Sunday, August 27, 2017

Art related explanation

     Hello     Sweet   Friends!

  Hope   and  pray   that  all  of  you  are  treating   yourself   with   respect   and  kindness  that   comes   with  contentment   that   you   have   for   what   you   are !!!    and   what  you   are    capable   to   as   a  person  in  " well   balanced"   life.

  Actually   i  want   to  explain  about   art  work   of  my   sister  that  i  have  posted   in  my  previous  post   as   one   of  my   friend   asked  me   that,

                            " does   my   sister   know   that   i   have   her   art  work"

   As   i  mentioned   in   my   previous   post   that   because   of  my  eldest   brother's  negative  attitude   i   brought   my   younger   sister   with   me   after   my   marriage   with   the    permission   of   my   mother  (which  was  a  tough  job)  . 

Here   she   styed  with  me  and  my   husband   for   almost  four  years  and  completed  her   high   school   education.

 During   stay   she   brought   her   lots   of   art   work  with  her  from  village   to   my   house  .Though   she   in  her   free   times   made   some   more    paintings   and   sculptures  but   her   art   that   belonged    to   our   school   life   in   native   village    was   more   special   to  me  .

When   she   left   after   education  for   village   she   forgot   to   collect   it   from   our   house   but   still   it   mattered   for  her.   But   when   after   two   years   she   visited   me   she   was   not   same   young   lady   with   artistic    attitude  .  She   was   more   practical    with  realistic   approach     towards    life  . 

  Now   she   was   on  semi   govt   job     living   in   capital   city    with   mom   seemed   to   re  explore   her   hidden   talents   and   skills .   According   to   her   she   was   about   to   change   her   "class" " in  which  i  don't  even believe  or  care  about" 

That   was   time   when   she   hated   her   simple   past   with   middle   class   background  .She  wanted   to  disowned   everything   which   reminded  her   that  there   were   times   when   she   had   less    in    life   . Past   seemed   to  her   nothing   but   an   embarrassment .

She   left   her   art   work  with   her  own   will   in  my   house  .   God   blessed   her  with  a   life   that   she   dreamt  for   and  i  am  so   Happy   for   her  but   somehow   i    lost   my  "old  sister"   and   it   hurts   a  lot !

                                                                  U.S.A my  sister  on  beach 

I    am    proud   of   my   roots   from   where   i   took   start.   I   love    fact   that   my   father   was   a   watch   maker   I   consider   those   memories   treasure   when     we   were   "together"  .   we   both   sister   pushed   each  other   that  no    no   you   but   i   will   sit   closer   to   my   mom   and  i  will  press   her   shoulders   to   comfort   her. 

 I   am   proud   of   my   mother   who   beard   hard   times   just   to   make    us   educated  

I   never   ever   measure   the   joy   of   my  life   with   the  scale  of  material . Material   is  here  to  make  life   easier   not   miserable .  We   give  material   an  "importance  when   we   use  it .

Our   lives  don't   upgrade   with   material   because   it  is "we  who   are   important  not  "material"   It   is  for   us   , we  are  not   for  it    so   how   can   we    look   down   to   ourself    because   of   this   inappropriate    thing .

Moments   and   relationships  that   we   have  right  now  are   MOST   PRECIOUS!  ,MOST    BEAUTIFUL! ,  MOST    IMPORTANT!  

Money   can   make   you   surround   by   cheesy   people   but   can   not   bring   close   to    not   Real  loved   ones!

In   my   opinion   class   does   not   exist .    If  it  does ,  then   it   is  on   the  base   of CHARACTER     and   VIRTUES   which   are   far   ABOVE    than   material     as     former   can   be   earned   with   highest    morality   and   life   long   dignity    but   later   can   be   earned    even   at   the   cost   of  one's   self   respect.  

My   sister    knows   that   i   have   a  blog   but   she   never   told   me   that  she   read   it    sometime   .If   she   will   know   i   posted   her   art   work   she   will   be   happy   but   she   will   annoy   a   lot   if   know   that   i   told  you   that   i   did  not  born   with   spoon   of   gold  in  my  mouth   :)

  Take   great   care   my   friend!

hope  weather   stay   friendly   as  news   are  not    pleasant ,people   living  near   stormy   areas  are  in  my   thoughts   and  prays!

God   Bless   You   All!!!!!....................................................


  1. Your attitude is perfect. Material things do not define who we are. Hopefully your sister will figure that out someday.

