Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Reasonably Made World

I have   mentioned   many  times  that  i   am  not  smart  or  clever  person  .

Why   i  said   so ?

Because   Now  in  the  age  of  48  when   i  look  at  my  whole life   i   find   that  i  never  acted  like   smart   person !

I  still   remember  in  my  school   i  was  kind   and  sweet   to  everyone  .

Even  to  whom   who  never  liked  me,  bullied   and  misbehaved .

My  anger  was  channelize   only  for  opposite    gender , and  my  reaction  to  their   stupid   actions  was  stern !

I  studied  in  girls  high  school  so  that  was  like   heaven  for  me ,i  liked  to  be  surrounded  with   lots  of  girls  and  sweet  teachers.

Many  of   girls  and  only  few  teachers  were  rude  to  me  and  they  have  their  own  reasons  for  their  dislikening   .

I  was not   one  who  gave  them  those  reasons  so  i  did  not  care  what  they  think  of  me and  why  they  tried  to  let  down  me, strangely  in  which  they  never  succeeded  .

Though  i  belonged   to  a  lower  middle   class  family  yet  the  principal  of  school  was  so  kind  and  sweet  to  me  and  she  often  invited  me  in  her  office  and  asked  that  i  must  ask  her  if  there  is  some  problem  in  studies  or    of  other  kind.

My  girlfriends   thought  of  me  that  i  was  totally  stupid  because  i  don't  even  want  to  listen  their  stories  about  various  male  cousins   or   other  boys  they  were  interested  in .

If  they  had  to  have  chat  about  their  crush  on  boys  celebrities   they  had  to  get  away  from  me  as  topic  was  annoying  for  me.

Second   foolishness  was   that  i  was  more  interested  in  elderly  people ,i  would   manage  to  serve  them  ,to  listen  them  and  have  discussions  with  them  about   various  topics  related  to  their  lives  or  situations.

Third   stupidity   was  that  from  my  early  teens  to  until  i  got  married  in  age  of  almost  20  i  used  to  cry   like  my  eyes  have  endless  oceans  of  tears .

Why  did  i  cry  as  much? Was  it  my  concern  only ?  or was  it  was  in my  hands  to  fulfill  the  necessaries  of  all? (Stupid me)

In  my  imagination   so  many  hungry   ,poor  and  helpless  people  accompanied  me   all   the  time  which  put  me  in  deep  sense  of  guilt .

Each   time  i  eat  ,play  ,lay  on  my  cozy  bed  or  put  head  on  mom's  lap   ,i   would  think  of  those  who  had   no  food  ,no   home  or  suffering  because  of  their  illness  and  starving   for  help.

After  my  marriage   my  husband   beared  my  all  foolishness  so  courageously  and  slowly   put  in  my  mind   that   "first   of  all  you  should   believe  in  God  "

"Then   believe   that   what  ever  he  has  made  has  correct   reasons  behind  it"

"  We   all   born  as  equals   with  the  recognition  of  RIGHT  and  WRONG"

"  We   are   Free  to  make  choices  and  decisions"

" Our  choices  lead  us  to  our  destinations"

"Destiny (will  of  God)   is  with  who  chose   RIGHT   path"

" Differences   in  our  status  are  not   only  due  to  our  mental  and  physical   strategy  for  life  but   DUE  TO   THE  DESTINY OR  WILL  OF   GOD"

"  Life   is  gift  and   a  TEST  either "

"  God  tests  us  by  giving  his  blessings  and  by  taking  them  away"

" When  he  gives  somebody  LOT!
It  is  TEST  how  he  uses  it  to  benefit  the   others   around  him"

"If  God   Gives  someone  Nothing  is  TEST  HOW  He  purse   for  it ?"

"Will  He  prefer  shortcut  which  is  way  to   hurt   others  ?"

"Or  he  choose  long  and  right  way  to  achieve  it?"

It   took  quite  effort  ,patience  and  time  of  my  husband  to  mold   me  in  a  little  better  mental   approach   which  i  am  today!

