Friday, January 19, 2018

What i thought during my prison ?, and snow in Munich shared by my son; holiday outing !

Hello  Precious  Fellows!

Hope  and    pray  that  all   of  you  are  doing   fine   and   enjoying   to   solve   all   the   puzzles  that   life   is   brining   to   you !

Because  you  know   that  only    these   puzzles   give   your   living  a   meaning  and    make    it  worth   enjoying!

Having  limited   space  has   some   positive  affects   either and  i   knew   this  through   my   experience   being   bound   in  kitchen   or   guestroom   while   work   was  being   done   in   the   house .

According   to   scientists   when   one   sense   of  man  is  OFF    others   get   alert   more   than   other   normal   people. So   when   my   body   was   confined   in   rooms  and   eyes   were  unable   to  feel the  vastness    of   deep   blue   sky   above   me  , and   see  the  awesomeness   of   natural    beauty   around    me,   

Nose   was  unable   to  inhale   the   fresh   air   and   smell   the  fragrance  of  few   blooms   in  my   garden    my   brain   was   flaying   between    the   LIMITLESS    universe    among   COUNTLESS   burning    balls   huger   than   sun  ,numerous   cold   planets   waiting   for   to  be   explored   by   human .

Shinny   bright   colonies   of   galaxies    and   within  the   endless   dark   VASTNESS    of  space . 

I   FELT   TINY  THAN   as A    dot .

I   Realised    the   rotation   of   earth   under   my   feet!

   Birth   ,Growth   and   End   of   life   in   extreme   speed    of   all   species  withing  a  SECOND   in   whole  world .

It   Seemed    that   we    all   were    running   in   a  circle   like   mouse   run  in  a  weele    and   thinks   HE  IS   ACTUALLY   RUNNING    without   realizing   that   HE   IS   TRAPPED   IN   THE   WHEALE !

I   felt   WE   ALL   ARE   TRAPPED   IN   THE   WHEEL   OF   TIME!

We    think   we   are   moving ,  without   realizing   that    we   are   trapped   in   TIME   WHEEL   which   is   moving   round   and   round   since   million  years !

We   can't   find   exit   in   it . 

No   one   knows   since   how   long   this   TIME  WHEEL   is   circling  ?

We   ride   it   for   really   little   short   while   and   spend   all   duration   in   running   within    because  we    don't   know  what   else   to   do ?

When   our   visible   appearance   is   vanished   timewheel   throw   us   in   the   dust  bin   of   BLACK   HOLE   to   recycle .

We   reach   NOWHERE   until   we   stop   running   blindly   just   to   follow   the   rotation   of   wheel.

Until   we   will   MOVE  and   STIMULATE   our   inner   steps   to   find    the   realty    and   meaning   of   our   life .

True   reason   behind   our   existence   cannot   be   only   GROW   PHYSICALLY   ,  EARN    MADLY   LIVE  LUXURIOUSLY   AND   THEN   DAY   MISERABLY!

There  must    be   something   else  ,which   according   to  my   opinion   GROW   SPIRITUALLY   ,EARN    GRACE    ,    LEARN   EAGERLY   ,   EXPLORE     ANXIOUSLY     ,APPLY      THIS     LEARNING    TO  LIVE   WISELY    AND    DIE    PEACEFULLY !

Animals   hunt  to  live   but   we   the   super   social   animals    hunt     to   feel   SUPERIOR  

We   are   restless   spicie , we   do   not   feel   content    with   what   we   have   

We   need   what   others   have   too  ,because   we   want   to   be   sure  not   only  about   that  WE   HAVE   EVERYTHING   but   about   EVERYBODY   ELSE   HAS   NOTHING .

It   shows   how   coward   and   how   afraid   we   are !

We   don't  have   confidence   to   win   the   race   with   honesty   and   equality .

It   makes   us   crush   others   by   tricks   and  by   power   so   we   can   feel   good   about   our self .

If   we   have   honour  ,  sham   and  self   respect  we  will   never  be  needing   to   dishonour   others .  

Because   only   waves   hit   rocks   to   make   them   feel   that   THEY   EXIST,   THEY   ARE  IMPORTANT   AND   THEY   CAN  HIT  (at least try)!

