Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Murree Visit And Window 10's Problem

Hey  Wonderful  People !

Hope   having  fantastic  time  in  your   amazing  worlds  and   turning  everything   in   your   favor   with   magic   of   your   patience    and  wisdom :)

As   you  know   i  am  out  of  my  town  and  out  of  my  routine  at  the  moment   due  to  stay  in  beautiful  capital   city  Islamabad  and  much  outings .

Yes  missing  visiting  your  special  places  decorated  with  your  unique  way  of  expressions  which   energize   me and  wide  my  horizons !!!

Four   days  back   my  laptop   went  as  dead   as  will  never  open  his  eyes  front  of  me   again .Showed  to  tow  different  hardware  mechanics  but  each   time  they  took  100 dollars  but  when  hubby  opened  it  in   house  pc  did  not   response !

Hubby  revisited  both  guys  and  they  said  we  did   what  we  could  and  nothing  seems  wrong  except  that   hard  disk  is  quite weak. Long  story   short  we  put  the  dear  friend  of  us  at   side  with  disappointment  and  thought   it  is  gone  forever.

Day  before  yesterday  one  student  of  hubby  who  has  govt  job  in  Islamabad  and  always  help  us  in  renting   place  for  2  vacation  months  heard  and  asked  hubby  to  bring  laptop  (he  lives  in   same  building) to  him.

After  few   hours  when  hubby   got  back  and  on  the  laptop  i  was  surprised  to  see  that   it  was  running  smoothly .He  only  installed  window  7  because  i  told  hubby  to  mention  about  problem  that  window  10  was  causing  since  few  weeks .

I  received  regular  notifications   that  if  i  will  not  update  the  window  10   Microsoft  will  not  allow  to  work  it ,i  tried  many  times  to  follow  the  instructions   but  could  not  update   the  window .Which  resulted  in  shut  down  of  my  pc i  think.

Since  yesterday   pc  is  working  fine  and  i  am  glad  that  i  am  able  to  share  with  you  my  recent  adventure  in  Murree .As   when  we   left  for  Murree  it  was  quite  hot  but   as  we  reached  in  murree  after  one  and  half  hour  drive  suddenly  heavy  rain  started  with  thunderstorm  and  ice pellets  were  falling   .Valley 's  views  were  Breath  Taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but  how  bad  that  my  poor  camera  and  less  skilled  photography  is  not  able  to  give  you  the   true  sense  of  that  magical  day :(

but  hope  you  will  like  the  sharing  little  bit anyway

 Marglla  hills  were  wrapped  in  the  grey  long   road  and  with  each  curve  temperature  was  dropping  slowly  

It  seemed  quite  hot  day  and  may  be  it  rained  few   weeks  back  as  environment  foggy  with  dust  and  smoke 

 Due  to  Fasting  month  traffic  was  less  otherwise  these  high ways  are  flooded  with  heavy  traffic  throughout  the  year  because  unlike  far  and  very  high  northern  areas  Murree   is  easy  to  approach  for  people  of  whole  country 

though  airlift  was  closed  but  we  enjoyed  the  serenity  and  beauty  of  surrounding (typical  my  type   of  outing) this  is  the  entrance  of  area  where  numerous  stone benches  and  tables  are  placed  under   the  various  looking  shelters  so  people  can  enjoy  the  views  during  snow  or  rainfall  and  can  eat  or  drink  favorite  food  meanwhile 

   you  can  see  the  tops  of  those  shelters  which  i  captured  while  sitting  under  the  same  one ,we  enjoyed  the  home  made  food  and  hot  tea  which  we  took  along  as  we  knew  no  hotel  or  restaurant  will  serve  before  the  fast  breaking  time  in  the  evening almost  7;30

 you  can  view  the  chairlift  which  was  closed  till  Eid  after  10 days ,we  promised  to  kids  that  after  Eid  we  will  revisit  the  Murree  and  then  they  could  enjoy  the  ride 

One  of  the  shelter  ,it  was  3 pm and  hilpark was  almost   empty  except  us  and  few  more ,i  forgot  to  take  pic  of  biggest  shelter  which  can  provide space  to  more  than  200 visitors  at  time 

whole  park   and  restaurant  were  decorated  so  beautifully 

The  height   from  sea  level  is  2,291  so  weather  is  almost  always  so  chilled  and  pleasant  to  cheer  you  up  once  you  get  there 

 the  moment  we  finished  the  meal   suddenly   we  heard  the   scary  sounds  of   clashing   clouds  and  saw   super  fast   grey   huge   thick   clouds  that   covered  the  sky   immediately and  howling wind   and  heavy   rain  started  which  instantly  changed  the  whole  view  and  moods  of   everything  outside  and  inside  us , it  was  absolutely  treat   for  our  heat  threatened  hearts :)

 My  heart  was  delighted  and  grateful  as  i  felt  so  happy  to  have  such  beautiful  day  in  such   serene  environment in  such  a stunning  resort !!!

 under  the  falling  rain  we  enjoyed  each  moment  took  sips   of  hot  tea  from  thrums  and  made  the  videos  in  which  we  expressed  our  love  for  my  eldest  son who  was  not  this  time  with  us though  but  in  each  heart  beat !

Before  the  rain  flowers  were  like  this  but  when  we  saw  them  after  stopping  rain  they  were  quite  ruined 

  It  was  truly   magical  day   for  us ,as  time  rolled down  many  years  back :)))

     Hubby  always  loved the  weather  of  this  hill station !

 i  was (am) imagining  my  eldest  son  in  this  frame 

 wandering  within  the  heart  of  natural   beauty  makes  soul  so  light   and  soothing!!!!

hope  you  enjoyed  visiting  with  me  this  splendid  hill  station  my  dear  friends!

