Thursday, December 21, 2017

Health Updates and Thank You for love and kindness!!!

Hey  Sweet  Friends!

Hope  and  pray   that   you   are  enjoying   your  holidays   with   precious   families   of   your's    and   eagerly    waiting  for  the  Christmas   when   you  celebrate  the    love   , Happiness    and   togetherness  with   your  loved   ones !

hope  weather  is  not  disturbing    your  time   of   pleasures   and   excitement  .Our   weather   is   still  snowy   in  northern   areas   and  in  some  southern  mountainous  areas  as   well  ,we    are   here  having   rains  twice  and  sometimes  thrice  a  week   so   high  temp  is  hardly  23   and  low   is  3.

Mr   sun   and   naughty   clouds  are  playing  hide  and  seek   and  i  am  LOVING  the   sights    of   magic   and   pleasures .

Our   holidays  are   starting   from   tomorrow   so   i  will  be  having  kids  and  hubby  with  me  all  the  time :)

My  eldest   son   told   me  last   day  from  Munich  Germany  that  he  will   leave  for  Amsterdam   tonight  with  his  friends  .They   probably  will  stay  their  for  3  days  ,this   sounds  exciting  to  me  and  i  am  so  pleased   to  hear   that  my  son  is  starting   his  holidays  by  the  exploration   of  beautiful  capital  of  Netherland    which   is  famous  for  it's   artistic  heritage  and  glorious  sights !

              Philosophy of my life with help of google image

Let  me  share  with   you   updates  of  my  health   issues  now.   We   did  not  go  to  the   same  doctor  we   met   before  and  suggested  biopsy  as  he  had   doubt   of  Oral  Ulcer .

Two  days  back   coincidentally   one  of  my   hubby's    previous  student ( technician in medical collage  and  hospital  now )    met   hubby   in  his  office  .Hubby   told  him  about  our  doctor  doubts  and  recommendations  .He  (ex  student)  told  hubby  to  let   us  take  second  opinion   before   going  for  process.

Last  day   he  called  hubby    and  ask  us  to  come  to  the  hospital   and  took  us  to  the  surgeon  who  is  head  of  the  department   and  quite  well  known  for  his  successful   treatments  and  surgeries . He   examined    the  throat  and  asked  some  questions . What  was  good  about   him  that  he  listened  carefully  and  did  not  interrupt .

I  also  told  him  about  my   doubt  about  head   tumor  which  came  to  my  mind  after   article  reading .He  smiled  and  said  " you  think  a  Lot " (still  world  is  not  comedy  for  me  ,  i  said  in  my  heart though)

He   said  that   i  should  not  be  much  anxious   and  stay  calm (  observed two  months , blood  coming  from my  mouth  what  he  expect from  me ?)   He  said  first  of  all  "you  must  forget  about  the  blood  ,let  it  be,  (will  he  will  do  by  himself  what  he  is  suggesting to  me ?)

Like  i  had  to  argue  for  eye  drops  once  again   i  had  to  insist  for   some  kind   of  test  (what  is  wrong  with  doctors whom  i  visit ,do  they  think  i  am  mad ) . He  again  got  up  and  peeked  into  my  mouth  and  examined  the  mouth  again  with  more   care   Then   he  asked  for   immediate   digital  x rays    of   head  ,throat   and  chest .

Because   of  that  generous   hearted  student  of  hubby  we   got  the  results   of  x rays  within  20   minute .  But   when   hubby  showed  the  result   to  the  doctor   i  was   not   there  as  while  sitting  in  waiting  room  i  went  to  the   dressing   room  ,  when  got  back   hubby  told  me  that  they  showed  results  to   the   doctor  already (annoying)            ( i  must  know  what  exactly  he  said )  .Hubby  told  that   doctor  said  there  is  beginning  of  infection   in  my  throat  (he avoid to use word ulcer,isn't he) 

Doctor  said  that  she  is  anemic  and  this  is  why  such  infections  can  grow  easily  because  DEFENCE  SYSTEM  is  not  strong ,so  first  of  all  she   should  not  force  the  spit  from  depth  of  throat  specially  after  brushing .

