Thursday, November 7, 2019

Doctors! And God!

I   have   seen   when   doctors   were  not  essential  part  of   life.  I  never  saw  my   grandparents   visiting   any   doctor. Though   there  were  doctors  available  next   town . They  both   had   farm  and  and  cattle  so  their  daily  life  was  full  of  business .

They  were  up   before  sun   and   on  bed   right   after  sun  left. Their   food   was  natural   and  rich  with  protien ,fats . Milk  ,butter  , clarified  butter   and  curd.They   were added   in three   times  meal  regularly .Still   i  never    saw   them  doing  any  kind  of  exercise .And   i  never  found them   ill  or   slow  .

Always   Happy   and  active  with  amazingly   positive   approach   towards  life . They   inspired  me  with  their  lifestyle  indeed. Now  i  truly  wonder  why  they   were  not   sick   or   slow   even  in  their   last   years ?

I  don't  know  honestly . All  i  know  that    they   were  totally  against   of  visiting   doctor  or  using  medicines. They   only  believed  on  herbal   treatment if    it  was  necessary  and  how  amazing   that  it  worked  for  them.

When   i   think   about  doctors   they   seems  to  be  permanent  part   of  my  life. My  mom  went  through  three  different   surgeries  in  last  decade  of  her  life . Afterwards   she  visited   doctors  regularly  until  she  lived.

I  was  stubborn   to  go   to  doctors  and  avoided  it  until  one  day  i  fell  down  and  hit  my  head .Bleeding   made  mom  frantic   and  she  ran  to  doctor.  There  began  a  long  process   of  tests   as   i   was  diagnosed    under   extreme  anemic  attack . After  almost  six  month   run  doctors   told  that  i will  have  to  go  through  surgery  for  stomach  treatment  and   for  anemia  i  will  have  to  take  medicine  for  whole  remaining  years  of  my   life .How  annoying   for  18  years  old  girl :(

Anyway  i  threw  away   medicine  for  few  months  and  surgery  was  totally  dismissed  by  my  intellect . Which  developed  as  ulcer  later  and  was  caught  by  another  doctor   after  ten  years  of  my  marriage.

According   to  ultrasound  lady  stomach   was  almost  damaged  and  there  was  no  chance  to   get  complete  heath  back   ,so  after  almost  three  years  medicine  course  i  felt  better  and  still on some medication  though with  breaks .

I  find  hardly   someone  around  who is  not  coping  with  some  kind  of  disease . Almost  everyone  seems  to  have  load  of  diseases  and  is forced  to  take  lots  of  medicines . 

Unlike  thirty  years  ago  ,now  people   seems  to  be  more  dependent  on   medication   than   food .

Doctors   have  become  important  part   of  our  living. They  are  like  almost  part  of  family .Their  sensibility   and   wisdom   is  more  curable  than  mere  medicine  they  prescribe . I  have   realized  how  a  kind  look  and  gentle  word  can  help  to  feel  better to  a  patient .

Once   i  when  mom  was  alive  and  my  younger  sister  called  me  to  come and help  her  with  mom's  visit  to  doctor  to  another  city  Lahore .I  went  and  took  mom   to  city   which  was  almost  six  hours  drive  from  Islamabad .

After   the  tests  when  we  got  back  Islamabad on  same  day's  night .I  fell  ill  so  badly . I  don't  know  due  to  just  tiredness or  i  caught  some  bug  from  train  or  else .

I was  burning  with  cold  and  vomiting  after  each  few  minutes . Mom  was  not  well   enough  to  attend  me  and  sister  in  her  office . My  youngest  son  was  also  very  afraid  as  i  was  totally  mess  front  of  him.

That  was  unforgettable  night  full  of  misery   and terror  because  next  day  i  had  to  travel  back  to  my  home ,which  seemed  completely  impossible  now  due  to  sudden  sickness.

Next  day   my  sister  returned  from  her  office  and  we  tended   to  head  for  hospital . She  found  her  car 's  tire  was  punctured .That  was  strike   and  shops  were  closed  so  she  left  the  vehicle  behind  and  asked  me  to  take  walk   as  hospital  was  half  hour  walk  away. 

That  was  most  difficult  walk  of  my  life  believe  me . I  was  walking  like  drunk  person  who  can  fall any  moment  anywhere . I  would   try  hard  and  walk  further  and  then  inevitably  would  sit  because  dizziness   was  consuming  my  senses  completely . 

How  i  walked  to  that  hospital   in  more  than  hour  time  it   is  another  story . I  would  say  it  was  God  holding  my  hand  and  leading  me  there . When  we  reached  in  hospital  i  was  out  of  my  senses . Laying  on  bed   with  close  eyes  i  could  hear  how  doctor  was  scolding   my  sister   for  making  me  walk  in  such  bad  condition . Which  was  not  her  mistake  obviously though.

