Monday, September 25, 2017

Preparation For Journey

              Hello   Precious   Friends!

   Hope   and   pray   that    all    is   going   fine   and   pleasant  in   your   beautiful   worlds.

   Hope   weather   is   friendly   and   changes   in   weather    are   cheerful   which   effecting   your     mood    positively !

   As   i  mentioned   in   my   few   previous   pots   that   my   eldest    son   is   leaving   for  

 Germany   for   doing   his   masters   so   today   time   has   come   finally .

   We   reached   karachi   yesterday   morning   by   the   train.     Weather   was   cheerful    temp  

 26c   (treat  for   me  ,reminded   me   my  village   which   has   same  pleasant   climate   even  

 better  in   these   days   of   September .It   was  very   airy   when   we   got  down   on   railway  

 station   and   first   thought   came   into   my   mind   "Lucky  People   Of   Karachi"!   It   was  

 Sunday   so   roads   were   at   peace . Therefore    in   way   from   cab   i   tried   to   capture   some   
  photos .  Within   half   hour   we   reached   in   apartment   and   had   breakfast   which   my   son      ordered   from  home  .

Then   we   took   some   rast   after    which   we    helped    my   son    in   his   packing   as  one  

 his   friend   who   already   since   one   year   studying  in   Germany   and  was   here   on   his    

vacation   told   him   to   buy   some    basic   necessary   accessories   which   he   will   be   needing   there   while   his   two   years   stay  .

My   son   bought   jacket   boots   and   many   other    stuff   which   cost   half   of   his   salary  

(almost  800 dollars) .  We   are   concern   about   the   temperature  of  Munich  City  which   is  

 15c   and   winters   are   also   coming   but   hopping   for   better   and   praying   that   may   God  

 keep   him   in   his   blessings    and   away   from   any   illness   that   can  cause  sudden   change   

of   climate.  Being   mom   i   am   little   sad  as  we   will   be  away  until   his   vacation   visit   

next   year   , but   still   happy   because   happy   that   God   is    making    his   one   more   dream  

 true   and   he   is   able   to   do   his   masters  in   computer   sciences    from   his   favorite  

 university   "the   university   of   technology  Munich     after   which   he   wants   to  start   his  

own   business   in  Pakistan .

His   flight   is   after   midnight     tonight   and   right   now   he   is  gone   to   the   market   with   his   father   who   suggested   him   some   more   important   items   to   buy   for   himself  .

Sharing   some   pics   of   various   aspects   of   our   day   here   with   son   yesterday,

              Big  city  sleeps   late  night  specially  Saturday night  and  awakes  mid  noon 

     You  can  see   the   huge   sign  boards   in  this   city  everywhere ,sadly  i  missed  some  very  nice  that moment 

    On   right  you  can  see   the   growing  more  high  buildings  from  the  chest  of   ground  like  self  growing   grass  in  forest

    Both   side  while  travelling  one  sees  high   flats  with  many   floors  instead   rows   of   trees   in  northern  area 

                                  Saw   many   small   private  schools   in  in   line  
     Packing   time,  fun  for   kids   and  i  captured  even  these  moments  as  from  my  experience  i  know  that   Only   Memories   Leave  with   You  Forever  when  everybody  steps   away! 

       All   basic   things  that  could   cost   much  more  in  Germany  my   son  bought  here 

              Though  garments  were  last  item  in  preference  he  bought  few   as  caution 

               jackets    ,boots   and   russian   cap  were  most   expensive  items  in  all

    Only  37  kg   load   is  allowed  so   prefered   light  waited  things  specially i liked  iron 

  Meanwhile   came   some   emotional   moments, but  my  son  promissed  he  will take  good  care  of  himself  

    After   evening  he   took  us   to  the  best  tea  house  and  then  restaurant  where  two  children  near  our  table   were  terribly  naughty  and  broke  two  glasses  and  one  plate  with  lots  of  crazy  noise 

                                           spicy  food  was  chosen  from menu

      waiter  seemed  new  as  he  forgot  half  part  our  order  which  spoiled   kids  mood  for  while  though  later   he  came  fast  with  apology  

     We   Felt   better  when    after  meal  we   took   walk   in  park   near  but  my  son  asked  me  to  not   take  out   my  mobile   there.

Dear   friends   missing     visiting   your   lovely   places  so  much  and  hopefully   day   after   tomorrow   morning    will  get   back   to   home and  routine as well.

Take   Great   Care  lovely   fellows God   Bless   You   All!!!


  1. Que o seu filho fique bem na Alemanha e consiga tudo o que deseja. Excelentes as fotografias. Vê-se que são uma família muito unida...
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijos.

