Thursday, April 19, 2018

Negative effects of Much knowledge ! Selfies and bird's nests

I   am  living  in  a  world   of   wonders . Among  which  human  nature  is  most   complicated.

How  do  i  know?

Well  because  unfortunately  or  fortunately  i  am  a  human.

Now  days   spring  is  smiling  fully  in  my  small  garden  with  all  it's  colors  and  fragrance .

Two  pairs  of  different  birds  have  built  their  nest  in  my   garden.

I  am  witness  of  the  whole  long  hard work   behind  this  process   of   nest  building  .

When  i  see  them  each  year   doing  same  job  with  same  enthusiasm  and  motivation ,  only  one   thought  came  into  my  mind.


They  build  nest ,give  eggs  ,hatch  them  and   when  their  newly  born  babies  get  little  bigger   and  be  able  to  fly   they  leave  silently , happily !

As   humans   we   think   we  are  more  smart  than  these  species  who  live  their  lives   by  SIMPLE  BASIC  RULES.

I  wish  it  could  be  true .

We   are   gathering  more  and  more   knowledge   everyday .
Inventing  advanced   technologies  to  make  our  life  comfortable.

Reaching   to  the  sky  and  landing  on  other  planets  .

Books  are  the  reflections  of  different  minds  and  souls !

We  are  absorbing   these  reflections  to  better  ourselves .

But  the  question  is  this  that 



We   are  being     addicted  to  be  COMPLICATED  only  ???

Haven't   we   buried  our  all  simple  basic   joys  of  living  

under   the   pile  of  KNOWLEDGE???             

Isn't  it   true   that   the  MORE  KNOWING   is  making  us  SHALLOW?

We   think   that   living  by  simple  rules  will  present  us    cheap   and   worth  of  less  value .

We   care  less  or  even   don't   what   WE  think  or  want  but   what  OTHERS  think  about  us.

This  way   of  thinking   force  us  to  pretend  what  we  are  actually  not.

Our  egos  grow  larger  than  life   itself.

Our  relationships   become  just   formality   and   our  gatherings   only  source  of   show  off.

We  always   try   to  find  people  of  our  own  kind   to  feel  safe  and  secure.

So   we  divide  ourselves  in  groups   .

In  such   group   gatherings   we   gossip  about   other  groups .

We   highlight   ONLY  their   faults  and  MISTAKES   to  feel   better  than  them  .

     Meanwhile  doing  so ,  though  we  already  know  that  others  are  saying  SAME   about  us .

But  we   love  to  indulge  in  self  made  pride  and  prejudice.

We   like  to  be  lost  in  labyrinth   of  false  and  timely  pleasure   .

Instead   of  seeking  the  everlasting  joy   and  peace  for   the whole  specie  of   human   .  We  choose  to  be   hard   and  beyond  understanding . 

The  more  we  KNOW  the  more   we  LOST!  (HOW  BAD)  

Our  inner   world   has  more  stuff   than  we  have  around  our  physical  visibility.

We   spend   our  most   of  time  decorating   the  world  outside  of  us.

Same   attention   and     care   is  needed  to  make  our  inner   world  ORGANIZED   and  BEAUTIFUL    !

Because  we  need  to  understand  that   REAL  PEACE  OF  MIND   DOES  NOT  COME  FROM   OUTSIDE!


The  more   is  our  inner   world  is  organized   and  embellished   with   honest,   simple     and  enlightened  thoughts   the  more   we   will  be   at   peace   and  harmony   with   each   other !

Precious   friends  i  truly   know   that   my   language   to  convey   such   thoughts  is  not  enough  rich  but   i   can;t  wait   until   it   will  as  life  has  no   guarantee  or  assurance.

So   i  try   to   write   just   to   feel   FREE  and   RELATED   to  all  of  you !

Now   time   to  share   some   pleasurable  selfies   sent  by  my   dear   eldest   son  who   just   like  me       

make   relationships  to   everyone  on  the  base   of  humanity   instead   of  any   religious  or  other  kind  of   group !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Day   before  yesterday  when  i  asked him  for  selfies  he  was  about  to  leave  from  his  office ,at  the  moment  he  took  this  selfie  which  reveals  the  sweet  and   kind   personality  of  his  boss (standing behind him  with  friendly  smile  and  really  nice  gesture )

Same  day  , sitting  with  friend  in  open  restaurant    after  office ,they  both  were  together  in  Fast university   karachi !
my  son  says  he  never  saw  such  helpful  and  sweet  guy  like  this  friend  who  is  always  nice  to  all  around  him!

