Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Question

       Hello   my   precious  fellows .

        Hope   and  pray   that   you  all   are   having   wonderful   time   with   your   families   and    

              friends  and   weather   is   being   friendly   too  at   your   part  of  this  globe!

       I    am   a  person  of   time   and   world   when  almost   each   3rd  person  is  dealing  with    

             health  issues   so   do  i  .

         I   am  anemic   and  take   vitamin   supplements    since  many  years  .

       I   suffered   with   stomach   ulcer   for  14   years  unknowingly  and  when  knew  went   under

       treatment    for   3   years   and   still  taking  some  medicines   for  this.

         Unlike   my  mom  i   often  suffer  with  low  blood   pressure ( she got high)  but  never  get  any   treatment  

         for  this  until  now .
         I   feel   sick   when   i   sit   for   long  .Any   kind   of  physical     or   mental   activity   keeps

         me   feel  fit.

        I   have      quite   a   big   house  with  3  big   furnished   rooms  and  a  10  by  10   kitchen   along   with   four   bath   rooms  .

I   manage   to   keep   my   house   clean   which  is  quite  a  task  as  we  live  in  sandy   area  where

  air   keeps    bringing     lots   of   dust   during  the  day .

I   cook   and   when  kids  get   back   from   school   and  after  lunch  and  rest  start   their

 homework   i  sit   with   them  to  supervise ,   as  they  need  me  to  do  this   regularly .

   While   doing   all   this   i   feel   happy  and  biggest   feeling   that  i   get  from  all  this  is   being  "USEFUL"   for  my   family  .

    I  am   introvert   though   but   having   a  well  extended  family  of   in   laws   makes  me  to 

 give  them   occasional    visits   too   and  i  do  it  happily ,neither    of   these   responsibilities  bother  me   except  one   thing   guess   what  

  Putting   a   news   paper   for   hubby  on  dining   table   or  couch  ,  WHY?????

  Because    while   doing   it    i  feel   something    crawling  in  my   stomach .   Even   i   avoid  to   looking  at   it

   as  it  is  scorpion   or   snake   which   will  bit   me.  .

Same   situation   i   feel   when   hubby   put  a  news  channel   and   so   many  terrible   happenings   attack  on  my   nerves   through   ears  and   it  makes   me  wish  that  may  be  i  should  lost   my  auditory   ability   for  while  .

My   question   is   that  


I   believe  that   this  habit   creates  many  upsetting   harmons   to   human   brain   because  most  of  news  are   horrible   and  terrify   our   mind  with   curiosity  and  fear.

Brain  cannot   perform   in   proper   way   and  our   all   systems  including  digestive     system  specially   get   affected  by   it  which   results  in  numerous  diseases .



 Hope   you   guys  will  share  your   thoughts   over  this  so  can  find  what  you  think  or  say  about  it.

Dear   friends  signing  off while  saying  that  take  Great  Care   of  Yourself  ,Stay  Happy  and  Positive .If   you  BELIEVE  in  yourself  NOTHING   IS  STRONGER   THAN  YOU!

GOD   bless  you  all!!!





  1. Hello dearest Baili, what an interesting post!
    I think reading newspapers is necessary, and listening to radio/watching TV programmes can be useful as well. We must know what is going on in the world, in order to make conscious and sensible choices. Of course, what I think are good programmes may not interest somebody else at all. :D
    I also think that during common meals one shouldn't read or watch TV but respect and enjoy the company of family members and/or friends. :)
    Blessings and hugs!

    1. Hello dear Sara!

      I think you got me completely.
      Reading newspapers or watching news channels is injurious to health and must be avoided

  2. This is a great question. I watch a fair amount of television news and public affairs programs. Other then these programs I do not watch much I often watch them when eating breakfast but I am usually alone at that time. My wife also is interested and watches these things.The television is never on at mealtimes.

