Saturday, March 28, 2020

Who Is God And How ?

As  you  know like so many others  my family is also at home. School of kids and college  of hubby will open in 1st June hopefully .

We  are  having  nice  time  together .I  try not to supervise everything  about  kids  but i ask them  to  keep  studying  at least four hours a day with little  breaks .It  will keep them  ready  for  exams that will take place in June .

I  don't  know  i  mentioned  it  or  not  before  but  i  have  an  annoying  habit . Because  it is in my  nature  i  do  it inevitably and often .
What is it ?
I  start  lecturing  them about morality  and  try  to  convince them how important it is to be an honest  and  truthful  person. I  many  times in  a day  try  to  tell  them  that  there  someone  exist  whom  different  people  of  this  world  call   by different   names ,God ,Allah and  so on and on........

Last  night  when i  was  saying  my  teenager  that  he must be careful  about  his videos  watching  as  though  we  might  not  be  around  but  God  is  always  with and within  him to witness what  is  he watching or what is he thinking.

My  younger  one  who  had  tablet  in  his  hand suddenly  sat  beside  me  on  sofa  and asked  ,


I  had  to  reply  him  quickly  so  he  cannot  doubt on  my  words.I  did  so  miraculously . I  don't  know  how  but  without  wasting a  second  and without hesitation  i  replied  to him ,

 HE  IS  ENERGY , A HUGE  ENORMOUS  BUNDLE  OF  ENERGY , everything   including  us  is  part  of  him . Everything  is  circulating  around  him or  towards him . We  cannot  see him  though  we  are  surrounded   by  him and  we  are  floating within   him . 

When   we   start   to  think  about  him  or  try  to  connect  with  him  ,he and his  energy  start  to  absorb  in  us . We  get  better  and  better  as  human each  day  and  his  strength adds into  our  energies  and make us stronger .

As  particles of  this  huge  energy  we  have  to  travel  towards   our  origin  (him) intentionally  because  this makes us what we are now and will make what we will be in  our next  existence. 

Who  travel  towards  him  with  honesty  and  without  being polluted by  vicious  characteristics like lie, cheating ,amorality,  he  accepts  them  aback as  his  own  part  because while they were away  they  tried to exist successfully means harmlessly .

Who  travel  opposite  and  think  there  is no one to answer for what  bad they do in life fearlessly ,they  loose  their  track and get themselves lost in  dirt  of  low life. They  are not accepted  and well come by him and , remain  lost within fragile  ashes of universe  as negative  energies . No  matter how  powerful  they  think  they  are  but  their powers  stands  nowhere  when  it  comes  to  confront  with  true  and eternal  power  of  God!

I  told  him  what  i  believe  and  what  i  have  learnt  during  fifty  years  of  my  life . My  belief  formed  through  my  experiences  and  observations and  little bit  knowledge of  life i could learn til this  day. I  believe  that  if  each  particle of  energy (we)  makes harmony with  another with an absolute  honesty there will  be  no  need  of  cleverness or  weapons to  run this .

We  create  our  heaven and  hell with  our own attitude and actions. If  we  are  free  of  all  dark  and negative  thoughts  our  conscience is  light  and  free . I  believe  that  Lord  guard  such  spirits himself  as he  has  promised .He worth trust so we should trust his wisdom instead our  wickedness . 

And  if  are  such  people we  will  surely  create  beautiful  world  around  us and  will make  harmony  to  our  coexistent  with  love and  peace  without   any stupid claim of superiority as we  know there is no such  thing like race created by Lord but only man made rubbish.

Roaming  straight to our  origin can  not  cause  any kind of trouble or  destruction to  world and  life  can  be worth living for all equally! 
If  this is naive thing to say then  we  should  think what  our  cleverness  have  done   to our world  already ?


  1. I think maybe that was God speaking through you!

  2. I am sure you have passed on your good values to your kids, it is sure.

  3. Your young son asked the age-old question that people have asked since time began!

  4. You handle that answer so beautifully! I am already thinking what I'm going to say about God when my son starts to ask questions. I want him to know there are many religions and names for God and we all our brothers and sisters in faith.We already took him to church of course, but not now, cos we are staying home all the time. But he can already put his hands together, when I say Amen, so cute☺ Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  5. Your last sentence is earth-shaking. Look at our world. How can anyone trust in our cleverness?