Still ,  when   i  have  to  say   No   to  sales  girls  who  come   on  door   ,i   feel  so  low   and  i  can't  feel  better  unless  i  drop   some  tears  from  my  eye (Old   habits  don't  leave  easily, yes)

Many   times  i  ask  my  hubby  "Why   God  did  not  make everybody   equally  strong   physically , economically  and  mentally   ???

So  everybody  can  be  self   dependent   and  can  never  get  hurt   because  he  is  weak  in  any  means."

Hubby   replays  "If   in  this  world  everyone  is  able  to  have  everything  ,NO  one  will  do   small  jobs  like  cleaning ,plumbing,   fixing  or  repairing  things  and  millions  of  jobs  like  this  which   make  basic  chain  of  work  ,demand  and  supply  in  any   society !

"Who  will  sew  your  clothes  or  build   your  house  who   is  already  millioner ?"

and  i  think  ,think  and  think  but  no  solution  comes  in  my  head.


Please  answer  because  i  am  not  smart  enough  to  figure  it  out!

God   Bless  You   All!!!


  1. You are smart! But even more important, you have feelings for life and people and living this life in a positive and caring way.


    1. You got me dear Jan!


  2. Yes, definitely if everyone was Bill Gates we would be in trouble!

    I think it's sweet that you wanted to talk more to elderly people and gain their wisdom.

    1. Thank you dear Sandi!

      So your vote is to hubby

      Yes and this affection for old people was when I was child .it was hard to understand for people around me but i followed my heart and served them as I could

  3. Communism claims to make all equal and generally ends up with most having nothing and a very few happy to keep it that way. I do think it is the responsibility of the very wealthy to have compassion, and in fact Bill Gates does a great deal of charitable work.

    1. i agree with you Joe !

      i live in a democratic country where electronics and vehicles are far expensive than advanced countries and can't tell you how wealthy people show off to have more expensive cars or other stuff

      I respect Bill gates for his compassionate way of thinking as he gives away almost 30 % of his total earnings which is daring as i know so many who have countless amount dut do not donate a penny

  4. Yes Baili, we would all be in trouble if everyone was Bill Gates!

    I used to own a very large coffeehouse. When I started working there as an employee, the owner, who was a property developer, was very interesting to me. I'd never met anyone in his field. Over time, I came to see that when he was speaking on the phone, talking about real estate and building and the such, he sounded like a genius. But I also watched him suffer when trying to hold a normal conversation with someone at the counter of the coffeehouse.

    When I eventually bought the coffeehouse from him, he told me " You belong here Nicolas. I watch you with people and I realize that what you have, your way with people, I will never have. All these years I wanted to be like YOU, to be someone people looked forward to seeing when they walked in that door."

    Can you imagine that? What came naturally to me, he could not conjure for himself. Just as I could never have been a property developer who worked on deals and built buildings. He had put a lifetime into his work as I had in mine.

    So we all have our place, our gifts and our purposes.

    And if the world were made of billions of any of us, it would be a far less interesting place than it is. That's the grace of God.

    1. it is truly a GREAT deal Nicolas!

      thank you for such wonderful sharing , you can't imagine how much it put to my relief!

      like our all other various conditions ,we do have UNIQUE way of thinking which differentiate us from others and the TRUE victory lies beneath it

  5. I think you are very smart Baili, very thoughtful and you ask some good thought-provoking questions. Interesting idea...if we were all rich, who would do the dirty jobs? I'm sure I would still do as much as I could for myself, but I'm not like most people. Very philosophical question that makes my brain hurt lol! ;)

  6. First of all my dear, dear friend I am upset that you think you are stupid. You simply were unfortunate to be around so many people who did not or do not have the same views as you. You are strong because you do not allow others to change your convictions without showing you a valid reason to do so. Most very intelligent people do not see things the same way as others and often feel isolated because of it. You cry because you have empathy. You feel the other person's pain. There is nothing wrong with you. You live and believe on a higher plane than a lot of people that's all.