    Lately the news is so upsetting that I think that it would be better if I did not watch as much. I think it would be good for both my mental and physical health.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Brain I think you will agree that men are mostly more interested in such news and show rather than women.
      You just said you start your morning with news as my husband does .he also ends the t.v at news and both are meal time usually.
      He got this only habit that annoys me but I try to take side like take walk in yard or busy in kitchen.
      I can use other room's t.v but I don't like to demonstrate that his choice is painful for me.
      If it is only about political issues we discuss but other horrifying news make me ill

  3. There is so much happening in the World around us. Some good but mostly bad. I watch very little television, occasionally read Newspapers and try to listen to the News at once a day to keep me in touch with World affairs.
    I agree with Sara that mealtimes should be a time when the family come together to talk to one another without distractions.
    My pet hate when I'm out and about is to see people more interested in interacting with their iphones than taking an interest in the person or persons they are with.
    Have a wonderful day Baili and a fun filled weekend with your family :)

    1. Hello dear Prunella!

      Just like Sara and you either I want to avoid this during meals

  4. Oh, I am guilty of reading the newspaper at the table and my husband does, too, but we discuss the news of the day with each other as we do. When my children were living home, we did not do this, but now that it is just each other and being married for many years, we find it is good to share these conversations of world and local events and it keeps us talking to each other. Sometimes I do have to avoid the news, as it can be depressing, but I like to follow politics and find out information on local happenings. If we have guests, of course we don't do this, but with each other it makes stimulating conversation. Sending wishes for a beautiful week. xx Karen

    1. Hi Beatrice!

      I agree if husband and wife both are interested in news or any other common topics news are quite help to stimulate the conversation but often news or very depressing and I feel sick to hear them .
      Worset does here my imaginations, they put me position of victims and it hurts beyond my courage to bear .I feel it fasten my stomach aches

  5. We have to know what is going on in the world but I chose my information source very wisely .. just a serious daily newspaper online or often just news on the radio or television in the evening ... but not too much - too much horrible things are going on - you are right Bali!
    oxo Susi

  6. News is out of bounds here meal time. There needs to be some space where the cares of the world are not intruding. For me, it's meal time.

    1. That's what I am trying to say Marie!

      Some hearts are quite delicate to bear such burden when they are having meal. Having means i am fine ready to have some food in a happy mood but news at meal deny that fact they make realise as if we are selfish ,eating when some people are dying in various accidents ,how inhuman one feels while you know

  7. The only time, I look at world events is in the morning and online. We do not watch any news (or anything else) on TV by choice. And, many of these programs are available online anyway. We never read anything during mealtimes unless dining separately when one of us might read a magazine article. I agree with your comments, Baili, that being well informed does nit lead to well being.

    1. You are right my friend!

      Sometimes knowledge sucks

  8. Constantly being aware of news can cause quite a bit of anxiety. You always think the worst because we are always shown the bad news and not the good. I think it's important to shut everything off sometimes and just enjoy the moment and the time with loved ones. Meal time is one of those times! When my kids were living with us, we ate dinner as a family and the TV and phones were off. We would spend the time talking and laughing.

  9. You are absolutely correct Martha!

    I found constant news so irritating and harmful often.
    Why should I know at wrong time special ly that there are so many terrible happenings around me while I am trying to have some peaceful time with myself and my family.

    I felt with growing age men get more interested in knowing about world around

  10. It is important to know what is happening in the world. If the news is good we can rejoice and feel happy. If the news is bad we need to know. It is the only way things will be made better. It is the things we are not aware of that cause the most problems. I need to know if the mayor is planning to demolish all the houses on my street. It is my right to know what he is doing. I need to know if the president is planning on changing our constitution to favor him being more powerful. I must keep myself aware. I admit that many things in the news depress me. I can only read about so many murders, so many children being abused, and so much senseless violence before I have to stop for a while. If you prefer more congenial conversation at mealtime perhaps a compromise could be reached. Meals could be accompanied with talk of each person's day and plans for future or memories of the past to make it pleasant. Then time for news could be set aside for the people interested. They would have that time to catch up on the news without being disturbed by anyone. Sound good?

