Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Munich CountrySide Trip By My Son and Our Preparation!

Hello  Lovely  Souls!

Hope  and  pray  that   all  is  going  wonderful   in  your  glorious  worlds   and   you  are  enjoying  the  each   bite  of  the      CHOCOLATE   OF  LIFE :))

I  hope (i  wish  though)  you  did  not  miss  me  as  i  am  little  late  not  only  my  posting  but  visiting  my  sweet   fellow  bloggers :(

Reason  is  that  our  summer  vacations  have  started  here  and  kids  and  hubby  are  home  now .  We   have  booking  in  train  for  long (almost  18  hours)  beautiful   journey (hopefully) next  week  and  will  be  leaving  for  my  native  village  and   capital  city  Islamabad.

Yes  i  am  happy  that  i  will  be  able  to  look  at    magical  views  of  my  hometown  one  more  time  and  will  be  able  to  visit  the  graves  of  my  parents.

Kids  are  soooper  excited  that  they  will  be  enjoying  fun  outings  and  eatings  on  favorite  places.

One  thing  is  obvious  that  i  ,we  all  be  MISSING  my  eldest   son  who   is   in  Munich  and   won't  be  able  to  join  us   this  year.

But   i  am  sooo  happy  and  grateful   for  him  that  he  is  enjoying  his  studies  and  occasional   visits  on  weekends  to  the  countryside  of  munich  which  is  MAGNIFICENT!!!

Our  preparation  is  in  process  and  i  will   be  peeking  into  your  pretty   worlds  whenever  i  will  be  getting  time .

Leaving  you   the  photos   shared  by  my   eldest   son  from  his  recent  trip  to  area  four  hours   away   from  central  munich ,i  Love  them  and  watched  so  many  times  as  they  are  so  absorbing  and   mesmerizing  .My  son  went  on  this  trip  with   friends  .They  travelled  through   train  and   then  walked  through  glorious   trails!

Look  at  them  these  happy  faces  saying    LIFE  IS   BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear   friends  there  are  many  more  photos  like  this  which  invite   and   appeal  with  powerful  beauty  they  own   but  i  think  this  is   enough  to  give  you  glimpse  of  the  natural   pure  beauty   my  son  explored  with  his  friends .

Each  glimpse  reveal   the  call  of  our  Creator  to  sit  ,to  be  still  ,to   ponder   and  to  absorb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing  you  all  a  Happy  ,Healthy  and  Peaceful  Life  each  moment  my  friends!

Please  stay  strong  ,and  positive  test  will  pass  and  you  will  see  the  miracle !

God  Bless  You  All!!! 


  1. Your son looks as if he is enjoying a wonderful time in Munich. How lovely he has escaped to the enjoy the countryside for a little while. Enjoy your holiday lovely Bailie.

  2. "Kids are soooper excited..."

    Soooper! :-)

    The photos are great Baili. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Great photos! The beautiful lake and countryside look very similar to some spots here in Canada too. Enjoy your upcoming vacation and those 18 hours on the train!

  4. Dear Baili, such lovely photos your son has sent you to share with us all. It is wonderful that he not only is getting his education in school but in the world with his friends while they visits such places and share the experience. I wish you much joy on your vacation.

  5. Enjoy your summer vacation time, and your son's photos are beautiful, what a wonderful experience for him.

  6. Yes, life is beautiful, especially when our children are safe and happy. Thank you for sharing your son's wonderful photos of this stunning part of the world, Baili.
    Wishing you the BEST summer - family, friends, health, happiness!

  7. Germany is a beautiful place. It looks like your son is having a great experience there.

    I hope that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. I am sure that you will be posting some wonderful pictures that you will take.

  8. Wonderful photos from your son! I enjoyed seeing them. Thank you for sharing them with us. I hope you have a nice visit to your hometown.

  9. Looks like he is having a good time along with along the studies.

  10. I am so happy to hear that you will be visiting your home village, baili, because I remember how much you said you miss it. Enjoy!

    It is wonderful that your son has a group of like-minded young people to travel with. The scenery is beautiful, and everything is better when you are with friends.

    I've just listened to your son's singing of Superman in the video on your sidebar - he's so relaxed and has a great voice. It's not easy to sing without accompaniment but he did it well!

  11. Bonita foto do teu filho. Que lindo esse lugar, as fotos ficaram maravilhosa.
    Aproveite as férias.
    Boa semana!
    Um beijo!

  12. Crossed that countryside some years ago on the way to Salzburg.
    Onde day tour that was excellent.

  13. The photos all look so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh the chocolate of life!!! I LOVE IT!!! :))))) I'm enjoying many MANY bites!! :)
    Those photos are great, I would like to jump right into that lake! :) I hope you enjoy your trip, I look forward to see photos of your home town! :)

  15. That is terrific, Baili! Enjoy your upcoming vacation. And take lots of photos to share with us.

    Wonderful adventures for your son. I'm happy to hear he is having fun while he studies. The kids need both to be balanced!

  16. Great photos from your son! Truly loved them!!!
    Enjoy your trip and the train ride! So exciting! Big Hugs!

  17. Have a beautiful holiday.
    The photos are lovely, there are certainly pretty places in this world we live in.
    Take care and we will see you soon..

  18. Dear Baili - Travelling around in such beautiful countryside in the sunny weather with good friends is one of the most exciting as well as refreshing things. I’m really happy for your son as well as for you and your family. Summer break of schools starts in mid-July in my country. I’d like to go on a trip myself before that period. Enjoy your trip.


  19. Wonderful landscapes from southern Germany - and such happy faces!
    Some of the views could be from where I live, but unfortunately there aren't mountains or even respectable hills here... :)
    Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely trip!!

  20. lovely photos and landscapes!

  21. Such beautiful photos, dearest Baili...gosh, seems your son is having a wonderful time in Germany! I am so happy for him. But, yes, I know you will be missing him so much when you embark on your holiday.
    Still, I do hope you really enjoy it with the rest of your family.:))
    Have a truly magical time, my dear Friend!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  22. Baili, beautiful your comment on my blog and wonderful your photos.
    As you, I love living life positively, "we feel happy only when we think we are happy"
    I appreciate your visit.
    A hug

  23. Beautiful photos and so many happy faces:)♥ Lovely landscapes! Have a awesome trip♥

  24. your son is such a good boy keeping you up to date with his adventure. I know you will miss him when you go to Islamabad, but I hope you can enjoy yourself because, of course, he will want to know you have had a good time. I would love to see/share your journey and I don't doubt that, for us bloggers, the train journey itself would be quite an adventure, Have a wonderful break dear Baili. x

  25. Safe travels to you and your family on your long train journey, which my have already taken place, Bali, as I too am behind in blog reading. I know that you may be just as excited as your sons and hope you will share all your wonderful experiences in your future posts. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos from your son and his outing with friends. They had such beautiful weather, lovely scenics and happy times shared together !

  26. A beautfiul, joyful post, Baili! I love that your son is exploring the area around Munich. Traveling is a marvelous education, and it looks like your son is making the most of his opportunity to study abroad!

  27. Your son looks like he is having a fabulous time :-)


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