Monday, April 8, 2024

Do You Dare To Enter The Cave ?


I often wonder what is blocking us to notice that our world has been designed to change and vary constantly . The only stable thing is  "change" here 

I wonder what is restraining us to understand that theme of this design is based on "opposition".  Repel between energies is giving things an appearance and format . Connection that depends on  resistance . sounds strange  yet true link 

Human body is not exception. So,

Scientist say our body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells . Each cell has both charge negative and positive. link.

Do we know why each cell has been given a nucleus ?

In nucleus lies the possibility of which charge whether negative or positive is going to take over. here is what science say about it (source google) 

"By housing the cell's genome, the nucleus serves both as the repository of genetic information and as the cell's control center. DNA replication, transcription, and RNA processing all take place within the nucleus, with only the final stage of gene expression (translation) localized to the cytoplasm"

I believe human brain is our Nucleus  where is placed our "super position" as humans (ability to make choice)when it comes to living day to day life . here is what science says about human brain (source google ),

"The human brain is like the nucleus in that they both have a similar goal. The brain and the nucleus are both in control and dictate what the person/cell does. The nucleus controls eating, moving, and reproduction, and the same goes for the human brain"

another scientific definition below to help my point, (google)

 "What is the brain? The brain is a complex organ that controls thought, memory, emotion, touch, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger and every process that regulates our body."

also link here.

Do we use our "super position" as human and process our thoughts carefully before turning them into actions for real ? Or follow our instinct blindly ? without realizing how dangerous the consequences can be if keep doing it for long term .

Why such ultra boring post today ?, because all the observations ,experiences ,learnings and my intuition of my 52 years life is pointing out strictly that solution  

for all human problems are hidden in this boring cave( peaking into inner self)  in which we fear to enter mostly because we think it's waste of time and energy when world around offers much fun. But the reality is totally opposite and once you will convince yourself to enter you will find the treasure that will make you richest (peace of mind that comes when we encounter with Truth) person on planet. Sharing link of  amazing site Gregg Braden that offers great insight on it.

 I hope i am not bothering you with my grave interest in humans ability to live better life here. 

Thanks for bearing with me friends . I would love to here your thoughts on topic if any .

God Bless You All and Always!


  1. O nosso cérebro é que comanda tudo o que se passa no nosso corpo. Aprendo muita coisa a ler o que escreve. Obrigada.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  2. Such interesting science. You do find some amazing topics. Happy Monday!

  3. Exploring the inner self is always worthwhile!

  4. so true dear Grace but if you notice after reading this post and studying life as well that there exist a "super position seat" in human nucleus (brain) which makes it keep check on both sides Positive and negative) neutrally and decide which one one you want to take .all suffering ends if the decision is made after processing thought carefully and then taking conclusions to the super position ( a place where you stand over your own thoughts and feel your actual genuine self which is thoughtless empty mind just looking over and considering what to pick and what to loose .
    this is why we humans are called super specie on this planet

  5. Each cell has a nucleus... fascinating

  6. Nice comparison comparing the body to a cave. It makes sense.

  7. Baili, my thoughts on a couple of questions asked in this post:
    Regarding whether we process our thoughts carefully before acting, sadly this is not always the case. Emotions can come into play and if we are really angry, we may not think before acting.

    As to is whether we follow our instinct blindly and do not consider the long term consequences without considering dangers, I think that would depend on the individual circumstance.

  8. I believe education of some sort is important. Someone to teach life lessons is necessary. Love is necessary. A human cannot thrive without it. I find it interesting to see how and why any individual behaves the way they do.

  9. Dare to know yourself, isn't it, dear baili?
    I accept the challenge.
    Have a great week

  10. Our brains work hard for us Baili.

  11. Our bodies are amazing it replaces billions of cells every day.

    All the best Jan

  12. That's why meditation is so rewarding I guess.

  13. Never boring...though i had to reread a little bit. You are great, we should do lunch lol!

  14. People avoid the sacred places as they tune in worldy distractions that keep them from all truths in living.

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  16. You are never boring, Baili! The brain is truly amazing! I try to be thoughtful and act after considering a situation. However sometimes my mouth and my feet get ahead of my brain. That's often when I get into trouble! I hope your week is full of love and peace of mind!

  17. I love what and how you write. Your thoughts are deep and allows others to think as well. You are a natural teacher.


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