Monday, April 16, 2018

In The Age Of Fog! and Munich city centre glimpse

Hello  Sweet  Friends!

Hope   and  pray   that   You  are  Enjoying  the  walk  of  your   beautiful   life !

Each  view   around  you  is  giving  you  pleasure  and  food  for  thought  (trust  me me  it  is )

Your   soul   is  absorbing   the  lessons  of  nature  through  the  surroundings   .

Each   step   is  leading  you   forward   towards   new   experiences   which   are  constantly   changing   your   views  about   everything   you  encountered  until  now .

Our   initial   thoughts  in  early  stage  of  life  usually  are  innocent   and   pure !

Our   walk   when  enters   in   our  teens  everything   presents   itself   in   it's  very   illusioning   way!

We   get   into   the  most   FOGGY   part   of   life  when  we  reach  in  our   youth !

Our  likes  dislikes  ,observations  and  decisions   completely   depend   on  our   foggy   insight !

Nothing   is  clear   in  this  era  .Worst   about   it   that   we  think   
" we   are  most  intelligent  "

"Most  powerful  and  undefeatable "
"We   are  the  centre  of  all"

"Everything  is  fantasy   and  fun  but  nothing  else"

This   overconfidence  gives  us  that  fog  which  keep  surrounding  us  until   after  our   thirties   we   start   getting   some   wisdom   tools   to   pierce    this  thick   layer   of  fog around  us  !

Things   start   to   get   little   clear  , 

Now  we  are  able   to   see   the  real   face  of  life  .

Many  of  our  previous  actions  and  reactions   seem  unnecessary  and  funny!
Still   we  are  walking   in  the   fogg  though   things  are  more  visible  and  understandable  now .

After   our   50s   we   realize   that   fog  is  gone  and   reality   is   quite   Painful   to   bear  and  DIGEST!

It  is  feeling  more  like  we  are  falling   from   high  peak   of  self confidence   to  the  hard  ground   of    "nothingness"

Regrets   and   embarrassments   are  the  trails   we   pass  in !

Surviving  with  Broken  heart   is  next   destination!

How  lucky   who   can  see  clear;y   in  age   of   FOG!

They   less  be  selfish!

They  less  be  self centered !

They  already   Know  the  cruel   realty  of  life !

So  they  be  Humble  and  Generous ,Giving   and  Helpful!

Fog   could  not  take  away   their   Humanity   and  Faith   in  God  !

They   Belonged   to  Go !

So   God  took  the  responsibility  of  look  after  them   as  he  promised  so!

Okay  guys  enough  i  typed   what  came  in  my  dump  head  as  habit  of  diary   writing  pretty  occupies  when  i  sit  with  keyboard !

Now  sharing  some  fine  photos  of  Munich  city  centre  which  shared  my  eldest  son  with  me  ,he  took  these  while  walking  to  the  book  shop  !

Dear  Friends  hope  you  will  be  enjoying  your  walk  of  life  and   the  pleasant  changes  of  weather  as  SPRING  is  knocking  at  your  door  to  drop  you  pleasures  and  peace  of  life :)

My  computer  is  having   problems  and  previous  3  days  were  quite  abrupt  so  to  approve  to  comment  i  was  using  my  smart  phone  ,i  wanted  to  visit  the  blogs  too  but  due  to  terrible  headache  (may  be  because  of  flu ) was  not  finding  my  eyesight  as  capable  of  staring  on  small  screen  of  phone .

Today  pc is behaving  fine and  hope  will  do  same  as  my younger  son  deleted  the  game  which  i  thought  was  causing  problem .

Precious  fellows  keep  smiling  ,and  stay  blessed  ,with  lots  of  prays  and  love  i  think  of  you!!!

God  Bless  You All!!!


  1. Good day dear Baili, I like your journal-writing format. You thoughts are wonderfully expressed. I send good wishes that you feel better soon. I also get frustrated with my eyesight at times. I get dry eyes, blurry, see flashes and sometimes what is called ocular migraines with colors and patterns. Even happens when trying to get to sleep at night and prevents me from relaxing. I wish you a beautiful new week.

