Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Walk On Murree Mall Road to Kashmir Point walk (final part)

Hello  Sweet   Friends!

Hope   and  pray   that  you  are  walking   smoothly  on  the  path  of  life   and  enjoying  all  the  ups   and   downs   in   the   way  :)

Diversity  is  the  only  thing  which  glorify  the  significance  of   life  and  it's  abrupt  changes !

Each  down   highlights   the  definition  of  Up!

After  crossing   each  obstacle  you   grab   "sense   of  Achievement"  which   was  unknown  to  you  before  encountering  that  obstacle !

God   is  Great  and  wise  of  all  in  this  whole  universe  ,so  we  should  not   doubt   his  love  for  his  creations !

He   put  reason  behind  each  single  thing  and  event !

Gave   us  ability  to  THINK  ,OBSERVE  and  Find  OUT  what  is  that!

And  then   try   to  understand  and  accept  it !

If  we   are  losing   our  way  it's  not  God's   fault !

As  he  blessed  us  with  power  of  "CHOICE"  

So   be   careful  while  planting  as  you  will  be  the  one  who  will  reap  it  afterwards!

Lovely  souls !

today  giving  you  some  more  glimpse  of  our  walk  from Mall road Murree to  Kashmir  point !

Our  destination  was  safari  train  station  where  we  enjoyed  the  weather  and  ride thoroughly!

Due  to  worse  performance   of  my  laptop  i  could  not  put  photos  in    correct  order  yet  hoping  you  will  like them! 

Away  from  same  and  busy  routine  of  life  we  enjoyed    time  together  and  made some  more beautiful   memories 

      weather  was  grey  and  there  was  light  rain   with  little  breaks 

I  took  this  shot  from  the  safari  train  station as  road   below  looked  so  charming in  rain 

When  we  reached  at  the  station  we  found  place  to  sit  after  quite  a  while  as  there  were  so  many  people 

  flower  rings  were  being  sold  and  many  young  ladies  ,little  girls  and  even some  of  my  age  had  wore  them  ,  as  it  was  cheerful  gesture  for  enjoying  the  moments  of  happiness!
I  wished  hubby  buy  it  for  me  but  he  did  not ,but  still  i  listened  to  my  heart  and  bought  one ,wore  it  for  while  and  then  gave  it  away  to  a  very  old  beggar  lady ,she  looked  surprised  but  i  saw  little glow  in  her  eyes  when i put  that  on  her  head ,her  wrinkled  face  smile  was  so  precious!

                   rain  made  that  trip  memorable as  i  love  rain

My  youngest  son  enjoyed  the  horse  ride  and  looked  so  enthusiastic 

Memories  are  butterflies  you  can  hold  them  with  you  forever  with  "click " on  right  time as  when   you  will  be  left  behind  with  empty  nest  it  will  be  the  pillar  to hold  you  upright 

Thank  God  that  hubby  is  has  job  in  education  department  where  two  months  vacations   give  us  chance  to  change  our  routine  for  while :)

long  walk  made  all  of  us  little  tired  and  more  hungry so  we  took  taxi  on   return to  get  quickly in  hotel

       this  is  main  gate  of  station  where  train  stands, it  gives  a  round  trip  of  highest  point  of  hill station

             When  we  were  close  to  Kashmir  point

            Captured   these  splendid  beauties  from  the  taxi 

   I  was  far  behind  due  to  taking  so  many  photos  sometime which  annoyed  hubby  and  kids

      a  young  lady   watook  shawl  when  it  rained  heavily

   Lots   of  umbrellas  were  displayed  for  who  want  protection  from  sudden rain

This  photo  belong  to  same  day  when  after  taking  rest  in  our  hotel  room  we  again  got  out  on  the  mall  road  in  evening  and  had  coffee  first  while  sitting  on  roadside  bench !

Hope  you  enjoyed  my  company  friends!

signing  off  by  saying  that  please  stay  strong  and  undefeated !

Your  Faith  in  your  Creator  is  your  Weapon  to  push  away  all  negative  that  comes  to  you !

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. New follower here. I really enjoyed your post. You had a message I really needed to hear. Thank you.

  2. Such a wonderful family excursion, Baili. You were making great memories for those empty nest days which are in your future.

  3. You look beautiful in your daisy flower head wreath! And how kind of you to pass it on to the old lady. I'm sure you made her day. Interesting photos, as always!

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely family walk!

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time making memories. I especially like the last picture where you and hubby are smiling!

  6. What a beautiful family trip,you look great ☺

  7. I enjoy your trips and hollidays. there's much to be learned about your country.

  8. I saw many loving pictures. Such a happy family. Your son looks dashing on the horse. Your husband looks proud of his family. You look so content being with them. You looked like a young girl with the flower ring in your hair. My heart opened to the warmth I felt when you gave it to the oler woman.

