Monday, April 30, 2018

Are You Familiar With This Kind Of Washing Machine ?

Hey   Sweet   Hearts !

Hope   the   walk   life  is  BEAUTIFUL  in  spite  of  all  her  obstacles !

Obstacles   that   are  placed  in  our  way  JUST  to  reveal   that   How  smart  we  are  to  cross   them   brilliantly  without  being   complainee :)

Obstacles  are  things   that   give  more  favourable  definition   to   easiness   and  comfort !

So  I  think   we  should  not  only  Like  them  but  Respect  them  too  as  they   add  value  to   our  time  of   satisfaction   and  completion !

Since   our  Actual   Summers   have  started  and  temperature  is  rising  to  45 celsius  with  warm  windy  days . Our  country   is  dealing  with  shortfall   of  power ( which  is  self made )  and  to  manage  it  light  goes  OFF  for  two  hours   after   each  four  hours .

According  to  reliable  resources  such  situation  is   created  by  politicians   every  year   to  benefit  the  businessman   who  are  involved  in  manufacturing  and  selling  of  alternative  devices  which  fulfil  the  requirement  of  electricity .  

   Such  as  in  this  hot  season  they  shutdown  the  power  so  can  take  advantage  of  people's  need.

 As  we  know  so  well  now  days,  that  throughout  the  world  politicians  and  businessmen  are  coefficient   and  are   handling  matters  of  world   according  to  their  own  selfish  purposes.

Like  many  others  we  also  have  bought  the  light  generator  and   also  a  battery   which   help  our  fans  and  other  electrical  stuff   keep  running  during  the  load shedding  hours .

This   is  my  way   (in  summers  only)  that  i  do  some  easy  kind  of  laundry   by  my  hands   instead   of   washing   machine. 

Reason  for  this  is  that  we  wear   summer   clothes  hardly  for   1  or  2  days , because  of  sweat  they  get  smelly .

So   I  put  such  light  and  not  much  dirty  clothes  in  a  plastic  tub  with  detergent  ,leave   for  an  hour  and  then  take  them  out  after  rubbing  gently  .

           I  prefer  this  detergent  since  many  many  years 

I  find  it  easier  than  using  machine  because  my  kitchen  is  only  10  by  10 feet  and  machine  is  not  placed   there   so  after  each  two  days  dragging  machine   to  the  kitchen  and  using  it  seems  tough  job  to  me.

  my  15  years  old  washing  machine , first  one  was  given  by  mom  as  wedding  gift  which  i  gave after  10  years use) to  one   poor  lady  who  was  old  and  could  not  wash  clothes  with  hands  or  she  couldn't   buy  one,  after  that  we  bought  this  one .

My  washing  machine  only   washes  the  clothes  with  detergent .and  when  after  10  minutes  timer  goes  on , i  have  to  squeeze  and  put  out  all  the  clothes    and  wash  them  with  clean   water  thrice  to  wash  away  the  detergent  from  them.

 from   inside  , it  looks  like  this  never  need  to  repair it until  now 

It   is  not  one  which  washes  the    clothes  until  they  are  completely  clean  and  ready  to  put  in  dryer .Our  dryer  is  Mr  sun :)   who  is   extremely  in  worst  mood  in  this  part   of  the   year here  in  southern  Pakistan  specially :(

           Date  garden  Khairpur  image source pinterest ,Rain  is  enemy  to  them  though  we  strive  for  it  but  don't  pray  for  it (cannot)  as  it  is  matter  of  so  many's  earning   for  basics!

But  Under  his  burning  mood  here  date  gardens  get  ready   for  picking  up  season  which  is  source  for  earning  for  so  many  people .

So   i  love   this  scorching  sun  too :)  as  nothing  is  happening  without  REASON  i   got  it  now.

From  mid  May  till  August  date  garden  owners  and  labourers  PRAY  that   May  there  be  no  Rain   because  it  spoils   the  dates  .

It   happened  sometimes  and  the  damage  was  HUGE  as  one  of  my  sister  in  law (hubby's sister)  owns   date  garden  and  when  it  rained  before  the  picking  season  they  went  under  the  debt  due  to  damage  of  gardens  .

Oh  my  i  am  loosing  the  track  again  , saying  goodbye   for  now  with  lots  of  best  wishes  and  prays  for  the  happy  and  healthy  life  of  all  of  you  my  friends!!!

