Thursday, December 7, 2017

Aggressive's Hunger Strike

  We   all   are   students  ,attending   class  of   LIFE !

 Time   is    teacher    and   Nature   is  book   though   we   take   this   book   as   granted   as  we   found    it  without  any  cost   or   effort .

Mostly   we   learn   from   self   invented   books   and   these   are   our   experiences   and   observations . Each   of  us  learn   different   from   same   experience   for   instance   ,if    squirrels    eat   or   spoil   all     fruits  in     garden   ,

Some  will   try   to   teach   lesson   the  creature   

Some   will   take   extra   cautions  to  prevent   their   fruits  as  putting  fence   around  the  plants  etc

Some   fool   like   me   will   think   "let   them  eat   ,they   have   right  to  eat    as  they   can't   buy    them  from  market (i know  this  sounds   beyond  stupid ,but that's me )

You  are  right  i  am  poor  student  ,i   love   to   live   happily   ever  after  in  "fool's  heaven"   

My   self  invented   book   reveals  "Life   is   TOOOOOOO   SHORT   to   act   smart   or   be  clever    as   i  never   found   any   clever  WITH   PEACE   OF   MIND!

Why   we   do   work   ,earn ,  snatch  JUST   SO   WE   CAN  BE   HAPPY  END   OF   THE   DAY  ,right?

So   what   is   the  use  of   all   we   gather,   if   we   don't   have  peace   of   mind  which   comes  from    within  not   from   outside. 

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I   was   favourite   child  of  my   parents .They   had   little   but  little   was  material  .Love   was  in  abundance .Our   home  was   filled  ,you   can   say   dominated   by  this  LOVE   which   specially   my  Mother   had  for   her  children .

My   younger   sister   was  six   year   younger   than  me   very   pretty , smart    and    naughty  .She   was   loved   by  parents   though   but  she  was  often  punished   for  her   mischievousness .

I   was   very   simple  (you  guess  well, i  was  FOOL) .May  be  my  simplicity   compelled     my  parents    to   love   me  more .

They   always  adored  me  and  pampered  me . This   made   me  more  dependent    and  lazy. (not  physically but   mentally)   

I  was  shy  ,reserved   but  aggressive  against  opposite   gender  specially . (mom's  teachings  you know)

I  still   remember   when  i  was  in  grade  3 i  was  walking  on  barren  hill   toward   school   along  my   sister ,  when  few   boys   who  were  also  going  to  their  school  as  they  were  in  uniforms   passed  remark    " hey  beautiful  where  you  going ?

Within   seconds  without   thinking  much   i  bowed   down  picked  up  a  stone  huge  as  cricket  ball   and   throw  at  him  , while   saying  " going  to  call  your  sister  who  is  with  my   brother  "  he  leaned  at  side   quickly   and  missed   it .

He  looked   at  me  with  mixed   feeling   anger   and   slight  fear   as  may   be   he  was   not   expecting   such   extreme   reaction. When   they   ,when  i  moved   further   i  heard  the  giggles  of   other  who  were    making  fun  of  the  one  whom  i  tried  to  hit .

In  my   village  when  i  was  allowed  to  play  outside  before  my  early teens  i  beat  boys  many   time. who   tried  to   tease  me . I  was  the  only   girl   in   village   who  was  as  aggressive   with  boys .

Once   a  boy  who  made   my  younger  sister   cry ,i  beat   him  hard  , His   mother   later  came  to  our  house  and   showed  my  mother   that   "see  how  badly  your  daughter  beat   my   son  ,she   injured   him  with  her  nails " 

My   mother  knew   that   i   won't   beat  without  reason  because   i  was  not  the  one  who  starts   fight  so   she  warned  me  front  of  woman  little  only..
Will  you  believe   that   when   last   time  in  2015  i  visited  my  native   village  the  same   boy   asked  his   wife   to   invite   me  on  evening  tea.  i  was  not  aware  that   she  is  wife  of  that   certain  boy .  when   i  went   there  and  had  tea  with  her  and  her  daughter  before  leaving  her  home   she  asked  me  " Baji (means big  sister) do  you  remember  Abid?"  

