Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sleeping Disorder managed by Brain Control

When  i  was   young  sleeping   was  waste  of  time  for  me   consciously  or  may  be  unconsciously  because  i   used  to  sleep   late  night  and  never  took   naps   while   my  whole  family   used  to  sleep  early   as  in  (my  native) village   night   began   right  after   dinner  at  8pm.

I  would   pretend    as  sleep   because  mom  was  strict  about  early  bed  and  early  rise   and  specially  morning  prayers  before  sunrise.

When  i  would  hear  slight  sound  of snoring  of  my  mom  i   would  get   up  quietly   and  go  to   room  ( in  summer  nights we  used to sleep in  front  yard)  and  watch   english  drama  or  movie  that   used  telecast  on  national  t.v after  11pm .

I read   somewhere   that   our  body  set  it's  own  clock   according  to  our  routine   and  we  feel  sleepy  or   awake   on  certain  same  times  when  we  do  so.

So   most   probably  this  is  the  reason  that  i  can't  get   sleep  more   the  six  hours .If  i   am  tired   due  to  heavy  chore  and  fell  asleep  in  afternoon  i  will  not  be  able  to  sleep  properly   and  deeply  in  night.

After  Marriage    after   few  early  happy  years    when  pressure  from   my  in laws   specially  from  my  psycho         ( this is for real she  is  mentally  not  healthy) mother  in  law  i  was  forced  to  live  a  frustrated  and  terrible  life   my  sleep   was  affected  strongly .

Talking  about  my  early  married  years  from  1995  to  2005. It   was  most   hard  time  when  i  was  experiencing  darker   side  of  life  .Life   where  all  around  you  are  enemy  and  try  to  destroy   you  just  because  you  are  loved  by  someone (hubby) from  their  own  family  and  completely  different  from  them.

This  was  time  when  my  eyes  seemed  to  forget  HOW  TO  SLEEP!

i  was   scared  of  nights SPECIALLY  THE  LONG  WINTER  NIGHTS! They   seemed  like  an  anaconda   who  was  crawling  nearer   to  swallow me!

When  hubby   would   sleep  i  would  feel  so  helpless  and  horribly  alone!

I  would  get   up  from  the  bed  and  go  on  roof  top ,would  sit  on  chair  and  stare  to  the  moon  if  there  is  one. Would  listen  the  mourning   of  air  and  try   not  make  voice  during  my  constant  crying!

I  saw   how  dark  nights   turned   into  the   bright  days   and  felt  relived  that  this  is  daytime  and  atleast  i  can  diverse   my  attention   in  house  business .

It  seemed  that  my  body   was  loosing  the  need  of  sleep  completely  but  worst   was  that   the  awaken  times  were  full  of  terror  and  pain. I  was  lost  and  depressed .

Consequences   were   that  i  was  often  sick  and  lack  of  energy   was  effecting  my  physical  and  metal  health  because  less  sleep  was  decreasing  my  hunger  also.

Almost   six  or  seven  years  passed  in  such  condition. I  was   becoming   victim  of  self pity and  totally  lost  self  confidence.  It  was  hard  for  me  to  appear  in  gatherings  or  talk   by  making  eye  contact  with  confidence

I  was   seeking  for  help  now  just   like  a  sinking  person   wave  his  hands  below  the  water   but  there  was  no  one  around   to  help!

This  is  human  nature  that  when   tough  time   comes  he  runs   for  help  to  others   existing  around  him  in  the  world  outside  him!

When   he  finds  nothing  he  bow  down   and  finally  ask  for  help  from  his   unseen   creator  who  exists   not  only  around  him  but  somehow  INSIDE   HIM!

Talking  from  personal  experience  that  God  keeps  his  promise  ,he  answers  when  we  call  him  and  opens  the  doors  of  solutions  for  us  miraculously!!!

So  he  did  to  me ,when   i  slowly  started  ponder  upon  problem,   i   found  out   that   i  was   suffering   with  sleeping   disorder  which  was   result  of  my   brain's   distraction  at  the  time  of  sleeping.

So   what  to  do?

Only   one   solution   was  available  

                     "to  help  myself"

Process  was  long   and  difficult   because  when  we  try  to  control  others   we  be  offensive  but   when  it  comes  to  control  our   own   head   we   be  confused  how  to  do  it!

I  started  physical  exercise  ,  meditation   and  little  bit  of  yoga !

Gradually   i  learnt (little bit)   how  to  command   my  brain!

Response  was  very  slow  to  nothing  in  beginning  but  i  knew  i  found  the  huge   way  to  the  solution  so  did  not  give  up!

It   took   almost  two  years   of  effort   to  tame   my  brain  according   to  my  will!

Since   almost  15  years  i  am  enjoying   proper  and  good  sleep  because   when   i  lay  down   shut   down  the  door  of  my  brain  and  leave  all  the  random   pile  of  thoughts  outside  of  it.

It  hardly  take few  moments  me  to  fall  in  sleep  now !

Even  i  can  take  naps  if  i  want  to  and  good  sleep  at  same  night  but  i  don't  like  naps  until  they  are  strongly  required .

I   feel  active  and  energetic   and  for  this  blessing  i  am  grateful  to  my  dear  lord  who  always  helped  me  on  straight  time :)

Thank  you  for  visiting  and  reading ,hope  my  experience  will  be helpful  for  one  who  has  same  problem!

Stay  Calm  and  Full  of  FAITH HOPE and  LOVE! God  is  always  here  for  you then!

