Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Eid Family fun! (few pics) and artificial flowers


            Hey   Precious  Friends!

     Hope   and  pray   that   all   of  you   are   having   beautiful    time  with   your   precious                     
     families  and  feeling   sooo   blessed   and   lucky   that   you   have   them!!!

    Though   i   live   in  central    Asia  still   i   can  feel   the   slight   vibration   created   by   the  

    foot   steps   of   Christmas   and   enthusiasm    of   preparation   for   this   hilarious   and  glorious   
   event   by   people   all   over   the   world   through   media    resources .Wishing   you   all   the 

   Best  for  this   my   friends!

   We   celebrated   our  Eid  here  in  Pakistan  on  2nd  of  September  . I   started   mission  cleaning 

  week  ago   and    until   Eid     day  i   was   as    tired  as  felt  little  feverish  but  when  my  eldest 

  son  arrived   felt   new  energy   running   through  in  my   body   and  till  last   night   i   was   busy   (when he left for Karachi)

day   and   night   cooking  for  them   lots   of   meaty  dishes   which   they   (thank  God )  appreciated  

and  i   felt   that   my  hardwork   did  not   go  in  waste .

It  is  almost  10 :50  morning  ,temp  is 30  centigrade ,breezy  and  beautiful   as  i  can  look   at    

my  lashing   garden   waving  smoothly and  birds  chirping   sweetly .  From   today   hubby   and   

kids  back   to  their  office  and   school   so   finally  i   got   sometime   to   get   in   touch   with   

you   as  though  i   was   busy   but   missed  reading   you  all   very   much!

Due   to   burden   of   lots   of   running  around   i   could   not  stay   in  my   senses  to   take   good  
 and   In  Time   pics   so  have   only   few   to   share  ,Though   i   want   to   share   some   of   my   

artificial   flowers   whom   i   found   cute   after   washing  

     Eid  day ,  Captured  by  my  one of  nephew while i was in kitchen ,meal was not served yet completely ,hubby  was kidding  with  youngest to pick up his fav piece" leg" lol

    Eid  second day in  front  yard ,lots of  chat over  tea  in  front yard  about my  son's  next  journey  to  Germany  in  this  end  of  the  month ,Hubby   hardly wear  shirt  in summers ,he  love  to wear  old  shalwars(traditional trousers)  to feel  comfortable ,spontaneous shot by  younger .

                                  Laughter  when i asked   "did you have birth to sleep in plane as used  to we have in trains"  He said no he will sleep through all the 7 hours  on his seat,  how odd! He told me many times this before but i am horribly forgetful. 

   Eid  second  day  ,after  returning  from   trip  with  father  and  brother  to  ice  cream  parlor  and   park  my  younger  seemed   tired  yet   happy  as  it  was  hot   but  exciting day for them.

  Eid day ,i   unfortunately  lost  some  very  important  pics  by   clicking  on  some  wrong  option while transporting from phone   don't know how in  which  we  all were  together,how  bad luck ,those  were precious ,captured by  my 12  year  old  nephew  when  i  came  to  put  stuff  on  table  he  asked   me to sit for sec .

            I  hung  up  the  flowers  in kitchen  window fence and toys after washing ,found cute !

                                              Flowers  belong  to  this basket actually 

I  hung  them  in a dried dead rose  plant  beside   yard  fence  while  thinking  i  am  sprinkling  HAPPINESS  to   each  sad   heart  in  this  world  for  while!

               Belongs to t.v room but to give it beautiful  background kept it front of closed door .

                 At  the   dinning   table ,i  took  off  sheet  to  make  it look more nice 

                    One of our bed  has small side tables ,in winter  small lamps replace these flowers 

                   it  feels  "alive"  when  come into the  bedroom though they are artificial .

Dear  friends   because  i  just  lost   few   very   interesting pics feeling  bad about it badly yet  glad  that  am able  to  share  few  glimpse of my preparation and Eid day.

Hope  you   guys  will find it fine ,

wishing  you  a  very  happy  healthy and prosperous life  ahead !
Take  great   care ,stay  strong and  positive to  turn  everything  in  a  miracle  for which you waited for long!
God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. It looks like you had a super holiday.

    These are wonderful picture. It is so nice to celebrate with family.

  2. It looks like Eid was a wonderful celebration, filled with fun, food and family!

  3. Lovely photos of this celebration, Baili! You have a beautiful family, too!

  4. Hi Baili :) I love the photo of your hubby sneaking some food ha ha...very cute! You all look so happy. The flowers are beautiful! I sighed when I read that you have 30's a high of 14 here today and rainy...I'm putting the heat on!!