After  almost  one hour   when  i  opened  my  eyes  i  found  myself  in  cozy  warm  room . My  sister  and  son  were  sitting  on  bench .  I  could  see  how scared  my son  seemed. He  was  away  from  daddy  and  brothers   and  mom  was  sick  so  being  sad  was  natural  reaction  surly .

I  was  feeling  as  i  am  hanging  in  space   though  bit  better.  One  dominating  feeling  was  sense  of  loneliness  and   helplessness  as  i  was  missing  my  husband  badly . All   days  of   previous  illness  when  he  looked  after  me  like  a  mother  were  running  before  my  eyes  like  a  movie 

I  did   not  know  i  was  crying  silently  when   i  saw  doctor  coming  in . He  had  complete  white hair  ,kind  face  and angle  like  smile  .When  he  said  oh  why  are  you  crying  sister  ,it's  okay ,you  are  fine  now ,i  realized  his  voice  was  most  sweetest  thing  in  this whole  world .

He  spoke  for  while  and  spoke  as  was  conveying  message  of  God  to  me .  I  will  never  ever  forget  his  graceful  face  ,his   compassionate  voice  and  his  soothing  words . Only  i  knew  how  they  healed  me  so  quickly   that   i  walked  back  to  home  as i  was  never  sick. It  was  miracle  indeed .

I  felt  how  God  work  through  his  man. I  was  diagnosed  with  typhoid . After  three  days  rest  i  came  back  to  my   home . I   told  that  story  to  my  husband  numerous  times.He  smiles  and   says  yes  Allah is   always  around  you because  you  never  stop  calling  him :)

I   have  met  many  doctors .Some  unkind .Some   kind .Some  funny  and  some  don't  care. But  the  one  i  met  that  day  was  angle . I  visited  may  times  that  area  and  looked  at  that  hospital  building. Each  time  thought  crossed  my  mind  that  patients  in  that  building  are  going  to  be  well soon :) Because  the  healer  has  magic  of  goodness  and  kindness. He  is  gifted ,this  makes me  smile  always. Life  is  beautiful  and  good  kind  people  still  exist.


  1. It sounds a terrifying experience and you are lucky indeed to have met such a man who gave you the hope and confidence to recover so fast. Some people like your grandparents are blessed with good health.

  2. So interesting, I agree that back on the days People didn't need doctors so much, I guess it is because better lifestyle what you mentioned. Now for me the most important is having the best pediatrist for my son, it is necessery these days. Have a lovely weekend ☺

  3. Many of my relatives, including my father, never liked doctors and never went. However, throughout the world people are living longer and I think that one reason is better medical care.

    I agree, that kindness and compassion are so important in doctors. As I get older I find myself seeing more and more doctors. I am lucky that many of mine are very kind.

    Have a great day!

  4. Gosh Baili Typhoid is very serious, thank goodness you got well. My mother was like your grandparents, she used herbal remedies and would never go to a doctor or dentist but was not very healthy to be honest. We are so lucky in the UK to have our brilliant National Health Service, available to every UK citizen.

  5. Thank God for that angel doctor! I thought for sure you were going to say you saw him but no one else did. ;-)

    It sounds like your grandparents had a healthy diet and active lifestyle AND good, peaceful thinking. Our minds do affect us, what we think about and how we choose to feel are so important. I truly believe that.

    I remember getting a vaccine for typhoid one time before traveling. It sounds horrendous.

    1. Haha

      Yes in someway only I saw him dear Sandi

      I never saw such gentleness in some man specially as I was annoyed to visit one male doctor even in that worse condition

      The way he treated me was kind of "our of the world " believe me even when I think of those moments my eyes gets teary
      I can't explain the grace he had
      It seemed beyond just humanity

  6. Many people are blessed without needing many visits to a doctor. But we shouldn't dismiss the need for them. Even a checkup when we feel fine can reveal some hidden ill.
    Hope you are doing great now.

    PS ... I thought I was following you, but your posts are not appearing in my Reader. Fixing that now. :)

  7. I'm sure God was with you, also you are really tough!!

    I think it is our lifestyle that makes doctors so needed today, travel which exposes people to different issues, mental stress etc. Also years ago, most people just died sooner, doctors could not do as much to help as they do today.

    And yes, people were less likely to see a doctor. WHen I was 9 I also had anemia. When we were on vacation away from home for 2 weeks, I would wake up every morning my pillow covered in my too thin blood from nose bleeds. My mom told me, "As soon as we get home you're going to see the doctor about this!" No reason to rush or panic in those days.

    1. i think people died soon when medical help was not available around for certain diseases dear Joe

      i never realized back than that anything exist like stress

      through the years human psyche has become more complicated and we are forced to captivate ourselves in shell of our weird harmful attitude which effect our health negatively for sure

      i did not know that anemia can cause noose bleeding ,i am really sorry you suffered with such health issue ,i hope in coming years you were completely out of it !