    1. Thank you dear Kathy!

      i pity on people who suffer with inferiority complex when have less in life though that less is serving them better at the moment .

      Such people give importance to the opinion of other people rather than what they think of themselves .And you know that you cannot satisfy the crowd around you at any cost . They play with you and you let them

  2. I agree with you, Baili. Be proud of your roots, the history, culture, people and circumstances from when you came. They make us who we are and that makes the world so interesting.

    Money means nothing if you don't have family in your life.

    1. Thank you dear Marie!

      you are right , money can bring stuff in your life but not loyal people who love you form the bottom of your heart

  3. This is a great post.

    Material goods do not bring happiness. I know of so many people who have so much yet are miserable. Of course, there is a basic level of wealth, that one needs to assure food, shelter, medical care, etc. that I think is necessary for life to be fulfilling.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Brain!

      What bothers me is increasing sense of insecurity among people who think "stuff" gives them recognition.

      Unlike before luxury is counted in basic needs now not just because we need but because we have to show others that we have

  4. I am sorry you and your sister are no longer able to be together. My sisters both live far away from me too. I miss them.

  5. Dear Emma!
    It is first time that we are not able to see each other for 3 years .
    Hope these summers will be congenial

  6. I think it is wonderful that you are proud of your sister and her art work. It can be heard to go so long without seeing our family and sharing about them can make them feel a little closer. :)

  7. Material things do not bring happiness.

    Like Jess above I think it is wonderful that you are proud of your sister and her art work, which I did enjoy seeing on your previous post.

    Take care my blogging friend.

    All the best Jan

  8. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  9. My heart aches for you, baili. But you have the right attitude toward it all - our character is what counts, and yet she is still your sister and you accept her as she is. It takes a big heart to do that. Hugs, my friend.

  10. So sorry you can no longer be close to your sister that she has changed. Family is so important, maybe one day she will see that.

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  12. I really like your attitude, dear friend! Material things or life events do not define us.

  13. "That was time when she hated her simple past with middle class background .She wanted to disowned everything which reminded her that there were times when she had less in life . Past seemed to her nothing but an embarrassment ."

    Oh, to be a Princess! :)

    "God blessed her with a life that she dreamt for and i am so Happy for her but somehow i lost my "old sister" and it hurts a lot !"

    I'm glad things worked out for her. I hope you didn't really lose your old sister...hopefully, she is still in there. :)

    I agree with you, the material things are just things.

    1. Dear Sandi!

      By "old" I mean though we meet more or less but she is not same loving little sister anymore.
      Her attitude, accent and topics are changed.

      I don't feel at same level of "ease"when we talk to each other .no more heart sharing like sisters my friend!

  14. Thank you for sharing this post, Baili. I wish you and your sister the best. It is a pitty that she is not near to you any more. Family always comes first for me. And I agree with you, my friend. Virtue is above, not the materials. Have a nice week!

  15. Thank you for this insight into you. Accept my sympathy about your situation. I believe we should listen truly to our"self". We should keep our hearts open.
    Bless you

  16. You have to pursue happiness.
    Sometimes that pursuit takes us very, very fara.
    In my case, from Portugal to Macau.
    Have a great week

    1. You are so right Pedro!
      Hope you found what you walked for !

  17. I agree with you. Material things do not bring happiness. I grew up in a poor home with immigrant parents. I am very proud of them and my roots. They worked hard and they struggled and made a better life for us. I have cousins and friends who are ashamed of their poor and humble upbringing. It's quite sad. But I love them all, anyway. They have a different perspective but they're still good people.

    1. Thank you dear Martha!

      I too respect and adore not only my parents but all those people who walk slow and steadily towards their goals and achieve them with subtlety and without compromising on their honesty and mdesty.
      They chose harder path though but as God is always stands with is on right side so finally they they make their dreams come true .without harming any one.
      Either I love my precious sister because having different opinion doesn't mean we don't have love for each other or we don't respect each other's opinions

  18. You are a wise lady I am with you You need money to live but you don't live for the money. There are far more important things in life.

  19. It's good you still have those pieces of art in your house so you can treasure them - perhaps when your sister is older she will realise how important they are and be thankful you kept them!

    Sometimes people change a little with new life experiences, but deep down she is still your sister. Family ties are important and can't be overlooked :)

    Hope you had a great weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thank you so much mica!

