Friday, October 19, 2018

What To Write About ??? POEM

There  are   millions  of  topic  no  doubt 
But  right  now ,....what  to  write  about

                  (image source google)
Should   i  write,  about   the  weather  
Which    is   slowly  ,    getting  better 

No  more  heat,    that  makes  insane 

Not  even  clouds  , though   nor  rains!

Should   i   write  ,   about     politics 
Which   have  put   my  land  on   risk!

What   a  shame    ,how  mean  and   low!

Dipped   in  corruption,    from  tip  to  toe

Their    selfishness ,   lust    and     Greed 

Causing  in  men  , despair   and  dread !

Burning  humanity , in   their  fireplace!

Heating   up   their   Cold  Blooded  pace!

Should   i    talk ,     about    the   man 

who's   restlessness   causing  him  pain!

Running    madly    after     mirage  

Loosing   quickly   Actual     Path

Being   slave   of     his    endless   lust 

Leaving   behind  Regrets   as   dust!

 Day   by    day   ,   creating     Mess 

Making      own ,    planet       abscess !

Should   i   talk   about   the    season 

That     change   swiftly    for  any   reason

Dreadful   summers   or   ruthless   winter 

Life   diverse   ,,and   they   are     hinter !

Autumn    brings ,    colors    of   sorrows  

And    spring     gives ,  Hope  for  tomorrow !

Should   i   write   about     the   Books !

Just    like   dishes   made  by  different  cooks

They  appeal   ,    we    eat   and     digest 

Which   inspire   ,applicable  is   the  best!

Wonders   of ,   so  many   different   minds!

Face     or    cover ,  has     story      behind 

We   can    talk    , about    the     hobbies   
In  lost    times  ,  Our    Best   Buddies !

Keep   us  busy ,   and  away   from   worries 

In   Passion's    ground ,  anxiety    buries !

What   about  ,  the   MUSICAL  CURE !

Which   always   Opens,  the  soul" s   Door :)

Soothing   smooth  , waves   of  melody!

Make     us   calm ,   as   nerves   therapy 

Rediscovers   ,  Our     real      selves  !

Rearranges  ,    disturbed      shelves !

I  can   write   about   the  Games :(

Although   which  are  Not  the  SAME!

Wearing  luxury   with  Money   lotion 
Playing   actually  with   People's  Emotion!

Few  words   also   for  Religious   fathers

Who   are    here    only   to   Bother !

Have  forgotten   the   ACTUAL   MAKER!

To  the   Innocents   ,Misleading   these  FAKERS!

Each   of    them,   wants   to  be   on  top
Discriminating  , Just   To   Run  Their  SHOP!

Or    i   should   talk  ,  about   the   News 

Everyday  , which   Leave   us  CONFUSE!

Blackmailers   , Opportunists   fraud!!!

Personal   profits   ,  Only   they  Guard

Favorable    Brand (political party)  endorse 
"FOR   SALE"  All     such     SOURCE 

What   about    the   People   So  GOOD

To   help   others    always  who  stood

Sacrifices , For  others  They   Give

Making    this  world  Still  "Place  to  Live"

Fireflies   ,Butterflies  ,   Fairy  

Joyous   lights , and  Colors   they  Carry

Remind   us   ,  Childhood  days!

With   Which   heart,  dance   and  plays !

Most   precious  , "Family   and   Friends" !

Add    meanings ,    to   Our    ends!

If    we   don't  , have   have  them  with   us

Does   It  Matter     ,Minus    Or   Plus ?

Life   is    Bundle ,of   Thorns   and   flower 

Pray     is   key   to  Blessings   Shower!!!

Faith     is   Land    and   Hope   is  Seed!

Love    is   Water    ,all   it   Need!

To   talk    about   ,  things   are  MORE..................

But  don't   want   you  to   be  so   bored !

So   with   deepest ,   love   "goodbye"

Thanks    For   reading     and   passing by :)


God   Bless   You  All !!!

Please   Take  Great  Care  of  Yourself!


  1. Dearest Baili...oh WOW...such a beautiful and moving poem!!
    There are so many truths in there...and such wisdom.
    Gosh...I am totally in awe...I so enjoyed reading this, my Friend.
    Thank you so much for sharing...:))

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  2. Oh dear ygraine you are so generous !

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes dear Christine I do have lot to say as life inspires me in each single aspect of her

  4. You've covered a lot of ground in this poem! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh HUGS Baili!!! I had such a big smile on my face reading this...even the not so joyous parts. You write with such whimsy. I love it! :)

    1. Thank you dear Rain!

      Your smile is precious my friend

  6. Thank you dear Debra!

    It's hardly a drop from Ocean

  7. I don't think you missed anything.

  8. I thought you did not know what to write about.......I think you never have lack of words, you are just genius. Thank you for this wonderful poem Baili.

    1. Thank you dear dear Jenneke!

      I just tried to share what I was thinking at the moment believe me!

  9. You are a marvel. You raised almost every question I have about the world, my country, and myself. Now if you can give me all the answers ...

    1. Oh dear Emma I am honoured!

      Ah answers!

      Yes I have the all answers for sure
      If we ponder over every question or issue it has answer within believe me.

      No question exist without answer along trust me

  10. You carried the reader through the dark and depressing, then ended with God's creation and promises. thank you.

    1. Thank you dear Susan!

      Life has countless subjects to think and talk over and each is equally important and interrelated to one another .

  11. What to write about?...everything. Interesting post, Baili.

  12. Thank you dear Marie!

    Glad you found it interesting:)

  13. Great poem, Baili! So many wonderful images. I especially liked the way you ended on a positive note. Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. thank you dear Connie !

      end must be positive
      if it is not it means the work in still progress :)

  14. … and God Bless You dear Baili.
    What a wonderful poem this is.

    All the best Jan

  15. Your poem is so inspiring. Your words enlightened and speak the truth.

  16. Great post, baili.
    Have a wonderfull week

  17. You found just the right things to say,
    wishing you a wonderful day.

  18. Gostei das suas questões. Fale sempre o que o seu coração pedir…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  19. Baili, I just love your beautiful poem's happy ending :}

  20. Wow! Every aspect is touched. Nicely penned,Baili.

  21. When you began by wondering about what to write, Baili, I was very curious to read more as I knew you would find many topics. How wonderful that you managed to weave so many things in a sort of poem. I would say you found pkenty to write about, my friend,😊

  22. Dear Baili, the world seems to be in chaos right now, doesn't it? But your poem covers it all, and the last part of faith and hope and love says it all. You have found that deep inside, Baili, and what a wonderful gift it is. Keep praying and keeping shining your light, my dear friend.


  23. It's important to recognize the bad in the world (or else it won't change) but also to look for the uplifting people and situations, just as you have done.

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  24. Oh, Baili, the poem is absolutely brilliant. I'm with Sheri here, the things in the world are not going very well, yet there's optimism in the end of your poem.
    “Three things will last forever: faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love." :)
    Big hugs!


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