Hugs  and  Blessings  to  all  of  you!!!


  1. Yes, sleep, which is the plug to fix the charger of the body, is a must, no doubt. As you said, Baili, the inner voice, if we listen well, will lead us to salvation. Thank God, You yourself fixed the problem. some useful tips are there.

  2. Sometimes it gets really dificult to shut down the brain, baili.
    And when that happens sleep quality is affected.

  3. Baili, when you are a mother-in-law I think you will be very good at it. I'm sorry for the things you experienced with yours. I find it difficult to shut off the thinking and worrying sometimes too in order to sleep. But if I keep my mind in the right place it comes naturally. Glad you found a way. :)

    It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2


  4. During the most difficult period of my life, I also had bad sleep due to anxiety and insomnia, which only made the situation worse! Once I got out of that situation, my sleep improved tremendously. You did so well to train yourself for better sleep. Good sleep is crucial for good health!

  5. What a wonderful post, my heart aches for you for what you’ve been through but due to your fierce strength you over came it! That’s amazing but I still don’t understand how your husbands family could treat you so badly, did they not respect the fact he loved you? He chose you to be his life partner how could they not be happy for him! You write so beautifully, it always a joy to read ,

    1. Thank you dear Laurie!

      My mother in law was an orphan and had scary past which I think made her such terrible person.

      She was so hard on her husband and even her own children.

      She was same cruel to all 4 of her daughters in law as me.

      In joint family system when head of the family is such complicated person it was difficult job to survive.

      Hubby was not in position to buy me separate house immediately so I had to bear her cruelties for almost 4 years and after that an incident happened which made me speak and fight for my rights

    2. What happened that made you speak up, Baili?

    3. Dear Sandi it was slap of my mother in law who tried everything bad in her COLD WAR AGAINST ME ALONG WITH WHOLE FAMILY BUT WHEN SHE FOUND NO RESPONSE AS I WAS GUIDED BY MY MOM TO STAY CALM AND STRONG as if your husband is a nice and loving man give him time to get you separate place .But she crossed her limits when slapped me one morning suddenly when I was going to my room with cup of tea ,she suddenly appeared and slapped for nothing my tea cup fell and broke .this injustice made me insane and I raised my hand to slap her back but my brother in law and sisters held me so strongly. I was crying and shouting while calling her crazy women who cannot see her children to live happily.

      It's long time ago 13 years back we left that home and my mother in law praise me on my back for my patience and love I tried to show all those years ( my sister in law tell) . We visit each other butoccasionally but i know that she spoiled golden years of my life! Still I take care of her medicine and pocket money as she is widow and living with youngest son on some distance from us.i do this because I want my God to be happy with me HE SAYS HATE SINS BUT NOT THE SINNERS !

    4. Wow...Baili, your attitude is admirable. You care for her now. You choose to do the right thing because it is the right thing, not because of what anyone else has done. God bless you!

  6. So glad you were able to control this!

  7. I'm so sorry for what you've been through but am impressed by your ability to overcome this ordeal.

  8. I agree with Sandi, Baili. You will be a wonderful mother-in-law!
    And I agree with you. God is the answer.
    A very heartwarming post, Baili. Here's to happy endings!

  9. Oh dearest friend...I so long to reach out and give you a big hug. You have suffered so much and it is so unfair that you were treated badly, especially when you have such a beautiful and caring Soul.
    I find is really sad when a person who has suffered in their own life then goes on to make others endure the same fate.
    There is far too much pain and suffering in the world...and we can only hope and pray that someday it will improve.
    I am so in awe of you, my friend, for finding within you the strength to fight for your rights. You are amazing!! :))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  10. It is good that you learned to relax your mind so you can sleep. You cannot take care of yourself or anyone else if you are not getting enough rest.

  11. Sleeping difficulties have been part of my life too. God has given me the means to sweep those thots away. Good post.


  12. I am sorry you had such hard times in your in-laws' house, baili. It is very, very hard to shut off our brain in order to sleep, but you found a way to do it, fortunately. I'm glad you sleep well now, as our bodies need sleep to repair our physical selves and make us ready for another day.

  13. I feel sorry with your "dark life" episode.
    But, at the end, you find happy life. Thanks God.

    Thank you for sharing your experience

  14. A heart warming post.

    Sleeping badly or sleeping difficulties are not good, I am so pleased you were able to overcome this.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  15. I love how you have learned to relax both physically and spiritually xx

  16. Sleep is so important for our health. I have had periods where I don't sleep enough due to stress and worry. Thankfully it is not regular. I find that reading helps me fall asleep. I read every night before I go to bed, even if it's only for a few minutes.

  17. Good for you! I'm proud of how you helped yourself! Getting good sleep is so important!! Big Hugs!

  18. You have such a good heart, Baili, that it's hard to imagine tht others could not see that, as we do. But then that is on them and not you. I also have had problems sleeping more than 6 hours and also could not take afternoon naps (and still do not). However, I am working on getting to bed a bit earlier and sleeping a bit later and trying not to have lots of things racing around in my head to prevent restful sleep. Thank you for sharing your story and how you are now able to get rest.

  19. Sorry to hear about those rough years. It is interesting how you thought about sleep when you were younger. I loved skeep when i was in my teens snd my twenties. I could not get enough of it. Now I do not get enough as life gets too busy. I know that this is not a good thing and that I need to get more.

  20. I am sorry you had to deal with all of these things, Baili, but I am glad that things are much better for you now. Insufficient sleep can indeed affect our health in many ways. Wishing you a happy week.


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