Sunday, January 7, 2018

Imprisoned in kitchen ! But Just Physically ,Spiritually Free!

Hey   dear  friends!

Hope   and  pray   that   you   are   enjoying   your   FREEDOM  enthusiastically  ,

Hope   the  prison   caused   by   weather   or   just   any   other   reason   did  not   disable   your   soul   to   flap   it's   subtle    wings   and  take  smooth    flight   through   the  sky   of  imagination .

Read   long  ago  that   either   science   is  proving   that   everything   we   see   is  just   delusion   and  a  lie  .

The  visibility  of  this  lie   proves   that   it's  just   a  lie  .

It   means  everything   including  our  PHYSICAL  EXISTENCE   IS   A   LIE.

Science  is   also   proving   that   everything   that   cannot   be  seen    is   REAL  and  ETERNAL  TRUTH.

It   means   everything   we   don't   see   including   our   own   SPIRITUAL    EXISTENCE   IS   TRUTH.

Scientists   are   recording   the   echoes   of   sounds   who   been   millions   of  people   making   when  they   were alive .

Their   bodies   are   decomposed   and  transformed  though   but   their   voices   in  the   atmosphere   are   still  present  without   any   change.

Life   is  so  beautiful   and   beyond  word   INTERESTING!

We   live  through   this  miracle   called "LIFE"  but    HOW   BAD   that   we   invest      all   energies   to  look   at   only   on   one   side  of   the  picture  (physical  existence)

And  completely   IGNORE   the  other   side  of  picture  (OUR   SPIRITUAL  EXISTENCE)  which   has   all  the   answers  and   solutions   of   questions  raised   by   physical   existence . WE   DON'T  EVEN   THINK  ABOUT   IT :(

Since   more   then   2  weeks   there  has  been  renovation   work   done   in  our   house .Labourers  are   working   while   i   stay   in  my   kitchen  which  is  10  by  ten  though   but   occupied  by   stuff   which   makes  movement  little  difficult .
why   do  i  stay  in  kitchen  all  the  time  from  dawn  to  dusk ?

Because   here   women   don't  come  front  of  stranger  men .

This   could   be  UNBEARABLE   and  TORCHERING   if  i   would  not  have  my  hands  with   me . Though   i   am   the  one  who  all  time   keep   counting  my   blessings   and  paying  gratitude  through   each   breath    yet   during   these  Imprisoned  days   i   became   more   grateful . 

After   finishing   the   cooking  there  was   nothing   to   do rather   than   listening  the  sounds   of   various   machinery  from   outside  which  was  not  musical   obviously .

While   sitting   on   chair   having   my   both   hands  in   my   lap   i   was   looking   at   them   as  watching  them  for  the  first   time  .Tears   of   gratitude   and   joy    dropped   over   my   hands .

i  thought  what   would  i  have   done   if  i   did  not   have   them ?   I   cannot   sit   without   doing   anything   all  the   time  so   i    started    to  use   my   hands  .I  must   share   that   i   could   not   choose  any   thing   which   needs  much   concentration   because   everybody   in  the  house   needs   me   once  in  while   so   work   like  reading  ,painting  ,writing   or   even   imagining  cannot   go   without    breaking  into  them   and  i  HATE   taking  breaks  as  i  am  totally  MAD   follower   of  my   imagination  once  it   started .

I  created   business  between   this  10  by  ten   space   where  actually   remains   hardly  7  by  8   to  move   around  . I   cleaned   cabinets ,rewashed  all  the  utensils  including decoration  pieces  and  other  stuff   ,washed   clothes   with   hands  (was  fun:)  ,even   cleaned  tiles   with   soda  etc.

Did  all  the  chores  which   could   have  been   done   lately   but  i   did  them  to   amuse  myself  as  hobby  .Now   my   kitchen   looks   far   better   then   usual   and   all   because   of  these  hands   given  by   creator .

I  pray   that   may  my  God   keep  my  hands   healthy   so   can   can   wave   my   time  ahead   easily (other  diseases  are  well  come ) (GOD  FORBID)  If  God  send  to  me  as  tests though.

Labourers   took   break   on  friday  .It   was   beautiful  cloudy   day   with   16  temp  and  cold   breeze .I  requested  (he  wanted  to  stay   at  home  and  relax  at  break  day)  hubby   to  take  me  on   bike   ride  in  surroundings .

