Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My First Job's Last Day Adventure ( final part )

  Third  month  of   that  job  completed  nicely .    Next  day  was  first   day  of  new  month   and  i  had  to   receive  my  third  salary  along  with  other  staff.

I  was  happy  with  my  obligations  related  to  job  and  my  bosses  seemed  also  satisfied  with  my  work   as  they   declared  some  increment   in  my  new  salary  in  the  fourth  month  of  the  job.

The  day  came  when  i   set  off  for  office   which  was  45  minutes   drive  away  from  my   mom's  house  (where i was staying) .Islamabad  was  n  is  my  favorite  city   because  it's  environment  is  much  educated  and  less  crowded  with   mesmerizing  hilly views  and dramatic  weather .

Vans  ran  inside   the  city  with  separate  seats  for  ladies  which  made  journey  easy  and  enjoyable  as  city  is  surrounded  by  beautiful  margalla  hills   and  weather   is  mostly  beautiful .Both  sides  of  roads  are  decorated  by  tall  green  trees   and  traffic   flow  smoothly  .

One  can  find  hardly  anyone  walk  on  the  main  roads  of  city  because  most  of  the  people  own  cars  and  other  travel  through  neat  vans  or  cream  and  uber  (private  taxi  services  which  work  online (now)

So  i  Left   house  at  8 am  for  the  office  ,came  to  the  van  station  and    found  so  many   people  waiting  for    vans  but  there  were  hardly  few  who  were  roaming  around  with  huge  voice  on  speaker  that  "it  is  strike   of  transportation  today  and  they  will  pick  up  no  one .

I  got  worried  as  others ,   who   looked  desperate  and  anxious  because  they  were  getting  LATE  for  their  destinations ,some  were  waving  for  the  taxi (which  were  hardly  few )  which  tripled  the  fare  to  take  advantage  of  the  situation .

I  had  not  much  money  in  my  bag  as  i  was  not  aware  i  will  face  such  problem  . I  could  walk  back  to  home   and   inform  them  next  day   that 

" it  was  strike  so  i  could  not  come" but  problem  was  that  from  next  day  the  national  holidays  were  starting  for  five  days   due  to  Eid  festival . I  wanted  to  get   my   salary   same  day  more  due  to  my  sixth   sense  was  alerting   me  about  the  bosses   who  belonged  to  another  city  .

I  used  read  and  hear  in  news  about  many  fraudulent men   who   go  to  different  cities  and  establish  their  business  temporarily  ,collect  money  from  people  with  tricky  talks  and  demonstrations   and  then  just  disappear .

I  may  be  mentioned  it  sometimes  that  if  i  had  supportive   environment  i  would  be  an  ethilet  and  that  day   that   instinct  of  mine  grew   stronger  .

Weather  was  cloudy . chilly  and  breezy   so  i  decided  to  walk  towards  my  office  .I  thought  though  i  will  be  late  but  atleast  i  will  get  my  salary  and   deep   inside  i  knew  i  will  be  loving,  walking   (though) with  an  excuse  because  who  knows  when   i  will   get  such  chance  again .

I  did  not  know  any   shortcut   so  decided  to  follow  the  same  van  route   which  could  be  so  tiring  because  i   was  fasting  that  day  due  to  fasting  month  of  Ramadan .( since  few  years i don't fast anymore)

              just  to  give  you idea  of  road   (image source)

I  started   walking  swiftly   on  main  road  where  mostly  private  cars  were   running  . I  looked  at  my  watch  ,it  was  almost  8:30 am   .I    guessed   that   it   will   take  almost  two   hours  if  i  keep  walking  as  fast.

After  30  minutes   walk   i  saw  a  taxi  moving    near  me  ,driver   horned   and  waved  to  stop  me   but  i  was  not  interested   so  i  nodded  my  head  to  say  NO  yet  he  kept  following  me  and  drove   nearer  ,he  said   he  will  charge   reasonable   fare   but  i  said   No  thanks  .