He  recommended  some  medicines  and  asked  to  visit  after  a  month . He  said   there  is  no  tumor  in  head .(which  i  doubt  still)  I  have   a  reason  to  doubt  for  tumor  because   since  almost  one  year   i   am   facing  weird  problem .Problem  is  about   the  CONNECTION   of  my  words   to  my   memory ,let   me  explain    when   somebody   asks  me   something   for   instance     i  am   busy  in  my  chore  , and  any  of  my  son  asks   any  question   from  father  ,without   any   conscious  attempt    i  immediately  say   the  answer  and  after  answering   i  just   feel  little  puzzled   because   i  REALLY   don't   remember  at  very recent  time   that 

 what  have  i  said  ?  and  what  is  the  meaning  of  this  ?
then i  ask  from   hubby  that  what  did  i  just  say  when  he  tells  me  that  i  answered   the  kid  correctly    this  puzzle   me  even  more   because   in  my  CONSCIOUSNESS  i  don't  find  the  answer   anywhere ?

I  did  not  read  about  this  strange  disorder  but  from  my  excessive   movies  watching  in  past    i  know  that  such  disorder  come   some  kind  of  tumor  in  brain (  calm  guys , ,i  am  not  taking  this on  my nerves  ,just  sharing  my  heart)  

So  now  this  is  second  day  of  medications  ,i  am  feeling  my  throat  little  better  (wound  in  upper  side  of  mouth  is  almost  healed  though  blood  is   still  coming).   This   is  great   feeling   that   i  am   staying  with  my  family (hopefully)    to  see  their   growth  and  prosperity  by  the  Grace  of  God!

Blogging  is  like  this  elegant  bridge  which  make  us  meet sweet  fellows!

Thanking   Each  of   you  for  the  sweet   ,Kind  and  Generous  comments  which   overwhelmed  my  soul,  I  am   nothing   but   these  are  your  precious   love  and  kindness   dissolving  me  into  new  being  and  for  this  thank  you  is  not  enough   i  am    honoured  and  sooo  Grateful!!!  

Wishing  you   all  a   wonderful   and   very  Happy  holidays   my  friends!

Please  Take   Great  Care  ,,Stay   Strong   and  Unshaken  and   see  the  miracles  within  and  around :)  
God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. I wish you health and a quick recovery. Health issues are no fun but problems in one's mouth are especially difficult.

    I hope you and your family have happy holidays and a happy December.

  2. This sounds positive! I hope you continue to heal. And I wish you and your family wonderful holiday gatherings. How exciting about your son! It is fun to explore the world.

  3. Glad you have some improvement. You could always go to a 3rd specialist.

  4. Sending healing hugs to you Baili. It is not easy when one does not know what is wrong. Try not to go to bad places with your mind as that can steal your happiness.

    Have a wonderful time with your family and Happy Holidays♥

  5. It appears you are on the right path to recovery, I am so happy that you went for a second opinion, this doctor sounds like a lot better person that will help you properly. Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season.

  6. A second opinion is always a good idea. Sometimes even a third opinion is warranted. I hope they treat your anemia and build up your immune system -- perhaps you will see an improvement then? Keep looking after yourself, dear friend, and keep your positive thoughts!

  7. People have a tendancy to think the worst when it comes to health issues, Baili. I hope the doctor was correct and you will heal quickly!

  8. It is hard to get a doctor to listen. I agree with Debra, a third opinion might be helpful. Try getting an appointment with a neurologist, who can help you with your concerns about spontaneous speech and memory loss.

    Honestly, when you are focused on one thing and you respond correctly to a random question, I would think that you are one of those lucky people who is truly connected to your subconscious. Your third eye and throat chakras are operating independently. Caroline Myss has a great book "ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT". Spend several days on each chakra, do the work and you may be able to resolve what is happening.

  9. Dear Baili, I pray for your returning good health. Find joy in everything you can. It is positive, joyous thoughts that raise the vibration of our beings and facilitate healing. God be with you.

