Saturday, January 13, 2018

Photos from down to memory lane!

Hello   dear   friends!

Hope  and   pray   that   all   is   going   great   in   your   beautiful   worlds   and   if  there   is  something  coming  up  to  you  unexpected   you  are   facing  it  with   patience  ,strength   and   wisdom !

As   you   know  that  in   my  quite  big   house   all  floors   are  being   renovated  so  mostly  i  stay  in  kitchen   while  my   cooking   or  laundry .And  when   i  am  free   i  try   do  do some  works  that   can  be  done   meanwhile .

Toady   i  got  sometime  free  to  sit  in  guest room   and  while  waiting   for  hubby   to   bring  me   something   to   cook   for   lunch   i   peeked   in  past  not  so  much  far   though.

I  saw  huge  collection   of   photos  taken  in  2015   and  2016  .So  many   precious   beautiful  memories   twinkle  in  my  consciousness specially   memories  related  to  to  eldest  son  when  he  was  here   with  us  before  leaving  for  Germany  !

just   some  of  them  sharing  with  you  hope  you  will  find  them  interesting !

My   youngest  son  in 2015  before leaving  for  native  town

Here  we  are  in  train  heading  to  native  village  near  capital  city  Islamabad

Train  took  almost 18   to 20  hours  to  reach  so  sleeping  births  are  best  for  the  night  rest .It  was  June  but  air conditioner  in  train  was  cooling  fast

Standing  in  native house  front yard  view  was  breath taking ,my  whole  years  from  early  teens  to  youth  passed staring  at  these  phenomenal  scenes , each  time  i  visit  their  and  they  say  "they  miss  me  too"

sitting  with  wife  of  my  eldest  brother  who  used  to  be  pretty  TOUGH  lady  for  us  before  marriage  ,on  left  is  the  younger  sister  of  one  of  my  village  friend ,came  to  sped  sometime  and drop the  message  of  my  friend  who  was  not  well ,later  i  visited  her 

We  visited  Khanpur dam after few days which is so compelling for it's natural surroundings and attraction  for visitors ! it is jus fifteen minutes away from my native village 

It was fasting month Ramadan though we managed to et and have lots of boating and fun til evening 

Till than our  son  did not  join us  so  we  visited Murree  hill station  with  the  family  of of  my  brother 

we  took  our  lunch  with us as hotel  could not  open until  evening  in  fasting month,family gatherings are always fun and memorable specially for kids 

     Then  in july  our  son  joined us in a flat  we  rented  in  islamabad, he looked exhausted  by long journey from karachi to islamabad ,almost two days in train 

               view  from flat 's  balcony  of  islamabad

 Murree  the  place  which  look  piece  of  heaven  due  to  cold   foggy  weather  which  is  pleasant  change  for  people  who  came  from  50 plus temps

 my  younger  bought  hat  and  i asked  him  to  poss for  me 

 walk  on  these  lashing  curing  serene  paths  is  not  tiring  at  all

          hubby  and  camera  blinked  eyes at same  moment 

 i   did  not  know  that  these  pics  will  become  treasure  for  me  when   my  son  will  leave  as  till  that  moment  we  were  not  sure  he  will  be   going   to  germany 

                  this  photo  is taken  at  home on  Eid  day  

Family   is  second  most  precious  thing  in  univers  first  one  is  LOVE  which  make  it :)

   when  we  visited  to  our  son  to  karachi and  he   took  us  to Allahdin park

front  of  the  Hyperstar  shopping  mall after  returning  from  beach 2016 november

              at  her  friend 's  home who  invited  us  for  dinner

Hubby  bought  new  phone  and  was  learning  to  operate  it  from  sons  in  mall

i bought some items as gifts for my sister in law(wife of hubby's brother)

beautiful  hill station Damn e koh  which gives the panorama of whole Islamabad

Santure  shopping mall with 37 floors was really fun to explore and we had great time there 

though  it  was fasting month going on but mall was crowded 
my  son took his younger brothers to game section  and what else was more fun for them 

Before leaving for germany he came home to stay with us for two weeks, most beautiful time we had together ,i almost quit doing chore except basic ones lol

In his apartment karachi the day  we were about to see  off him ,he hugged  me for long  and put  his head in the lap of his laying father without saying anything ,but this gesture was  talking lot i think

The night he left for Germany he took selfies 

we  are  so  happy  for  him  still  it  is  truth  that  staying  away  from  kids  is  sooo  hard  for  parents!

may  he  be  blessed  with  health  ,happiness  and  success  in  life  including  all  the  kids  like  him 

waiting  for  the   winters  when  he  will  visit  hopefully!

Take  great  care  friends !

Stay   strong  and  live  with  the  realization  of  blessings  you  have  other  wise  life  is  just  waste  of  time 

God  B;ess  You  All!!!


  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful family. I am back and hoping to catch up on all the blog posts of my friends.

  2. such beautiful photos, you have a handsome and happy family!! The love you have for them shines through so clearly!