Weather  was  getting  more  poetic  ,clouds  got  thicker   and  there  started   slight   pouring .  In  mechanical  way  of  living  such  days   come  rarely   when  we  feel  a  true  inner   joy ,  a  true   sense  of  freedom  a  pure  deep  breath   where   no  worry  comes  along.

But   i  had  one  worry  that  if  rains  gets  heavier   i  will  get  wet   which  was   so  bad   as  being  eastern   lady  i  could  not  afford   such    embarrassment  .Walking   on  open     wide  road  while  it  is  raining  and  people  driving  in  cars  peeking  through  glasses   at  the  lady  with  wet  dress  was  really  shameful   for  me.

 (I  know  i  am  coward   but  if  taking  care  of  the  honor  of  man  you  belong  is  cowardness  i  would  love  to  be  one )   It  was  almost  hour  to  my  walk  when  rain   got  little  faster .    My  clothes   were  getting  slightly  wet  and  my  big  shawl  was  quite  a  protector  from  being  more  visible  though . i  held  my  hand  bag  as  umbrella. 

There   was  a  car   that   stopped  ,a  young man   removed  the  window  glass  and  said   he  can  give  me  lift   but   i  said  no  because  he  was  alone  ,he  looked   nice  man  he  insisted  but  on  my  refusal   he  said " are  you  sure"  i  said  yes   and  he  left  quietly .

I   was  walking  faster  now  and  was  little  worried  as  if  rain  gets  so  fast  . Scenario   was   splendid  , trembling  tree  rows  beside  the  road  ,  grey   wet   long  curved   road  and  slightly  blurred  views  of  hills   were   calling  me   to  write  some  poetry   but  my  feet  were  following  the  reality  so  quickly .

Suddenly   i  saw   a  car   coming  front  of  me  and  i  waved  for  lift   because   i  saw  two   ladies  inside   it  .The  boy  who  was  driving   he  noticed  my  sign   and   slowed  down  the  car  ,both   girls  who  were  chatting  may  be  asked  him  why  he  is  stopping  and  i  saw  the  loud  laughter   of  girls  between  the  sound  of  music  in  their  car  . 

One  girl  who  seemed  more  fashionable  gave    me   a  weird  look   ,  her   coloured  lips  moved  and  i   saw  that   car   going  away , i  still   remember  the   slight  sense  of  pity   in  the  eyes  of  boy  who  wanted  to  help  may  be .

I  felt   bad   and  regretted   for  my  wave  for  help  .They  were  not  lucky  enough  to  earn  this   goodness  i thought  . 

I  looked  at  the  sky ,  took  deep  breath   and  walked   more   fast  ,there  negative   behaviour    added   more  strength   to  my  being   i  realized.

After   almost   25   minutes  when  i    reached   the  curve  of   main  road   i  found  same  car  standing   there  ,music  was  off   ,girls  were  standing   near  the  car  and  the  boy  was   may  be  trying  to  find  out  the  fault  in  the  vehicle .

I   felt   bad  for  them  though  somewhere  inside    inevitably   i   realized  that   i  was   little  happy  that  they   were   in  trouble   which  is  bad  thing  to  think  though  i  know  but  i  swear   it  was  unconsciously .

Somehow   God   helped  me  and  i  reached  office  .it  was  almost  12  pm  noon . When  i  entered   in  the  office  i  felt  something   weird .The  whole  set  up  of  office  was  changed  many  decoration   stuff  was  disappeared    . Most   surprising  was  the  behavior  of   my  three  bosses   who  seemed  in  rush .

When  they   looked  at   me  they  were  so  shocked  as  they  were  not  expecting  me .They   told  that   no  one  from  staff  came  due  to  strike  and  then  rain. They   looked   as  i  caught  them  red  handed .Their  smiles  seemed   so  fake  .

First   thing  they   said  to  me   was   "  why   i  came  to  office  while  facing  so  much  difficulty ?   I  replied   that   i  came  to  receive  my  salary  as  it  is  1st   and  from  tomorrow  there  will  be   holidays  for  almost  a  week.

