Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fun With Friends In Gloomy Winter

Hello   Wonderful   Souls 

Hope   facing  the    new  turn  of  weather   with   amazingly   positive  attitude  and  deep  sense  of  gratitude   as  moments  in  hands   are  worth  living  to  their  fullest :)

My  eldest  son  was  supposed  to  visit   this  winter  but  he  won't  be   due  to  his  thesis   which   will  end  in  March   hopefully . He   dose   not  like  extreme   cold  weather  ,specially  the  gloomy  grey   one  makes  him  homesick :(

Along  with    keeping  in  touch  with  us  on  weekly  bases   he  joins   his  friends  to  make  his  holidays  lighter. Such  a  blessing  precious  friends  are :) 

He   was  invited  to  his  friend's  house  who  moved  there  recently  after  having  job  .He and  his  wife  became good  friend  of  my  son  .Last  sunday    they  decided  to  cook   together  ,they  made  traditional  fast  food "POOORIYAN   WITH  SWEET  DISH  AND  SPICY  CHICKPEA  CURRY" Pooriyan  are  made  with  all   purpose  flour  ,bit of sugar ,oil and salt ,they  are  deep  fried and  very  tasty , in  this  image  you  can  see Halwa or  sweet  dish (semolina and sugar,oil  and dry fruits)

it  is  tricky  to  make  soft  pooriyan  so  they  took  help  from  youtube ,my  son  sent  me  few videos  to  share funful procedure , their  effort  was innocent and  made  me  laugh  specially  when  it  came  to  put  poori  in  pot  for  deep fry  ,my  son jumped  away  after putting  it  in  as  he  though  oil  will  spring or else lol

        their  sauce  looks  quite  impressive to me ,i did not ask though  what  they  used  to  make  it

after  long  effort  food  was  ready  to  eat :)   i think such happy times together  remain in memories  for lifetime .each of them will take his road of life with treasure of  such wonderful memories

  chickpea curry  looks absolutely delicious  , they must have  followed  the  recipe  carefully and came up  with  such  success :) my  son  said  it  was indeed

Wander  in  park   is  source  to  refresh  energies  as  he  says  staying  all the  time  indoor  is  depressing  sometimes  ,so  he takes  breaks  to  recharge  and  i can  see  it  works :)

 German  name  of  park slipped  easily  from  my  mind ,huge  park  had  crowed  due  to  fine  weather ,beautifully  maintained

on  holidays  he shares glimpse  of  his  food  on my  request ,this  one  to  assure  me  that  he  take  lots  of  fruits  either :)

    a  holiday   evening  he  went  out  with  friend and  her  boy  friend , same  brave  ,strong  girl  who's  home  i  visited  when  we  we stayed  in  Karachi  to  see off  my  son  for Germany last  year ,she went  through  the knee surgery  lately  as  had fall from  bike . He  said  she  is  perfectly  fine  now by the grace Of  God!

 with  best   friend :) both  look in  mischievous  mood  ,my  son  can  never  be  tired  of  praising  this  friend ,he  says  he is  one of  FINEST human being  he  ever  knew ! 

Today  is  Saturday  evening . My  son  told  last  day  in  text  that  he  might not able to  call us  today  because  he   will  go  for  hiking  with  friends  probably .I  am  missing  him  yet  i  am  happy  for  him  that  he  is  enjoying  his  gloomy  weather  with  friends :)

wishing  him  and  all   other  youngster  who  left  nest and   took  flight  to  new  skies a  happy  successful  life  each  step ,amen!!!!

thank  you  for  stopping  by  and  reading  dear  friends !

blessings to  all  of  you!


  1. Thanks for sharing this nice post, the food looks delicious and it looks like your son is doing well.

  2. WOW...these recipes look absolutely delicious...I wonder if I could try to cook them? I will give it a try!😊
    Oh I am so glad your son is getting outside with his friends in the gloomy weather. It isn't much fun staying indoors in Europe at this time of year.
    We have such dull, cloudy weather here today (matching the current political state of our country!). It has never been fully daylight, more a sort of continual twilight! 😕
    Still, I guess we all long for what we have little of...I would love some of your wonderful hot weather!
    Should, of course, be grateful for what I have! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!😊😊

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. It's wonderful that your son has such good friends while he is far from home. Looks like they had a delicious feast!

