Thursday, September 21, 2017

Religious Leaders and Politicians PRODUCE terrorists FOR PERSONAL AIM

     Dear    Friends!

 Hope   and   pray   that   all   of   you   are   doing   fine   under   the   blessings   of   God  and    enjoying   your   life   with   Positive   thoughts   for   all   humanity   without   dividing   yourself   in  groups   in  the  ugly  and  hateful   name   of   race, nation  or  religion  which  is  very   painful   for   me   to   even   hear.

 I   believe   in   God    not   because   somebody   tells   me    that   there   is   one,   or   not   because   i   read     it    in   some   books      .


For   me       God    is   maker   of   this   HUGE   UNIVERSE  .  I  Believe   this,   because   my

senses    make   me   realize     that ,  Though   universe   born    through   an   accident    but   that

accident    was   created   by    some  VERY   POWERFUL   FORCE   WHO   IS   RUNNING   IT


 I    think   that  God  deserve  my   Love   more   than   my   fear  . My   love   for   God   is   natural    because   he   is   a  Giver   of   all   i   have!   .

My   love   for   his   each    single   creation   including    my   fellow   humans    is    natural   because   we   all   grow     from   one    seed   and    and   this   seed   is   called  "love   of   God"  

Why   do   i   think   this  way   because   i   am   smart   enough   to   know   that   behind   each   creation  is  only  one   fact    and   this  is   only  LOVE!

 He   made   men  equal   and    showed   him   both   paths   to   achieve  his   happiness  RIGHT

and  WRONG,    and   than   gave  him   power  of   choice  . 

Most   of   men   chose   straight   and

smooth   path   of   truth   and    humanity  .  Many    tempted   by   fake   glitter   of    lust  ,lust   of  POWER  .

Power   over   people   to   rule   and   fulfil   the  unlimited    greed    of   money  ,status    and   women.( yes In  each religion  women is  treated  as  thing,  accept  it  or  not)

Religion   were   very   first   and   easy   way   to   raise   fear   in   people    to    control   them .

Which   would    produce   the   force   of   blind   ignorant   followers   who   would   present   to   please  the   fake   God     (Religious  leaders   have   only   one   God  that   is   their  own   "advantage")

created   by   religious   leaders  .

Here   is  a   saying  "that   an  ignorant   need   no   enemy  to   destroy   him   because   he  is     BEST    ENEMY   OF   HIMSELF"

Such   ignorant   people   became  followers  of   those   religious   leaders   as   historical    facts   of
Europe   and   England   reveal   that   renaissance     had    started   to   break   the   spell  of   that

ignorance   in  15th   century  and   Educationists   tried   to   

awake   the   people   of   that   time   who   were   living   

miserably   in  the   darkness  of    ignorance .

Their   daily   life   was   captivated    by   Fear   of (fake) God   and    
 controlled   by  religious   leaders   who   poured  this   fear   

in    their   brains    so   deep   to   snatch   easily     their   

 money   and   young   girls    in   the   name   of   their  fake 

 God   just    to   calm   their   own   lust  .

Though  that   spell   broke   in  seventeenth    century    by   

revolutionary    steps   of   the   

Educationists    of   that   time   and   life   progressed   

towards   LIGHT   and     FREEDOM   FINALLY

   as   now   instead   of   Fake   God  (  THE   FEAR)     Man   himself   was   declared   a 

  center   of   universe   .According   to   new   revolutionary   ideas   man   was   born   to  BE   HAPPY!

He   was   on   earth   to   live   life   happily   and   share   this   earth   with   his   fellow   humans   lovingly!

But   how   funny   or   horrible   that    until    today    such   

ignorance   exist  ,such   ignorant    people   exist   who   deny   
to  accept   ACTUAL   REAL   GOD   who    is   visible   in   

each   inch   of   nature   and   even   in  man   himself ,  they   

trust   and   follow   the   FAKE   GOD   (ADVANTAGE  OF   RELIGIOUS   LEADERSHIP)   .

In   today's   world   we   know   that    technique   of   fighting   against   enemies  in   world   politics   is   changed   . Few 
  imposters  (   BUSINESSMEN)   who   want   to   keep  world 's   each   business   in   their   hand   

 have    bought   the   politicians   and   religious   leaders    to   
take   over   the   power .  Politicians   

are   easy   to   buy   so   do   the  religious   leaders . Through   these   two   gangs  of   evils   

businessmen     brainwash   the   desperate   ignorant   people   and   use   them   as   terrorists   to   

achieve   their   goals .  These   goals   can   be   ruining    one   

nation  with   which  may   they  are   

not   in  good   terms . Goals   can  be   to   provoke   the   civil   war   in  any   country   , creating   

the   different   crises  in    countries  to  blackmail  them  for   

personal   benefits ,  making   ground  for   weapon  sale   

through   terrorism   activities.  

To  be  continued..............



  1. God versus religion...such an interesting point you raise. There is such a difference.

  2. I agree! And every religion produces its own brand of terrorists at some point in its history.

  3. Interesting dilemma the one you pose. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. looking forward to the next post. SO far I so agree, some people complain that religion is the cause of many wars and much misery, but it is the acts of evil people that use and distort religion that is responsible for evil, not the religion itself.

  5. You make some interesting points. The first thing I noticed was that love of God is separate from religion. So many religions use a person's love of God to control them. If people choose to gather together to glorify their feelings in God that is good. If people gather together to glorify a religion that is not always a good thing.

  6. God versus religion. Interesting points!

  7. I agree, Baili. Thank you for sharing your views on this. I know what has prompted this post and I am sorry for the things you see/hear.

    Ignorance fuels many misconceptions, especially with people whose experience of the world is very narrow; who only know their "own kind". Their opinions come from stereotypes.

    Looking forward to more of your thoughts. xo

  8. Sharing your is comforting to have something to believe in!!

  9. it is unfortunate that there are those in the world who would attack innocent people and injure and kill them and then say they have done so in the name of their god. To me that is nonsense and just a bunch of excuses from ignorant people.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. Stay true to your self, For here id our strength.
    Be blessed

  11. Your views are interesting and sincere I have faith in God but dont follow a religion, I believe the devil is real and takes on many disguises to trick us. I think many hear his voice and wrongly think they have found God.

  12. The concept of God is inseparable from a universe in which all possibilities are assembled --and so are we. My compliments and admiration to you.

  13. This is a very thoughtful post.

    Religious leaders and organized religion often have and still do perpetuate a lot of bad things. Discrimination and the oppression of women are indeed one of the ills that some encourage. With that, I think that there are sincere people who mean well in the mix. I believe that the world is improving and religious institutions are slowly (very slowly) reforming along with it. I believe that the ideas of those 15th century educators are slowly but surely winning out.

    Have a great week!

  14. My comment is always, Faith holds us together while religion tears us apart. Keep going, good post Balii:-)

  15. No truer words are written. It is like the world has gone crazy. But as my father told me; the world was corrupt when he was born and will be corrupt when he dies. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Baili! They are wise on many levels. I think love is the strongest force in the universe.


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