Oh  let  me  tell  you  the  bigger  birds  have  left  the  nest  and  flew  away  when  their  children  got  as  big  pic below,

my  younger  one  took  this  with  help  of  selfie  stick  which  resulted  good 

My  small   garden  is  making  my  days  full  of  joy  and  gratitude!!!

Stay   Bloomed  !

Stay  Blessed  with    Faith  that   all   which   seem  Hard  will  bring   peace  to  your  soul  sooner  or  later !

Don't  let   the  " wind  of  doubts  " to  blow   off  the  CANDLE  OF  FAITH lit  inside  You!

Then  see  the  miracle !

God   Bless  You  All!!!



  1. É difícil quando a energia eléctrica falta e transtorna as tarefas do lar. Lavar roupa à mão dá imenso trabalho. Espero que tudo corra bem.
    Por aqui ainda vamos tendo uma Primavera fria.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  2. Baili, I really enjoy your posts that tell me about life there. Dates trees! I don't think they grow here. I do so much laundry that I had a little moment of grief thinking about having to rinse it all myself and then hang it up. But I have a friend who hangs all of her laundry up to dry (unusual around here) because she likes how the sun and outdoors makes it smell.

  3. I hope Mr Sun's mood improves! We are finally getting some nicer weather here.

  4. Never see one like your wasmachine... what a work you have ...
    Mine firts one was that you must juse one hand wringer .

  5. Drying clothes in the sun save a lot of energy. Our washing machines in North America only require dumping the clothes in with some detergent, we are spoiled but again it takes a lot of electricity.

  6. Dates sound delicious. I can't eat too many because they are so rich. But I love them. It must be terribly inconvenient during the times of no power. I don't believe I would be happy with that.

  7. Dear Baili, as Christine explains in her comment, we here in the United States are spoiled because of the washing machines we have that do the entire job. But as she says, they use a lot of electricity. You must spend a lot of time doing the wash. Yet you remain always so cheerful. You are an inspiration to us all. Peace.

  8. Sorry to hear about your issues with electricity. I hope the situation improves.

    I love dates. The trees look beautiful. Hopefully the weather will not cause anymore damage.

    Have a great week!

  9. I enjoy your description of life in Pakistan. It's very different compared to here. I've never experienced 45 C temperatures. 25 C is bad enough.

  10. baili, I agree with Dee, your cheery nature is an inspiration to all of us. I remember my mother using a wringer washer. It had a tub to agitate the clothing and a wringer to press the water out of the clothing. Then they were hung outside to dry, summer or winter. Sometimes the clothes would freeze before they would dry They were like boards when Mom brought them inside! I wonder how many young people in my country know about hand-washing clothes these days :)

    Have a good week, my friend :)

  11. Let's hope there is no rain to ruin the dates.
    Not many young ones I know would wash their clothes by hand in any shape of form.
    I can remember having to do so when first married as I had no washing machine..then my husbands Grandmother lent me her old one till we could afford a new one...
    Power, it's a nuisance for you, but I expect it becomes a way of life.

  12. Good day dear Baili. It is quite a blessing to have a washing machine, no matter which kind. When first mar.ried I washed by hand for 11 years (hard labor as 1st husband wore heavy denim work clothes which were so difficult to swish in sudsy water and ring by hand then rinse and ring again in my bathtub). Also had to hang on line while standing on 3rd story porch (and me with vertigo was very difficult). My father took pity on me when arthritis set into my wrists and gave me an old wringer washer that rolled to the tub for draining. It leaked oil all over the floor and had to be taken away. Back to the tub for me. Then father gave me old washer and dryer to put in the cellar which did a decent job of saving me from more arthritis in hands and wrists. Unfortunately damage done so I live with it still today. I have never been without a washer and dryer since. My 2nd husband has made sure of that. If machines break we take clothes to the laundromat and pay to use th e big machines they have there. And, he carries baskets and helps with the washing and folding too. Such a big difference in how men treat their women. I see the love in my 2nd husband and felt only indifference from my 1st. I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy your garden these days. Have a beautiful week.

  13. Correct,Baily, everything has a reason and a result. Nice.

  14. I had one just like it in Macau.
    Didn't like it and bought another ona instead.

  15. I've never seen a washer like that! It looks less complicated than the ones we have in the US. I say that not as an insult. It seems to me you can't buy a simple machine here - everything is planned so that you need parts, repair service and of course in about six years or so, a whole new machine. We're wasteful people here but I don't think it's because the people themselves don't care. We just have crummy products I guess. I'm not really sure why.