He   agreed  and   we   took   ride  of  side  roads  of  small  city  while   chatting  in  cheerful   mood . Smooth    rid  and   fresh  air   along   hubby   brought   delightful   change  in  my   dul  mood  and  i   felt   refreshed  .I  took   some   shots  to  freeze   those   moments   and   keep   them    with   me   while  again   being  IMPRISONED   in  kitchen  .

Leaving   you   with   glimpse   of   my   free   moments  ,though   you  cannot   feel   the   whole   beauty   of   them   but   i   want  you  to  have  a  look .

                   Soothing  nature   in  our  small   city  breathes  after  each  little   distance

                                                                   water  tank  in  colony

                                            beautiful  canal  road ,it  is  quite  looong with  curves

     i  was  amazed  with  this  signboard  because  this  type  of  center  is  new  in  here ,mostly  all   private  schools  and  center  offer  English   teachings

                                               a  small  cafe  outside  our  colony

                       beautiful  house  in  the way  looked  different  among  others

                                                          phone  tower  near  cafe

                                                       park's  view  through  fence

                    City's  most  crowded  park  i avoid  going  in  mostly  due  to  much   rush  hour

                       you  can  see the red woolen cap (left)  worn  by  hubby before  me

                                            kids  playing  in ground  behind  the  old  torn  wall

               Beside  the  park  town  planning  building ,hubby's  first  job  and office

                                              Canal  road  leads  towards  park  above

                              Along  the  canal  sun  was  about  to  set  out

                                                         adorable  kids , i  think  with    their  mom Imprisoned  in her wrapper 

Imagination   is   breathing   of   soul!

Proof   of   you   spiritual   existence!

Set   it   free   and   follow   it  happily!

God  Bless  You   All!!!


  1. what a beautiful heart touching post, when you wrote of looking down at your hands and what you felt at that moment it actually brought tears to my eyes,, how beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today,, I hope the construction is soon finished!!!

  2. Your ride sounds and looks like a great break after the time spent in the kitchen, Baili.

  3. Looks like you had a nice bike ride! Must be nice to see some green!
    I was trapped in my bedroom when I had shingles and my guys changed out the flooring and remodeled my kitchen. A month of being bored. How long until your workers will finish? Have a good day!

    1. oh that sounds ALIKE dear Sharon!

      i think the work will take almost two weeks more to be finished

  4. So glad you enjoyed your bike ride, the renovations will be worth it, you will see.

  5. great photos so difffent from Europe

  6. Glad you got out and about at least one day! How much longer will your house renovations last? I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run but too bad you are a prisoner in the kitchen until then!

    1. Thank you dear Debra!

      Floors are completely installed though polish of it is remaining which will probably take 2 weeks

  7. I'm sure all the work and renovations will be worth it.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  8. It sounds like your hands are busy throughout the day, and how wonderful that you appreciate the gift of them. I am thankful for the five senses as well. I hope the construction will be done soon in your kitchen. That can be a nuisance, but it will look nice when it's finished. The little café sounds charming. And I'm wondering if the food is good? I hope the new year is being kind to you, Baili.


  9. Baili, you are thankful for your hands, I am thankful for this! Here I am at my kitchen table, just home from church, reading your story. I can "see" you in your kitchen and I can so relate to hiding away from the strangers, even though we are okay to talk to them here. Sometimes I just want to pull the curtains over my face like the woman in the photo and wish the world away! :) ...But like you said, we are free inside, in our imaginations, in our minds, our hearts. Maybe we live thousands of miles apart, but we can see eachother. Isn't it amazing?

    1. Sandi my dearest friend you are so blessed with profound and spiritual attitude towards life!

      Either through your beautiful comment I could see you sitting on your kitchen table and thinking about the difference between the life of males and females.

      Usually I don't cover my face when i am out of our small city because there no one knows hubby .but in hubby 's city I have to according to the tradition as men don't want to make their house ladies be fronted with familiar men (can't explain the philosophy behind right now)

      God has blessed us with spiritual sides to experience which make our existence quite easy and EXTRAORDINARY

  10. Glad the renovation is coming to an end soon. It's sacrifice one makes to have things refreshed. Thank you Baili for your visits and comments. May 2018 be a wonderful year for you and your family!

  11. It is good you got out for a while. It is hard feeling trapped inside.

  12. This is such a lovely heart felt post Baili and the pictures were so very interesting, I loved seeing what it is like in your part if the world, thank you for sharing.

  13. Your world is so different to mine two years ago we had our bathroom redone we enjoyed the experience the plumber was Australian and we often had cups of tea and a chat in his breaks, the tilers were Asian and we still had chats but they didn't speak much English but it would have been good to get so much done in the kitchen, mine need a good clean now.

