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Escape By Carolyn Jessop, The Book I read lately

Since  i  raised  in  a  small   village   situated  in  the  surroundings  of   capital  city  islamabad  ,  i   witnessed  both   aspects  of  women's  life .

One  who  belonged  to  village  ,worked  in  fields  with  her  man  and  raising  the  children  at  same  time .

She  was  always  after  her  man who  was  considered  head  of  the  family .Her  loyalty   and  obedience  were  traits  which  get   her  respect  from  the  family  and  society.

There  was  no  sign  of  her  own  "existence"  She  had  no  right  to  speak  or  stood up  for  her  rights  ,She  did  not  even  know  wHAT  ARE  ARE  RIGHTS  AS  LIVING  BEING?

So  no matter  how  torn  she  was  Physically  and  emotionally  she  had  to  fulfil  her  duties  at  any  cost.

Another   aspect   of  woman  i  saw  in  city  whenever  i  visited  or  stayed  in  the  house  of  our  aunt 's  house  in  Islamabad .

It  was  much   better  self dependent  self  motivated  and  strong  woman , who  was  getting  higher  education  and  working  in  various  fields  equal  to  the  men  of  society.

I  only  heard  about   THIRD  kind  of  woman  who  belonged  to  rural   areas  and  was  totally  completely  DOMINATED  by  the  men  of  her  house, 

Worst   than  SLAVE  she  was  forced  to   be  treated  inhumanly   by  men  who  claimed  to  be  her  master .

When  i  bought  this  book  from  sale   during  my  visit  to  islamabad  i  was  fascinated  by  thee  few  lines  written
 on  the  front  page .

I  confess   i   hardly  find  time  to  read  and  when  it  happens  i  try  to  crawl  few  pages  ahead  quickly.

So  finally  i  finished  this   few   weeks  back  and  it   made  me  sure   that   fundamentalist   and   false  religious   leaders  exist     everywhere .

Even  in  highly  educated  and  advanced  countries  PEOPLE  EXIST   WHO  ARE  UNDER  THE  INFLUENCE  OF  SUCH  DARK   DIRTY   SELFISH  MINDS!


BECAUSE    THEY   RUN  THE   BUSINESS  OF  FEAR  LIKE  THE  ERA   BEFORE  RENAISSANCE  when  ignorance  was  ruling  the  world !

She  is  an  inspiration!!!

with her beloved husband now 

This  is  an  inspirational   story  which  touch  the  heart  of  reader  and  rise  many  question   about  the  people   who  claim  that   their  part   of  land    totally  provides   and  guard    the  women  rights .

This  is  unbelievable  that  right  in  the  heart  of  UNITED  STATES   of  AMERICA  such   circumstances  occur . I  am  puzzled  and  surprised  by   the  situations  Carolyn  faced  and  amazed  by  her  strength  and  dare  she  displayed  and  today  she  is   living  a  FREE  and  HAPPILY  EVER  AFTER!

Precious  friends  Happy  spring  to  those  who  just  received it :)

Happy  early  pleasant  summers  to  those  who   are  experiencing    lovely  breeze  and  stunning  beaches  !

My  best  wishes  and  prays  for  all  of  you !!!

Stay   Strong  because  strength  is  just  inside  you !

Stay   happy  because  Happiness  is  laying  withing  you!

This  is  everlasting  ,grab   them  from  your  inner  world !

which  comes  outside  is only  an  illusion !

God   Bless  You  ALL!!!  



  1. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

  2. These situations do indeed exist in The United States and elsewhere. It is often women who are exploited by people who wish to control them and who do such terrible harm.

    I have heard of this book before. I should give it a read. I am glad to hear that everything worked out for Carolyn in the end.

    1. Brain i was never been in america though
      but i have sister who lived there for 6 years and now visits once in a year and what she told me about america was so motivational and inspiring if we talk about liberty of women there so i wasn't expecting so far such stories growing in such developed culture

  3. This sounds such an inspirational book. I'm marking it too read.

  4. You will find areas all around the world where this sort of controlling happens it is not right and it is changing but it is a slow process, old habits die hard.

  5. Deve ser muito interessante esse livro que descreve a vida de uma mulher que lutou pelos seus direitos. Infelizmente ainda acontece em muitos lugares a discriminação das mulheres.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  6. Most Mormons in the USA and Canada have long since given up plural marriage and are now part of the mainstream, even if the church is still pretty conservative. But little pockets of fundamentalist Mormons still exist as well, where the old ways described in the book continue to exist. In Canada, the main such cult colony is in British Columbia and its leader is being actively prosecuted as a criminal by the Canadian government.