I  had  strong  feeling  that   there  was  something  wrong  ,what  , i  did not  know .

Anyway   they   tried   to  give  many  excuses  that  they  cannot  give  me  my  salary   today  and  i  should  wait  for  reopening  the  office  . I  could  not  agree  because  they  were  being  suspicious ,  it  was  not  about    only  money   it  was  the  hard  work  of  my  whole  month , my   daily  traveling  fares   and  most  above  my  absence  in  home  with  my  child  meanwhile .

Anyhow   they   finally  gave  me  my  salary  and  i  felt  sense  of  achievement  that  moment .

I  returned  home  on  taxi   with   more  confidence  and  satisfaction.  That   day  i   walked   for  almost  three  hours  constantly     and  with  empty   stomach  ,without  any  single  drop  of  water .Such   misery   made  me  suffer  with   fever and  cold  for  few  days  but  i  was   at  peace  that   i  got  my  salary   before  holidays .

My   doubts   proved   right  when  after  holidays  i  went  to  the  office  .The  office  was  closed  and     a  young  boy  who  used  to  bring  tea  in  office   from  hotel    near  informed   that   according  to  owner  of  this  building   the  bosses hand  over  the  keys  of  office   and  left ( same  day  when  i  came  to  get my  salary )  

i  met  another  staff  girl  there  who   told  she  lives   in  area  near  the  office  so  she  came  (same day before holidays)  to   office  but  bosses  said  that   they  are  leaving  for  home  right  now  and  she  can  collect  her  salary  after  holidays .

She  ,like  other  two  could  not  get  her  salary   and  it  was  heart  breaking  for  her  as  after  long  month  she  was  excited  to  get  her  salary  at  the  end  of  the  month  which  is  natural .

I  was  the  lucky .I   followed  my  instinct   and  heard  my  sixth   sense   which  gave  me  success. by  the  Grace  of  God!

My  life  is  full  of  such   incidents  when   my  sixth  sense  saved  me  from  harm  and  damage  that  is  why  i  feel  strongly  and  deeply   connected  to  my  Creator  whom   i  never  forget   and  who  never  forgot  me  also!

God  Bless  You   All!!!


  1. What a story but I believe also on min 6 sence...

  2. Your perseverance and willingness to walk all the way paid off! I'm glad you insisted on getting your salary! What a terrible bunch of bosses, just ripping off their workers like that.

  3. Baili, there is a story about the Prophet Elijah where he is waiting for the Lord to speak to him. There is wind, but God is not in the wind. There is an earthquake, but He is not in the earthquake. There is a fire, but He is not in the fire. Then there is a gentle whisper. That's where God is. :) I think He whispered to you just like that.

    Here is the story:

    11 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”

    Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. 13 When Elijah heard it, he pulled his cloak over his face and went out and stood at the mouth of the cave.

    Then a voice said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

    (1 Kings 19:11-13)

    Elijah was hiding because he was afraid, which is why God is asking him what he is doing there. God had told him not to be afraid.

  4. Baili - this was quite a your first half. God was certainly blessing you friend. I would say this had a happy ending. Hope you have a lovely day.

  5. Your intuition and persistence paid off. Those managers should be ashamed of themselves! I am glad this ended well for you. I believe we should all listen to that little voice inside us more of the time.

  6. Hello, Dear Baili, I enjoyed reading about your experiences with your early marriage and job and how you overcame all the difficulties that you experienced. Listening to your inner voice has kept you safe and helped you to avoid bad situations. I believe in following that sixth sense and it has saved me more times than I can remember, too. Your walk alone along the road took determination and you were so fortunate to arrive at your destination safely and recover the salary that you rightly earned. I sometimes feel that as women we must rely on our sixth sense more than men, as we are vulnerable in many ways. I am happy to know that you were watched over by a higher power and arrived safely there and home, with money in your pocket. I loved seeing your precious photos, too. Blessings for your week, my dear. xo Karen

  7. I am glad to hear that at least you got your salery. It is too bad that the company did not work out as it sounds like you were doing well. It also sounds like it was an interesting job.