    1. Dear Emma I feel lucky to read your generous words!

      How amazing that we live so many miles away physically from each other yet YOU HAVE REALISED THE BIGGEST LACK IN MY LIFE WHICH HAVE HURT ME MORE THAN ANYTHING AND WHICH IS THAT I NEVER FOUND A CONGINEAL person to whom I can talk with my genuine way about everything

  7. You are smart, you have allowed life's experiences to help you grow.

    That in part is what life is about :-)

  8. People who think about life, people and the world as you do, Baili, are not stupid.

    1. I agree with you dear Marie!

      But though i am proud that God loved me enough to make not as clever who can ruin other for the sake of personal benefits
      Still there come some weak moments in life sometimes when i wish alas I could be a little more WORLDLY person

  9. I just wanted to say that you are smart AND caring! I think you are doing good by sharing your thoughts, too! Hugs, Diane

  10. Through blogging I have found you to live life in a positive and caring way... we need more people to feel and do the same.

    All the best Jan

  11. I think you have a very kind soul, Baili. You are sensitive and caring about other people and the world around you. The world needs more people like you, not less.

  12. Oh Baili, it is much better to be sweet, kind, and caring than to be the smartest person. And you are one of the sweetest souls in blog land. I thank you for that. We're always learning and growing, and I think it's so special that you appreciate the elderly and try to take care of them. I have always had a soft spot for them as well. I know what you mean about being fascinated with male's such foolishness to me.

    Stay the way you are, dear Baili. You have a heart as big as the ocean, and it shows when you're concerned with the poor, the suffering, and the helpless in this world.


  13. Oh Baili, it is much better to be sweet, kind, and caring than to be the smartest person. And you are one of the sweetest souls in blog land. I thank you for that. We're always learning and growing, and I think it's so special that you appreciate the elderly and try to take care of them. I have always had a soft spot for them as well. I know what you mean about being fascinated with male's such foolishness to me.

    Stay the way you are, dear Baili. You have a heart as big as the ocean, and it shows when you're concerned with the poor, the suffering, and the helpless in this world.


  14. You are very hard on yourself. The fact that you think of these things and ask these questions is a sign of intelligence.

    I think that different people are different. Some are stronger then others but some are strong in different ways.

    I do agree that if no one had to work then not enough people would work. So needs and wants are often necessary to motivate people.

    Have a great week!

  15. You are smarter than you think Baili - you are clever, kind and caring - you learn so much from older people, and they in turn would enjoy your company.
    Your husband is correct in what he says, well I agree with him :)
    Salesman are not permitted to sell things at our doors here on this Island, but charities come once in awhile.

  16. Everyone makes mistakes.
    As long as we learn from them is not serious.
    It's even a good sign - means we're alive.

  17. You are right the world is not fair or equal in lots of ways, I have no explanition for it but I see people at the top with all the money and power are not always the right people to be there, they are not kind and caring but only interested in themselves.

  18. You have a compassionate heart, Baili, and that is a sign of emotional intelligence. We can never know another's path and the reasons why, but I believe we all have very specific lessons to learn in life. Even someone with immense wealth might have unknown sorrow and certainly many obligations. Who is to say which path results in the greater wisdom and lessons in life? I believe that true wealth is in the heart that values every experience as an opportunity to advance the soul. We never know who is an angel in disguise. Sending you hugs and blessings xo Karen

  19. Another very interesting and thought-provoking post from you, dearest Baili.
    There can't be economies where everyone is very rich, and fortunately many people love sewing or building houses. Also a plumber can feel proud of his/her work as a tradesperson. There are jobs that are unpleasant, dirty, dangerous... and in my ideal world they would be especially well paid. :)
    I believe in God, but I don't think the manifestation of evil and injustice in the world can be explained simply that God is testing us. The problem is, I believe, more complicated.
    I'm so happy to know you through blogging. Blessings and hugs!