  11. I actually love news, but just move on and don't focus on the bad stuff Baili. I do hope you can take care of your low blood pressure problems, that is worrying.

    1. Dear Christine My late mom and now my hubby says that low blood pressure is the reason of all my being upset that i get immediately after hearing such scary stuff but believe me i don't want to add more medicines to my routine and try to take care of it all by my slight wisdom

  12. Thank You dear Emma!

    I agree with each bit you said about right to know things happening around us .

    When my husband came from office unlike other contemporaries he prefer to stay with me as he knows I don't socialise much and like to stay at home mostly .
    In hot summer noons at dining table we eat together and talk about our day business. Then he takes nap which I take rare so get busy with something favourite such as blogging.
    In evening we have always beautiful times and conversations at cup of tea unless he has called by some of his friend which happens less .
    So morning news and night news are his strong schedule which I can't object over .
    Which bothers me is hearing worse when i am swallowing my meal and due to depression it doesn't digest well that is what I feel

  13. Baili, I'm so sorry you suffered with a stomach ulcer for so many years. That is hard to live with. Please take care, dear one.


  14. I am so sorry to hear about your stomach ulcer, dear Baili! As far as newspapers and news channels go, I think it is O.K. to know what is going on in this world, but not to be INUNDATED or DISCOURAGED by it. I look at the news but briefly, not constantly, like some people do, as hearing and seeing too many negative things can be depressing...and I do struggle with depression. And this is why I post things like I do on my blog, to counteract all the negative and bad things in life.

    I think people, including myself, need a balance. Too much negativity is not good for anyone, as it does affect our mental and physical health. So I try to post happy and positive things so that people can also see the good and positive side of the world and life. Love and hugs to you.

  15. I don't watch the news during breakfast because I just want to wake up calmly.
    I watch the news at dinner time on the TV in the kitchen.
    I have some stomach problems. I hope you feel better.

  16. I don't watch the news. I hope you feel better. xx

  17. I do agree with everything Martha has written in her comment, a little above mine ...

    In fact I've been cheeky and copied what she said!

    "Constantly being aware of news can cause quite a bit of anxiety. You always think the worst because we are always shown the bad news and not the good. I think it's important to shut everything off sometimes and just enjoy the moment and the time with loved ones. Meal time is one of those times! When my kids were living with us, we ate dinner as a family and the TV and phones were off. We would spend the time talking and laughing."

    That is exactly as we did ... they now all have their own places, but I still think even if just two of you sit down to enjoy a meal it is so nice to relax, enjoy each others company and talk about your day ...

    Do take care and look after yourself

    All the best Jan

  18. I don't watch the news at all but I do read the newspaper daily as I think it's important to know what's going on in the world but I have to admit I do skim through a great deal of the more depressing stories.

  19. I don't watch news on TV at all. I do read several newspapers online. I like being informed, but not overwhelmed. The news these days is particularly troubling, so I balance it with long walks and wine with dinner. During our evening meal we always listen to very mellow music, something to calm our hearts and lower our stress levels. Take care there.

  20. I have not read a newspaper for years because the news has a political spin. I do however catch up with the news headlines in other ways without the political spin.

    I personally do not like 'News' via a newspaper or any other media whilst I am sharing a meal with Mr C, I even resent phone calls during this time.

    When I am on holiday I do not look at the news at all, it will all be there for me to read when I get back home.

    1. LUCKY you dear cherry!!!
      i really wish i can skip news papers and channels out of my sight for ever .
      If can't correct anything why should i heat my head with crap

  21. Chronic health problems are a challenge and can bring you down. Yes news is lack but there are positive things to see. As for reading at the table. I do puzzles until my wife is finished eating.

    1. How wonderful to do puzzles while waiting for meal Red!

      I am going to advise my husband to try this one .
      it is constructive and reproduction of new neurons is also possible

  22. To your question: News, now=a-days may not be the truth but seasoned with other things. It is therefore important that we listen to a variety of sources.