    "Who travel opposite and think there is no one to answer for what bad they do in life fearlessly ,they loose their track and get themselves lost in dirt of low life. They are not accepted and well come by him and , remain lost within fragile ashes of universe as negative energies ."

    But...they can be redeemed.

  6. It is not easy to answer those age old questions!

  7. What a beautiful explanation, I have never read better,, it’s beautiful,

  8. What a wonderful explanation to your son, Baili. I was so taken by what you said in so much of this post, especially "We create our heaven and hell with our own attitude and actions..." especially now when the entire world is in crisis, people would do well to remember that positive thoughts are more helpful than dark/doomsday ones. I hope your son understood your wise counsel. I know I did, my blog friend. Thank you.

  9. Well done with your answer to your son, and like Christine, I feel sure that you have passed on your good values to all of your children.

    Blessings to you.

    All the best Jan

  10. Indeed what has our cleverness, selfishness done to this world today! Maybe it's our way of finding out right now..

  11. very good answers, I don't see God as a figure but as a power/a force and I think your description of how we are particles of that force is excellent

  12. Dearest Baili...I am almost lost for words. This beautiful post so eloquently expresses exactly how I also perceive our God, Allah, or whatever name we know Him by! Your words ring with utter truth...and I totally agree that we only have to look around ourselves to see what our so-called "cleverness" has done to our beautiful world!
    Race, skin colour, creed, all those things people fight over to try to make themselves feel superior over others...mean nothing at all to our Creator. They are just man-made trappings. Mere delusion.
    We are Children of God...every one of us...and I honestly believe that a huge lesson of life is to understand that truth and to journey back to God hand-in-hand with our fellow man.
    And your wonderful illustration expresses this so clearly...😊😊
    Baili, you are amazing!!!

    Take good care of yourself, and stay safe!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Baili, I think that your answer to your son was BRILLIANT and true. Though you and I call our God different names, to me it's all energy, all what we make of life. Lovely uplifting post! :)

  14. Love your answer - for me that wonderful explosion of light, color, rays, is total energy - infinite intelligence, nothing personalized until we recognize it within our own selves and radiate our energy and light and love to all around us...and most of all forgive all peoples because that's the only way this world will survive - at least "our version" of it but it will become a happy dream not one filled with killer viruses.... Love how you expressed yourself. I for one do NOT believe this infinite intelligent energy would ever create anything to kill us. We do that all by ourselves.

  15. These days make everybody doubt about the presence of a supreme being.
    Have a great week.

  16. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I too hope the situation will not last too long.
    About you lecturing the kids, why not teach them about spirituality instead of religion? Religion and gods only starts wars among people. :( Religion is manmade, spirituality is in our brains, we are born with it.
    Just a thought. May you and your family stay healthy.

  17. Ter fé é uma bênção. Isso faz de você uma pessoa melhor com certeza.
    Uma boa semana cheia de saúde.
    Um beijo.

  18. Hello dear Baili, thank you for the beautiful and very important post. These are questions every one of us thinks, sooner or later. We (Lutherans) believe God is not merely a non-personal force or energy. He has created "heaven and earth" and cares about us personally. :) God loves us and we must love our neighbour like ourselves... not that it would be always easy. :D
    Hugs and blessings. Stay safe and healthy!

  19. Sweet Bailey thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts about God...I believe that God is love and that He sent his one and only Son Jesus to be the sacrifice for all sins...whosoever believes in Him shall never die but live forever. When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, God's Holy Spirit comes to live in us and guide us and teach us what is His Truth. Take care and stay safe dear one. Hugs!

  20. You set a wonderful example to your children with your own kind behaviour. They learn good things from you!

  21. I could truly relate to your response and thought your response was perfect. I know that many are worried about things going on in the world, but I try to have faith that God is always around, loving us, protecting us and healing us. Thanks for your post, and glad that you and your family are doing well. RO

  22. Children ask difficult questions at times. When you know what you believe in, it is easier to answer those questions!

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  25. Children ask difficult questions at times. When you know what you believe in, it is easier to answer those questions!
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