  4. I liked seeing your son's photos and hearing about him and his friends. I have two sons who are grown and have left the nest, so I understand how you feel when you are missing your son who is far away.

  5. The food looks great!

    Sorry to hear that your son’s visit home will be put off. The cold gloomy weather is beginning to close in on us here in New York too!

    Have a great day!

  6. I know how much you miss your son. It must make you feel comforted that he has good friends to be with him while you can't.

  7. It is very good for young people or any people for that matter to get out and be exposed to other ways of life.

  8. I can see why it would feel so good to you to know he has such good friends. i enjoyed the photos of the food they cooked. Love the photos of the city also.

  9. The food looks delicious and it sounds like your son has wondrous friends. I know you miss him. Congrats to him for almost being finished with his thesis. What a huge accomplishment.
    All the best,

  10. Good friends are so precious. I'm glad that your son is in good company while he's away. All the food looks delicious!

  11. Hi, Baili! The food that your son and his friends made looks delicious! I'm sure preparing it and enjoying it was a good break from studying and working. The winter gloom is no fun, so it's great that your son gets out when he can. It can grind you down. I'm so glad that winter in Colorado brings lots of sunshine. I don't miss winters in eastern Canada, let me tell you! I'm sorry that your son won't make it home. I know that you and your husband will miss him so much. I don't envy him writing his thesis. It's a tough slog, but I have no doubt that he will do a great job. Sending you a big hug!!!

  12. Your son has grown up indeed.
    Good to see he's having a lovely time with his friends - always a blessing to see our children happy :)

  13. Hello Baili,
    Your son is doing well and is happy. The food looks delicious. I think we all want our children to do well and have a great life. Great photos. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week ahead.

  14. There is nothing nicer than sharing a meal with friends or family. I am sure your son learned his cooking skills from you.
    If he is writing his thesis ... it is time well spent ... and he will reap the benefits later from this hard work. What a handsome lad he is!

  15. Lovely photographs here.
    I know you miss your son … it is so nice to see photographs of him with his friends.
    The food looks delicious.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  16. It sounds like your son is having a wonderful time, learning and growing. It is lovely to hear that he has met good friends.

    The curry looks delicious :-)

  17. The curry made me hungry :))
    Have a great week!

  18. Your son appears to be doing very well, Baili, and that certainly eases your mind and makes you happy for him. i know you must be disappointed that he had to cancel a planned visit, but once his thesis is done there will be time for celebration and visits. Thanks for sharing the food photos which made me hungry.

  19. Que pratos maravilhosos e como gostei de ver o seu filho alegre com os amigos… Que a tese dele corra bem. Gosto de sentir a felicidade familiar…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  20. Glad to hear about your son, and see him with friends. He must be very busy due to accomplish his thesis; he delayed his visit schedule to the perfect time.

    Wow, he is so good at cooking! The foods look yummy!

  21. What a beautiful bond you have with your son, it is so very touching and lovely! Hope my bond with my baby boy will be the same after years☺ I didnt know he is studying in Germany, I live in Poland, so we are very close!The food looks amazing! They are surely great in cooking☺ Have a lovely week ahead☺

  22. Hello dear Baili, the dishes prepared by your son and his friends look fabulous and indeed sharing a meal with people you love is one of the best things in life.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my post... I'm looking forward to your possible travel to Europe and how you would describe the tour with your magical words. :)

  23. Delicious!

    Beijinho no coração e votos de uma boa semana
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    Loja |

  24. That's so nice Baili, everyone looks so happy though I'm sad for you that he won't be back for the holidays! A thesis is a big thing, good luck to him! That meal looks so tempting!! :)

  25. It looks a lovely meal laid out on the table.
    I like how your son sends reassuring food photos through to you, that's considerate.
    All is going well :D) xx

  26. Everything looks so delicious. I remember trying to cook at first. Not everything went well, but practice helps :)

    It is so heartwarming that your son has made good friends and is getting out to see the area in which he is staying while at school. All we parents ever want is for our children to be happy, isn't it? He looks happy!

  27. I always like to see the delicious foods that you and your family make. It all looks Yummy. It sounds like your son is doing well and spending quality time with friends. : )



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