  5. you did great bail, everything looks beautiful!! it is always difficult to be the hostess, doing everything while enjoying the celebration!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your happy holiday times with us you are blessed! I should wash my artificial flowers like you!

  7. It is lovely to see how you pretty your home and your family look very happy and having fun. I love to see places so far away and so different to our country, we tke so much for granted here - clearly flowers suffer in the extreme heat of Pakistan, yet here we can have them pretty much all year round and they are flown in from Europe to the supermarkets, kept cool and fresh and then taken home - also we can buy ready flowering to put in gardens - I will appreciate them much more having seen how difficult it would be to grow these luxuries in such a hot country! I am guessing though that chilli peppers would grow well in your garden and the peppers would give so much colour, do you try to grow them at all? they don't grow well for me as our climate is too damp although the supermarket sells them growing in pots for cooking.

    1. Thank you dear Woody Fairy!

      My country has 50 plus temp in summer. My garden stay green though but no flower until mid October.

      I'm such extreme weather indoor flowers are hard to survive at least till now.
      My (late) mom used to grow lots of vegetables in her garden (northern area of my country) But never succeeded in growing green chillies and potatoes.
      I here live after marriage in southern part which is hotter than northern areas and I tried only few simple veggie just to try that how this soil works here. I was succeeded in growing garlic and coriacoriander only .Though seasonal flowers grow happily specially sunflowers

  8. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful holiday time you had, so lovely to see all of your photographs. Spending time with family is just so special.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  9. All those glowing happy faces tell me you had a wonderful holiday. It fills my heart to see the joy.

  10. Sometimes it takes effort to have a happy celebrations.

  11. Thank you for sharing a good, good day. I love the light of the flowers.
    Blessings to you

  12. A family celebration.
    The most important part of our lifes.

  13. there's never a time i don't enjoy reading your lovely posts. i hope you are well <3333 much loooooooove!

  14. Hello Baili, what wonderful photos of you and your family enjoying your holiday together. Very creative to put the flowers on the dried rose bush like that. I hope it is now time for you to rest up a little and refresh after all your cooking and tending to family. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us.

  15. Very nice photos of your family having a happy time. Makes me happy to see that.

  16. Greetings from the UK. I enjoyed reading. Glad you have your family to keep you company.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  17. These are such lovely photos of you and your family spending time together. That is the best thing in the world! I'm so glad you had such a great time.

  18. So glad you had an amazing family time, holidays are the best!I would love to see some traditional recipes of yours on the blog, it would be great to aee ehat you had during Eid☺ Have a lovely weekend☺☺

  19. Happiness and excitement on the faces of everyone, family is everything. Such wonderful photos indeed. Warm greetings to you!

  20. Hi Baili
    I loved your house all colorful and felt a good mood in your family.
    I have foot problems that no doctor has managed to heal, I need blessing
    Thank you for your visit
    Lua Singular

    I'll put the other panel now if you want to follow me.

  21. Baili, the flowers look charming around your home. I'm so glad that you got to spend time with all of your family. I like the picture of your son laughing and drinking from his cup. Laughter is good for us, and sometimes are lives are difficult and we find that we aren't laughing as much. So this picture reminds me to do so. : ) The picture of you and your young one is precious. A wonderful post, Baili.


  22. It is nice to see all the things that are bringing you joy :)

  23. I enjoyed the holiday too.
    I drove to a few places in my country during this time.
    Quiet a refresh from all days of hard work.

  24. Hello, Baili. I’m back to blogging. Eid in Pakistan looks auspicious festival according to Islam, and the time for family to get together. This post made me feel happy as smiles are contagious. Weather looks similar to ours, 30 degrees C. I felt so uncomfortable with 35 to 37 degrees C in mid-summer, but to read 50 degrees C in your comment, I think I shouldn’t complain. I understand that your husband likes wearing traditional clothes because it must be much more breezy, and I like the way you decorate your home with flowers. Have happy and healthy days ahead, Baili.


  25. i love to peek into your house and see your furniture and lovely table
    and food and husband having fun with his sons.
    A beautiful family and much love.

  26. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos of your celebration! Love all the flowers! Big Hugs!

  27. What a wonderful and special time your family had together! You put so much work, time, and effort into the celebration, and I'm so thankful you had such a blessed and sweet time with your family! I enjoy seeing pictures of how you celebrate holiday traditions with your family. You are so beautiful, inside and out dear friend, and the joy in your heart and love for the Lord is just so evident in all you write and share, what a blessing it is. With love and hugs to you :)

  28. I enjoyed the photos that you shared, Baili! I thought all of your flowers looked very festive. Best of all were the photos of you and your family. It's always the love that counts most! Sending you hugs!!


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