  20. Dearest are so like me!
    The way we think is almost identical...and I especially related to your comment about feeling awful about turning people away when they come to sell things at your door. I would much rather hide inside than have to say no to someone.
    Unfortunately, that has brought quite a lot of trouble into my life.:/
    Also, like you, I often cry when I think of all the suffering in the world...and wish I had a magic wand to wave and make it all just go away.
    I think I do understand a little about why life appears to be so unequal...I think maybe it is that we each have our own individual lessons to learn in each lifetime...and depending on how well we learn those lessons, and how kind we are to other people...our next life will be easier or harder.
    And I do firmly believe that no person is of greater value than another. It makes no difference what job they have...everyone is important.

    Dearest Baili, you are such a kind and beautiful Soul...and it is a real privilege to know you.:))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  21. Dear Baili, the world needs more people like you!

  22. Jesus, the Son of God, came to serve....the most menial of jobs are sometimes held by the person you least expect to be in such a position. I believe we are placed in the position where we will do the most good for the Kingdom....not of this world, but the Kingdom of God. We needn't be rich to minister to others. We just need a heart like Jesus. It seems like your heart is one that reflects the love and mercy that makes you a woman of worth. You are exactly where you need to be the place to love others freely, without condemnation.
    I don't believe God causes the suffering going on in the world. That is another issue dating back to Adam and Eve. God created a perfect defiled it, giving in to the temptation of will.
    You are such a blessing to so many, Baili. Keep searching.

  23. You are an intelligent and caring person. The world would be better off with more people like yourself.

  24. You are a smart beautiful woman Baili! I'm like you too. I've been hurt by people taking advantage of me too!
    For some reason, we all have to go through things, to learn and to heal. I have went through much healing over the past few years and understand, we all have our own journeys and we have to live them.
    I do believe we are all the same equally!!
    Big Hugs and keep spreading love!

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  26. You have always seemed smart to me through your words, my friend, and more importantly - generous in spirit and kind.

  27. I think you cry because you are kind and feel for others. I don't think that is stupid at all!! Being kind is the best thing anyone can be, I think. I also think you are a very smart woman. Wishing you a happy day.

  28. You choose such interesting topics Baili and clearly are a very informed person and of course intelligent! Your posts always give an indication of your kind nature and that you care for others. It is also lovely that you acknowledge your husband has guided you, no doubt you have done the same for him as, of course, we grow into a couple in marriage and become united in so many ways.

  29. Há tantos tipos de inteligência. E é muito importante ter uma inteligência afectiva e prática. E você é uma pessoa cheia de sensibilidade e aquilo que escreve reflecte bem isso mesmo.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  30. Dear Baili, please do not out yourself down, because you certainly are not any of those negatives you mentioned in this post. I consider you to be a generous, caring and wise human being. I am glad to read that your husband is so caring and loving and that he is also a wise man.

  31. What a beautiful post, baili . . . you are such a kind person. I see things a little differently than some; I believe that there is no meaning or reason for the good and bad that happen, it is merely the way things are in the world. It is human nature and that includes both good and bad. We can, and should, try to live as good people and help those we can help, but we also have to make the best of our own lives without feeling guilt for what we cannot change. This is just my opinion; I don't think one answer is better than another.

    I think you have received some very good ideas here in the comments!

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  33. Baili, you are definitely clever and smart! You shouldn't be so hard on yourself! I think you have accomplished many things in your life, not the least of which is raising three fine sons. You can learn a lot about life from spending time with your elders, as you did (and I did). As for crying oceans of tears, I can't think of any girl who hasn't when navigating the teenage years. I still burst into tears, much to the consternation of my husband. I'm just wired that way. It doesn't make me stupid, nor you either.

    When I was a teenager, I had a hard time fitting in, because I couldn't care less about talking about boys, or fashion, or movie stars, or other silly things. It was painful and many kids were mean to me, and it hurt. But I realized that I could never be really happy if I couldn't be me. It took a while, but now I am comfortable in my own skin, and I choose to be around people who accept me for who I am.

    I'm learning to be kinder and gentler to my younger self, because I did the best I could at the time, and that's all I could ask of myself. Take care, my friend!


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