I  can  be  late  though  but  i  will  definitely  be  peeking  into  your  lovely  blogs  time  to  time  !

wishing  you  all  a  beautiful  ,peaceful  healthy  life  ahead  and  the  most  important  " realization  of  blessings  you have  my  precious  fellows!!!

Much  Love!!!

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Blessings to you and your family from California

  2. What a beautiful place!! It is exciting to watch a storm develop, although a bit scary, too. I'm glad you had such an enjoyable visit to the hill station, and I love the photo with the empty place for your eldest son.

    I'm glad your computer could be fixed although it is too bad that you were charged for the unsuccessful attempts!

  3. Such beautiful views, dearest Baili, and one can almost smell the refreshing scent of conifer trees. :) It's not surprising you and your family look so happy.
    Blessings and hugs!

  4. I'm sorry you were having computer problems. It really makes you think of the time before we had them. What did we do without them?? ;-)

    I'm surprised to see some of the signs are in English!

  5. Your camera and photography are fine -- what beautiful photos you've shared with us on this post! That is a great shot of you and your husband, with your arm around his shoulder. I'm glad your PC is working again -- computers can be so maddening!

  6. So glad you got your computer fixed so we could enjoy your vacation photos today!

  7. Hi Baili :)) What a nice trip!!! You all look like you're having such a great time together, it's heart warming! :) That photo you took of the storm coming is WONDERFUL...frame-worthy!!! Lovely! Oh I'm so glad you have your laptop back up and running...I'm on Windows 8 still, Alex is on Windows 10 and he has so many issues with it...I just think I'll stick to the older version for now!!! :)

  8. What a lovely group of photos of you and your family, Baili. Thank you for sharing your vacation trip. I enjoyed reading about how you and your family enjoyed hot tea under the shelter while watching the rain storms.
    Glad to read that your PC was once again working, and I did like the description of "went as dead and will never open his eyes in front of me" because that's such a wonderful wording, Baili. I am glad that your husband's friend was able to get it working again after you paid those other technicians and the problem was still there. I have heard that some versions of Microsoft Windows can cause problems but I finally changed to a Mac computer a few years ago. I don't pretend to know all it can do, just that I have not had so many issues.

  9. This vacation is good for you. You look like a young girl. The scenery is beautiful. And your family look so relaxed and happy.

  10. Looks like a fun day although the day was very grey.

  11. Lovely to see you back to your blog, it's pleasing to know that you computer is now hopefully fixed, and it wasn't so good those other men taking $100.00 each time to repair and not fix.
    The holiday in the hills looks wonderful, and it's pleasing you enjoyed.
    Lovely photos you have shared also :)

  12. It's so horrid when your computer doesn't work!

    Lovely to see this post and the beautiful photographs you've shared.
    Take care

    All the best Jan

  13. I enjoyed all your photos. It looks so green and lush where you are. That is such a nice photo of you and your husband! You look very happy xo

  14. I so enjoyed your pictures and story of your wonderful vacation! And so happy your laptop is fixed---we can always hear from you now.

    You family is beautiful, I know you miss your eldest son, but he'll be back home before you know it. Cherish each day until then.

    Love to you, dear friend.

    Jane x

  15. Me alegro mucho de que halláis disfrutado de un lugar tan pintoresco y bonito, aunque el clima a veces no acompañara. Y que lo paséis muy bien, y disfrutéis del resto de las vacaciones, que seguro que os lo merecéis.
    El reportaje es precioso, así como esa estación de montaña.
    Un abrazo para todos.

  16. I'm glad you were able to get your laptop working again. That is frustrating when they don't work as they should. I enjoyed seeing your vacation pictures. It looks like you had a lovely time.

  17. Hi Baili, what a lovely place, tall trees, some rain, not at all what I imagined it would be like. You and happy look so good together in your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  18. How nice that your computer came back from the dead. It is so frustrating to be without.

  19. Lovely to see you and your beautiful family, dear Baili, and all looking so cool and happy in this wonderful place! It is always difficult to have the ones we love so far away, but love keeps them close in heart. I am glad to hear that your computer is working again. These things can be so frustrating. So nice to see your lovely, happy face. Sending hugs xo Karen

  20. loved your photos and what you wrote - the drive up to the area you were at looks like the drive through our mountains. Your family looks so happy and sweet and full of love.

  21. I'm so happy your pc is running well now!
    Amazing photos! I love them! Such a beautiful area! Beautiful photo of you and your hubby, (the one with your arm around his shoulder) Big Hugs!

  22. A sua reportagem fotográfica está excelente, com lugares tão belos e uma família bonita. Ainda bem que conseguiu ter o seu pc de volta.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  23. Such a beautiful place and lovely photos!

  24. Dear Baili, thank you so much for sharing your visit to this hill station. What gorgeous scenery. The rain must come as such a welcome relief. Here, too, it is very hot with much humidity. Take care of yourself and enjoy your PC. Peace.

  25. Enjoyed splendour of the area. Lovely! I was walking with you, Baily through your write-up and photographs. Good experience.

  26. Belíssimas fotos, sua família é linda. Parabéns. Família é tudo nessa vida. As fotos são belíssimas.

    Continuação de boa semana!
    Um abraço!
    Escrevinhados da Vida

  27. I am enjoying your holiday photographs and memories very much.

    I am so glad you got your computer fixed. Windows 10 is something to avoid it causes a lot of problems.

  28. I'm glad that your computer was fixed, Baili. It's such a pain when they don't work. I loved the beauty of Murree, and as always, the photos of you and your family. You look so peaceful!


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