Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Holiday Fun !

Hello  Precious  Fellows!

Hope  and  pray   that  you  are  celebrating   each  moment   as it   is   LAST  ONE!

Thinking  of  each  breath  as  it  is  last,   highlights   the  true  value  of   LIFE  !

This   feeling  Reveals   that   TIME   IS   LESS   and   CAN   BE  TAKEN   AWAY  AT  ANY   SECOND!

So   Blow  Away   the  all   useless  worries   and  FEEL   the  Blessing  of  Breath   you   have  left!

Worries   cannot   Bring   any   Positive   Change  in   Situation  you  are  Facing!

They   Can  only   Low   your   Strength   of    Fighting   and   defeating   the   negativity,    around   you!

Draw   a   Wide   Beautiful   Circle   of  FAITH   and   OPTIMISM   and  Stand       within  Sublimely :)

Do   Not   Let   Enter   Any   NEGATIVE    ENERGY     In   This  Circle   and  TOUCH   YOU!

Your   Spiritual   Growth   with   FAITH   and  OPTIMISM    Will  PUSH    Away   the  all   Storms  of   Disappointment   and   Worries   BELIEVE  Me  !

And  From  This   Points   You   Will  Realize   That   How   Bad   Situations  CHANGE  MIRACULOUSLY  In  Your  Favor!!!

Lovely   Strong  Friends  leaving  You   with  some  delightful   photos  shared  by  my  eldest  Son  from  Germany  Munich,

 who  Took  a  Cycle  trip  with  his  Friend   in  countryside  
of  Munich   and   then  On  Easter  Day  He  accompanied  his  boss and  colleagues   during  their  visit  to  Church  and    had  lunch  together .

 My  son  told  he  and his friend  took  their  bicycles  to  the  countryside  through  train  

It  was  one  day  before  easter  and  they  planned  a  whole  day  out  ,aim  was  to  have  fun  while  cycling  in  beautiful  views  and  enjoy!

like  his  friend  my  son  also  drove  bike  without  holding  handles  but  he  knew  such  things  upset  me  so  told  quite  after  the  day  he  shared  photos 

he  said  he  was  happy  to  have  sunny  day  and  spring  felt  so  close!

 This  small canal  reminded  me  my  native  village  which  has  same  canal  and  same  fascinating  views

beautiful  houses  on the  way 

water  is  so  magical  thing  to  be  around  ,it  has  power  to  heal  one's  soul!

They  found  a  Museum  there  which  was  quite  huge  but  they  visited  only  on  section  in  two  hours  as  my son  has  great  interest  in  history  

Reading  this  note  each  time  makes  me  feel  sick  though   but  human  history  beared  this  shaful  reality  when  Evil  seemed  to  occupy  the  bodies  of  human  and  celebrated  his  blood shed  of  his  nature ! 
I  believe  God  would  have  thought  that  DID  HE  MADE  MISTAKE  TO   CREATE  CREATURES  CALLED  HUMANS????????????????????????


 These  incidents  are  the  stains  on  the  history  of  humanity ,hope  someone  can  wash  them  away!

After  the  heavy  visit  of  Museum  both  went  to  the  restaurant   to  have  lunch  as  more  than  half  day  was  passed
 They  tried  to  cheer  up  by  forgetting  the  exhausting  experience  of  museum  visit !

                             He  said  food  was  nice 

      When  they  decided  to  return  sun  was  going  down  

This  photo  is  taken  by  my  eldest  son  on  Easter  morning  when  he  went  to  Church  with  his  office  colleagues  and  boss (he  is  doing  temporary  job  while  waiting  for  next  semester  start)  and  then  they  went  to  have  break  fast  in  restaurant  near

My  son  told  they  were  first  to  enter  the  restaurant  but  soon  it  was  crowded 

Dear   friends   hope  you  enjoyed  the  glimpse  of  my  son's  easter  holiday  fun!

this  is  almost  5 pm  and  day  is  sunny with  38 temps ,breezy ,i  am  fine  and  praying    that  may  God  keep  all  of  you  under  the  shower  of  his  blessings!!! amen!

Stay  strong  and  keep  smiling ,life  is  precious  and  so  you  are ,

breath  is  connection  between  both  of  you  so  until  the  connection  is  on  stay  Happy and  think  positive!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. "So Blow Away the all useless worries "

    Thank you for this, Baili. It was just what I needed to hear!

