Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pakistani popular Games !

       Hello  Dear  Friends!

  hope   and   pray   that  all  of   you  are  playing   Game  of  Life   

gracefully   and   with   honestly  because   as  we   know   all   that  "  Honesty   is  the Best 


Today   i   am  sharing   some   of   very   popular   games   of  my   country   which  are  though 

 mainly   played   by   our  celebrity   players  but   the   ground   from  these  shoot   grow  are   

streets  of  village   and  cities  where  each   big  player   take  his  first   step   into  the  play.

This   post  is   dedicated  to   all  my   precious   fellows  who   want  to  know  more  about  my   

homeland  ,specially  my  friend  Woody  Fairy  Who   asked  to  share  this  ,Thank  you  my  friend! 

 for  your  love   and  affection   for  my   part  of  land  same  i  have  for  your's  and  would  love  to 

 know  about  your   culture  and   traditions as  Blogging  is  all  about  SHARING  that  is  what  i  believe !

    Village  girls  used  to  play  it  and  still  they  do  though   media  has  changed  perceptions   but  basic  nature  of   kids  to  Enjoy  a  care  free  moments   still  exist (i played  this  game  lot in my childhood)

 again  girls  fav  game  in village  and  even  in  cities (used to play it too a lot in my  beautiful village  life)

     Five  little  stone ,four  on  the  ground   and   one  in  hand  to  throw  above  ,then  trying  to  pick  all four  stones  from  ground before  the  thrown  stone  comes back  and  catch  it too (played  lot ) later  ball   replaced  the  fifth  stone  

                        Catch  me  if  you  can very  popular  in  some  northern parts  of  my  country

                      Ah...lots  of   beautiful  memories  with  this  games  ,used to  play  with  my  cousins  and  friends !!!

   Another   very  interesting game  and on right  side  boys  fav  "Lattoo" means  Spiner 

                    We  play   whole  family  play this  game  in  summer  vacations

   Chess  is   also  taking   place   quickly    among  people  and  kids  specially 

                                                                pride  of  nation 

              intensity!   can  be  seen  easily  ,i   think   using  mind  is  not  a  bad  idea  ,  i  should  give it  a  try  if  i  have  one

       Hockey  is  our  national  game  though  less popular ,four  time  world cup  winner  team!

                              After  cricket  Football  is  most  popular  in Pakistan ,we  can  see  kids  playing  almost  everywhere  in  vacations  mostly 

       Cricket   is  most  popular  game  and  everybody  is  crazy   about   it  , this  pic  belong  to  world  cup  of  1992   when  pakistan  won  the  final  match .

       Children  make  their  surroundings  ground  and   play  this  game  madly !!!

                                                In  cities   they  have  ground  to  play  

  If   they   don't  have  ,they   make  roads   their  ground  ,they  know  it  is  their  RIGHT!!!

Dear   friends  this  is   quick   post  as  i  am  little   extra  busy   right  now  with   preparations  to  see  off  my  son   net   week  .He  came  last  night   to   spend   few   days   with  us  before  leaving   the  country.

I   will  be   visiting  you  hopefully  .saying  goodbye  for  now  as  it  is  1: 15  and  i  had  to   fry  fish   and  made  bread  in  lunch  ,day  is  breezy   and  beautiful  with  36   temp .

Take   great  care   dears  ,have  Blessed  peaceful  life  each  moment ,amen.
God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. A very interesting post. I had no idea that hockey was so popular in Pakistan. The version that you have pictured and I assume that is popular we call Field Hockey in The United States. People play it here but Ice Hockey is much more popular.

  2. A fun post! I love learning about your country. Play time is important. Keeps us young and happy.

  3. Hello lovely Baili, Looking at the games you play in your country reminds me of some we were used to play as children. The game you mentioned with the stones...we used to play this as children but had jacks instead. I love playing the game Carroms too. My husband who was born in Calcutta, India brought one of these with him when he emigrated to Australia. It is such a fun game, but I never seem to beat him....he is too good. =) A wonderful and fun post, lovely lady.

  4. How interesting that many of the games you play in your country resemble so many of the ones our children played. Now many of the children are playing on computers instead of outside in the fresh air getting the exercise they need for both mind and body. I'm afraid our country has become one of lazy children for the most part. I was glad to find out when I moved to this area of our country that the schools still promote outdoor playtime and are very into all sports for the children. Enjoy the time you have with your son. Thanks for sharing today.

    1. Thank you dear Carol!

      I am afraid thst you are so right about the children of today who lack physical activities and specially games that regulate the blood circulation in whole body which is essential for mental and physical health.

      Even my own younger both sons try to stck to the computer after being free from their homework but i have put condition that they should play any physical game or atleast ride bike for fifteen minutes. And sometimes i actually succeed in this task.

      I am having great time with my son thank you for kind best wishes dear

  5. So nice to see children playing. These games resemble childhood games that I remember as well. Life is beautiful.

    1. Thank you dear friend!

      How amazing that though we all belong to different parts of this glob still our basic pleasures and entertainments are same. This bring us Close as human

  6. A very colourful post Baili. I too have played most of those games as a child many moons ago!
    Have a fantastic week :)

    1. Thank you dear Prunella!

      Aren't those memories splending!!!

