Sunday, May 20, 2018

Summer Rain! poem

I   Live ,  in  the  droughty   land

Where  wind ,  carries  everywhere   sand

In  her  warm ,    and  wavy    lap 

On  objects ,   dust    takes  long  nap

When  days ,  are  hot  and  looong 

Thirsty   bird  ,  sings  lonely   song

Sun  rays  ,  as  knife    so    sharp 

Sweating   people ,  from   toe   to  top 

Anxious  ,  and    ready   to   fight  

Out  of  senses   of   Wrong  and  Right 

Manipulated  ,   heads   with    heat  

Sound   of   heart ,   seems   drum   beat 

Burning   heart  , of   Thirsty    ground 

Want   the  Sky ,  to   sew   her   wound 

People ,  forest   , valleys  ,   plane

Everything   Starving    for   Rain!!!

And   Sometimes  God  answer   pray

Clouds   together ,   decide   to   play  

Sky   as  ,   an   arrogant     landlord  

Determines ,  to  give  away   some  of  his  Stalk

Earth    like   Bagger ,    spread    her   brown  top

Absorbs  !  ,  Each    Single   Drop  

Prevailing ,     life   into    death !

Land   is   ready   to  take  New   Breath !

Washing   away  ,  thick   layers   of  dust  

" I  am  Alive"   earth   seems   to  Trust  

Giving    her  ,   fresh   green   Glow !

Out  of  which  ,  New   life   will  grow  

Dry   Barren ,  souls    relived  

They   Got  ,  Since  ages  what   they  Missed

Children   playing   in   the  rain  "big  deal"

Moms    are   cooking  ,   tasty   meals 

Birds   are   singing   ,  Happy  song  

My   ears   missed   them   since  long

Bound   indoors  ,  just   Rushed  out  

Everywhere    is  happy   crowd  

No   more  anger   and  no  more   rude 

Everyone ,   is    in   Happy   Mood !

Enjoying  ,   spicy   fast   food   

Joyous  ,  playful    introlude 

Hearts   are  Beads ,  and  Love  is  Chain 

What   a  Blessing ,  is   Summer's   Rain!!!

May  you  all  be  bearing  they  rain  of  blessings  my  precious  Friends !

See  you  soon  hopefully  
God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Wonderful verse. It is so uplifting.

    Have a great week Baili!

  2. Lovely, lovely poetry. Perfect for our drought laden land in northern California.

  3. I enjoyed your poem very much, and I liked the photograph you've used to.

    All the best Jan

  4. that's lovely Baili, I think poetry breaks all barriers.

  5. Dancing in the rain. The little girl has the right idea. I still like to dance in the rain.

  6. That is lovely! Sending you lots of hugs xo

  7. What a LOVELY poem, Baili! And that beautiful photo is icing on the cake!

  8. The opposite of Macau - sun and very hot and humid.
    Have a great week!

  9. Um poema muito belo onde não faltou a chuva de verão, o vento, o bater descompassado do coração… Gostei muito.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  10. Dear Bail, if there were some way to send you some rainy days, I would gladly do so. It is indeed an important part of nature and we will be having several rainy days this coming week.

  11. Ahhh . . . you've captured so well the feeling when the long-awaited rain comes to a parched land! Even here we have periods of very dry weather, and the relief that comes with the rain is huge! Lovely poem, dear baili.

  12. Dear Baili, I so enjoyed your poem--the playfulness of it and the wonder! We have been having a lot of showers in the past month, but they always seem like such good news to me no matter how often rain falls. Peace.

  13. I just read this morning of your trip to Islamabad. You're likely on route now, Baili. And I am greatly relived, because I have been hearing about the heat wave in your country, the deaths in Karachi from the heat, and the rolling blackouts, all exacerbated by Ramadan when the devout in your country don't eat or drink between sunup and sundown. I know Khairpur is north of Karachi, but I also know that Islamabad is near the top of your country in the foothills of the Himalayas and that your home village is in the hills. I'm so glad that you are escaping the sweltering heat and will have some relief. My heart goes out to the people who cannot escape the worst of the heat, but I am selfishly glad that you are getting away. Please take good care of yourself during this time of contemplation, prayer, and fasting.

    Your poem is beautiful, Baili. You are a talented poetess. If you ever have the time, even if you took thirty minutes a day, to reread your poems, choose the ones that speak the most to you, and put them in the form of an ebook, or even submit them for publication. I would certainly include this poem in the group.

    I would love to see you join the Insecure Writers Support Group that I belong to. All you have to do is sign up, do a post on the first Wednesday of the month, and interact with other members. The post can be very, very simple. Alex Cavanaugh, who is the founder of the IWSG, suggests 300 words, max. Being a member has helped and encouraged me. It's transformed my idea of myself from a dabbler in writing into a writer.

    Regardless! Your poetry is strong and vivid. You have a unique voice. You need a little help with the conventions of English, but nothing that compromises the fresh, sharp imagery that you create. I really encourage you to consider compiling your favorite poetry, at the very least, for your family. I'm curious too. Do you also write poetry in your native language? I think the poems you write in English are important, because when people read your poems they get a real feeling of your life and country and that makes Pakistan and its people more than a place on a map far away.

    Wishing you, your hubby, and your sons a lovely, safe trip. I also hope that A. has a wonderful summer filled with enriching experiences! I don't if you want me to use his name on your blog, although you did once in a comment, and so I know his name). Take care, my friend! Sending you a big hug and lots of love!

  14. I always think that I don't like rain, but then when we have too much hot and dry weather I also find myself yearning for it!

    Enjoy your week! And I hope you get a lot of RAIN!!!!

  15. Dear One, It has been awhile since your blog has shown up in my feed. I have way too many and miss important ones. I need to go through and figure out the ones the feed my soul (like yours).

    I hope you are doing well.

  16. Dearest a fabulous poem!!
    Gosh...wish we could exchange our weather sometimes...we have rain most of the time, so some of your glorious sun would be SO appreciated!!

    Have a great day!

    Big hugs xoxoxo

  17. You have an imaginative way with words and they especially capture the mood of longing for rain so well. I particularly like the last two lines. It's good to connect with one another. Blessings on you and your family now and in the days ahead.

  18. So thankful for the refreshing rains! I love your poem, dear Baili. It is a celebration of words at the return of rain which brings hope and renewal.

  19. Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap!!! :) That was so cool Baili, I love your poetry! :)

  20. I hear you, my friend, we are desperate for rain as well. Summer rain is such a blessing.

  21. Hi Baili, The Summer Rain is a blessing and so is your poetry. You are a true artist! Blessings to you … take good care my friend!


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