  2. Nice pictures but like special the first one in the wood..Greetings,Joan

  3. Your son is having a wonderful experience!

  4. Dear Baili, I hope you are feeling better and that the flu has fled. I know how diminished eyesight can affect everything we do. So I think it was wise of you not to be visiting blogs and leaving comments.

    As to the fog of life, every so often--even at 82--I find myself somewhat befuddled (in a fog) and have to travel inward to the deep center of myself where Oneness dwells to find my bearings. Peace.

  5. Young men think they are invincible. I know. I was one of the worst. I tried many very risky things. I was lucky and survived. I finally got things together in my mid 40's.

  6. You explain the different stages of life so well. And I enjoy the pictures your son sends you.

  7. Your son is having a great time! Awesome photos.

    One of blog posts was "Back When We Were Invincible". We were the same as your son. You expressed the stages of lives so perfectly.

  8. Great post. I like the way that you divided the different stages in life and related them to fog. I for one love waking on the fog. Munich looks like such a nice city.

  9. Lovely to see the photographs your son took in Germany ...
    Hope you've now fixed your computer problems ok, and that your headache has cleared.

    Take care, my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  10. It's a different way of looking at life but very clear.
    The pictures are great.

  11. You have created a very good analogy, baili. Yes, when most of us are young we don't even realize how much we don't know! Some young people are wise for their age, though. And some older people still haven't learned the lessons you describe. But all in all, this is how it is for humans. We learn as we go.

    Lovely pictures from your son. I feel like I have travelled to Germany each time you share his photos! That is the kind of travel I like, where I don't actually have to DO the travelling myself :)

  12. Soon I will turn 54.
    Contrary to a lot of people I don't miss the past, don't miss the teens.
    I'm loving my age and my life.
    And I feel I am a much better person now then I was before.
    Have a great week!

  13. Hope you are ok.
    Love the photos your son sent to you - that way you get to see where he's been what the buildings are like (beautiful) and so do we your readers..

  14. Those are great photos Baili :) I'm looking forward to spring here! I hope you're feeling better, I know the pain of migraine headaches...I can't look at any bright light when that happens. Take care of yourself! xx

  15. We all have to make our own way through that foggy stage, don't we? I hope you are feeling better now. I enjoyed seeing your sons photos.

  16. Love the photos, Baili! Thank you for sharing them with us. I've never been anywhere in Germany, so I will tour by what you share. It looks like there is so much amazing architecture there.

  17. Awesome photos of Munich! Thank you. I hope you are feeling better now.

  18. I hope your headache is gone! Great photos!!! I hope Spring arrives soon here! Big Hugs!

  19. wonderful photos, I hope you feel better soon, take care my friend.

  20. Dear Bali ..This was a wonderful expression from the soul .. There is so very much wisdom to share... and so too few people who take the time to express themselves as you do >>BRAVO !!!!
    Your son’s pictures are wonderful..he is no doubt learning and enjoying his travels... I’m sure the picture and letter assist you with your full bug ..Hopefully you will feel better soon..I am sending healing prayers your way , Sweet Lady ..xoxoxo

  21. We have been to Germany many years ago but we have not been to Munich! Looks so pretty, I like the fog! Fog reminds me to get a nice bowl of soup and bread.

  22. Dearest can I ever thank you enough for sharing your beautiful Soul with us?
    Your words touch me so deeply, and with a kind of Knowing that truly transcends mere language.
    Oh thank, so much.😊😊

    Thank you also for those wonderful photos of Germany. They are amazing!!

    I am praying for your speedy recovery, dearest Baili...

    Warmest regards and hugs xoxoxo

  23. A fun walk The photos are great, my friend.
    Good week baili.

  24. wonderful writing and musings on your part and those photos are gorgeous!!

  25. Hi, Baili! I thoroughly enjoyed your son's photos of Munich, although I can feel the cold damp air. Burr! I have often thought that older teenagers are filled with a sense of invincibility, knowing it all, and self-centeredness, because otherwise they might not have the courage to leave home and go out into the world. I am grateful every day for the gift and wonder of life. Blessings to you, my friend!

  26. I love the photo journey through life :-)


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