Thursday, April 26, 2018

Spring Began To Smile And Pancake Project

Hello  Lovely  Souls!

First  of  all  Happy  spring  to  all  who  just  got  it  around :)

Weather  is  being  mild   friendly  hopefully   in  these  days   of  the  year  as  starving  hearts  deserve   some  pleasant  fresh   environment   to   explore  the  nature   and  to  receive  the   delightful   positive   energy   exhaled   by  nature   finally !

Some   days  back  when  earth   was   breathing  hardly   under  the  thick  heavy  white   cover   of  snow   it  seemed   that   it  won't  Heal   soon  !

But   finally  our   dear  creator  who  is  the  greatest  MAGICIAN   broke   the  spell   of  cursed   land   and    flourished   the   face  of  earth   with   his  most   cheerful   blessings  !

He  sent  down  the   spring  to  heal   the  earth  by   melting   the  cold  wounds  !

To   renew   and  beautify   the  earth    with   smooth  neat   sheet   of  greenery  !

To   Lit   the  Candles  of   Flowers  :)

To   Cheer   your  souls  up  like  blooms  of  spring!

Sharing   with   you  some  photos recently  sent   by  my  son  who   shared  them  to  give   me  idea  of  his  lashing  splendid  surroundings!

Photos  were  taken  during  walking  in  his  hostel    area  towards  his  friend's  apartment   where  he  had  to  join   the  class  project   which  was  according  to  him  quite  fun   as  they  were  asked  to  make  pancakes  and  upload    the  pics  so  their  teamwork  can  be  observed .Hope  you  will  enjoy  the  look!

  Beautiful  cherry  trees   rows  were  spreading  the  beauty 

I  think  while  sitting  on  this  bench  one  can  write  poetry  or  make  painting  because  such  surroundings  and  perfect  weather  unfold  our  inner  eshestic and  artistic  nerves 

Spring  evokes  revolutionary  changes  not  only  in  the  state  and  moods  of  man  but  birds  also  feel  more  happy  and  free!!!  to  roam  and  sing 

Beautiful   mild  cloudy   day  can  make  so  many  new  ideas  blooms  and  spring  in  your  fresh   mind!

Don't  you  think  that  my  son  is  wonderful  in  his  skills  of  capturing !

He  says  Munich  is  one  of  the  most  expensive  and  NEAT  city  with  amazingly  organized  people !

               Discipline   is  also  one  aspect  of  beauty 

I  would  like  to  try  this  tricycle  as  i  can't  drive  bicycle  though  i  know  there  is   lot  difference  in  riding  of  both .
one  with  two  wheels   can make  you  feel  fly!

Youngsters  made  pancakes  which  were  source  to  not  only  having  nice  food  but  great  fun  gathering!

Look  at  these  young  pretty  and   full  of  life  faces  who  have  endless  energy  and  enthusiasm  for  life  ahead !

With  open  minds  and  cheerful  positive  attitude  they  are  chasing  their  dreams!

Hope  God  will  make  their  dreams  come  true  and  their  parents  will  be  proud  of  them  one  day,amen!

Electricity  is  about  to  go  now  (summers  gift  load shedding)  so  saying  you  Good  bye  for  now  with  lots  and  lots  of  best  wishes  for  your  day  and  life  each  step  my  friends!

Stay  Blessed  with  positive  energy  and  refuse  to  give  up  from  efforts  for  bettring  yourselves !!!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Hello again.

    Love the beautiful cherry trees.

    The blue cycle is it for public to use? Wonderful idea . we have it here too but unfortunately..... oh well...

    Hope you will have a nice weekend

  2. I have come to love the spring. It is finally warming up where I live so I am happy.

    These are great pictures. College can be such a wonderful time of life.

  3. Gorgeous spring photos from your son, the pancakes look good too. I was inspired to paint your lamp today at Paint Party Friday, come have a look.

  4. You really like summer . However winter is a time of rest when the earth can get energy for summer growth. You must know that I also like winter!

  5. just like you i also like winter dear Red !
    since my childhood without knowing the reason WHY, i like winters and let me know you that our summer specially in southern areas are extremely HOT!!!

    we starve for even glimpse of clouds for months ,get hardly any rain throughout the year and this is why my love for winter is absolutely obvious

    Yet constantly knowing through internet from blogging friends that how much they are fed up with snow ,storms and rains i begin to like our summers ,simple story :)

  6. Everything's looking nice and green in Germany. And a Pancake Party! What a great idea! Looks like delicious fun.

  7. This was a lighthearted and friendly post. It was soothing to read. Thank you for the serenity I feel right now.

  8. Munich is a lovely city and I'm glad your son has the chance to live there! What a happy bunch of young people, it makes me wish I could join them for pancakes! :) Yes, this time of year is full of energy and optimism, even when it is rainy (like now!) Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Dear Jenny how strange that the rain which is bothering you is needed here to wash away dust and heat but who can change the rules of nature

      yes spring is part of the year when we feel more happy and fresh than usual

  9. Your writing is like poetry, baili! I especially love your use of the word "lashing" as it is not something we hear here but it conveys such meaning in your descriptions.

