Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Afraid Of Being Alone ?

 Hey   Blessed   Souls!

Hope   you  are  fighting   the  battle  of  life  from  all  borders    with  surprising   bravery   and   inspiring   courage!


Believe  it  or  not  YOU  REALLY   ARE !!!

I  am  sure  you  never  ever  doubted  about  the  love  of  your  creator  for  you!

Who  made  you  perfectly   for  this  battle!

Blessed   you  with  complete  physical   and  mental   health  to   fight  it   and  SURVIVE!

Gave   you  understanding   of   correct   and   incorrect   way   to   your   destination!

And   put   you  in   the  GAME   OF  LIFE  TO  PLAY!

Left   the   choice  upon  you  whether  you  play  it  fairly  or  cheat!

You  play   with  your  own  options ,

Sometime  you  win  

Sometime  you  loose!

Each   Make  You  Learn According  to  Your  Own   Attitude   towards  this  game!

Your  learning  make  you  better   and  sometime  even  worse ,depends  upon  your  own  attitude  as  you  know!

While   playing   you  are  equipped   with  all   necessary   weapons  such   as  POWER  OF  BODY  AND  BRILLIANCE  OF  BRAIN!

IF  You  Have   all  the   strength   and  tricks

   And  still   stick  with   rules

 This  means ,


Your   strength   has  eternal   source  

And  this  Source  is  one   and   only   "  THE   FAITH" 

You   Somehow   believe  inside   that   your  Creator   created   you  with   this  promise   


And   this  main   basic   faith   strengthen   your  

                         FAITH   UPON  YOU!

  which   we   usually   call  self   confidence !

You   Feel   Blessed   and  STRONG   because  you  had   Someone    undefeatable   and   eternal   BESIDE   You !

Sense   of  HIS    closeness   do  not  let   you  feel     as   weak   or  trivial    so   you   can   try   to   hurt  others  physically    or  mentally !

You   Believe   in   forgiveness   and   giving  others  benefit  of  doubts !

If   you  have  power   to   control   or  hurt    people   and  still   you   do   not   do  this   ,


You  are   Strong   when   you   turn  your   anger   into   your  

                                         " inner  strength"

And   create   something   productive  with  it  rather  than  waste   it  in  the  flow  of  loud   hurtful   shouts  which  can  bring  only   more  complications  to  your  life !

You   are   Beautiful   when   you   invest   your  energy   in  things   that  not   only  please   you ,  but   help  other  in  lifting  their   thoughts  up!

You   Are   Precious   when  you  give   away   something  which  is  dear  to  you   though,  but  not  more  needed  than  one  to  whom  you  gave!

You  Are  SWEET  when   you   try   to  be  polite   to  whom  you  even  don't   want  to  look  around !

You  are  WISE   when  you  let  go   pain   caused  by   people   you  love   and  understand   the   ACTUAL  reason  behind  their   behavior!

You   are   Kind  when   you  smile   to  one  who  you  may  be  not  know   but  realize   her  or  his  need   for  positive  energy!

You   are   WONDERFUL   when  you  donate   some   portion  of  your  grace   and   love  to  your  own  self !

Sit   calmly  just  with  you ,listen   to  your   body  and  mind  
carefully   and   

harmonize   all  the  tangled   energy   here  and  there   in  the  corners   of  your  being!

Mould    them   in  a   BEAUTIFUL   Well   Organized    stuff   and   enjoy   the   song   of   harmony  from  your                                            
                             " nurtured   existence"

You  do  this   so   amazingly   because   you  are  strong!

You   are  making   your  existence  SUCCESSFUL !!!

  And  this  is   a marvelous   Victory   against   odds   that   take  you  light :)

Precious   friends  my  last  post   was  just  question  which  sprang  up  in  my  mind  first   when  my  parents   left  this  world  and  i   realized   slow   but  strong   changes  in  myself  physically  and  mentally!

I  am realizing   that  though  my  love  and enthusiasm    for  life   still  exist    somewhere    in  me 

 but   i  am  loosing   the  same  old   sense  of  excitement  anyhow   which   hurt  me   sometimes

   specially  when  i  suddenly   be  quite  after  my  laughter   and  feel   i  did  not   have  any  remaining  joy  of  that  laughter   withing  me  even  after  second !

Since   i  start  to  realize  that  i  can  think,  i  only  thought  about  life  with  my  loved   ones !

I  feel   death   will   drag   me  quickly   if  i  will  have  to  be  "ALONE"!

And  i   will  be  happy  with  this  too!

Am   i  not  strong?  as  i  am  afraid  of  being  alone????????????????????????

Love   you  all!

Please  stay  happy  and  positive  and  keep  eye  on  filled  part  of  the  glass!

God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Your thoughts have been shared by many in their lives and will continue to happen to others as they go through each day.
    When I and my husband lost our parents our lives have never been the same. We continue to love, to live. But a piece is missing from our lives that gave us comfort. We are now that comfort to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Life continues and so must we. Life is a gift from God.

    Beautiful and touching post 💮

    1. Dear Jan I can't explain emotions that I am dealing since I saw the loneliness and helplessness of my parents as I was not with them in their last days of life !

      No matter how optimistic and positive I am I can't pull this painful thought from my head that I could not do what I should when they needed me most!

      I am living two lives right now to be honest.
      One is really happy and contented with deep sense of gratitude
      And on the other hand guilt is poking me constantly!

      I realise sometimes that I am ready to die happily just avoid that guilt!

    2. Jan, you said this so beautifully!
      Sending you strength and happiness my friend! Big Hugs and good health!

  2. Wishing you strength and happiness. Many hugs!

  3. Hi Baili, your post was very uplifting to read, thank you! xx Beautiful photo! :)

  4. That was very inspiring, love the message and your spirit☺☺

  5. A most touching post Baili.

    I also read through the comments and agreed with Jan's words …
    'Life continues and so must we ' and we must!
    Sometimes our path is not easy and we draw on an inner strength to continue along our path …
    God bless

    All the best Jan

  6. Being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. The love for life that you exhibit shows that you will never be truly alone. You have your faith and you have the love you carry from all those who have ever loved you. Even your laughter lives on. It makes anyone who hears your joy will feel a bit happier too. You are but the pebble that hits the water and sends out all those beautiful ripples.

  7. This was an uplifting post. Thanks. Beautiful photos.

  8. Baili, this is a very positive and genuine post to read. Your thoughts are sincere and kind. Like you, both of my parents are not in this world, but they are with me always in my heart, and that comforts me. Love this picture of you, dear Baili, and your sweet smile. : )


  9. May you be strong Baili to overcome things that comes with life. Your words are words of someone who is strong. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Beautiful and inspiring, Baili! Thank you for sharing xo

  11. Being alone is sometimes necessary for our mental health.

  12. Thank you for your lovely post. And that photo of you is beautiful! xo

  13. Jan says it so well, I agree with him.

    A big hug!

  14. An energy-recharging post. If we can follow or at least a few, we are winners. Thought-emerging and thought provoking post.

  15. Wonderful inspiration in your words, dear Baili. Attitude really is the key to it all, isn't it.


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