Wednesday, December 27, 2017

25th December is also Mr Jinnah;s Birthday!

Hello   Dear  Friends!

Hope  you  have  celebrated  your   Christmas  with  great   happiness  and  enthusiasm  along  with  your  precious  family!

Let  me  share  with   you   that  the  day   you  all  celebrate  the  christmas   here  in  my  homeland  pakistan  we  celebrate  the   "birthday  of  our  greatest  leader  and   father  of  nation  Quaid e Azam Mr  muhammad  Ali  Jinnah!

The   Greatest  muslim  leader  who   played  most  basic  and  important  role  in  the  creation  of  our  country  Pakistan.

He   was  born  in  rented   house  on  25th  december  1876 in  Karachi.

He  was    brother  of  6  siblings   and  since   childhood  his  virtues  differentiated  him  from  other  children . 

He  was  man  of  principals  and   we  can  see  this  from  his  strong  character   ,his brilliance   in his  works  ,eloquence in his  speeches  ,his  wise  profound  words  and  his  influence  on  his  contemporaries  and  followers .

            Mr  lord Mountbatten  and his wife  with  Mr  Jinnah 

We  can  also  know  about  his  greatness   by  the  nice   words  said  by  his  rivals   and  fellows 

Italian  politician  Mussolini  says  about   Mr  Jinnah 

 "  Mr  Jinnah  was   a   historic   personality   which  take   birth  once in  a  century "

Vijaya  Lakshmi  pandit :

 " If  muslim league  had  100  Gandhies  and  congress  only  one  Mr  Jinnah  India  would  never  have  divided"

Bertrand Russel :

 "No one  in  the  history  of  India  was  loved  as  Mr  Jinnah"

Sir  Winston churchill :

I  can  never  forget Jinnah  from  my  heart"

Lord Mountbatten :

: Jinnah  never  done an  agreement  by  bowing  down  to   anyone  but  on  equal   basis :

Harry  Truman :

" Jinnah  had  cold  and  bright  mind"


"I believe  no  power  can  buy  Mr  Jinnah!"

There  are numerous  wise  words  that  inspire  us  enough to change our  way  of  thinking  ,,few  of  them  i  am  sharing  with   you  below ,

I   loved  this  wonderful  man  of  our  lives   since  my  childhood   and   respect   his  attitude  ,confidence  and  willpower  .

I   think   he   knew  the   poewr   of   a  GOOD  MOTHER   who  can   build   up   a   healthy   and   posotive   generations  to   save  the   future  of  nation  therefore  his  many   sayings  show  his   faith   in   good  motherhood  and  healthy   parenting .

I   can  write   book  on   this   subject  but   leaving  you  with  my  best   wishes  for  your   precious  lives  ,beautiful   holidays  and    these  very   beautiful   words  of  Mr  Jinnah:

Sending  you  lots  of  love  and  hugs   with  blessings ,

God  bless you   all!!!


  1. I learned so much from these posts and the quotes are fabulous! What a brilliant man! Hugs...RO

  2. I learned something new today. Thank you Baili♥

  3. Oh, thank you so much for sharing that! We are so ignorant of other cultures and the history of their countries here in the U.S. They teach us mostly about Western civilization but not much about the middle east unless you read the Bible. What a gentleman he was and wise....especially his attitude towards women. He was way ahead of his time! I hope you had a wonderful celebration on your day. It was quiet here as I live alone and my children and grandchildren live about 10-12 hours away. But they call and we open presents over the phone and that is fun. I'm always glad when it is over as I'm always knitting things up until the last minute as we exchange presents on Christmas. Even though I got them in the mail on time my one little grandson didn't get his yet...I felt so bad but he's a good sport. I guess I will have to mail in the summer in order to get there on time. Our government is incompetent in so many ways....too many chiefs and not enough indians (native Americans) as we say. In other words, too many bosses and not enough workers! LOL! Enjoy your week!

  4. Hi Baili :) I love that quote "failure is a word unknown to me"...I NEED to adopt this attitude. I often feel like a fail at this and that...but you know, this is all thinking that is remnants of the past. I always have to shake myself out of this way of thinking and know that I don't fail at anything!! Nice post! xx

  5. Mr Jinnah Sounds like a wise man as well as a compassionate man. I can understand why you feel such respect for him. You have given me another valuable lesson.

  6. Thanks for sharing the meaning of your Christmas!

  7. Thanks so much for this informative post. I know a little bit about Pakistani history, but just a little bit. I love history and I could stand to learn more.

    Mr. Jinnah sounds like he was a remarkable man. I need to learn more about him.

  8. I had not heard of him before, he sounds like an amazing man. I particularly like the quote: Religion should not be allowed to come into politics...
    Religion is merely a matter between man and God.

    I feel that all Religions allow themselves to be tainted by politics leading away from the inspiring spiritual teachings of the original teachers.

  9. baili, I remember learning about Mr Mohammed Jinnah in school. Thank you for reminding me about him.

  10. Separation between religion and politics is of paramount necessity in my view.

  11. He sounds like a wise man! I can certainly see why he is so loved. I really like his quotes!

  12. Thank you Bali for sharing the story of this great man.

  13. What a great post, baili -- Mr. Jinnah was indeed a good and wise man. Thank you for sharing his story here.

  14. What a wise and wonderful man. Thank you so very much. The world needs men like that.

  15. He said some very true words for sure.
    Happy New Year.

  16. Sounds like such a wonderful man! Thank you for teaching us about him! Big Hugs!

  17. So nice to read of this great leader, dear Baili. Great men live on in eternity. Thank you for telling us about his life. x Karen

  18. I agree with Beatrice, it's always great to read about good leaders. It's especially nice to learn about an important person I didn't know about before. I'm glad that you enjoyed your holidays!

  19. I found this such an interesting read ... thank you.
    My good wishes to you and your family for a Happy and Healthy 2018.

    All the best Jan

  20. Great quotes! I hope you have a good weekend!

  21. a wonderful, interesting read!! belated merry christmas!!

  22. By his words I can see he is a great man.

  23. After reading this post, Baili, and the quotes from Mr. Jinnah, I can understand why you have chisen to share this information. He seems to have been a very wise leader.

  24. You posted about Muhammad Ali Jinnah on his birthday last year, too, if I'm remembering correctly. And rightfully so! He is an inspiring leader. I've often heard it said here that the pen is mightier than the sword, but I think that Jinnah nailed it when he spoke of the power of women. I loved his quote about bringing courage, fortitude and determination to life. Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a wise and thoughtful leader. Thank you for honoring him again!


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