        This  thought  that  he  thinks  for  my  concerns  for  him  and  care  so  much  gives  my  eyes  tears  of  gratitude   often 

This  is  the  little  nest  of  so  tiny  pair  of  black  birds ,male  upper  body  gives  blue  shine  in  dark  black  though  female  has  light  greyish .
  They  don't  feel  hesitate  as  we  take  our  morning  tea  
near  them  close  to  the  garden .

                         Nest  of  little  bird  is under  the  climber  

 from  far  i  took  this pic  when  she  was  getting  in  the  nest 

above  you  can  see  the  back  side  of  bird  while  hatching  their  eggs ,their  nest  is  not  as  finely  built  just  simple one .
each  year  they  use  our  climber  for  their  nesting  which  is  huge  pleasure  for  me :)

This  year  not  plenty  of  sunflowers  but  glad  that  they  are  here  at  least!

Okay   beautiful  souls   time  to  go  in  kitchen  and  finalize  my  lunch . Only  one  hour  to  my  youngest  to  come  back  from  school .

Younger  one  is  at  home  until  his  collage  starts  in  September  hopefully!

Please  take  great  care  ,stay  positive  against  all  odds  ,you  are  truly  fighters  just  give  try  to  your selves !

and  all   obstacles  are  gone believe  me!

God  Bless  You  All!!!  


  1. Thank you for another wonderful, thought-provoking post, dearest Baili.
    I must come back later to read your text with more attention, but the first thing that came to my mind is that because we humans are so different from each other, more knowledge will make some people better than they were before and some people worse.
    I just came to thank you for your lovely comment... and to ask you that didn't you notice the aeroplane shown in my post? :D
    See you soon again. Blessings and hugs!

  2. such a beautiful post, you write beautifully and such interesting subjects,,I would love to watch the birds too! your sons selfies are wonderful!

  3. Interresting what you wrote,I will think about it ...

  4. What an epic post! I like one key question. are we addicted to knowledge? Are we blocking out social relationships? I also think we have other addictions other than substances in modern technology.

    1. i agree Red !

      that modern way of thinking is taking away the basic simple and innocent way of life .

      our thoughts and behaviours are becoming more and more complicated unnecessarily .

      i witnessed people with heavy knowledge who think they are out of the normal world now
      they like to complicate easy living just to show how much they know about everything ,
      i agree with Sara also that more knowing develop us as we are already god gets better and bad gets worst

  5. One of my favourite memories as a little girl was my Mom showing me a robin's nest in our lilac hedge with beautiful little blue eggs in it.

  6. You so eloquently give us a great many truths. I agree that each person should be known by their merits not by the way they look or the area they come from. I do like a lot of the advancements humans have made. For instance without computers I would not have been able to know you and that is a gift to me.

  7. Living a simple life is often the easiest way to happiness, I agree. I enjoyed your son's photos and the pictures of the bird's nest.

  8. You are wise and share the best way to be! Thank YOU

  9. Thank you Baili for your good wishes. we are happy if we see our children well.
    The smile of your son is very nice. Spring also arrived here, we had a very cold winter.
    Te deseo un buen jueves.

  10. Cute selfies and lovely spring photos!

  11. I get so much when i read your posts and i really enjoy the photos of your great son - he looks so nice and sounds great. Keep expressing yourself - it becomes you so much and what a mirror you hold up for others to see that wisdom in you.

  12. You have raised wonderful human beings by your great example. I am pretty much a recluse because I will not join in to the gossip or hate mongering and devisive nature of most of the people around me. I know there are good people out there but I'm tired of looking! LOL! I just stay to myself with my 2 dogs and 2 cats and go online to find wonderful friends like you! Hugs ~ Sam

  13. Do you believe I never took a selfie??
    Doesn't make sense to me.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Would you believe Pedro that my SON HATS TAKING SELFIES EITHER


  14. What you have written is so very true.
    Like your photos.

  15. All the knowledge in the world means nothing if we don't have love. I'm so glad your son is kind and has kind friends. We need more of that in the world!