Rocks   never   respond   to   the   silliness    of    waves  , Because   they   have   ROOTS  DEEP   IN   THE   GROUND  WHICH   GIVES   THEM   STRENGTH   GLORY  AND   CONFIDENCE !  

They   stand   unshaken   sublimely   .Because   they  know   their   strength   worth    the   scrubbing   of   waves .

They   know   their  roots   are   spread   in   depth   of   land   which   will   make   them   survive    against   all   these   odds!

There   were   constant   flow   of   weird  ,strange   and  unusual   thoughts   going   on   in  my  head   while   being   stopped   physically .

I   enjoyed   it   ,

An   freshening    feeling    of   FREEDOM   was   swinging   my   BEING   above   and  much   above  the   circle   of  time .

I   was   beyond   all   limits    and   boundaries  ,flaying   like   a   butterfly   withing   the   garden   of   universe     where   i   felt    CLOSED    to   MY   CREATOR  .

This   feeling   gave   me   smile   of   serenity   and    peace   which   absorbed   in  my   veins  smoothly !!!

My   dear    friends this   was  little   amount  of   thoughts   waving   in  my   mind   during   the  prison !  If   my   heart   wanted   to   share   more   i   will   definitely   some  next  time .

This   is   friday   noon  12:45   temp 22  celsius ,windy   and   COLD . Have  to   peek   in   my   kitchen   for  lunch  preparation   so   leaving   you   with   some   photos   shared  by   my   eldest   son  of   snow   in  Munich   ,hope   you   will   like   them 

                                        My  sun  told  he  went  there  for   skating

                                            Reflection  speak  more  than   reality  sometime

  mesmerizing   view!  bare  branches  need   coat  of  new  lashing  leaves  to  survive  from  cold

  He  said  it  was fun to  skate for  the  first  time ,he fell lot  and a little  (almost 6) child was encouraging him  a  lot lol

                                     Reading   the   reflection   needs  time  and   courage

               ice   spread  profound  barrenness  withing  scenes 

               All   paths   call  your  steps ,it  is  up  to  you   which  one  you  choose

                         This   pretty   duck   may  be   skipped   the  bath  plan  today

  Wandering   and   wondering  is  needed   by  us   and  by  Nature   too

Please    take   care   sweet   people  ,stay   blessed   with   strength   of   faith  ,let   it's   roots   be   strong   and   in      the  land   of   your   beautiful   heart!

Let   the   waves  of   odds   hit  and  go   back  disappointingly!

God   Bless   You  All!!!


  1. A big contrast, baili - prison and the wonderfull outdoors your son shares with us.
    Of course I prefer the second.
    Have a great weekend

  2. I hate to be confined in a limited area. I tend to get very restless.

    Great pictures. I have had a fair amount of snow where I live too. It really creates a nice atmosphere. I like it as long as I do not have to travel while it is coming down.

  3. Your time confined gave you much to think about. I am glad you have your freedom again.

    Your son’s photos are beautiful!

  4. Dearest Baili , I found this post so inspiring!!
    Isn't it amazing how much we can see around us when we just sit quietly and allow life to communicate with us?
    I think that one of the biggest problems of modern life is our increasing dependence on technology.
    We all need to learn from regularly tune in to silence.
    Thank you so much for this wisdom you share with are a rare person.☺

    Your son's photos are really stunning!!

    Big hugs xoxo

  5. The first time on skates is HARD! And so is the ice when you fall on your bum! I hope your son had a good time!

  6. Berlin and the snow look beautiful, I hope you are no longer feeling imprisoned. Betty

  7. Lovely pictures of the snow in Munich, Baili. I especially liked the one with the duck and the sun shining on the water. That is a beautiful picture with the duck in the snow enjoying the sun's warmth. I hope your son is having a wonderful time and has many adventures along the way.


  8. Happy Friday, Baili! And I wish you a wonderful weekend too. How nice your son got to try skating. It is not easy the first time but if he tries again he might find his balance as in all things. Your time during the renovations can be seen as a time of meditation and contemplation and can be a very good thing. Both meditation and contemplation can lift the spirit and clarify things for us all. I do hope you are having less pain and are able to enjoy your garden again very soon.