    Very peaceful pictures of the countryside...lovely.

    I could not look too long at the Holocaust pictures. It is too much for me to take. Absolutely no words for it. Imagine if there had been no photos we may never have known about it.

    How did your son like the Easter service? Is he a Christian?

    1. Dear Sandi
      i can understand your feelings about the whole trauma belong to Hitler's nightmare and my sympathies and heartfelt sorries are for this which though cannot be enough ever!

      My son is muslim just like his parents but to be honest WE BELIEVE IN GOD ONLY !

      NOT RELIGIONS , We Trust what Book of Nature says to us

      we don't like to entangled in manly words which can reflect specific way of thinking only.
      so may be i must clear that

      above every religion

  2. A holocaust museum is a heavy, heavy place to visit. Viewing evidence of the depths of human cruelty is very depressing.

  3. We Must Never Forget is a constant reminder of what men can do to other human beings. " may God keep all of you under the shower of his blessings!!! amen!" This is such promise to claim.

  4. I did enjoy your son's holiday. He is looking more like a man and less like a boy. I know you are proud. The pictures he sent about the concentration camps are poignant. Too many people think erasing all traces of bad times in history will erase all bad things. They are wrong. We need to remember both the bad and the good. We need to learn from them all.

  5. Thanks for sharing your son's Easter, enjoyed the photos and the food looks good.

  6. Nice to go on a outing with someone in a different country even though some was very sad indeed.

  7. A truly moving post from a loving and caring mother. Thank you. I needed to read this and feel better. You are remarkable.

  8. It is good that your son had a chance to take an excursion, and biking is a healthy way to do it!

    The pictures are very sobering, aren't they ... as you stated, that was a shameful period in human history. I don't think something on that scale could ever happen now, with better communication (phones and computers) but there are still genocides occurring throughout the world. You are right - what we do when we have power is a good indicator of our character.

    I'm glad to hear you are feeling well - I hope the better weather will help you stay that way!

  9. Your son had a great bike tour. that's a good way to see things.

  10. It seems like your son is having a great time in Germany.

    Human cruelty and barbaric actions are so hard to accept. What the Nazis did was The pinochle of monstrous behavior. All that good people can do is try th make the world better. For what it is worth, I think that it is getting better.

  11. What a fantastic place to cycle. Your son must have had a lovely day.

  12. Lovely place... Beautiful pictures...

  13. Thank you for sharing your son's journey with us! I really enjoy seeing other places through photographs as I know that I'll never get to most places on earth. Your son is having a wonderful adventure.

  14. Great photos! I am happy to hear about the love for history that your son has and please tell him to continue his curiosity for history. That is wonderful! It was wonderful of you to share his experiences. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. The restaurant looks lovely inside. The bicycle ride I enjoyed viewing the scenery, it's very nice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh my goodness... the photos of your son and his friend are so happy and joyful, and then in the middle of your post it was just so shocking to see those abused people. I do wonder what God thinks sometimes also.

  17. Your son has kind hosts, i am glad they are looking after him and feeding him well. I find the holocaust very distressing, i was unable visit places relevant when in Poland, i guess you can't go to Germany and not see these things, terribly sad, hope it didn't distress your son. Lovely to take a bike off and explore. Thanks for sharing his lovely pictures.

  18. Cycling can be a great exercise and great fun!

    God's Blessings to all of you,


  19. Baili, it was nice that your son could take a bicycle ride and see the countryside. It looks like it's getting warmer there in Germany. The breakfast looks Yummy too. That must have been hard for him to go to the museum and see such sadness.

    To answer your question, dear Baili.....God does not make mistakes. He gives us life, and we are supposed to live it with goodness and love.

    I hope your son has a wonderful experience while on his stay in Germany. I know you miss him very much.


    1. I agree deat Sheri that



  20. So wonderful that your son got to experience Germany in this way! How lovely to ride through the countryside and enjoy the beautiful views, loved the canals, and I agree with you, the sound of water does wonders for the soul! And oh my, what a horrible thing it must have been to go through that museum and witness the horrible things displayed there. It must have certainly dampened their day. I love your perspective about it all. I am glad that you got to enjoy this virtual tour of Germany through the eyes of your son, so very special indeed! I know your heart misses him so, and this certainly must have been a blessing to your mother's heart :) Blessings and hugs to you today sweet friend!

