Sunday, September 23, 2018

Chair Lift Fun In Murree Hill Station And Walk On Highest Point Of Hill Station

Hello  dear  friends !

Hope  and  pray  that  all  is  going  wonderful   in  your  amazing  world  where  you  breath   with  your   beautiful  and  optimistic  attitude :)

Sorry  for not  being  around  for  while  as  due  to  religious  vacations  hubby  and  kids  were  at  home  and  i   could  not  motivate  myself   to  for  blogging  as  i  literally  starve  for  such  days  when  i  can  have  them  all  with  me  but  believe  me  that  you   were    always  in  my  mind  !

Last  day  received   call  from  my  cousin  (daughter  of  aunt who  is  sister  of  my  late  father)  that   my  aunt  is  not  well  and  hospitalized   .

She  is  almost  70  years  old  and  mostly  on  bed  look  after   by  her  daughter  in  law  inspite  of  having  3  daughters  as  they  live  away  from  her  just  like  i  was  in  another  city  far  from  my  native  home  where  my  parents  died   in  my  absence!

Please  pray  for  her  health! 

We  are  going  to  see  her  so  leaving    you   with  some   pics   from  our  chair  lift  ride  in  murree  hill  station    that  after  25  minutes  left  us  on  highest  point  of hill from   where  view  was  breath  taking  though  walk  upwards  was  tiring  due  to  cool  weather  and  my  joint  pain .Hope  you  will  like  them  .

this  pic  is  taken  by photographer  who  were  in  abundance  and  offering  services  for  200 rupees  for  each pic 

i have  reached  higher  than  that  but  only  in  my  dreams ,but  being  on  height  with  life  partner  is  extraterrestrial  feeling :)

So  many  chair  lifts  were  passing  by  and  it  was  nice  to  see  people  free from  all  worries  belong  to  ground  realities!

                           A  strange  but  attractive  design  below stole  my  attention

passing  by  cable  cars which  brought  us  back  when  we  visited  the  hill  top and  spent  two  hours  there which  seemed  too  short

i  captured  the  moment  while  returning  in  cable  car 

                        Roads  were  tied  with  the  hill  like  a  beautiful  ribbon

When  we  got  down  from  chair  lifts   found   the   long  way  leading  to  top   of  the  hill    which    was   covered  with  heavy  thick  woods  

Entrance  to the  long  way  in  upper  photo ,sorry  for  improper  order  as  my  laptop  is  taking  it's  last  breath  i  guess and  not  processing   to  any  of  my  direction  correctly

My   younger   son  was  excited  but  little  annoyed  with  our  slow  walk  which  was  quite  hard  for  us 

Top   of  the  hill  was   so  airy   and  we  almost  fell  over  the  rocks  as  we  were  so  tired  after  one  and  half  hour  upward  and  tough  walk ,now i  know  what   people  must  feel  when  they  reach  on  the  top  of  K.2  or  mount  Everest 

Roots   are  like   strong  relationships   which   make  way   to  our  heart  and  soul  and   produce   a  sublime  plant   of  love  and  bonding!

                  Lovely  flowers  and  gifts  shops  were  also  there  to  attract  people


After  exhausting  walk  we  entered  the  hotel  to  make  our  bellies  happy  .pic  is  taken  from   hotel  window 

   During  walk  we  stopped  to  balance  our  breaths ,my  yoga  exercise  helped  me  to  stay  little  calm  though

 I  always  smile  when  somebody  take  pic  because  i  want  to  see  myself  like  this  no  matter  what  happens!  I  imagine  that  it's  not  lens  it's  my  own  eyes  i  am  peeking  in  and  energizing my  soul!

Beautiful trails  were  asking  for  attention each  moment ,missed  my  eldest  son  each  step!

This  pic  is  also  when  we  entered  in  the  hill  park  after  landing  from  chair  lifts

Hot  tea  refreshed  our  minds  and  returning  journey  was  easy  like  slope  we  slipped!


  1. Sending best wishes to your cousin. Enjoyed your colourful photos today!

  2. It looks like your family had a great time at the chair lift.

  3. These are wonderfully beautiful Photos!!!
    I feel as if I am there!
    I am afraid of heights so I like seeing these pictures while my feet are planted on the ground :)
    Your youngest son will understand some day about being older and moving slower ~


  4. The scenery is so pretty. My children become aggravated with me when I walk slower too. Part of it is because of age, part is that I was never a fast walker, and part is because I try to see everything around me.