  16. Washing machines are truly a blessing, dear Baili! I had one similar to yours when I had my babies and lots of cloth diapers to wash every day. On sunny days I would hang them on the line outside, but when it rained, the upstairs bedrooms were used. When we moved to this land we had no electricity at all in our trailer home and we had to collect rainwater for washing and fill up water jugs for drinking. It was a few years of this before the house was built and we had plumbing. Now I appreciate and bless my water and electricity and never take it for granted. Your garden is so pretty and I pray that the date harvest is bountiful this year. Happy May! Hugs xo Karen

  17. Gosh, I can't imagine 45deg temperatures! I think 30deg is the maximum I have ever experienced...and that had me desperately seeking shade!
    I would love a little warmth here today is only 3deg and blowing a gale, with heavy rain too. Still, I shouldn't be complaining...this is the typical English spring! Lol
    The electricity going off after every four hours must be a real pain...I do feel for you. Strange how it always seems to happen at the times it is most needed, isn't it? Yes, I agree...does make you wonder who is profiting from it!
    As you say, though, we are being tested by these annoyances...and I guess it is our task to endure or overcome them with as positive an outlook as we possibly can!
    There is such wisdom in your words, dearest always.☺☺

    Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!

    Big hugs xoxoxo

  18. I have all the comforts of today's modern day, electric washing machine and electricity always!!

    It's very warm here now, it got too warm, too quickly!!

  19. Electricity is a valuable thing to have, but we are quite dependent on it, aren't we. Mr. Sun and fresh air as a clothes dryer makes the clothes smell so fresh. Rain is another thing that can be both good and bad depending on point of view. I love your sunflowers! They are so nice and cheery. Wishing you a happy day, Baili.

  20. It's always so interesting to read your posts that detail parts of life in Pakistan.

    It was nice to see the flowers and the bird picture which your younger son took with the help of a selfie stick, he did very well to get such a great photo.

    All the best Jan

  21. Wow, your washing machine lasted a long time. It seems that my washing machines and dryers break down and have to get a new one every few years.....but I do a lot of laundry with towels, etc. The picture of the date garden is interesting. That's too bad the rain spoils the dates.

    It is getting warmer, Baili, and here in California the summers can be quite hot. I am trying to prepare myself.


  22. Hi Baili, I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for leaving a comment on mine. What an interesting post! With my washing machine on the verge of dying, I am contemplating other ways of doing wash. Sometimes it's just a matter of jumping in and doing it. I agree that obstacles are truly blessings.

  23. You are such a joyful soul! Whenever I read one of your posts, I feel happy :) I love your sunflowers! They are so pretty. Our weather has started to get milder and there is some spring growth. We should see flowers soon.

  24. The obstacles are part of our life...
    Magnifique text, congratulations.
    Have a nice weekend, my dear friend.

  25. Lots of wise words! Yes, everything does happen for a reason!! You are a hard working woman! Enjoy the weather and stay cool, in the heat! I hope your hands gets some rest, after washing so much! Big Hugs!

  26. Oh my, Baili, 45º C! My husband would like to move to the desert north of Phoenix in Arizona. It's at least that hot there in the summer. I'm not sure how I would manage such heat. But if he decides that is what he wants to do, I will support his decision. He has made many sacrifices for me over the years. It makes me think of your husband joining you in Islamabad. I think we are both blessed with special husbands.

    Like you, I really appreciate a washing machine. I've washed a lot of clothes in my past with a scrub board in a tub, and I have washed clothes off rocks in a lake. It's doable, but a washing machine is much nicer. I love my dryer too, although clothes that have been dried in the sun smell so good. We're not allowed to hang clothes outside to dry where I live. Works for me ~ LOL

    The date orchard is beautiful. I haven't seen one in over forty years, not since I lived in California. There were date orchards near the Salton Sea not too far from Mexico. I had a date milkshake by one date orchard several times and still remember the delicious taste. I always have dates in the house, and now when I eat one, I shall think of you, my friend!

  27. When I was very young, my mother had a washing machine with had an agitator and then a separate wringer attachment. She would then hang the clothes outside to dry on sunny days. But, when it rained, she would hang them on lines in the basement, which of course took longer to dry. I have only washed a few items by hand, and admittedly rely on washers and dryers as well. We did not have an outdoor clothes line in our previous home and now living in an apt cannot use one. I hope that your electricity situation will improve so you can use your machine. And, I too like dates!


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