Monday, May 28, 2018

Holiday Fun Islamabad And Missing My Eldest Baby !

Hello    Precious   Hearts!

Hope   and   pray  that  all  of  you  are   enjoying   the  new   phase   of   weather   as   spell  of   ice   has   broken   and  land   is   smiling   cheerfully  with   delightful   colours   and   soothing   fragrance!

Feeling  sorry  and  praying    for  state   Maryland  where   heavy  rains  are  causing   problems   to  inhabitants  and  storms  are   expected  in  different  states  also!

Life  is  full  of   such   shocks   which  we  have  to  not  only  bear  patiently  but  must  learn  from  them   to   make  damage  less   than  before .

And  moved   forward   wisely  with  all  the  strength  of  Faith   and  Positive  energy    given   by   bleesings  we   used  to  have  meanwhile  :)

Today   this  is  almost  one  week  we   are  in   Islamabad .As    compare   to   city   we  left  behind  (khairpur)   temps  are   quite  mild  here   less  than  40  not  bad  for  us  who  came  from  southern  part   where  temps  are  above  50.

We   are   living  in  the   rented   flat   situated  on  3rd   floor  of  the  building   ,we  visit  almost  everyday   somewhere  and  enjoy  the  beauty  and   wonderful   pleasant  environment  of  the  capital !

But   not   for   single  moment   we  stopped  missing  my  eldest   son  .By   the  grace  of  God  he  is  in  more   beautiful   country  and  and  enjoying   better  weather  these   days  still   our  hearts   miss   those   vacations  when  he  was  with  us  in  our  chattings   ,fun  and  enjoyments!

view  from  balcony  where   me  hubby  enjoy our  long   conversations  over   evening  tea   ,yes  there  is  traffic  noise  but  once  we  indulge  in  topics  , we  hear   nothing  but  only  each  other  :)

this  is  month  of  Ramadan  until  18  or  17  July  so  people  like  me  can  enjoy  the  calmer   visits   to  less  crowdy  places  which   in  normal  days  are  flooded  with  visitors 

we  had  to  cross  this  iron  flyover bridge  to  reach  beautiful  picnic  point  SHAKAR  PARYAN  which  means  SWEET  HILLS!

sun  was  about  to  set  out , Fasting  time  was  about  to  be  over  after  sunset  so  many   people   were  heading  to  the  hill  park  hurriedly

         these  lovely  flowers  were  in  abundance  on  the  way 

after  crossing  the  bridge  we  had  to  walk  through   the  woods  ,this  path  is  short cut  to  enter  the  park

though  we  were  little  scared   of  some  wild  animals  i  manged  to  take  this  quick  shot 

when  we  get  in  the  park  sun  was  set  already ,i  LOVED  the  stillness  and  serenity  of  the  place  which  was  never  possible  in  other  days  as  before  or  after  ramadan

many  vehicles  were  parked beside  the  park  road  which  showed  that   many  people  were   gathered   for  breaking  their  fast  in  restaurant  ,many  brought  their  meal  with  them  from  home 

      beside  the  road  there  were   beautiful  flowering  trees 

 Restaurant  was  almost  full  with  people , though  many   people   were  sitting  here  and  there  with  personal  meals 

my  younger  son  kept  reminding  us  to  be  fast   so  can   go  to  visit   AABPARA  market  afterwards 

 both   brothers   were  excited  to  visit  there  favorite  ice cream  parlor in   market 

 Almost  more  than  200  feet  above  from  city  ,gives  quite   a  breathtaking view of  part  of  city  below 

sorry  my  phone  camera  is  unable  to  deliver  the  true  beauty  of  this  view 

                     when  we  left  it  was  almost  8pm and  night  was  falling

we  enjoyed  this  visit  but  missed  my  eldest  son  all  time!

Take  great  care   lovely  people  

see  you  soon  hopefully!

stay  blessed  with  faith  and  strength  which  comes  from  positive  way  of  thinking !

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Bonsoir,

    Une très jolie publication... Merci pour le partage.

    gros bisous

  2. What a lovely holiday so far, beautiful photos!

  3. Lovely photos of your family and the flowers and the area where you are visiting! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation there. I can understand why you would miss your oldest son too, but it is good he has the opportunity to be where he is also.

  4. Dearest I feel for you...missing your son so much.
    I vividly remember our first holiday without my son. It felt like my heart would break!
    Those photos are brilliant!
    We are fortunate with the weather here at present too. We are currently staying in our RV, and it is really hot (for UK)!
    Last night we had so fierce an electrical storm that I honestly thought we wouldn't survive it! The lightening was jumping from cloud to cloud all around us in a circle. How it missed striking us, I can only imagine! Lol

    Have a great day!😊😊

    Big hugs xoxoxo

  5. I must say you are a lovely woman with a lovely family. I like the colorful pictures of Islamabad. When you spoke of breaking fast it reminded me of a friend of my husband. He had come to visit one day. They were outside talking when he took a drink of their coffee. He quickly spit his out. He had forgotten that it was Ramadan and he could not have anything by mouth until time to break fast. He hoped he was okay by spitting it out.