      You words brought light of hope in my heart

  20. A fantastic post - your attitude is perfect Baili!

  21. Oh thank you so much for sharing this insight into your life.
    I do so feel for you. I totally understand how difficult it can be to overcome the disapproval of some family members. I know...I have been there!
    At the end of the day I think all you can do at those times is follow your heart.
    Material things are just that...things.
    Love is all that matters.:)

    A Hug xoxoxo

  22. You are a wise woman, Baili, and have your priorities in order.
    Your family is very lucky to have you.

  23. Hi Baili! :)) We have the same opinions! I used to lead a materialistic life because I was ashamed of my upbringing. But it was for different reasons, it was an abusive upbringing and I couldn't bring myself to find anything good about it. But once I was able to forgive in my heart, the material stuff just didn't matter to me anymore because it didn't fill the void I was seeking.

    What filled the void was Alex mainly. He loves me, I love him and we are perfect soul mates! :) Our pets too, they fill my heart. Even if we lost all of our possessions tomorrow, my heart would still be full because love is what matters the most! :) Hugs! xx

    1. Thank you Dear Rain!

      for sharing your heart with me .

      i am so sorry that you had some aching memories from your childhood .I know that good or bad childhood memories stick to our mind forever .

      Forgiving is first step towards feeling "At PEACE!" and i am glad that you forgave all who made you suffer , so did i my friend and felt Lot better after releasing the anger and hatter from my heart .

      I believe that the perfect soulmate you got because you have a heart of Gold!!! you deserved him and he deserved you dear Rain and i know the healing that comes with love of your life partner nothing can replace it ever

  24. What a beautiful post about your sister Baili. She was very blessed to have you as her sister, to take her in, to love her and support her. Someday maybe she will realize the blessings in her life, and come back to be your sister again in spirit. Her art is beautiful, and it is wonderful that you have kept it for her. I enjoyed your sharing of this memory today, and will pray with you for a restored relationship with your sister :) My family is doing fine in all the hurricane weather so far, thanks for your prayers and concern, it is a terrible storm, and not over yet. Praying for their continued safety :) Hugs to you today dear friend!

    1. Thank you dear Marilyn!

      no matter how much she has changed but still no one can snatch away the precious and beautiful memories of the times we spent together and this matters most for me .

      i believe in deep her heart she knos it very well how much i have loved her ,how much i have cared about her and how much i do until now .
      It is obvious that when you love someone you remember it by good times that you had together and i have so many to recall.

      You ,your family and all people living in your area are deeply in my thoughts and prayers my friend and i wish and pray that may storm pass without hurting anyone ,amen

  25. This was a bittersweet post, Baili, and it's clear to see that you love and miss your sister. Sadly, people think that material things will bring happiness, and unfortunately that happens to many at one time or another. We see it every day with things like cell phones, when people want the largest and newest item. I once had a coffee mug that read: we must learn to like things and love people . . .and I have always remembered that little saying.

    1. Thank you dear Beatrice!

      I saw people changing with their financial positions and it was shockingly surprising and painful because you cannot accept it when it comes from your own blood .
      This is beautiful saying and i act accordingly by the grace of God ,it is actual way to live i believe

  26. Olá, sua auto estima é importante, causa-lhe orgulho da sua origem, quando assim é, os sentimento são enorme, concordo! o caracter e a virtude é o mais importante de que principalmente os bens materiais.
    AS fotos são excelentes, continuação de feliz semana,

  27. Bonjour,

    Merci pour votre petit message...
    J'ai fait un petit retour en arrière afin d'admirer les dessins de votre soeur. J'ai beaucoup aimé. Il serait bon qu'elle n'abandonne pas ! Il est tellement bon de pouvoir s'exprimer par le dessin, la couleur...
    Vos mots généreux sont magnifiques. Merci pour ce délicieux billet.

    Gros bisous

  28. E importante, Baili, gostar das suas raízes. O lado material das coisas é o que menos importa. Gostei do que contou da sua irmã. Nem sempre é fácil o relacionamento mas o que importa é que sejam amigas e que ela reconheça o seu valor moral...
    Uma boa semana.

  29. You are a very wise, beautiful woman! Big Hugs!

  30. I agree, Baili: It's not what you have, but who you are that counts. I hope your sister comes to realize what a rich past she has. It has always fascinated me how differently people can respond to the same circumstances. Some people are resilient, and some seem to have holes in their souls that can never be filled. Sending you a big hug, my wise friend!

  31. I am happy to read about your sister and her talents, her drawings are beautiful.
    Yes, the most important things in life are not the materialisthics ones.


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