  2. Wow.... that was touching.
    Saying bye to a loved one is difficult. Packing time is the most difficult as one can't decide what to keep and what not to keep (and it should fall within the specified weight limit)

  3. A very emotional time indeed Baili, but I'm sure he will enjoy his time studying in Germany and you can look forward to his vacations :)

  4. Dearest Baili, so lovely of you to share some of your last precious moments with your son before he leaves for the. He seems like a very smart young man and I'm certain you've taught him well and he will take good care of himself. Try not to worry, but instead, be happy for every day he is away fulfilling his dream.

  5. Best ishes to your son in his studies. You must be very proud of him.

  6. Dearest Baili, how I feel for you as your son leaves for Germany. It must be really hard for you to part from him.
    Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments in your life with us...and please send him my very best wishes for success in his studies!

    Sending you Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  7. Your son's success must bring you great pleasure...with a lot of emotion on the side:-) It is always difficult to send our children off into the world. We know they are adults but they are always ours. Very nice post and fun photos.

  8. Good luck to your son !
    You can be proud !
    Have a lovely week !

  9. What a lovely son, you must be so proud. Your visit to the tea shop was interesting. I wish your son a safe journey, he certainly has the right clothes and is going to look very smart.

  10. Tears in my eyes as I share these bittersweet moments with you.

  11. A very touching post, my dear friend. Your photos are beautiful! And I love tea and tea shops!

  12. It is hard to have our children grow up and be far away ... but you have the right way of thinking, to be happy that he is getting closer to fulfilling his dreams. Hugs, baili my friend.

  13. Lovely photo of you and your hubby! And of you and your son! He will take care of himself and he will learn a lot and he WILL HAVE FUN!!! :)

  14. I understand your feelings. You are proud and happy that your son will enjoy a new experience. You are sad knowing that he will be far away. All of us mothers go through this. I wish good luck to him. My youngest son was in Germany on business a few times. He liked it there.

  15. Good luck to your son! I think he will have a great time in Munich. It's a lovely city. it gets cold in the winter, it is true, but the German shops sell clothing which is suitable for the climate, and so if he is too cold he will be able to buy something there. Also the houses are very warm and most of the windows are double glazed. In the winter when the snow comes down Munich can look like a scene from a fairy tale. You will miss him I am sure but how wonderful that he is living his dream!

  16. May your son have good luck! You must be so proud of him. Of course this is also bit difficult for you. That is natural.

    This is another wonderful post.

  17. I just returned from Portugal.
    Hope that he has all the success in the world.

  18. Best wishes to your son, and all success to him in his studies.

  19. Baili, that is wonderful that your son is getting his masters in computer sciences. My daughters also have their masters, so I know what it's like to have a child away from home. This is a treasured picture of you and him. May God watch over him while he's in Germany, and I hope he enjoys this journey along the way. Jess visited Germany years ago, and said the people are very nice. Thinking of you, dear Baili, and sending a comforting hug as you will miss your son. But he's off doing good things and learning so much.


  20. Hello Baili, such an important time in your Son's life and so emotional for you. Watching our children work their way through all the stages of life brings with it pride at their achievements and at the same time, in our hearts, they are still our babies aren't they. Big hugs, all will be well - you and your husband have prepared him well. Thanks for all your photos. Cheerio for now and good wishes :D) xx

  21. What a lovely post. And the pictures are wonderful. You are a beautiful family. This is such an exciting time for all of you, especially your son. I wish him success in his studies, and I hope he is healthy and safe. As a mom, I understand how emotional this is for you. Our children grow up but they are always our babies.

  22. You and your husband must be so proud of your oldest son! How exciting that he gets to study at the university of his dreams. Germany will be very different, and much chillier. I loved the photo of you and your husband. It must have been so hard to say goodbye to your son, and him to you. Hopefully the time will fly by. Wishing you son every success in his studies!

  23. Oh, dearest Baili, I send you big, big hugs. I know well how it is when children travel far away for their studies and/or work. Is it a two-year program? The time will go faster than you think... and Computational Science is a great choice. :)
    Thank you for the interesting post and the heart-warming photos. ♥

  24. A delightful family! This is such an adventure for your son, and he has no way of knowing how you will surround him in prayer.
    Lovely post, great photos.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog site!

  25. All the best to your son! Thank you for sharing these special moments with us! Big Hugs!

  26. best wishes for your son and his studies!

  27. Heartening to read a post which depicts family ties.

  28. It is so clear from this post, Baili, that yours is such a loving family and although you will all miss your eldest son, he is following his heart. Hope all goes well with his masters studies and I know that you will be keeping us all updated in future posts. Packing is such a chore, especially when one is traveling to a country with such differing and hats are a good idea!

  29. You and your son are so sweet in that photo! ♥

  30. Love the photograph of you and your son.
    Lovely to read this post and see your photo's.
    Sending your son good wishes and every success in his studies.

    All the best Jan


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