    1. Brain actually the purpose of company was to collect the high feeses from clients so they did it for sometime and when it was time for people to realize that this whole thing is not giving any result ,
      fraudulent escaped .it was very common in that time and was up in news ,
      it was my first time and i was doing my duties honestly . i was not aware of insidious dark side of such businesses

  8. Goodness, what a story.
    But so pleased your perseverance paid off.

    All the best Jan

  9. A strong women you are. You endured hardship on that day but you kept going..your 6 the sense paid off. Well done.

  10. We have five senses alert.
    And others that sometimes come to life.
    I truly Believe this.

  11. Quite a story! You are a strong woman!

  12. If someone walks into a bank and robs it there is a good chance he will end up in jail but to rip off the little people is not chased up did your bosses suffer for their actions I hope they did.

  13. Oh, Baili, what awful people these were doing that! I'm so glad you pushed hard and got what was owed to you!

  14. That's so sad you had to walk in the rain, but you were so strong and brave! Glad you got your salary as well, well done! Shame about the job.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  15. Baili that was so good to read! You kept me enticed, I wanted to know if you would firstly make it to the office, how long it would take you, and if they would still be there! What thieves...our sixth sense is there for a reason, most people doubt it, thinking it's "nothing"...but it's ALWAYS something! What a long trek! Congratulations to you! :)

  16. Thank you for sharing this powerful story, Baili. You have your mother's strength and determination. I can feel the shame you would have felt at getting soaked and thus being disrespectful to your husband. I don't believe in hell, but sometimes my first reaction to a story like this is that I hope there is a special place in hell for men like your bosses.

    Injustice fuels a rage in me. I can't always change things, but I have spoken out against injustice all my life, and sometimes I've had success. Each day I go through life trying to be kind to people. I can't always change injustice, but I can treat people with dignity, respect, and kindness.

    Not only is your story powerful, but so is your writing. For example, in the first part of your story you wrote, "Now i realize that i was more responsible for such conditions because my anger worked like exhaust fan for all the frustration i got from in laws during whole day." Comparing your anger to an exhaust fan that cooled your frustration was a strong, original, and delightful simile (delightful from a writer's style perspective). Don't stop writing, my friend; your prose is as fresh and insightful as your poetry.

  17. Good for you, getting your salary!!! You are a strong, beautiful woman! I'm sorry about the other people who didn't get paid! Horrible thieves!
    Take Care, Big Hugs!

  18. What a story, Baili! I can only echo the writers above: I'm happy you got your well-deserved salary and sorry about the other people who didn't get paid.
    The sixth sense... if we call it "intuition", the concept is accepted much more easily. :)
    Blessings and hugs!

  19. Dear Baili, I enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing. The idea of the exhaust fan taking out the frustration is wonderful. Going to use that concept next time I feel myself getting angry. Blessings to you and kind regards! John

  20. I believe we all have sixth sense but some are more developed than in others...
    Nice post, nice read, thanks for sharing.


  21. Gosh! What a horrible man/boss. How cam he be like this? May he rot in hell😠😠

    It is not right for him to cheat the staffs like this!!

  22. Você é muito corajosa, minha Amiga. E ainda bem que o seu sexto sentido funcionou, pois pôde receber o seu salário. Gostei muito de ler o seu texto.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  23. Someone was definitely watching over you that day, Baili, I have had some unexplained life events too where things happen for a reason and I felt I was being guided along. We must always trust our intution/sixth sense :)

  24. Dear Baili, your sixth sense is truly a blessing in your life. I'm eager to learn more about your early years. Peace.

  25. Oh my goodness! That was quite an adventure. I'm so glad you listened to your own intuition and kept going, determined to get the money that was owed to you. I'm glad it worked out for the best for you.

  26. An inspiring story from an inspiring lady :-)


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