  friends .And   i  am  sure  they   had  great  time   during  their  walk   within  peaceful   and  lush  lap  of  nature :)

fall   is  considered   to   be  sorrowful   season  as  leaves   depart   from   branches yet  nature  fulfill  promise   to   deliver   beauty   and  Meaningful   message  while  doing  so ,leaves  change   their  colors  dramatically   and  become  more  vibrant   and  soothing  before  drop,so  we  can  say  that  color  of  sadness  is  also  beautiful  and  purposeful !

Wander  within   such   calm   surroundings  that  offer  different  views  than  city  must  be  memorable  and  magical  experience ,i  have  always  found  village  more  appealing  to  live ,what  they   provide  is  natural  environment  from  which   we  have  draw  away  ,seeking  peace   in  totally  false  direction, with  luxury  we  can  comfort  our  lives  but peace is  belong  to  soul  and soul  belongs  to  place  where it  can  grow  and  groom  well

Smiles  on  these  precious  faces  sooth  my  soul  in  deep :) ,may  their  all  journeys  be  success  and  happiness  for  them  each  step ,amen

i  hope  being  away  from   cozy   rooms and  all  the  distracting  technology  made  them  enjoy  their  presence  within   tranquility  and  joy  that  nature  infuse

blue  and  green  are  most  dominating  colors  around  us, i  love  how  they  interact  when  seen  through  panoramic  view :) sometime  i  think  what  if  i  turn  them upside down ? sky  is  green  and  water  is  blue ,  may  be  we   will  be  used  to  it  after  certain  time ,yet  i  think  blue  speak  for "vastness" more  mightily do you  think same ?

i  bet  they  were  happy  when  sun   peeked  through  sky  and  wellcome  them  smilingly :)

stillness  of  this  water  is  poetic i  believe , he  is  reflecting  existence  around  it  as beautifully as  hiding  his  own  secrets within  him :)

rustic  boat  still  seems to  be  proud of  voyages  she  did  in the  past , time  can  slow  you  down  and erase  slowly but  it  is  unable  to  deny  and  disappear  glory  you  experienced  while  your  golden  peak  times :)

i  never  rode  horse  but  i  want  to  one  day ,but  more  i  want  to  ride  bike ,though  i  don't know  i  will   be able  to  do  it  without  breaking  my  legs  or  hurting  my  back or  not  lol

that   gorgeous  view  reminds  me  my  hilly  village so  much , sometimes  i  wonder  what would  have  world  like  if  there  were  no  mountains  and  hills ,each  feature  of  earth  has  mission  to  accomplish ,how  amazingly  and  mysteriously  the  circle  of  this  nature  works  to  serve  us  is  astonishing!

i  think  reflection  in  water  provoked  my  son  to  capture  this  image,  he  has  insight  for  meaning  that  nature  speak  to  us :)

That  is  all  for  today  precious  friends , wishing  you  all  a  beautiful  happy  healthy  and  peaceful  life  ahead ,amen!


  1. I love hiking and walking. The fall is actually a nice time to do it in. I agree that it is a little sad.

    I love what you wrote about the boat. I think that is true about people.

  2. What a lovely outing. So wonderful that he has good friends to get out and have fun with!

  3. Your son is in a very pretty part of Germany.

  4. Some beautiful photos there! I've ridden a horse perhaps half a dozen times in my life. It's fun only if they walk. Anything faster than a trot makes it hard to hold on unless you've been trained to ride!

  5. I know you miss your son. Isn't it wonderful we have cameras and we can see our children and know exactly what they are doing? (well maybe not everything they do ... I never told my folks everything I did. lol )
    School days are wonderful times and he will always remember the fun he had with friends.

  6. What wonderful photos of a special time in his life.

  7. What wonderful discoveries are made by simply getting out and looking around. Your comment about riding a bicycle made me think of my mother. While watching her grandchildren riding bikes she said she had never learned because they always rode horses on the farm. She bought herself a bicycle and learned to ride.

  8. That looks a great walk/hike.
    Wonderful selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  9. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Baili! There is nothing better than hiking in nature to clear your mind when you've been studying. What a beautiful place! I may never ride a horse again. Horses and I have had a difficult relationship over the years. I want to ride a camel!!! Your son will be home before you know it! Hugs to you!

  10. My grandfather always had horses. Love those noble creatures. Such beautiful countryside!

  11. Wonderful to see the photos.
    Used to ride a horse some year back everyday.
    The mountain if nice with a dusting of snow..

  12. Hello, beautiful scenes and photos. The walk/hike looks wonderful. You son is enjoying this time in his life. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day!

  13. Oh I love these amazing photos...and I am so happy your son is enjoying his time in Germany!😊😊
    Oh thank you so much for sharing these with us...and I hope your son will be home for a visit soon...I know how much you miss him!

    Sending you much love and hugs, my lovely friend ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. What wonderful pictures for your son to share with you, and for you to share with us! I do believe there is a fish in the seventh photo, it certainly looks like a fish to me :)

    I agree with you that the blueness of the sky looks so much bigger than I picture a green sky being - but maybe as you said it is just that we are used to blue sky and green lands.

    I hope you get to ride a bicycle before too many more years go by. I don't think you would have much trouble learning if you just took your time and had a quiet place to practice :)

    1. bike i mean bicycle ride is one of my oldest dream dear Jenny ,i don't know if i give it up or will be able to make it come true
      yes all i need a place to practice before it's too late

  15. I enjoyed seeing your son's photos! My favorite is of the water with the reflections in it. Looks like he and his friends had a good hike.

  16. i enjoyed the photos and he looks very happy. I always take "google" map walks around areas I will never get to travel to.

  17. Your son's hiking photos are really nice, Baili. I love the one with the sun shining through. It looks like your son is happy in this picture with his friends. Nature always brings me peace, and I'm glad that he is spending time in nature. One can find so many wonderful things there that are unexpected.


  18. It looks like your son and his friend enjoyed a lovely walking in nature :-)


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