    Your son is a wonderful photographer and I enjoyed his photos. All those young people have such joy in their faces, and that is lovely to see!

    It must be getting hot there now. I am always ashamed to complain of the heat when many areas of the world get far higher temperatures. I hope you are feeling well these days and that your winter flu has finally gone.

    1. You are always so kind dear Jenny!

      i read word "lashing in my old story books taken from school library

      one of it meaning is "moving happily" and i use it when a long green grass moving slightly in meadows with breeze comes in my mind :)

      My flu is not leaving completely though in 40 plus temps i am feeling better in spite all of my occasionally sneezing

      i am so lucky to have you as precious friend who remembers my health issues
      may you be blessed with more peace and happiness my friend!

  10. beautiful spring photos!! The pancakes look very good as well!
    I love the young people are all so happy in this photo, as it should be!!

    1. what beautiful words dear Laurie!

      Yes "as they should be"
      as mostly we feel happy in this part of our age when life comes with less intensivity ,either i loved these precious happy faces:)

  11. The skies are so pretty in these pictures, Baili, with fluffy clouds and blue skies. It's good to hear that your son is doing well, eating good, and spending time with friends while learning. And it's nice that he's living in a city that's so neat and taken care of. Looking at these pictures, he sees the beauty in nature, which is wonderful.

    Yes, young positive minds and cheerful hearts make our world a better place. : )


  12. What a lovely post ... your sons spring photos are lovely and those pancakes look good, wonderful to see the smiling faces.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  13. This is a wonderful set of photos and the lovely children.

  14. Yes, I think your son is good at capturing the beautiful landscape. I’ve travelled around southern part of Germany and was amazed with so organized, clean places as well as people’s spirit of conservation. The street lined with flowering cherry trees is marvelous and the dandelions look like stars floating on the green. The smiles of the young are also precious. Thanks for making me smile. Have happy and peaceful days ahead, Baili.


    1. Thank you dear friend!

      hearing such positive words from you is such a joy as you are remarkable photographer and always mesmerized by your stunning images of your beautiful area!

      this is great that you are familiar with the neatness and discipline of Munich which looks so appealing in photos

      our biggest city karachi was once known for it's cleanliness and enthusiastic way of life .
      it was called "city of lights " but unfortunately now since some years everything is same except tide streets

  15. Dearest Baili...such beautiful pictures!
    Yes, your son is a great photographer...oh wow...I love the scenery, and those vibrant young faces.☺☺
    Gosh, you are so fortunate to have some lovely mild weather setting in. We are absolutely freezing here, in the northerly winds and squally showers!😕
    So I say, roll on true spring!!

    Have a brilliant weekend...and lots of love and hugs xoxoxo

  16. Thank you for dropping by my blog Lunch Break. have a nice weekend


  17. wow, love all his photos! they are so beautiful. enjoyed your post today!! have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Lovely photos your son sent you to share with us - thank you.
    Nice to see their smiling happy faces.

  19. What beautiful photos. And that heap of pancakes, yum!

  20. Lovely post! And your son looks like he's made some wonderful friends and having a great time. So nice to see young people with so much joy in them!

  21. Love seeing all the beautiful pictures! Your son's friends look great! Love the pancake party! LOL! Big Hugs!

  22. These are really Spring pictures.
    Have a great week!

  23. Very pretty area with lively a scenery.Felt like walking through.

  24. Beautiful spring photos from your son. I enjoyed seeing them. It is so nice to see that spring has arrived. The happy, fresh faces of your son and his friends made me smile.

  25. I loved this post, Baili! It must fill your heart with love and joy to see your son thriving in Munich. I enjoyed his photographs very much! He is spot on when he says the Germans are neat and organized people. That is definitely their reputation. The birds around my home are definitely roaming and singing! The robins, with their "chirp, chirp, chirp" are particularly vocal today. Have a good one, my friend!

  26. I love the wonderful greens and the sky with its contrasting puffy clouds.

    I also like the sunny faces of your sons friends :-)


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