  21. Munich is a vibrant city.
    Me and my family loved it.
    Have a great week.

  22. As imagens do holocausto pesam-nos na alma... O seu texto apela a viver cada dia com esperança e coragem. Gostei de ver o seu filho. É um belo rapaz.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  23. Dear Baili, thank you for the inspiring message with which you began this posting. And thank you, too, for the photographs of your son in Germany. I'm glad that he wants to learn about history. It seems to me that so many young people have no interest in the past. And yet it has so much to teach us as we move forward into the future. Peace to you.

  24. Dearest Baili...thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos!:)
    Gosh, that museum must have been so emotionally draining for your son.
    How human beings could commit such atrocities against their fellow creatures is beyond me. The pictures are difficult to even look at, aren't they?
    That sculpture is striking though. I know it is a sombre subject...but the artwork is amazing!
    I hope you are having a magical week.:))

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  25. thank you for sharing these photos!

  26. Hello, baili. Cute post !! I have and a son who also loves his bicycle and makes many routes. I hope we never forget the damage that man committed in the holocaust, so that it never happens again.
    Good week, my friend.

  27. Your son's trip looks like a lot of fun. You are so right about humanity and my sensitive soul cannot bear to even think of such things for too long...water is very healing...hydrotherapy I call it. :) Beautiful photos. A bike trip is always a lot of fun. :)

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your son's photographs with us.
    So nice to see the places he visited, but not easy to visit that museum.

    Have a good week ahead.

    All the best Jan

  29. Dearest baili, Your son and his friend look as if they are having a great time!
    Beautiful photos from Germany but also the sad reminder of the Holocaust. It was such a sad loss of human life.
    Great advice in the beginning of your posting. I agree 100%.

    Thank you for visiting and becoming a follower of my blog 💮❤💮

  30. Nothing like cycling through the greenery and fresh air.

  31. Great way to spend the day cycling with beautiful scenery! I could never bring myself to view all those historic pictures of the holocaust!

  32. Looks like your son had a wonderful Easter Holiday! thank you for sharing!
    Thank you for your wonderful words of positive encouragement. have a lovely week.

  33. Beautiful!! love the pictures from Germany.. And love your sweet comment dear.. hugs

  34. Hi Baili
    It was nice to read your positive thoughts, and see your son's bicycle ride through an area of Germany. The museum photos were sad to see but we are all hopefully learning from this and trying to prevent such genocide.

  35. What a handsome young man and it looks like he had a really great day. What a beautiful place to ride. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

  36. Thank you for sharing your wise words and your sons beautiful pictures.
    The holocaust museum is so very, very sad!!!
    Big Hugs!!

  37. Dear Baili - I understand your happiness to be shared such wonderful photos by your son in which he’s having a good time. Cycling is good both for body and soul, feeling fresh wind. The museum is a serious reminder of human folly, so heart-rending, mindboggling, and depressing but we shouldn’t avoid our eyes from them not to let it happen again.
    Wish you happy days ahead, with peace of mind.


  38. Your son looks to be having a lot of fun on his day out.

    Whenever I see photographs like the ones you show from the museum always sicken me and make me feel sad. The same mistakes and atrocities are repeated.

    Seeing your son on his bicycle makes me want to get out and about on mine :-) I just need the rain to stop...

  39. I enjoyed seeing your son's pictures. The museum photos are heartbreaking. I can understand why that visit was exhausting. It looks like he had quite a trip.

  40. Retribuindo sua gentil visita, gratidão ! Lindas fotos
    Tenha um dia de paz!

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  42. Lovely post, Baili, with more wonderful photos from your son. I'm glad that he is taking time to explore the area around Munich and to experience new things. Living in another culture is an education in itself.

    The photos and captions of events that happened with the concentration camps are difficult to look at and read. But we have to stare evil in the face and to remember that such things happened. Otherwise how can we keep them from happening again? There is evil in the world, and sadly evil people. I don't understand why, but I know that we have to have the courage to stand against it when we are confronted with it. Sending you love and hugs!


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