Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Food Festival ,Roller coaster ride and Stomach 's attitude

Hello  Sweet   Friends!

Hope  and  pray   that   life  is  beautiful  with   healthy   choice  of   food  you  make  in  everyday  life  and   do  not  cross   the  boundaries  set   by  your  stomach   :)

Yes  it  is  must  to  listen  your   organs    specially   stomach  which  cannot  be  replaced   easily   like other  organs  do.

This  little  flexible  bag   bears   all  our  miss  treats   throughout   the  life   and   gets   weaker   and  weaker !

Tries  to  make   us   listen   his   problems   by  many   indications  but  we  mostly  avoid   until   it   starts  giving  us   last  warnings!

So   best  way  to  avoid   such  critical  situations   is  to   understand   what   we   should   send   to   this   bag   which  looses   it's  flexibility  by  the  time  and   be unable   to  take  and  digest .


It  will   make   us  eat   healthy    food  which  can  afford   our  stomach   happily :)

Two    days   ago   my  eldest   son   talked    on  phone   and  told   me  that   he  is   going  to  attend   a  festive   event    with  friends.

I  as   usual   asked   him   to   share  his   fun   with  me    too  and   he    did   so :)

Sharing   the   photos   of    festival   and    most  probably   the    park   near   the  place   where   the  event  was .

For  the  first   time   my  son   took   the  roller   coaster   ride   and    when  i  asked   him  did   he  shout   aloud  meanwhile 
he    simply   said  NO !

This   sounds   weird   to  me   because   during   the  ride  one  must    exist   his   joy   and  excitement    by   shouting  aloud i  guess?

Do   You  shout   When  Roller   coaster   comes   down ???

                  When   he  shares   glimpse  of  his  life  there  with  me  it  makes  me  at  peace

Thank  you   dear  friends  for  your  kind   sweet   comments  on  my  previous  post!

         YOUR  WORDS  MEANS  LOTTTTT  TO  ME!!!!!!!!!!

Eating   is  work   also  related  to  your  brain  which   commands   your   stomach  

So   Stay  Calm   while   eating  ,chew   your  bite  with   gratitude    peace  and  patience 

And   stay   focused   and   organized   physically   and  mentally 

It  is  in   your  hand  that   as  if  your  stomach   accept   this  food   and   make  it   part  of  your  body

Or   discard    it   and  create   aches   and   frustrations   for   you   and  wastes    all  your  effort   from   cooking   to   eating !

Always   remember   that   your  brain   should  not   be  distracted   by   your   raw  useless   worries  specially  while  eating!

Love  yourself  so   others  around  can   find   love   in  you  for  themselves!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Gracias amiga por tus sabios consejos, sobre la alimentación y el cuidado de nuestra salud. Me ha encantado esa buena armonía entre padres e hijos que nunca se debe de perder, porque, aunque por su edad empiecen a volar solos, poco a poco, y algún día tendrán su nido y una nueva vida, el contacto entre ambos jamás se debe de perder.
    Veo por el reportaje que ha disfrutado de lo lindo con sus amistades, cosa que seguro os hace felices a ustedes los padres; y de que también por ahí, gusta a los jóvenes la buena cerveza alemana.
    Que Dios os bendiga a todos, y que nunca se pierda esa unión.
    Un abrazo.

  2. I don’t do amusement park rides any more, Baili. I did scream a lot on them in the days when I did ride. I was glad to give up such rides!

    My husband and I have learned not to eat a heavy meal in the evening. Our main meal in mid day and we have very little in the evening, rarely anything after six. It works well for us.

  3. Thanks for sharing your son's gorgeous photos!

  4. Such good advice on eating! Your son shared wonderful photos, everyone looks so happy, I have never been on a roller coaster, maybe someday,

  5. I have only been on a roller coaster once over 60 years ago, I don;t think I shouted with GLEE but I'm sure I shouted...I hate those things!

  6. I'm happy your son had such a good time. The park looks something like Busch Gardens, an amusement park we visit sometimes. It's good he keeps in touch with the family.

  7. Hi Baili :)))
    Lovely photos! Your son had a blast! And rollercoasters??? I've been on ONE and I had my eyes closed and I SCREAMED the entire time lol...NEVER AGAIN...I'm too chicken hee hee!

    You're so right about food, the stomach and the brain. We don't always realize that many of our woes come from what we put in our stomachs. Since I cut down on certain foods, I've found both my anxiety and my depression has eased up a lot. Both Alex and I have fragile stomachs and we very much watch what we eat. Sometimes we go overboard then make promises to be careful the next time. Tastebuds can fool you! :)

  8. Rides that go up and over scare me to death. I like the ones that simply go round and round. Your son seems to be having a great time.

  9. A beautiful post with wonderful advice and happy photos! Thank you, Baili!
    To answer your question: No. The last time I was on a roller coaster, I squeezed my eyes shut. And I am glad that my stomach was empty on that ride.

  10. I don't set foot in roller coasters!!
    No way!!
    Have a nice weekend

  11. I dont't like roller coster at all!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these stunning photos, dearest Baili...they are truly amazing!! WOW!!
    I love roller coasters...and, yes, I certainly do scream on the way down...I don't honestly think I could avoid screaming! lol

    I also found the part about our stomachs really interesting too. All too often, we eat things just because they look good, rather than because they are good for us. I suffer a lot with digestive problems...and I'm convinced it is due to a poor diet when I was younger.
    So, I totally agree with everything you've said here.
    Thank you so much for this very good advice! :))

    Wishing You an Amazing Weekend!

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  13. Baili, what fun! Thank you for sharing all this with us. It looks like everyone had a great time. Your son looks very happy, which I'm sure makes you happy.

    I've been on rollercoasters a few times in my life and I close my eyes and scream through every ride! The last time I was on a rollercoaster was in 2010 and that will be the last time. I cannot handle them anymore. Too exhausting!

  14. Ohhhhhhhh this looks like such fun!
    I used to love love love roller coasters when I was younger, now, they're not my favorite...but I will still go on them.
    Thank you for sharing, dear Baili! <3

  15. Such a lot of wonderful photographs you've shared, they were having a fun time.

    All the best Jan

  16. I love the photos you shared of your son! They are so beautiful and fun!
    Thanks for the wise words about eating!
    Big Hugs!
    (I don't go on roller coasters anymore. Don't like them! Not good for your back and neck!)

  17. Great pictures! It looks quite crowded at the festival, but everyone looks like they are having fun. Good advice about eating healthy foods! I don't go on roller coaster rides anymore. I never liked them much even when I was younger, and nowadays they make my back hurt.

  18. What wonderful times your son is having with his friends and so nice that he shares them with his mother and that you then share them with us, Baili. I have NEVER ridden on a roller coaster so I have also never shouted aloud on any.

  19. A lovely series of photos of your son :-)

    I never screamed on a roller coaster ride, I hate the sensation the give. I close my eyes and shut down LOL. It ia a long time since a last partook in the experience.


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