  14. Your post is beautiful and very inspiring...exactly what I need. Thank you for dropping by my site. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  15. From time to time you have to make renovations in our house.
    And in our life.
    But the ones made in our house are so boring!!!!
    Have a great week

  16. Thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it.
    Would be hard for me to be in the kitchen away from strangers as you are as it's your custom, it's hard to understand sometimes for me but I respect your traditions :)

    1. When we born and growup in certain kind of environment we find it familiar and easy to absorb in dear Margaret!

      If I would resist to this system (which i will do for sure if I wanted to) nothing will happen except I will hurt hubby 's feeling and expectations that being part of our society he has from me .


      I am as content and happy with my way of life and nature as if I have to live this way for years i am sure I can do it amazingly:)

  17. This is so beautiful post and you have great attitude❤️ Lovely and peaceful week to you and yours family❤️

  18. Um texto que revela uma excelente atitude perante a vida. Imagens lindas.
    Um beijo.

  19. What a wonderful ride and message Baili, thank you so much for sharing with us.

  20. lol, they say it is a lie, but those people don´t see the whole picture :) They only see tiny pieces of it.

  21. I love the photos of the sun going down :-)

  22. I am so glad your husband got you out of the kitchen even if only for a short while. His thoughtfulness will be rewarded I am sure. Hopefully the workers hands will be blessed with skillfulness and speed and you will be back to normal use of your home shortly.

  23. imagination is the breath of our souls...beautiful.
    beautiful post.
    beautiful pictures.

    have a blessed day!

  24. I love that you are so positive about everything, and Happy New Year to you. You've shown us some really great pictures, so it's almost like being there. Great that things are being remodeled, and a perfect time to come up with some new recipes. Hugs...RO

  25. A very interesting text that part of life,i liked the excellent posting, as nature is beautiful.
    God bless you and your family

  26. Lovely photos. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  27. Hello,
    What a nice report with wonderful shots.
    So nice to see how the daily life will be at the other side of the world. Nice shots.
    Thank you so much for your visit on my blog!!

    Best regards,

  28. I love your positivity, baili. You have put your time in the kitchen to excellent use! I hope the next two weeks go well for the workers and quickly for you. It will be lovely to have new floors.

    I'm so glad you got out with your husband. It must have been a beautiful drive in the cool air - very refreshing. Love that shot of the sunset! Take care, dear friend.

  29. Lovely thoughts on the unseen forces and the wonder of having two hands to create with! It is always difficult to live through a renovation - but so nice when it is all finished. Your bicycle ride is wonderful - such pretty scenes. I hope these next two weeks go quickly for you. Sending hugs and encouragement to you xo Karen

  30. Thank you for your visit to my blog and for sharing a bit of your world with us. I appreciate your positive outlook.

  31. I am so happy you got out of your kitchen! I hope the renovations get done soon! Take care of your beautiful hands! Love the photos! Thank you! Big Hugs!

  32. Hi, Baili! I'm glad that you had a chance to get out and bike around Khairpur. I enjoyed seeing some of the sights of the city through your eyes. The sunset over the canal (I'm guessing it's the Khairpur East Canal) is lovely. It's fascinating for me to think that you live so close to the Indus River, such an important and storied river that I can only imagine.. I remember when you posted photos of Kot Diji Fort where there is archeological evidence of human occupation dating back to 3,000 BCE.

    I have often looked at my hands, especially recently because they have begun to look quite old. I remind myself how thankful I am to have my hands and all the the amazing things I've done with them. Like you, I can't sit around for very long without doing anything. I love how you tackled your kitchen and put everything in order. Mine needs some deep cleaning too, but I've been traveling so much. I'm on top of the basics, but not things like pulling out the fridge and stove and scrubbing behind them.

    I enjoyed reading what you said in your post about the nature of reality and spirituality. As you pointed out, modern science is exploring these topics and uncovering some pretty amazing things. I'm currently reading "The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain" by neurologist Kevin Nelson. He is studying the brain and how it perceives and processes spiritual experiences. From cosmology, to neurology, to archeology, we are beginning to understand so much more about humanity and spirituality. I'm intrigued that Neanderthals may have had spiritual beliefs too. It's powerful for me to understand that we experience spiritual events in some of deepest levels of our brains and that such beliefs are so fundamental that even the Neanderthals may have shared them. I can't begin to understand it all, but I'm drawn to exploring these topics more and more.

    Okay, back to more mundane things! Terry is hungry! Sending you hugs, my friend!


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