Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Shopping From Antique Shop In Islamabad

Hello   Precious  Friends !

Hope   and   pray  that   you   are  enjoying   your  wandering   in  the   market  of  the  world  and  choosing  carefully  what  you 


and   avoiding   successfully   what  is  unnecessary  to  you !

Shopping  is  NEED  for   people   who   have  limited  money   in  hand    yet   know so  well  


they   consider   their   money   a  "Shelter "  which   protects   them  from  harmful seasonal  effects  of  life! 

Shopping   is  Torture   for  those   who   have  NO   CONTROL   OVER   THEIR    Wishes   and   wild   DESIRES  and   always  FEEL   SO   LESS  AND  HELPLESS  when  they   come  to  shop!

Shopping  is  FUN   FOR  THOSE  WHO  HAVE   EXTRA  OR  UNLIMITED  MONEY  and  find   it  an  exhaust  fan   which   releases  their   negative   energy 

Sharing  some  stuff that  i  bought  during  our  recent  previous  visit  to  Islamabad ,hope  you  will  like  it,

I  don't  know  when  i will be  able  to  read  them  yet  i  found  these  books  appealing  ,2 are  novels  and  one  is  about  gardening 

                      Loved  this  painting  which  has  decorating  theme with  lovely  colors

This  one  is  most  favorite due  to  it's theme of "relaxation"  which  is lacking  in my  busy life  right  now 

Found   this  painting  fascinating  ,talkative  and  gloomy ,ruins  and  sunset are telling  the s story  of  life  and  time !

I  found  myself  hidden  inside  this  little  girl  waiting  for  her  father  ,holding  candle  which   reflects  hope  faith  and  little  bit  of   fear 

Though  painting  has sadness  of  disappointing   waiting  night   with  off  candle  tired  closed  eyes  yet  it  has   delicacy  of  love   with  hug  of  teddy  bear   

This  beautiful  valley  reminds  me  my  native  lashing  village :) 

whenever  i  look  at  this   i  remember  my  childhood  enchanting  days 

shopkeeper  was  giving  me  exactly  same  vase  in  600  rupees  but  i  bought  this  one  with  very  minor  defect  in  200  rupees 

                                 This  one  is  not  from  antique  shop  

                                       Graceful  lady  from  village  and  with   farming  stuff

                                                        Choice   of  my  youngest   son :)

                       very  much  liked  by  my  heart  an  old   wise   sweet  and  kind  lady :)

you  can  call me  Mad  for blue  so  i  bought  this  wondering  lady 

          We   all  Loved  this  cute  little   hard   working   boy 

                                                   Hubby  's  choice  ,i  find  it  nice  too

Since  we  are  back  we  are  so  much  busy  as  kids  studies  have  started  and  monthly  tests  of  youngest   son   keep  e  busy  with  him  in  my free  times 

we have  also  bought   a brand new Samsung  bigger  t.v of  50 inches  to   amuse  our  weaker  eyes  few  days  ago from Sukkur.  Our  previous one was 24 inches .

i  will  buy  flowers  for  my  vases  in  my  next  visit  to  sukkur  city ,though  i  hung  the  paintings  .

next  month  i  will  also  visit  my  doctor  for  throat   bleeding  which  is  quite   better   and  reduced  to  almost  nothing  but   hubby  is  not  satisfied  with  occasional  less  bleeding  specially   when  we  eat  outside  or  fried  stuff.

weather   has  started  to  be  little  kind  and  air  is  singing  the  songs  about  coming  autumn which   hurt  my  neem  tree  and  he  drops  some  orange tears :(

Life  goes  on  and  until  we  breath   each  moment  is  gift  ,which  we  should  not  only  accept  it    but embrace  it  cheerfully :)

God  Bless  You  All!!!  


  1. Some nice finds! And you'll enjoy that much bigger TV -- so easy to see!

  2. Some very nice acquisitions. I love to my used books. I also like to explore used bookstores. I highly recamend Thomas Hardy’s Far From The Madding Crowd. I am currently reading his Return of the Native.

  3. So many lovely additions to your collection. May you enjoy them in good health and happiness.

  4. Little girl with candle is my favorite.

  5. What fun to see your "finds" Baili and sure they will find a wonderful new life within your home. I also prefer to buy recycled books because so many are deserving of another read. Your introductory observations on how different people regard shopping was very interesting. I enjoy shopping but get more excited about used items rather than new. That said, your larger new TV does sound like it will bring your family much pleasure.

  6. Wonderful fun you had shopping, thanks for sharing! The books look interesting.

  7. Your choices are perfect. My favorites would be the 2 quaint villages.

  8. Estimada amiga, menuda compra has hecho, todo muy bonito aunque me gustaría destacar esas novelas y revista, ya que soy un amante y coleccionista de prensa y libros viejos.
    Cuídate esa garganta y ten cuidado de no caer en el consumismo, tan habitual por estas tierras y de la que la televisión tiene mucha culpa, con tantos anuncios publicitarios.
    Un cordial saludo para toda la familia.

  9. I like your artistic choices. The vases really caught my eye.

  10. You have got some very nice finds there … enjoy them.

    All the best Jan

  11. What a wonderful treasure hunt...beautiful!!!
    Used books are fantastic deals. You can almost tell how good they by their condition. Dog-eared pages usually mean that they have been read many times so they must be interesting to read!

    Hugs Baili❤

  12. Those are such pretty items! It's always fun to find treasures in those shops.

    You will love having a big TV. So much easier to see as we get older :)

  13. You did have fun lots of lovely things there, I saw the movie Far from the madding crowd many years ago when I was a teenager and have the book somewhere but never got around to reading it.
    Love the pictures.

  14. I love all the paintings you have chosen. They all have their individual stories to tell :-)

  15. You have some nice "companions" there to think about now, and I hope you succeed in the organic gardening. I'm glad about the improvement in throat bleeding and the new TV sounds terrific! Enjoy the weeks ahead with your new possessions, my friend!

  16. So glad you shared your wonderful finds, Baili. I have a feeling the "hunt" was lots of fun.
    Prayers for your throat condition - that it be reduced to absolutely nothing, that it be gone by the time you return to the doctor.
    God bless you.

  17. You will enjoy the larger TV very much. Thanks for sharing your shopping.

  18. I love antiques.
    And have a lot.
    Watches, jewellery, books, paintings, pottery,...
    Here and in Portugal.

  19. It is interesting to see what draws other people's attention in a store. We are all different with different tastes! I do like your vases as I seem to be attracted to all kinds of vases even though I rarely have flowers in them.

    I hope your throat continues to improve, baili. Good luck at your doctor visit.

  20. i just love reading your posts, dearest Baili! thank you for sharing these interesting to see what shopping looks like for others! you have some great finds there! all my love to you...<3

  21. How lovely to see the things you chose at the antique shops, the painting that reminds you of your village looks like it might be a Constable. I love farm scenes. I am worried your throat is still not completely better so hope you will see your doctor and resolve.

  22. You got some very special things! All very beautiful! Have fun with your books! Please take care of your throat! Big Hugs!

  23. What lovely treasures you got! My favourites are the books, and the painting of the little house with the horse drawn hay-wagon and the ducks. :-)
    Have a cheerful weekend, my friend! Enjoy your new TV! :-) Hugs!

  24. well written with a lot of beautiful pictures.
    have a great day

  25. I love the paintings and the pretty vases that you chose. Thank you for sharing your photos. I hope your throat feels better soon and that the doctor is able to help you. I'm behind reading blogs, but I am getting caught up now finally. Wishing you a happy weekend, my friend! :-)

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