  7. Your games are so much like ours. The girls dancing in their colorful skirts is something I think girls all over the world like to do. The game with the stones is similar to our jacks. We toss a small rubber ball in the air. We pick up the jacks before it bounces more than once. The games the the boys are playing are similar to marbles. Board games of any king are a fun family project. Chess is a favorite. I have watched hockey bit never played. Your football is what we call soccer. Cricket is like my favorite sport which is baseball. It shows that we may have slightly different ways of accomplishing things but things are so much the same.

    1. Arent they dear Emma:)

      How nice and great to celebrate
      Life's innocent joys similarly in different corners of the world.

      You can't imagine how amazing i feel to know that all of us are beaded in same way in rope of life!!!

      So glad you shared the typical methods of certain games which we used to play here many years ago

  8. Hi Baili! :) Nice post! It's always fun for me to see how people live and how they have fun! :) I used to play chess with my grandfather, it was such a nice memory...he always let me win lol...wonderful man! :)

    1. Thank you dear Rain!

      I try my best to share all ways of our lifestyle here in eastern country .

      How fun that you used to play chess with your grandpa!

      Hahaha my father used to let me win always when we played kerumboard.

  9. Thank you for sharing all this - I love to learn about your beautiful country Baili!

  10. That 36 would be incredibly hot here, Baili. Enjoy your time with your son!

  11. Playing games is very important.

  12. Olá Baili!
    Já joguei alguns desses jogos quanto eu era criança. O primeiro jogo, aqui no Brasil é o jogo da "amarelinha". Esse da cinco pedrinha é muito legal. Já brinquei muito desse pega se puder. O jogo do xadrez também é muito bom.
    Adorei conhecer um pouco do seu País.
    um beijo querida!
    Uma boa semana!

  13. Great activities for kids and adults. Many games are similar to what we play or used to play. Now kids stay in and stay on computers or phones.

    1. Agree with you Red!

      But though technology has facilitated people in many ways but has put some negative effects on them too .

      Kids, youngsters and adults are mostly captured by the "BIG NET"

      It's not the fault of advancement but the lack of insight in brains of people who prefer false temptations over the foresight advantages

  14. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with the fun games of your country, love your colourful clothes too.

  15. Beautiful photos and images, Baili! Making time to play is so important, both for children as well as adults.

  16. This was a magical post. Thank you for sharing. Some of these games I used to play too.

  17. Thank you Baili, that was so thoughtful of you to do a post about how the children play - much the same as ours it would seem - using their imagination. We have the same sports and board games like yours - especially chess - which I find too hard and have never managed to learn! Kids used to play conkers (where you pierce and put horse chestnuts on strings and hit each others conker until one breaks) they don't allow it in schools now as it is a bit aggressive and fingers get hurt! Thanks for sharing more about your part of the world. Betty

  18. How wonderful to see all those people out there playing games together!
    Sadly, here in the UK only a few young people are seen playing games...most are indoors and occupied with their tablets and phones.:/
    I wish they could all see your post...then maybe they'd begin to realise what they've been missing!
    Thank you SO much for this, my dear Friend.
    Such an important message here! :))

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  19. We are so similar the world over ... I recognize many of these games from my childhood and my children's childhood. I wish more people could see how alike we all are. You are doing a great deal to educate many of us about that, baili.

    I hope you have a good visit with your son. Is he leaving temporarily or does he wish to move away? Thank goodness for computers for keeping in touch, either way.

    1. Dear Jenny thank you for you beautiful kind words .

      My son is leaving for germany as he got admission in University of Technology Munich for Masters.

      you are right thank to God who blessed man with such wonderful brain who invented such amazing technology to keep in touch with our far away loved ones.

  20. I think learning, playing and sharing things in life is vital, and games are important. I love how many games are passed down the generations. With more emphasis on technology it is so important that all types of games are encouraged.
    An interesting post, and I enjoyed your images too.

    All the best Jan

  21. It was interesting to see all the games you play, Baili. The game you mentioned with the stones on the ground looks very similar to a game we call "jacks" here. But we use small star like jacks, and a little ball instead of a stone. Your cricket football looks like our "soccer" here. : )


  22. What a fun post! Alot of these games, remind me of ones I use to play! Big Hugs!

  23. Thank you for sharing the games that the people in your country enjoy, dear Baili. They remind me of the games I used to play when I was growing up. I haven't played chess in decades, but it is an awesome game. Field hockey (your hockey) and soccer (your football) are well known in Canada and the US. Cricket is not well know, but I know that in Hawaii with people from the UK, India, Pakistani and other countries in that parts of that region of the world are mad about it. I've watched them play with no clue of what was going on. Have a good one. I'll be back. Terry wants to go on a walk!

    1. Glad to hear from you dear Louise!

      It is strange that cricket is not popular in Canada as in world cup all main countries participate except America and Canada where Baseball is more popular.
      Hope you enjoyed your walk with Terry my friend!

  24. What a colourful post! I love the first painting with the girls. It's so cheerful! ♥


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