  9. Have not been here for rather a long time but I don't know how to explain, your words give me always inspiration and a good feeling.
    Great photos of your family walk too, so interesting to see other parts of the world, by the way the flower wreath you bought suits you beautifully, however, also very nice of you to pass it on to a beggar lady.

  10. How I am inspired by your tender spirit Baili. So glad you have had a nice time away.

  11. A very nice outing. I enjoyed the photos.

  12. Bonjour,

    Une superbe journée !... Il est bon de partager des moments en famille.
    J'adore votre couronne de fleurs... Quel bonheur sans doute d'apercevoir le sourire de la vieille dame à qui vous l'avez offerte.
    Il est l'heure de prendre le café ! Je le partage avec vous !

    Gros bisous 🌸

  13. Wow! I loved your photos and enjoyed this virtual tour with you and your family. Thank you!

  14. Another wonderful post. Holding on to memories is so important. In our times we have so many photographs which helps preserve and spur memories. I think thaf this is a really significant thing that previous generation did not have.

  15. This was a nice outing. Thank you for all the nice pictures. Thank you too for peeking on my blog and for your nice comment. I enjoy making food look pretty as well as tasty. So why not drizzle the mustard ribbon like ? Perhaps I should have gone to chef school. Speaking of school, as a teacher I also had summers off. Or I could work for extra money, I chose six weeks of each. Now I have all off, I'm retired.
    That was,a pretty flower ring, Mrs. Jim likes daisies also. It was so very nice of you to give it to the elderly lady.
    One last item, i am wondering if your taxi ride was taxi was an automobile or rickshaw type vehicle. I ridden both.

    1. Thank you dear Jim for kind words!

      Our taxi is more like normal car or you can say little smaller then that! but these are the typical yellow taxies
      now the rented rides are available online and they are of various categories from bike to luxurious huge corolla

      rickshaw is totally different and small ride my friend!

  16. Your witness of God's Greatness and His Faithfulness thrills me every time I read your blog!
    Photos are wonderful. My favorite is of your family under a tree made of roses (?) is so lovely.

  17. Such a lovely post, I enjoyed your photographs very much.
    You had a great family trip …
    The umbrellas looked so colourful and you look very nice wearing the flower crown.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. An absolutely wonderful post, Baili. My favorite thing? You gave the old woman the beautiful flower ring. That was the purpose of your purchase.
    God bless you...

  19. Lovely photos, baili! I always enjoy your posts! My mother was a teacher and it was always nice to have our summer vacation from school together.

  20. Thanks for taking me along. Nice that you guys have the longer summer giving you more time to travel. The flower ring looked good on you though I'm glad you gave it to the elderly lady. I'm thinking that your taxi may have been of the rickshaw type. Those are pleasant to ride in.

  21. Baili, you look beautiful with flower wreath on your head! It was a very nice gesture when you gave it to a very old beggar lady .

  22. Dear Baili, these are such beautiful, lovely photos! I'm sure you collected many wonderful memories this summer. I loved all of your photos... the rainy street, the horses, the umbrellas, your youngest son on the horse... and you are so sweet with that flower wreath on your head... :-) But my favourite is the last one... You look simply so happy... a tranquil moment at the end of a fantastic day… :-)
    I wish you a fabulous September! ♥

  23. How lovely! Spending time with family and creating memories is the greatest blessing. I love all those pretty umbrellas. They are so colourful.

  24. Such a sweet and happy posting of a family that cares for one another with much love.
    Beautiful photos...thank you so much for sharing them! I especially loved the rainbow of umbrellas~


  25. Great post! Very nice to see you and your family! The photos are lovely and very colorful! Thank you for sharing!

  26. Gorgeous photos my friend! You are such a beautiful woman! I love your flower ring! How special that you gave it to an older woman! Big Hugs!

  27. I am moved by your wise words at the beginning of you post :-)

    Lovely photos of you and your family, especially the photos of you and your hubby :-)

  28. It was wonderful to see these photos of you and your family, Baili. Despite the rainy weather, it seems you all enjoyed yourself, especially your son on the horse! Nice that you treated yourself to the lovely flower ring and even nicer that you then treated someone else to its beauty. As always, your words were beautiful.

  29. I love your daisy flower ring. You are already beautiful, and it looked so pretty on you. You are so sweet and generous to share it with another lady. That was very kind of you. I'm sure you made her day a happy one.
    Thank you for sharing these photos. I enjoyed seeing the places you visited.

  30. These are sweet pictures of you and your husband, Baili. You look pretty with the daisy head piece. You know, daisies remind me of my mom, who passed away years ago. I like how your hair is braided to the side, and I wear mine that way also. Those white horses are beauties. Such a cute picture of your son on the white horse. Thank you for sharing your photos of the special day spent with your family, Baili.



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