  7. I think our strict adherence to the concept of "Freedom of Religion" has sometimes allowed these despicable cults to thrive.

  8. I have read the book. Unfortunately it is not a unique story. People all over the world have sections that believe in a male dominated society. Here in the United States many feel we are superior because we say that all are created equal but even our Constitution says "All MEN are created equal". At that time they also meant that all men who had money were created equal. There are religions here who believe the man is the final and only ruler of his domain. There are others who were raised to believe the same thing. I wish for the time when each person can be judged as the person he/she is.

  9. Dear Baili, thank you for reviewing this book. It is true, unfortunately that everywhere in the world their are men who choose to dominate others and enslave them. Slowly, ever so slowly things are changing here in the United States, but still some religious traditions insist that man is the master. It is a tragedy. Peace.

  10. O livro é muito interessante.
    Uma boa semana

  11. Such a terrible true story ...
    Thank you for your review.

    All the best Jan

  12. I have heard of this story and intend to read the book at some point. It is horrible what people do in the name of God.

  13. Haven't heard of the book.
    It's pleasing she escaped and it looks like a not so good story.

  14. I accept uoy sugestin and am going to try to read it.
    Have a great week!

  15. It was a sad story but glad she is now with a real man and good husband!

  16. You are right, baili - even in so-called forward thinking countries there are cases where women still have no actual rights even though they have rights under law. Religion is the biggest culprit, but it also happens in many cases where that is just how men behave toward women. I think the main difference is that if a woman can escape her situation she is not condemned by society; instead, society at large tries to help her to achieve and keep independence and freedom. Even in a town as small as ours we have a women's shelter where women who are being abused can go to be safe while they learn to start a new life without their abuser. This looks like a book worth reading and I will look for it.

  17. I was shocked reading this as well, it's quite sad that there are religious sects like this, I'm truly happy for the people that can free themselves of this horrible life. I'm thrilled to see she is so happy now.

    I hope you're doing well, I can't believe I've been away from blogging so long, I was unable to do anything for a long time due to the pain I've been dealing with. However; I missed writing so much, I finally sat down and the words poured out easily.

    Have a lovely day❤

  18. It's so sad! So very sad! And, it's so scary that this happens!!
    Be well my friend! Sending you Big Hugs!!!

  19. Oh, this is such a tragic story, Baili! So many terrible things go on in secret - even here in America. The area where they lived is very isolated and remote, so nobody knew until some brave women escaped and told their story. There is so much injustice in this world and women and children are still struggling for equality and freedom from abuse, even here. Women have to overcome centuries of being treated as 'property' and we have come far, but still have so far to go. Sending hugs xo Karen

  20. I remember when this happened. My b-in-law is Mormon. He said that this is common in the southern isolated areas. Other Mormons know about this and let it pass. What a brave woman!

    1. in such remote areas exist in some parts of our country where i never went though i observed the rural area's women life style which is not much different from such horrifying lands and tribes who are still living in the stone age where woman is only a property and treated inhumanly

  21. It is both terrifying and sad that this type of exploitation and manipulation still goes on. I'm sure this was an interesting book to read.

    Happy spring to you, Baili!

  22. The human rights for woman must be respected in all world. Religions, traditions, etc., are not a justification to slave women by the men.
    Great post.
    Have a nice week my dear friend.

  23. The atrocities done to women in the name of honour or religions make my blood boil...I heard about that woman's book and she is quite an inspiration, sad that she went through all of that...I like that you post about these things Baili. :)

  24. I haven't read her story, but saw in on tv. Glad she was able to get away!

  25. I have seen news shows about this type of thing and it is amazing to me also that these things happen anywhere, I can't imagine being told who I am to marry and having multiple wives is just crazy, I am so glad she was able to break free and I hope that anyone who would want to be out of this kind of situation can find their way out.

  26. Thanks for your book review, Baili. I've added this to my list of books to read. Unfortunately stories like this are true. There are fundamentalist Mormon sects that practice polygamy in the US, even though polygamy is illegal by law and is no longer acceptable in today's Church of the Latter Day Saints.

    I had a friend many years ago who escaped from a polygamist LDS cult just across the border in Mexico. She had six children and only escaped with a couple of them. Her life under the cult was horrible. She was fighting to get the rest of her children through the courts. I moved back to Canada and lost touch with her. I often wonder what became of her and her children.

    The whole thing disgusts me!

    My mother was determined that her four female children would be able to support themselves and would never have to stay in a marriage because they needed a man to support them. My father was equally determined. They made huge sacrifices to make that dream come true as well as educating their only son. We four girls have always been independent, and that is one of the most special gifts our parents gave us.


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