  9. Good for your son learning to skate! Enjoyed his photos and your deep reflective thought while in 'prison'.

  10. Aren't they just such lovely pictures, the ones with the ducks especially.

    Wishing you a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. You are a better person than I am, Baili! You turn a trying experience into a metaphysical one. I do hope those stone polishers are gone and you are free to move about. Our physical bodies can be hemmed in, but you remind us so clearly of how our minds are unfettered. I love that your son is sharing his experiences in Munich with you, and though you, with us. I hope that he is having the time of his life. Best wishes to you, your hubby, and sons! May God's blessing be upon you all. Sending you a big hug, my dear friend!

  12. It is quite amazing to consider the incredible world we live in, and the world beyond what we know too. It must be hard to write down your thoughts while you were confined, but it is so amazing to consider the world around us and yet we know that even when a hair falls from our head, our Lord sees it! How amazing is that! He knows the vastness of the universe, but yet HE also knows the number of hairs on our head. I pray the Lord continues to do beautiful things in your heart and that you can get outside soon again! The pictures of your son's time in Munich are so beautiful! Ice skating is so much fun, even falling down, and I'm glad he is having such a lovely time there, and sending you such interesting pictures of life there. Many blessings and hugs today to you dear friend!

  13. A great post, Baili. So many things to think about. You are right...we are indeed a restless species.

    Such lovely photos and such a nice experience for your son. Skating is a lot of fun, although it is a little difficult when you first try it!

  14. Hi Baili :) I think it takes a lot of time and thought to come out of that "restless" phase of life. I think that I've reached that, mostly, sometimes my emotions and mind get too wound up with worry...and I too become restless, but it's when I take care of my spirit that I feel balanced and wonderful! :)

  15. A very good post my friend! Very deep thoughts!
    I love the pictures from your son! How beautiful! Good for him skating! I can't skate! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  16. A fascinating, inspiring post, dear Baili. Your posts take our thoughts away from the usual routines of everyday, and I'm very grateful to you because of that. There's so much more in this amazing world!
    Big hugs!

  17. Your writing is beautiful.

    "Grow spiritually, earn grace, learn eagerly, explore anxiously, apply this learning to live wisely and die peacefully!"

    I love this, it is how I feel too :-)

  18. Interesting post and love the Munich shots. Thank you for sharing!

  19. What a beautiful post - i really enjoyed reading your thoughts - very inspiring and the photos are beautiful.

  20. Your thoughts are so inspiring, baili. Occasionally I too think about things from a "long view" or from out in space. It really helps to put our lives in perspective. People who become down because they feel life is meaningless should read this post! You have conveyed the value of our lives clearly.

    Your son continues to explore and experience new things! I love the picture of the duck :) I hope it is not too cold for him in his new place of residence, and I hope you are feeling better now, too.

  21. Presos na roda do tempo, por cá andamos todos... A vida é realmente um enorme labirinto, do qual temos que encontrar a saída certa... Belas, as suas fotografias.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  22. Those are some powerful thoughts and words of wisdom, and I thank you so much! I'm inspired by the lovely pictures that remind us of the beauty God brings us through nature. Hugs...RO

  23. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing these deeply spiritual thoughts. I would say that while in that room you experienced transcendence and enlightenment. Your philosophy of life i one that we can all choose to embrace. How much better would be the life of us all if we did that. Peace.

  24. Baili, you have a way of making even a time of confinement in a limited space pave the way for such powerful thoughts. I also feel that most of the time, most people cannot stand to be quiet and reflective. technology certainly plays a huge part in this restlessness. I am trying to limit my own use of computer time by taking some simple measures which I may post about soon. These seem to be working for me. Thanks for sharing the winter photos that your son sent from Munich. He is definitely expanding his horizons with travel and trying new things like skating.

  25. Your time alone in your room has gifted you with profound thoughts on life's purpose, dear Baili! Thank you for sharing these, as they make us stop and think a little deeper and clearer of why we are here and what we aspire to. For me, at this stage of my life it is building character and wisdom to be a role model for my children and grandchildren and continue to guide them by example. It is wonderful to see your son enjoying his time in between the hard work of studying. Ice skating is not easy to learn! Sending you blessings for your week. Hugs xo Karen


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