Monday, April 22, 2024

Photos And Rhyme


Hello precious beautiful souls 
Enjoying the life's scroll ?

Having fun with season's glitter 
Some days sweet and some days bitter

Habit of holding Hope so tight 
Keeps the even dark day bright :)

                             Though big is worries mount 
                              don't forget to blessings count 

                                    Sometimes feels loved ones don't care 
                                            Always  keep your side "fair" 
                            Save you personal dignity (as) 
                             Love is highest form of Charity 

                                    See the God in smiling face
                                    World still is livable place 

                                         Do You see when  nature's smile ?
                              Try to stir your soul for while 
                              With the warmth of love of God 
                              Making your horizons broad 

                        Selfless friends are true soul mates 
                         Standing like heaven's gate 
                         Entrance of "sooth" and "heal"   
                         Returning your "soul's feel"    

                                        This was Eid's second day 
                           That we spent with our "sonray"           
                           Family is shade of Divine grace !
                            All the odds so we can face 

                                                Love of simple things is gift 
                                       Spare us from adrift 

                         She forgot to say here "cheese"
                         Eid day picture shared by niece 

                                   Eid day being celebrate 
                                                     By my niece with lovely cat 

                            Cat looks tired of photo session
                                          But kids want to have more fun 

                                              Sister in law also took part 
                                              While cat wondered what she got "

                              This was taken weeks ago 
                               Now sunlight has made them go 

                                       Roses loosing weight and charm 
                                         For them 30 plus C is quite warm 

                          I did this (hina) on the moon night (night before Eid)
                         Because younger son could not arrive
                         My joy dose not wait devise 
                         On the time sun has to rise 

                         This is youngest son's first try 
                          I loved more his butterfly ! 

                           Thanks for being my sweet guest

                            May Life Treat You Always With Best 


  1. Que fotografias lindíssimas. É bom ver as fotografias da sua família onde se pressente todo o amor que vos une.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

    1. thanks dear Grace ,family is one of the best gifts nature has given us :)

  2. Such a beautiful post full of great photos and sweet poetry🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷 Thanks so much for being here. All the best with your creativity!

    1. glad you enjoyed my simple rhyme dear Ellie ,i had no idea what to post about actually so when i choose to share some nice family pics my words became rhythmic automatically :)

  3. Love your poetic photo story, Baili! Well done!

    1. glimpse shared by niece from their Eid day were amusing dear Emma ,glad you liked the post

  4. Replies
    1. Hubby doubted at first if cat was part of format of phone app Debra ,i asked niece and she said cat was real and i felt the joy as she was so lovely :)

  5. What an uplifting poetry! The photos of the beautiful people including your families add positive, heart-warming touch. You are so good at rhyming, Baili. Have a nice week.

    1. heartfelt thanks for kind and encouraging words dear Yoko

  6. Replies
    1. how nice dear Christine that in all part of world people have festivals to celebrate together .the harmony and collective sense of happiness makes life feel worth living for all of us certainly

  7. The joy on the little girl's face filled me with happiness. All she needed was that kitty.

    1. haha she is daughter of my first cousin dear Emma she is very smart and her attitude is strikingly something so amusing for family

  8. From start to finish, this was a fabulous post.

    I wish you happy days.

    All the best Jan

    1. you are so generous precious Jan :) thanks

  9. Replies
    1. may God keep showering His grace upon you too and family dear Sandi amen!

  10. You have many good thoughts here. Good thoughts help you and the people around you.

    1. our minds are bundle of thoughts dear Red ,if they are positive life is easier for us and all those around us by the grace of God !

  11. Family celebration.
    Always the best.
    We have two cat friends, Oscar and Monica.
    Have a great week, dear baili

  12. we have two yearly celebrations dear Pedro ,One is Eid that come right at the end of last fasting day of Ramadan month ,second is Eid Ul Adha ,the Eid day for sacrifice ,.both bring families close and it's great opportunity for reviving family and social boning .
    how nice you have two pet cats ,i am glad that my sister in law is carrying on the tradition of having cat as pet that my mother has initiated :)

  13. All your photos are lovely. That kitty is so sweet. Have always adored white kittens. Hope you are having a great day. Hugs!

    1. Thank you dear Debbie ❤
      Kittens are cute though mischievous pet 😊

  14. What a lovely celebration of life and family! It's good to recognize the goodness that God gives us. It's easy to get side lined when chaos but we need to stop to look for blessings all around, especially the small ones that are easily over looked. Thank you for dropping by. I had to go back to Nicole's to find your Blogspot link to find your blog. Perhaps next time, you visit leave a linkback in comments. ;)

    Have a good day!
    <a href=">Curious as a Cathy</a>

    1. Thank you dear Kathy for dropping by.
      I totally agree with you that small joys are easily overlooked unfortunately.
      We often seek moon but forget fireflies that keep following us in our journey of daily life. To locate them a content heart and grateful eye is enough always.
      I think to get to my blog all you have to do is just click on my blog name in your comment box which appears as Baili.

  15. The happiness was shining through in this post, Baili. It is clear that you appreciate the beauty in nature and the closeness of family at this time of Eid. It looks like you had a joyous celebration.

    1. Thanks dear Dorothy
      I believe family is most beautiful source of pleasure after health. A gift that reflects how much God love his man :)
      Because all the love and affection family share with each other is actually love of God ,the Creator himself

  16. I had a smile on my face without even realising by the end:)! My mother is the one to do the mehandi for me. But after the eid day I'm the one to complete all the henna cones at home. Eid day is just worth the wait! <3 the post!

  17. Thank you dear Anastasia for sharing your lovely experience 🤗

    How sweet of your Mom to do mehndi for you ❤
    I really appreciate her because Chand Rat is quite busy for ladies who hold house: )
    When I was in your age my had lot to do when moon was sighted.yet she will help us in mehndi .My younger sister and would do it for each other as well.
    Glad you enjoyed the post

  18. This is a wonderful post. I love the photos. You are such a beautiful lady.

  19. so glad you enjoyed the glimpse and sharing dear Nichole

  20. So creatively loving and sweet and your poetry divine!! photos are great too.

  21. I loved this post, Baili! So many beautiful and happy family faces! And wonderful poetry! Love to you, my dear friend!

  22. thanks precious friend :) hugs to you too


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