Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Happy freedom to me and recent captures

Hey  precious  friends!

Hope  and  pray   that  all  of  you   are    managing  to   survive through  the harshness   of  weather .

here  almost  each  second  man  is  victim of  seasonal   fever   and   flu ,
Today  i  am  again   suffering  with  102 fever  and  worst  dizziness .

i  will  be  fine  it's  just   weather's  temporary  effect .

Since   3  days   i   am  out  of  confinement   and   enjoying  each   breath   as  blessing   under   the  vast   blue   shiny   sky .
Touch   of   sun  rays   which   unties  all  my   pains  and  sets  me   free  to  live  happily !

whenever   i  get  in  some  kind  of  illness  or  low   mood   i   

simply   steps   towards   my   GRAVE  ,
Get   in  and  lay   down  !

People   bury   me  and  leave  !

I   lay   in   darkness   ,listen   to   my   own   breathing

Which   get  harder  and   harder under   the  weight   of   ground  but  after   a  certain   time   i   start   breathing  effortlessly 

I  close   my   eyes   and   try   to   transfer   myself   into  other   world  ,where   all   sensitive   senses    stop   FEELING  anything   anymore !

My   body   seems   to   loose   it's   weight   and  resistance   against   DEATH!

Some  kind   of   warm   light   enters  in  my   veins   and   my   blood   becomes   fluid   of  silver  colour  .

My   soul   absorbs   the  calmness   and   lightness !

I   realize   as   i   am  in  that   condition   since   centuries   

Happy   and   content  !

My   whole   previous   experience   of  life   seems  so   wasted   and   meaningless when   each   moment  runs   like  a  film   front   of  my  eyes!

what   was   all  that  ?

was  it   life?

did   i   make   my  existence  successful    or   just   wasted  it in  pursuing    things   which   were  not   important   to  me?

Did   i   earn   something   valuable   for  this   whole  circle  of  life ?

Nothing   comes   to   my   memory   except  one thing

My   Family  ,   dignity  and  loyalty   !

A   strong  sense  of  PEACE   seems   to  dissolve   in  my   blood !

I   feel   that   world  above   my   grave   still  has   appeal   for  me !

I    worth   life   because   i   support   lives   related   to  me .

I   fell   lighter  than  a  string  in  the  air !

I  take   decision  to   get  up   and  get  out  of  this  grave until   my   turn   to   come  here   forever.

I   step  out  of  my  grave   and   walk   towards   my   home   where   life   seems   to   wait   for  me   with   all  it's   freshness   and  beauty  !

This   comeback   awakes  my   joys   and   gratitude  .I   feel   as   i   just   reborned   and   everything   around  me   seems   so   wellcoming   and   attractive!

Each   time  when  life  seems   tough   i  do  this  and  each   time  coming  back  form  grave  makes  me  love  my   life   more  enthusiastically !

It  add  more  value  to  my  existence   and  more   charm   to   my   surroundings!

i  took  this  pic  yesterday ,roses  who  survived  the  renovation  work  destruction  to them 

two  days  back when  they  were  ready  to  bloom

most  of  plants  are  died  as we  placed  lots of stuff in the garden area during  work 

autumn  is  colouring  the  plants  beautifully 

Two  days  ago  when  polishman  left floor  of  front  yard  looked  glowing ,on left  there was stuff to throw  and some stuff of polishman ,due  to  sickness rearranging  house  is  delayed  so  stuff is  still messed up 

Youngest  one  who  was also  sick  was  preparing  for  his  monthly tests 

from left  to  right in the row this is  kitchen ,bathroom and guest room ,we  will renovate  them  next  year  

all photos  below are  from  december 's cloudy pattern  of  sky 

a  beautiful  sunny  morning when grace  of  God  seem  to  shower  upon !

in december  there was  little  rainy  in  here  southern part  while  northern was mostly  snowy 

After  sun set glow of  leaving  rays 

                                             and  then  it  rained  for  while  later in  night

            next  day  clouds  took  strangely   this  shocking  blue  colour  which was  amazing !

                                    doesn't  this  photo  looks  like  piece  of  art :)

                after  evening prayer  i  captured  the  elegance  of  pinkish  glow in clouds!

dear  friends  saying  goodbye  for  now  time  to  finalize  my  lunch .

if  i  am  being  late  to  peek into  your  lovely  worlds  it  is  only  that  i  want  be  honest  with  my  reading  you  and  commenting   as  due  to  fever  mind  is  little  out  of  order .

take  care  ,stay  blessed  with  strength  of  positivity and  faith !

God  bless you all!!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you are not well. Feeling physically bad takes so much out of us psychologically.

    As always, your attitude about your illness is super. Feel better soon.