  16. Great pictures Baili.

    I tend to be mostly positive about knowledge and technology. When I look at the world and at history I do not think that people are less happy or more cruel now that we have more technology then science. In fact, I think that an argument can be made that there is less suffering in the world because we have more science and technology.

    Of course there are downsides. There are negative effects to all this. Of course, technology and science alone will not make us happier.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Brain!

      actually while writing this post the thought was in my mind about the people with high level of intellectuality ,i found many of them LOST in their ocean of KNOWING and they find easy ways of living like simple conversations and understanding behaviours and easiness in relationships worthless

      they tend to make daily life COMPLICATED just to show off their level of intellect which i condemned because
      knowledge must bring pleasure and simplicity in life rather than complications

  17. Such lovely Spring photographs, lovely colour.
    Nice to see the selfies too.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. Hi Baili :) Great post today. I relate to what you're saying on so many levels. The quest for knowledge has made the world a selfish, pompous place. Evolution isn't about rushing to know everything and anything. I am doing the opposite, seeking a more simple life, letting the media and the modern world go...just enjoying simplicity, like your birds building their nests. Beautiful photos by the way. :)

  19. Your post is wonderful, writes very well on interesting subjects.
    Your son's fantastic self
    Wishes for a happy weekend

  20. Hi Baili! Such pretty sunflowers. They are my favourites! I hope to plant some this year in my garden. If spring ever gets here!

    It looks like your son is having a wonderful experience. It is good for our kids to be away from home to learn and grow and become independent. Your son looks very happy, although I'm sure he misses all of you!

    Have a beautiful weekend, dear friend xo

  21. Dearest Baili...I just adore your beautiful sunflowers!
    I haven't grown any in my garden for some years now, but after seeing yours, I am inspired...will definitely be planting some!:)
    It is so good to see how much your son is enjoying himself...although I am sure he misses you a lot.
    Yes, I do agree with you. People do indeed complicate life too much. I think we all need to slow down sometimes and rediscover a slower, more simple way of living.
    I often find myself getting stressed, and so I take time out to just sit and observe. It doesn't matter what it is I observe, I just forget about "me" and absorb myself into perhaps a tree or a flower.
    I find that so relaxing, and it helps me get things into perspective!
    Thank you so much for another fabulous post.
    It is always such a pleasure to visit.:))

    Have a Wonderful Weekend, my dear Friend!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear Ygraine!

      i agree this is mother NATURE's lap where we can find peace atre exhaustions of our mad and ridiculous ways of living

  22. Such nice selfies from your son. It looks like he does indeed has a great boss!! That is wonderful!! Sending you hugs!

  23. Thank you my friend, for such a beautiful post! I agree with everything you have said!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures as well! I love seeing your son and his friends and I love seeing your beautiful garden, especially the nests! Big Hugs!

  24. Dear baili, your language is more than rich enough to convey your thoughts! You have a more varied vocabulary than many whose mother tongue is English :)

    I love simple pleasures as well. I also enjoy learning, but not to complicate life, simply for the sake of learning.

    What wonderful photos of the bird nests, and how lovely that the birds do not mind you being near! And I am so glad that your son considers your feelings so well. His good nature and kindness must warm your heart :)

  25. Every time I read one of your posts like this one, Baili, it makes me think about whether I have become too involved with technology at times. So I have taken measures recently to step back and rethink some things. For me staying in contact with others by phone calls and written correspondence is better than online correspondence because it is more personal even if slower. It makes sense to slow down and look at the world around especially nature. I do miss being able to see the birds and flowers we had when we owned a home, so thank you for sharing yours. Also thanks for sharing your son’s photos.

  26. Hi, Baili! I'm eating a date right now. Your picture of the date orchard made me hungry for one. Your son looks so happy, and now your middle son is about to go to university! How exciting! I love the pictures of your garden and birds. I'm always amazed at how birds bring their families up in such fragile places, especially when I contrast them with we humans. We think we need so much, but we really don't. I enjoyed hearing your wise thoughts in this post so much.

  27. I love the birds nests :-) We have at least a couple in our garden at the moment :-)


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