  5. Oh, Baili, I am sending all best wishes to your cousin. I hope everything turns out okay.

    Thank you for sharing these fun photos! What a fun time for all. Hope you got some good rest after all this activity.

  6. Thank you for sharing your latest adventure, Baili! I can appreciate your thrill with the lift. The sights are just breathtaking! I bet everyone slept well after the excursion.
    Healing thoughts and prayers for your cousin. May she be well very soon.

  7. I have never ridden on a chair lift, Baili, so many thanks for sharing these photos. I would also have been exhausted after such a long walk to the top, but the views were well worth the effort.

  8. Great photos, Baili. I love the glimpses you give of your life on your blog.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the first one.

  10. I suffer from vertigo.
    Just looking at this pictures is difficult for me.
    Have a great week.

  11. Excelente reportagem fotográfica com a sua bonita família.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  12. Thank you so much for stopping by my little old blog. It was much appreciated! You have such a beautiful family, my friend!! Lovely photos!! :)

    Blessings, Kim

  13. Dear Baili, thank you for taking me with you on this exciting adventure up the mountain through forest and fog. Your attitude toward life, Baili, is one of wonder and it always enlightens my spirits. Thank you. Peace.

  14. I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs here, and goodness me you were up so high.
    Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your cousin …

    All the best Jan

  15. Baili, I hope your aunt's health improves. It is such a worry to have a loved one in poor health. I'll be thinking of her and all of you.

    Your middle son has gotten so tall since we last saw him! What a change; he is looking so much older.

    Lovely pictures . . . so much beauty in your country. I commend you for your hike; I could not have done it!

    Safe travels as you visit your aunt and cousin.

  16. I'm glad you all had such a great time.

  17. Your photos are beautiful and it looks like everyone was having so much fun.

    Having an ill family member is a difficult thing for the entire family. I sincerely hope your aunt has a speedy recovery.

  18. That tough walk uphill was rewarded by the wonderful view and the satisfaction that you made it. I'm always fond of your beautiful writing and the colourful pictures of your country.
    I send you hope, prayers and best wishes for your cousin.

  19. I am sending the best of wishes for your cousin!
    Thank you for all the wonderful photos! Really loved them!
    big Hugs and please take care!

  20. Oh my that looks very high up and you must have felt great to know you made it up there with all that climbing you did also. I am nervous about heights myself. Looks like a beautiful area and so nice you were able to do it with your boys also.

  21. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'imagine la "grimpette" !... mais un souvenir magnifique. J'adore ce genre de promenade en pleine nature. Je suis certaine que mon compagnon dalmatien aurait aimé partager votre escapade !
    Vos photos sont merveilleuses. Une journée où vos enfants ont pu prendre part à cette balade restera inoubliable. Il faut profiter de ces moments précieux. Les enfants grandissent tellement vite et ils nous échappent aussi vite !
    Je souhaite un prompt rétablissement à votre tante.

    Gros bisous et merci pour votre gentil passage sur mon blog.

  22. I was entranced by the images in your photo essay. This looks like a wonderful place to go.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  23. What handsome sons you have. I enjoyed seeing your the photos of your trip up the mountain. Beautiful!

  24. Dearest Baili...oh thank you so much for sharing your amazing trip with us!
    These stunning photos...oh WOW...I so want to be there too and experience the wonderful atmosphere!!
    Yes, entrancing indeed...:))

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  25. Prayers for improvement in your aunt's health, dear Baili. I enjoyed your photos. I'm glad you enjoyed the chair lift ride. That would have been a long and difficult walk for me as I have trouble with arthritis in my knees. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your family, although I know you were also missing your other son.

  26. I'm so glad you got to spend this special time with your family, you all look so happy. I hope your aunt is improving.

  27. What a beautiful day to spend with your son! Such wondrous views and vistas to see! I can imagine how difficult the climb was uphill for you, here in the mountains when I hike, it really is exhausting to climb the hills! Glad that you had such a lovely day together though. I am so sorry about your aunt! Prayers and hugs :)


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