  3. I always enjoy photos of your family, Baili. Your family looks healthy and happy!

  4. Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I enjoyed visiting with your handsome family and beautiful country.

  6. I love the beautiful and colourful dresses you are wearing in these photos! Many happy memories in these photos for you!

  7. Hello.
    You have a beautiful family. Congratulations.

  8. Wow...such beautiful photos, Baili! I so love learning more about your family and your stunning country. ☺☺

    Big hugs xoxo

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos! Lovely post.

  10. Lovely family. I understand your loneliness for your son - My youngest lives in California and only comes home during Christmas break. I wish he lived near me again.

  11. Your family is beautiful. Easy to see that they are precious to you. As a mom, I know how hard it is to see our children fly from the nest but their success and thriving away from home means you've done a good job as Mother. When I look in their faces, it is very evident that you have done a good job!

  12. Lovely photos of your family everybody looks, so happy.

  13. It's hard when our kids leave us but we raise them so that they will be independent. You describe your country very well.

  14. I so enjoyed all of your family photos, dear Baili. You are absolutely right in saying that photo of your son putting his head on your husbands lap says so much about love. Most beautiful moments.

  15. You have such a beautiful family! These images hold wonderful memories that you can smile back on. I hope your son is doing great in Germany. I bet he misses you all just as much!

  16. You have such a beautiful and loving family, I really enjoyed the pictures that you shared of each of you, the area you live in is also beautiful and I can see why you are proud of where you live and also proud of your family they are indeed a blessing in your life.

  17. The pictures are very special, Baili, and they hold fond memories in your heart. Pictures of "this and that" are my favorite. Sometimes a picture itself tells a story and it doesn't need any words, like the one of your son putting his head on his father's lap.....and the beautiful 'family' one at the park where you're all eating oranges. What splendid pictures, Baili.


  18. Beautiful photos of precious times together as a family.

  19. Lovely pictures. I can tell this time spent with family was very special. As it should be.

    Have a blessed day. ☺

  20. You have a beautiful family. I love finding pictures I haven't seen in a while. I now do Google Photos and it makes it easy to find my older pictures.

  21. Such precious memories! Family is a special treasure to cherish. I wish you strength as your home is remodeled.

  22. Such a wonderful post.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.
    Family is just so special.

    All the best Jan

  23. Such beautiful and happy memories!!! Blessings being sent for your family! Big Hugs!

  24. Lovely photos of a beautiful family and such wonderful memories baili.

  25. Disagree with you, baili - family is the most precious thing in life.
    Have a great week!

  26. Magníficas fotografias para guardar na memória e no coração. Você tem uma família muito bonita, Baili.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  27. beautiful place, beautiful trip and the family too. Love to see the traditional clothes. :)

  28. Hello Baili,
    What a nice report with nice shots of your family.
    It's hard to see your own child go out to another country.
    Let's hope he has a good time and he will contact you.

    Kind regards,

  29. It is lovely to have photos, as well as memories...

  30. Looking at photographs is a wonderful way to pass the time - thank you for taking us along with you on your visit to other times. The photo of your son quietly laying his head on his father's lap brought tears to my eyes. That time before our children leave for an extended period of time is always filled with emotion. The best way I have found to get through it is to say to myself - after they are gone I can start to look forward to the next time I will see them. It is a tiny bit of consolation :)

    Your two younger boys clearly look up to their big brother! All of you look so happy together. You and your husband have made a lovely family.

  31. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of your family and your country. I love your son's new hat!

  32. You share some beautiful family memories with us. There is so much love in the photographs.

  33. What wonderful photos, Baili! You are blessed to have three fine sons and a loving husband. It's not hard to tell how much you all love each other. It must be very difficult to be so far from your eldest son. I hope that his studies are going well in Germany. I have been away from blogging for a while ~ too much going on ~ but I'm back now. I'm catching up with all my blogging friends whom I missed so much. My husband had cataract surgery on his second eye this morning. He is doing well. Of course, we woke up to ice fog and snow flurries. The roads were covered in a skim of freezing snow on top of black ice, and it was very cold. Fortunately we made it there and back, okay. I hate driving on icy roads. It's going down to -15º C tonight. +50º C sounds pretty good ~ LOL I'll be reading your recent posts tomorrow, but I wanted to say "Hi" tonight. Sending you a big hug, my friend!

  34. I was looking through all the photos thinking, how wonderful, how different... and then I saw McDonald's! ha ha ha! Well, I hope you enjoy your new floors and you are feeling VERY well right now. :)

  35. Family is the most important thing indeed, and I feel your pain about your son leaving for Germany. My kids are still home, but they have one foot out the door... and its hard! It is probably the hardest things as parents to let your children go out the door to begin life themselves, and it just takes some getting used to. It sounds like you are having some fun things done in your home for improvements, and I hope it happens quickly so you can get back to enjoying it. How is your health dear friend? I trust you are feeling better. I so enjoyed your posting today and sharing of the precious memories with your family. Such a beautiful family you have, and I will join you in prayer for the safe travels of your son to come back home soon for a visit with you! Many hugs to you today :)


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