    1. thank you dear emma for sweet kind words and for sharing your observation !

      yes really few times in life but it happened to me (in youth) also specially in early days of ramadan when we were not habitual of new routine
      but according to our Kind God and Messenger
      "GOD KNOWS OUR WILLS AND INTENTIONS" he never punishes us for what we are not responsible with our unconscious mistakes

  6. What beautiful flowers and flowering trees in the park! I hope the boys enjoyed their ice cream later.

  7. We learn to live but always miss our children as they move forward with their lives.

  8. I love your pink outfit!

    Thanks for sharing these. I feel like I went on a trip. :)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Great pictures. I am glad to hear that you are on vacation and that you are in milder weather.

    It has finally warmed up here in New York but it is still pleasant.,

  11. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family day, Baili. Lovely, lovely photos. All that and ice cream, too!

  12. Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing these with us.
    I'm so happy about you finding my blog, so that I could find yours.

    Take care and keep posting.

  13. It's not the same.
    We went on holidays two times without my older daughter.
    It's not the same, there's always the feeling someone is missing.
    And, even not wanting it, we end up asking for a table for...four.
    Have a great week!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful time! I always enjoy when you share images of your part of the world.

    "but once we indulge in topics , we hear nothing but only each other" I love that! You shut out of the world and just enjoy the time together.

    Sending you hugs for your aching heart. I'm sure your son misses you too! xo

  15. You have such a beautiful family, love the pics, Happy Ramadan☺☺

  16. Gracias por compartir vuestra vida cotidiana desde un país tan alejado de mi tierra; además, veo que sois una familia normal que disfruta con sus seres queridos, de paseos, almuerzos, etc. igual que hacemos por aquí.
    En la tierra donde vivo, Sevilla, en estas próximas fechas también superamos los 40º de temperatura durante casi cinco meses, que es mucho calor pero, ya estamos acostumbrado a ello.
    Un abrazo, y a seguir disfrutando de la familia, que es lo importante.

  17. Yes, I can understand you missing your eldest son ...

    I enjoyed your post and seeing all of your photographs.
    Lovely to see you, your husband and sons.
    The flowers in the pictures were so colourful too.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  18. So wonderful to see your photos, they are lovely..
    It's always good to be in a different place and experience it..

  19. Seems you spent a very fun full time... nice pictures...

  20. What a nice change from ordinary life, the park looks beautiful. I might be a little scared of animals after dark too. I am sure your son is having a good time and will be thinking about you too.

  21. Thank you, Baili, for sharing your holiday with us. I enjoyed seeing the photos of you, your husband and sons and know that you are missing your eldest son as well. Yes, the rains that devastated the Maryland city were sad and it makes me think of places that could use even a little bit and then other places are destroyed by so much at once.

  22. Bless you Baili, You have such a gentle appreciation of all that is around you :) I am so sorry you missed your son so much, from one mother to another I totally would feel the same. Your younger boys though are sweet and understandably anxious to enjoy some food after fasting! I have Muslim friends at work, fasting at present, at the end, Eid?, they bring some delicious treats in to share and I always look forward to it!
    I think the fasting is a very good idea, some Christians in the Western world do it too but it's not big here in the UK, it gives hightened awareness so makes a person more spiritual and also gives us time to think about what we have, what we do and what we are here for in my opinion, I hope you will take care as I know you cannot drink water in the heat, and that is difficult.

  23. Such gorgeous photos! Love the pictures of you! A very special time you had with your family! I'm sure your son misses you too! Big Hugs!

  24. Love to see all the flowers! Thank you for sharing about your holiday. Wishing the best for you and your family!

  25. It was a pleasure visiting your blog, Baili!!!! And such a wonderful post...I feel like you took me with you. And You have a beautiful family

  26. Boas férias em Islamabad. Gostei das fotografias e de ver a sua bonita família.
    Umas boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  27. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing with us the beauty of Islamabad and also for sharing what is happening during Ramadan. I always learn so much from your postings--most of all I learn about the beauty of yourself and your deep love for your family. Peace.

  28. Hi Baili :) I love the colour of your outfit in the last photo! :) It sounds like you are having a lovely little vacation, ice cream sounds great! Sending hugs! xx

  29. I love your photographs, your vacation looks wonderful. I am sorry that there is a tinge of sadness because your eldest son is missing.

  30. What a lovely evening ~ Your photos made me feel like I was there. It's hard to be apart from our loved ones. I think of your son and his time in Germany and hope that he is continuing to do well. Sending you a big hug, my friend!


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