  2. I feel sorry for the son studying for his tests. Looks like he is in a punishment room. Be sure and see my post "Welcome Back Me" because it includes a picture I drew that you might recognize:-) Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Being real sick does make a person want to die - you snap out of that feeling when you feel it could really happen ...
    I now have the bug, think it has been chewing on me for a while. Sigh ...
    I love your marblework, it looks fantastic! How long will it stay that way before you have to have the man come out again?
    Pretty roses, you'll have a nice garden again soon enough. Get well soon, so you can enjoy it.

  4. I hope you soon feel perfectly well again and thank you for sharing this, you write beautifully! This was amazing!

  5. Your attitude is inspiring. I am so sorry you have been ill. It's been a rough winter for you. Sending you healing energy and prayers.

  6. I hope you get to feeling better soon, even when you are not well your inspirational words touch many people. Thank you.

  7. Those roses are SO gorgeous! I hope you feel better soon, once the weather has passed.

  8. I am happy you are feeling better. Make sure you get plenty of rest.

  9. I hope you feel better soon, you are very poetic when ill! Enjoyed your photos today.

  10. I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling well, hope you feel better soon.

    I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs, especially the roses - such a beautiful colour.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  11. Feel better soon, Baili! The flu seems to be everywhere! I'm glad that you can get out and enjoy the fresh air and sky again. Your stones look beautiful, even reflective, after their polishing. I bet you don't miss the noise!!! I enjoyed all the photos of your beautiful flowers and skies. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I haven't the courage to imagine myself in the grave, but I often think of the wonder of being alive.

    I walked in the park today. Although snow covered the ground, it was a bright sunny day; and it was glorious. I was delighted to come across 15 deer hanging out near a stand of cottonwood trees. I rarely see them now because there is so much development in our area. However, on winter days they still like to creep down from the woods and wander along Piney Creek until they find a sunny spot where they can reach the grass. I slowly walked among them and took photos. Then my camera battery died. Argh!

    Sending you hugs and love and wishing your family well. I wish your son all the best in his monthly tests. He's studying, and that is important and commendable!

  12. Sorry to read you haven't been well, get better rather quickly.
    I do life the front of your house, those tiles do look so wonderful.

  13. I hope you are feeling much better now! It is so tiring to be sick. Your roses are so pretty. All we have is snow on the ground. I can't wait until spring when everything comes back to life. The floor on your front yard looks amazing. Oh my gosh it's so beautiful!

  14. Take care, baili.
    In Macau there are also a lot of cases of flu.
    Thanks God not in my house or my family.
    Get well soon.

  15. I hope you feel better soon. A lot of people have suffered with flu where I live too.

  16. Hi Baili :) You poor dear...get well soon xxx The photos of the flowers, the sky, your patio...are just beautiful. Gratitude is something that makes a person so fulfilled, and you clearly have it! :)

  17. hope all of you feel great soon - i love your photos and your writing - your musings, your contemplations/meditations. just beautiful.

  18. I hope you will soon be well, i would rather imagine lying on the ground and absorbing the earth energy to get well than death which seems scary for me. Your rennovations are interesting, lovely polished stone, i like seeing peoples homes, yours is different to mine in everyvway.

  19. The roses are so beautiful and so is your new flooring! Wow!
    Please take care! I am so sorry you are not feeling well!
    Big Healing Hugs!

  20. I admire you for finding the time and energy to write a blog post. A fever that high shows you have an infection. You need a lot of rest.

    The roses are a bright spot in my day...it's so cold here in Chicago, and I feel like doing nothing. I need something to lift my spirits.

    Take care, my friend, and get well!


  21. I'm sorry to hear you are fighting the flu. I hope you and your family all feel better soon. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing your lovely photos. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  22. So sorry to read that you are not feeling well, dear Baili. Your new floor looks beautiful and once you have everything back in its place, please do show us more photos when you are feeling better. The skies were very dramatic and it’s why I enjoy looking out our apartment windows every morning to welcome a new day.

  23. your heart is simply beautiful. you, sweet debbie, are indeed a precious friend. thank you for sharing this post....praying you'll recover quickly from the flu! <3

  24. The new floors are beautiful. I hope you feel better soon, dear friend. And your son also.

  25. I hope you're feeling better, Baili. Oh, the red roses are so pretty. You know how much I love roses. It's nice that you appreciate the nature around you lately. The skies are glorious. I love the second sky picture. I do hope your son is feeling better also, Baili.

    Have a peaceful Sunday.


  26. Lovely photos! Hope you've recovered from your illness. It's been a nasty season for the flu and cold bugs.

  27. Hope everyone is better now! What lovely photos, that shiny polished floor is beautiful. I shall enjoy reading your blog.


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