Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sunsets And Sunrises and Spiritual Connection ! (image google)

After  the  long  hard  work  of  tiring  day   sun  slipped   behind  the  hills  to  take  a  nap. 

 Evening   took  advantage  of    the   serene   smooth   moments   and  spread  around   the  glittering   grey   sheet   embellished  with   shining  stars.    

Soothing   gentle   waves   of  breeze   were   flowing   softly  within  the  beautiful  heart  of  valley .

Whispers  of   leaves   and  rocking   branches  added  more  glory  to  the  sights.

I    was  standing  beside   the   tree  in  my  front  yard  which  was  on  hill  top.

Everyday  it  was  my  routine  to  gaze  and  absorb  the   mesmerizing   beauty  of  nature  around   me   before  sun  rise   and  after  sun  set.

Both  of  these  times   were   always  special   to  relive   and  rediscover  my   inner   peace .

Getting  up  in  early  mornings   and  welcoming  the   first    sun   ray    or  viewing   the     leaving  golden  ball   over  the   peak  of   hill   was   always  spiritual  experiences   to  me.

Moments   before  sun  rise  awake   new   hopes  and   enthusiasm   and  when  sun   gently    opened   his  eyes   behind  the  hill  and  smiled   my  heart  bloomed   like   spring  flower  :)

Unlike   this  sunsets   made  my  heart  little  slow  surrounded  by   undefinable   sadness   accompanied   by  strange   gloomy   mood,  deep  intuition   and  contemplation   over   the  nature !

Evenings   often  felt  like  as  whole  of   life   to  me  where  each  natural  phenomena   became  more   CLEAR   and   ATTRACTIVE . 

I  could   feel  the   flow  and  depth   of  CONNECTION  between  me  and  nature .   

At   that  moment   i  was  the  center   and  everything  was  circling  smoothly   while   defining   their   existence  and  reason  behind  it!
  Chest   of   memories   had  opened  during  these  enchanting  moments  and   boat   of  my  heart   floated  over   the   tides   of   the  ocean   of   deep   moving   mixture   of  happy  and   sad   thoughts.

I   Heard   the   voices   of    flying   birds  and   looked   above   with   affection   and  love.

They   were  returning   to  their  nests   because  it  was  evening   time   and    night   was  about  to  fall.

It   seemed   some  strong  unseen  power   was  pulling  towards   it  . I  mechanically    sat   down   for  prayer .

I   realized   there  was  some  one  extremely   mighty   and  powerful  who  wanted  me  to  revise   my   connection  with  him  on   deep   levels!

He   held  my  eyes    as  strongly    to  the  sky  as  i  could  not   remove   them  even  if  i  wanted  to .

It  seemed   that   my  whole  body  was  tied   with  an  unseen  rope   of   some   strange   undefinable   power   which   had  connected  me  with  my  WHOLE   to  whom  i  belong   and  who  let  me  be  here  for  while  and  will  grab  me  back   whenever   he  will  want!

I   found  myself   a   tiny   piece  of  energy   departed   from  a   huge   source    of   power.

  Being   related  to  something  as  mighty  and   powerful  strengthened   my   existence ! 

I   and    everything   around  me   dissolved   in   a  silver  liquid   flowing   smoothly    within   universe   as  WHOLE!

This   all  was   beyond   words  and  expressions !

may  be  someday   i  can  find  way  and  words  to  express   what  i  had  been  feeling  during  such   magical    moments   but   until   now  i  don't   even  know   perfectly  what  it   was   and  IS!

May  be  connection   that  we  loose  often  while  being  lost  in  worldly   illusions.

Stay   In  TOUCH  With   One  Who  Created  You!

Prays  and  blessings  for  all  of  you  my  precious  friends!


  1. Lovely post today Baili, what better than sunrises and sunsets.

  2. Beautiful words and images. It's difficult to put into words the experience of moments like these but you've done so very well.

  3. Such moments are fleeting but so wonderful and memorable when they do occur!

  4. The images you've used are just beautiful.
    A lovely post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  5. Dear Baili, when we experience a transcendent moment that stretches into Oneness, we have so few words to describe the experience. And none of the words we have do it justice. Thank you for sharing the Whole of your Wholeness. Peace.

  6. Your writing is sheer poetry, baili. Such imagery - I could see it all as if I had been right beside you. That would be an unforgettable thing to experience. Thank you for sharing those moments, dear friend.

  7. This was so powerful. The silvery liquid feeling you describe is a very spiritual occurrence.

  8. Such lovely words and thoughts, Baili. That connection to a Greater Power is indeed magical and amazing.

  9. Such an inspirational post. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. Your words touch me as much as sunrises and sunsets. All connect us with our maker :-)

  11. What a lovely post, Baili - beautiful in every way!
    I thought there were no words to describe how it feels to intimately connect with our creator, but I was wrong. You just described it perfectly!
    Bless you, my friend.

  12. Relaxing post with magnificent photos.

  13. I think that sometimes we, as human beings, understand how we do truly belong in this world, despite all the problems we see everyday around us.

  14. Such an amazing post, beautiful words and images,

  15. Your imagery with words is remarkable. The wonders of nature and all of God's creation speaks in a language that is often difficult to convey, but you brought us closer to those sentiments. Beautiful post that is worthy of our reflection.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  16. Dear Baili you had a wonderful spiritual experience, thank you for sharing,you described it so beautifully.

  17. Sunrise and sunset are the best of the day, I love staring at the horizon to see this miracle every day. Thank you for your thoughts and words, they are a feast for the ears and eyes.

  18. You have such a wonderful way of describing this experience, Baili. You words made me think of images as you described the feelings. Also, thank you for your very kind words on my recent blog about the birthday celebration for my my husband's aunt.

  19. Truly beautiful post! An amazing experience you had!! Big Hugs!


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