  10. Hope you have continued recovery.

  11. It makes me happy that you saw another doctor. It is always a good idea when dealing with something that could be serious. I think you may be borrowing trouble with your thoughts of a brain tumor. Absent-mindedly answering someone while you are busy is something every mother does. And we usually don't remember the experience at all. Keep looking for a good outcome but be mindful of yourself at the same time. My very best to you.

  12. Pleased to read there is some improvement. I continue to send positive thoughts to you. Please take care.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  13. I'm glad that you are feeling better, Baili. The bridge picture and words are special, and I also think blogging is a great place where we meet interesting and wonderful people. Rumi quotes always make me stop and think about them.

    I'm so glad all your family will be around you this Christmas. I will have the whole family here too. What a blessing that is for you and me. : )


  14. you are very fortunate to have had this doctor take your case on and come up with a plan of action so quickly,, sometimes we have to calm our fears as they grow and trust that doctors know what they are ding,, take care my friend,, you have a beautiful spirit,

  15. I'm glad the news from the second doctor is good. Hope you continue to get better.

  16. I wish you the best and hopefully you will continue to improve.
    A 3rd opinion is always helpful.
    I'm sure you will be alright.
    Merry Christmas...Margaret

  17. ♥ Dearest Baili, remember to have enough time to rest, have fresh air and exercise and eat healthy!! I'm sending you big hugs and wishing you and yours a happy holiday season together. ♥

  18. You have every right to be concerned, the blood and the things you feel in your brain. I am encouraged to hear that the medicine is helping so far...sometimes it takes days and even weeks.

    Sending love and good thoughts to you, Balli! You are loved.

    Jane x

  19. I am glad that you are beginning to get better. Enjoy the holidays with your family :-)

  20. I hope you have continued recovery, dear Baili. A big hug!

  21. so glad you have started some medication and have had the xrays, wishing you a speedy recovery, Baili. I have just been to Amsterdam, I think your son is going to have a fantastic time there. Betty

  22. Baili, I'm so happy to be reading this. That doctor sounds like a QUACK though...I hate doctors who think they are better then us...anyway...I'm glad you are starting to feel better. I am hoping to read your blog for many MANY years to come! :)

    Your son will have a blast. I went to Amsterdam in the early 1990's and it was a fun city for younger people. I just loved the canals and the atmosphere, I hope he has fun.

    And for you and your hubby, I wish you both a very happy holiday season!!!

  23. Keep looking after yourself!!! I pray everything will turn out perfect! Watch how you feel and how you act! You have a right to be concerned! Big Hugs and Much Love!

  24. Hello, baili! I do hope for miracles for you. I would be concerned also! I am sorry I have neglected your blog because of my own health issues etc but now that I have a few moments I will pop back and read everything. I am glad your son is well and you are looking forward to the holiday with anticipation. Many blessings to you.

  25. I hope the medicine and advice from the doctor will heal you quickly and completely, baili. Take good care of yourself.

  26. I am catching up on reading blogs, my friend, and was very concerned about your health after reading this post. Certainly, you would think that a doctor would take more time to listen to a patient and then order the right tests and medications. I am keeping you and your health in my thoughts and prayers and hope you will be feeling better very soon. You are too a ver special and caring person.

  27. It sounds as if you had some reassurance and some not. You mentioned in your most recent post that you are still taking the medication. I hope it is helping. I think if you still h ave doubts the only thing to do is try another doctor, until you find one that makes you feel confident and happy with his advice.
    I think you will know in your heart. It is strange with the memory issue, but perhaps you have been a little anxious and preoccupied, perhaps, this is a way that it can affect me if I am anxious sometimes. Anyway I hope otherwise all is well for you!

  28. You have my sympathy, Baili! I hate it when doctors are dismissive or condescending with me. I'm glad that you got a second opinion and that you are feeling a little better. You are the one who knows your body best. Sometimes, when I'm under a lot of stress and feeling anxious and frustrated, it's hard for me to remember facts or names or think of the answer to a question. Then later, when I'm off doing something less mindful like washing dishes or folding laundry, out of nowhere the fact or name pops into my head (or sometimes I'll remember in the middle of the night or in a dream). Things always improve for me when my life isn't so stressful. I hope you are around for a very long time! Take care of yourself, my friend!


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