It  took  time  to  remember  as  Abid (real name)  was  not  from  close  family  and  when  he  came  to  my  thoughts  i  am  sure  my  face  displayed  annoying  .The  wife   of  Abid  smiled  politely  and  asked  "if  you  allow  then  Abid  wants  to  come  to  see  you "

After   some  hesitation   i  said  okay  and  then  Abid  with   humble  smile  entered   the  lounge  ,he  did  not  sit  (men  out  of  family  don't interact  with  women,remember)  He  even  did  not  see  straight  in  my  eyes  until  i  replayed  his  greetings  .

He  was  not  same   spoiled   boy  who   used  to  draw  our  mud  homes  or  harass  us  with   silly  tricks . He   was  looking  like  a  modest  gentle  man  with  decent  smile  and  respect  in  eyes.

He  said " Baji  ,i  just  wanted   to  see  you  as  you  changed  my  life  and  attitude "  This  was  weird  moment  still  i  felt  my  eyes  teary . he  said  to  his  wife "Baji  was  very  brave  and  different ,she  never  tolerated  accusation  from  boys  and  taught   us  good  lesson" though  his  words  were  kind  yet  i  was  feeling  embarrassed 

I  hardly  spoke  few  words  about  his  occupation   and  family  and  left.   Until  today  when  his  words  echoed  in  my  head  i  feel  little  awkward. 

to be continued 


  1. Hi, Baili, its interesting to read about your childhood days. You are one brave girl. Ha ha I fight those boys that used to tease me during my schooling days!

  2. Always good to stand up for what is right, great post and lesson. Greetings!

  3. There is indeed much to learn in life. It is like a book and it is too short. You raise a good question. What good is learning and achievement if it does not bring peace of mind or happiness? I think that many people have achieved much but are not happy. Achieving happiness is the most important thing.

    I am eager to read the end of your story.

    Have a great week!

  4. what a beautiful account of your early years, thank you for sharing, I will look forward to more to come!

  5. You are a brave woman to have begun standing up for what is right from a young age, It is nice to have a friend from childhood reveal to you the positive impact that you had in his life, you are a good person with a great message for us all.

  6. We could use you in our Government to keep our male politicians in line! Many of them needed a good slap or scratch when they were growing up.

  7. You were being a champion for the girls at the time. Never feel bad about doing what you feel is right at the time. It made you the strong woman you are today which makes you a good wife and mother.

  8. We never know how our actions are being interpreted by others.

  9. Interesting story! Looking forward to the next part.

  10. What a lovely story so far, you have set him such a good example!

  11. I like your saying, "Life's too short to act smart.

  12. When we are young we are still learning and we can have a great impact on others that stays with them throughout the years. We do not know we are doing it at the time, it is only in later years that the truths come out.

  13. Well at least with what you did with your nails it turned out well in the end.

  14. Hello, great story. You were a brave child to stand up for what is right. You are a good example to others. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  15. Oh I am so proud of you, dearest Baili...standing up for what is right at so young an age! I so wish I'd been that brave.
    I found this post really inspiring and encouraging...and thank you so much!

    Have a Fabulous Weekend.

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  16. I always find your posts fascinating, Baili! Not for a second do I believe you were ever mentally lazy! I think that you are judging yourself too harshly. You shine forth as a spirited, inquiring, curious , and empathetic person. And kudos for you for standing up to bullies in your childhood. That can't have been easy. And all these years later, here is a man thanking you for changing his life when you were a girl. You are an inspiration, my dear friend!!! Hugs and love to you!

  17. What a great story. Looking forward to more! I was the same as a child..haha

  18. I think this is very special! You should feel very proud of yourself and this man now, should be proud of himself too, to get the courage to talk to you!

  19. Hello, dear Baili, I think your story is very brave and sweet. Now I wish that all men could have a Baili in their lives when they were young so they could learn respect for women. I was the eldest sister of five girls without any brothers and had to fight the boys to keep my sisters safe, too. xo Karen

  20. What a good story and you are a good example to others.

    All the best Jan


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