Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pleasures Of My Simple Days :)

Hello  Precious  friends !

Hope   and  pray   that   your  heart  is   Warm   with  gratitude  and tons  of  positive  energy inspite   of  all  the  cold  snowy   weather  outside :)

Sorry  for  being  bit  late  update  as  i  was  feeling bit  low  because  of  flue . And  yes   we  had  two  holidays   so  i  was  more   busy   with   hubby  and  kids.

Weather  is  still  mildly  cold   and  breezy .Cloudy   since   almost  week   but  no  pouring  here  in our  city .

As  you  know our  winters  are short   and  mostly  mild .Temperature  spins  between  4  to  20  plus   usually .

When  it  is  less  than   10 C   we  call  it  very  cold  here :) 

We  are  expecting   such   cold  days  from  mid  December  to  mid  January . Last  day  i  washed   all  the  Jackets   and  other  winter  wears .I  had  washed  them  before  storing  last  year  but   i  did  it  again  just  to  refresh   their  look  and  to  avoid   germs  if  developed  though  we  store  them  with  proper  caution  such  as  fenile  tablets .

Hubby   planted   seasonal   flower  plants  in  our  small  garden  and  pots last  week . Hopping  to  see  some  lovely  blooms  in  February :)

Here   are  some  images  that  i  took  during   last  two  weeks.They   reveal  glory  of  recent  weather  :) which  is  absolutely  Gorgeous :)))

When   while  sunset  clouds   take  over  the  sky  ,light  still  leaves   her  last  touch   upon   their  heart :)

I  find  deep  blue  sky  always  so  fascinating   and  cherishing , it  always  seems  to  invite  me  with  wide  opened  arms and  i  never  be  late  to  dive  in this  vastness :)

 Clouds  are   coming   and  going  frequently  since  almost  week   ,their  play  with  breeze  is  beautifying   our  days :)

                                                  recent  baking  was  cake  again

                                    we   enjoyed  it  with   morning  and  evening  tea

Two  weeks  back   when  sky  was  clear  ,sunrays  used  to  embrace  my  Neem tree  daily ,When  sunlight  passes  through  branches it   seems  light  of  Faith  enlightened  a  Dark   soul .Divine  sight  for  my  eyes  each  morning :)

wishing  you  all a  Happy  ,peaceful  life  ahead  friends !
Stay  enlightened  and  strong :)


  1. Sorry to hear that you were not feeling well.

    These are some nice pictures.

    The cake looks good!

  2. Glad you are getting better, your cake looks delicious and your photos are beautiful!

  3. I hope you are feeling better.
    I love looking at cloud pictures. Even the dark and gloomy ones.
    Sometimes I have been shopping and the sky is full of dark clouds when I enter a store. When I leave and go outside again, the sky has opened to a beautiful blue. It is very up lifting.
    A slice of your cake would be up lifting too. May I come over to see you? lol

    1. Oh that would be great pleasure dear if you really join me with my cake and tea :)))
      most wellcome :)

  4. Beautiful photos and mmmmm, that cake looks good!

  5. Hi Baili :) I hope you feel better soon!!! Your cake looks yummy! The sky photos are brilliant. I kind of wish it didn't go lower than 10C here! :)

  6. Hot tea is also on here, I wish I had a piece of your cake.
    The weather is not very nice, -4 Celsius now.

    The Neem tree is growing good, and I can't to see your plants by Feb.:)
    Take care, Baili.

  7. Love the sky photos! The cake looks delicious too.

  8. Great sky photos but 6 C? I'll take it.

  9. Pleased to read that you are feeling and getting better.
    Your cake looks very delicious and I did enjoy seeing all of your photographs.
    Take care my blogging friend.

    All the best Jan

  10. I hope you feel better after your recent bout with the flu. Our winter is beginning. It has been so cold here. I am hoping for a mild winter but I have my doubts.

  11. that cake looks delicious! Sorry to hear about the flu - never a fun thing. Love your photos.

  12. Hope that you're completely recovered, baili.

  13. Trust you are feeling better each day getting over the flue.
    The cake looks lovely and you have been busy getting ready for a few months of winter.

  14. Gorgeous photos! That cake looks so delicious! It's the simple things in life that are most pleasurable.

  15. I'm sorry to hear you have been ill, baili. I hope you're completely recovered now.

    How nice to have holiday time with your family! That's one of the things I love most about holidays.

    Your cake looks very good! And your skies are beautiful. I know what you mean about a blue sky inviting you to "dive into its vastness" - it is good for the soul!

  16. Hello, Lovely captures of the sky. The cake looks delicious. I do not like the cold weather and winter. I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  17. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing the grace!

    Vanessa Casais

  18. Beautiful photos! I especially like the ones of the blue sky. Your cake looks delicious. I hope you are feeling better now.

  19. These are pretty sky pictures, Baili. Our Winters aren't too harsh either, but it does get cold and rainy. Your cake looks Yummy, and so moist. I bet it was so good with your tea. I like to bake during the Autumn seasons, there's just something about using all those spices this time of year.

    Have a peaceful weekend, dear Baili.


  20. Hope you are feeling totally fine now! I have to say, I wish we had such warm winters in here😉 I enjoyed your photos as always, the cake looks so so good, beautiful snack with a cup of tea,yum☺

  21. Lovely photos, your cake looks delicious :-)

  22. All the best. Beautiful photos Baili!
    Your cake looks so nice xx

  23. I'm sorry that you have not been feeling well, Baili. The flu is miserable. Your sky photos are beautiful, from the lambent pinkish grays to the striking deep blues with such lovely white clouds. I would dearly love to have a slice of your cake and enjoy some tea with you. Wishing you lots of happy times with your family and some relaxing time for you! Sending you a big hug!


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