Friday, September 7, 2018

Munich Museum Visit By my Son!

Hey  precious  Hearts!

Hope  and  pray   that  you   are   trying  your   best  to  

 decorate   the  museum   of   your  life   with    all   good  and  

 pleasant   stuff    inspite   of   all  the  disturbance   that   surround  you  time  by  time!

Yes  life  is  allotted  to   us  like  a  unique  museum !

 with   task   to  decorate  it   with   our   strongest   wish   to  do   "good"  in  life  and  then  display  it  as  set  example  for  others .

 Then  leave   behind   our   thoughts  ,perceptions  ,attitudes

  ,gains  and  losses    on  the  walls  and  in  the  halls  of  

museum  as  our   memories   for  future  generations!

So   they  can  see   and  observe  our  outlook  and  learn  about  our  mistakes  or  achievements !

To  me   best   person   is,

  who  is  appreciated  in  his  absence!

Therefore    we  should   try  to  make  life  easy  and  beautiful  not  only  for  ourselves  but  for  around  us !

So  we  can  be  memorized  in  good  words  by  others  when  we  do  not  exist  (physically) anymore!

Today  sharing  some  interesting  photos  sent  by  my  eldest

  son  when  he  walked  through  beautiful    trails  and  

visited  a  huge  museum  not  much  far  from  his  area!

Museum  was  HUGE   and   divided  in  many  sections  and  

my  son had  little  time  so  could  visit  only  one  section !

hope  you  will  enjoy  the  peek:)

sorry  that  i  forgot  the name  of  museum so  cannot  share right  now .

loved  the  combination  of  blue  sky  and  green  shade  of  water  here

Europe  is  famous  for  it's  unique  architecture  which  attracts  visitors greatly

                 I  don't  know  this  interesting  looking  machinery  and  it's  use

                                                     Looks  like  very  powerful  antenna

                                                      an  attractive  stand  of  globe 

i  wish  i  could  read  the  German  ,yet  i  believe  this  is  robot with  certain  aim

If  the  dress  was  not  torn  by  the  artist  lady   could  look  more  elegant  and  decent  !

                                                    Aero plane  from  early  times  i  guess

                                                           Loved   this  wooden  ship

                                            Quite  old  art  looks  really  impressive

               So  pretty  and  so  lovely ,no  art  can  compete with  nature 

                        must  be  dangerous  insect  as  it  is  armed  with  natural  weapons

                            must  be  interesting  knowledge displayed  about  these  creatures

                        Sky  's  whispers  to  water  are  floating  in  the  heart  of  canal

                                                 Nice  statue  of  national  hero  may  be

My  son  sent  me  this  selfie  on  my  request  2  days  ago and  tears  of  gratitude  roll  down  from  my  eyes !!!

We  mothers  are so  weird  sometimes  arn;t we?

Beautiful   people  keep  taking care  of  yourself  !

stay   strong  because  you  are  born  to  solve  the  puzzles  of  life  and  to  defeat  the  all  difficulties  that  underestimate  your  faith  and  strength!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Great pictures. I love museums of all kinds. When we have left this world our legacy is like a museum. Hopefully more good then bad is left on display!

  2. That museum seems to have a little bit of "everything," doesn't it!

  3. Tell him to keep sending those selfies, enjoyed this lovely tour of the museum, interesting pictures.

  4. We mothers give so much of our hearts to our kids yet the go on their way, as they are suppose to, and break our hearts just a little as they go.

  5. Beautiful post! The words...perfection!
    The photos exquisite!
    I fell in love with that Globe and gorgeous stand!
    What a beautiful family you all are~


  6. Dear Baili, I so liked your words when you said "sky's whispers to water" that is such a lovely idea. All of us have seen in water the reflection of sky and cloud, but never did I think of it in this way. Thank you so much for these words.

    And thank you also for the lovely photographs of the town and museum and the artifacts and also your son. All treasures. Peace.

  7. Your son's appreciation of the museum is displayed. Nice pictures. His selfie reminds me that only a few short years ago he was a child. Now he is a man.

  8. Baili - thank you for sharing your gorgeous pictures. Lovely post and your son is so handsome. I am sure that you are very proud of him. Have a beautiful weekend.

  9. How lovely to see pictures of the museum, and that's a great selfie.
    Blessings to you Baili

    All the best Jan

  10. a lot of fabulous spots to see!

  11. Looks like a wonderful museum. And how nice the way technology and social media allow you to keep in touch with your son when you must miss him so.

  12. Such a handsome son, and it's thrilling to see all the pics he shared of his adventures. Almost like being there to experience the magic! Hugs and Smiles to you! RO

  13. "We mothers are so weird sometimes arn't we?" HAHA! Yes, we certainly can be :)

    What a lovely way to spend time. And how wonderful that your son shares his adventures with you!

  14. Your son took great photos, Baili! Thank you for sharing them. This museum looks very interesting. :-)
    Have a lovely week! Hugs!

  15. Your comparison -- of our lives and what we leave behind, to a museum for future generations -- is a wonderful and thought-provoking one, baili.

    That looks like a marvellous museum of all kinds of things! Sometimes there is so much to see and too little time to see it all, again just like life.

    I'm so glad your son lovingly fulfills your requests for pictures of himself. It's not too long until you will see him in person, my friend. Hold tightly to that thought!

  16. Art is interesting and inspiring but as you say nothing can compare to nature.

    Lovely selfie from your son :-)

  17. Spento good times and have good memories of the place.
    Have a great week!

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    Your blog have nice information, I got good idea from this amazing blog.
    I am always searching like this type blog post. I hope I will see again…

  19. Achei muito interessante a comparação da nossa vida a um museu…
    As fotografias que o seu filho le enviou são muito interessantes. E gostei de o ver na fotografia. É um belo rapaz.
    Uma boa semana.

  20. Hello Baili, it has been some time since I have last visited and read your blog because of our extended road trip. Se always enjoy going to museums of any type on our travels, so it was great to see these photos from your son. I always have trouble remembering everything we've seen so no worries about not knowing what was shown in the photos. Nice to see your son at the end as well. And, as always, your words were beautiful, my blogger friend.

  21. That museum must have many exhibits of great variety on display. Nice pictures. So sweet of your son to send you the selfie you requested. He is smiling just for you in that picture. We mothers appreciate such things. I completely understand. :-)

  22. Baili, this museum is very interesting and filled with many old items. I really liked the globe and stand. I've never seen one quite like it before. Wow, look at the planes from long ago. The canal looks peaceful and a place to stop and rest. It's so nice that your son sends you pictures of places he visits and of himself. Us moms love photos of our kids to see the sweet faces that we miss dearly.


  23. Love the museum! Your son is so cute! Big Hugs my friend!

  24. An interesting post. You should go visit your son soon!


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