  8. Hi Baili, I'm sorry to hear your experience at the time you got a flat tire and walked to the hospital, meanwhile your health was not really good. Another hand, it was a blessing; you met a kindness of a doctor who caring his patients with God's help.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Baili!

  9. I’ve had doctors good and bad. Being lucky enough to have a good one assigned to you is a blessing!

  10. May all doctors become kind healers like the one you met!

  11. I have had doctors that were so kind and caring with me and other doctors who were not. The doctors who are not kind and caring, are the ones that I think are in the profession only for the money. When I encounter an unkind doctor, I do not go to them again. But doctors who are good at their profession and are kind I will go to for as long as I can. I am almost 66 years old and I have been going to the doctor who treats my asthma and allergies since I was 21 years old (young). He is a kind and caring doctor and has given me great care through the years. He has that calming, almost angelic way of speaking and caring for his patients.

  12. dear Susie thank you for kind visit and sweet words

    i am glad you shared your experience with me my friend
    doctors are humans and to be a good doctor it it is needed to be a fine human being if we are not a good person it is impossible to contribute any goodness in field we join

    it amazed me that from the age of 21 you are visiting same doctor for care ,such a blessing to have as kind and warmhearted doctor to care for your health :)

  13. Way back then they didn't have time to get sick, it was a different life and a different lifestyle to today and a few years back.
    Not good have typhoid at all, wonderful to have a caring Dr. and they often shine when someone is really ill as you were at that time..

  14. So glad you were healed and were fortunate to be treated by this kind doctor. Such a scary experience.

  15. Next Saturday I'm going for my annual check up.
    It's not fun but it's necessary.
    Have a great week!

  16. É verdade. Antigamente as pessoas quase não iam ao médico. Levavam uma vida mais frugal. Ao contrário, agora nós não passamos sem os médicos, como se a nossa vida dependesse deles. Que bom ter encontrado um médico que soube como trata-la com gentileza e simpatia…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  17. It would be wonderful if all doctors had a kindness to their medical practice. It makes it so much easier for patients.

  18. You are right, Baili, many years ago people did not go to doctors or medical offices as often as today. I'm not sure if that was because they worked hard and used homemade remedies and perhaps it was too costly to seek outside help. I didn't really know or remember my grandparents so can't say if they were the same as yours, but I know they were hardworking people. Your experience with typhoid was certainly life threatening and scary, and thankfully you were treated by a wonderful doctor so you can share your story with us.

  19. Reading your experience, thank goodness you were healed and were fortunate to be treated by this kindly doctor.

    Here in the UK we have our National Health Service, which provides a service to every UK citizen.

    All the best Jan

  20. For some reason many doctors do not seem very empathetic. They are all business and don't show their feelings. How fortunate that you had such a kind doctor when you needed it most!

  21. Hi Baili :) I think that the word doctor is used too seriously. They are not all HEALERS. But as you experienced, once in a while there is a true healer. I am not a doctor person, I hate seeing them because in my experience, they are all just prescription pill pushers. I prefer to try my own methods at home with food and herbal medicine, and also exercise. If worst case happens, I will accept modern medicine, but I will avoid doctors always if I can!

  22. i hate going to doctors. I try to be healthy but sometimes it is necessary:)

  23. That was a beautiful story. And such a wonderful and kind doctor.

  24. wow, what an experience you had Whew! Fortunately you got better.

  25. It sounds like a terrifying experience. I am glad you had a guardian angel watching over you.

  26. A little kindness always makes a difference to someone.

  27. What a powerful post, Baili! I'm glad a wonderful doctor showed up when you needed him most! Typhoid ~ What a horrible thing for you to catch, and very dangerous. Typhoid was a "bogieman" when we were growing up. Typhoid Mary, who was a carrier of typhoid in the US, was featured in a number of health courses when I was in school. I am thankful that you survived, my friend.

    I have seen people do amazing things in extreme situations. Sometimes it comes to a simple choice: Lie down and die or keep moving. You kept moving and lived, my friend! I think that people who lived close to the land and worked hard were physically much tougher. I also think that our current world is increasingly environmentally degraded and our industrial food supply is more concerned about profits than health and nutrition. Also, people travel and spread sickness around the globe, much more than 50 plus years ago. These things impact the overall health of the world's people.

    But we can't forget how much medical progress has been made over the last 150 years: sanitation, vaccination, medicines and treatments that have increased human longevity and have decreased debilitating diseases (like polio, small pox, or tuberculosis). Were it not for modern medicine and doctors I would have died for sure by four years of age. However, my mother would have died before giving birth to me, and I would never have been born.

    I have a wonderful primary care doctor, and I've had him for many years. He is kind and gentle, listens and respects me. He's also given this hugger a hug when I was very sick and fragile. He's been my guardian angel.

    I love what your husband said about you, that Allah is always around you. You do walk with Allah and share His Grace with so many people everywhere! Take care of yourself, sweet Baili! Sending you a big hug!


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