  23. YES! I so agree. Our news here is ...strange and getting is so full of fear. Fear is a force of evil and only makes things worse. Fear not, for I have overcome the world-- (from a Bible verse.) But our news drills fear over and causes no good thing. Turn it off.

    1. you are so right dear Sandi.
      It sounds like world's media has decided to inject FEAR in COMMON MAN'S NERVES .

      Media is affecting life of men everywhere in a very strong way
      from appearances to internal disorders media is opereating everything automatically .

      It seems some kind of plan ,as in earlier era kings or powerful landlords kind of people always tried to rule over the nerve of common man .
      Media is playing same roll in injecting the various pressures and fears in man's mind and turning him into a sick confused person

  24. I try to avoid, especially during family time at the table, those depressing news.
    It's not healthy, it's very unpleasant.
    Have a great weekend!

  25. News is horrible. Journalists don't just report anymore but they try to dramatize every thing, making every 'Breaking News" sound like the end of the world. Several years ago, I was seeing a therapist. She told me to turn off tv news, radio news and newspaper for 90 days.

    I can't tell you how much better I felt. There is an ugly and heavy energy in the news since election here in U.S. I cancelled cable tv, I don't read the paper except for things happening locally. I can feel my energy is lighter.

    Trust me, if the world is coming to an end, someone will let you know. I don't think it's bad to take a break from all the negative energy and focus on the higher energies.

    As an American woman, I would tell my husband that he has to get the newspaper on his own, for the good of his wife and family!

    1. I agree with each word you said dear Toni!

      News channels seem to get payment for spreading sensation and anxiety in the world .

      No one seems to care for viewers to whom they show all the horrible images and videos of scary accidents and events .
      They only care for their rankings ,each channel want to win the rat race that he showed the news for first time and with most effective way .
      they create drama out of news and increase it's terror with spicy words and scary shooting.

  26. I agree with Pedro Coimbra. Feel better! I'm parying for you! How can you not know your had stomach ulcers! Wasn't the pain bad?

    1. Thank you George for kind words!

      How can i explain my carelessness about my stomach ulcer .

      Actually when once i was hospitalized for anemia treatment as my bone marrow was taken and tested by doctors and treatment was given meanwhile they revealed my stomach disease which was in early stages then they prescribed some medicines which i had to take for certain duration of time and asked me to visit again but after the medicine course was complete i felt better and never visit to check up .

      disease developed inside me after break and pains got deeper and deeper but i ignored and relied only on self medicines .

      when all came to an end and pain were beyond my bearing i then went to doc who told me that i am bledding from my stomach and it is almst about to finish .

      it was miracal that 3 years cure did work though its still there but i am quite better with no pain now

  27. When you are feeling rotten, everything gets to you. You don't have the emotional defenses other people have. The news is already so very awful. I agree - talking about some of the more upsetting things in the news is not best at the dinner table!

  28. I know that bad news affects health. Jedanka I read them, never with a meal, on the internet. I want to know what is going on in my country and in the world. Regards and thank you for visiting. It was a pleasure.

  29. I read news on the table.
    Be it happy or a sad one, it is just a piece of news.
    Life is full of such news.
    No way to avoid.

  30. I watch news shows every morning. But when I don't feel like watching, then I don't watch it. It's important to turn it off if you don't want to see it on some days.

  31. This is a great post and much food for thought. I don't turn the TV on for the news any more but I keep up by reading daily news. It is much easier than the visual of doom and gloom and the sensationalism that is repeated over and over and over again. We watch TV less and less and when we do we never put it on during meal times. Our mealtimes are our time to talk with each other and we may discuss what is going on in the world, or if with our family, discuss what is going on in their lives. Generally we try to talk about lighter things. What I have learned through blogging Baili, that no matter which country we come from, we have the same issues and concerns, and yes there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world, but there are also many kind people that I talk to daily, from everywhere. This to me means there is hope for the world yet. Now I think I have waffled on enough. I wish you good health, peace and happiness my friend :)

    1. Thank you dear Denise!

      Your words are very insightful for me .
      What great idea about reading the new only and only chosen section. Virtual terror attack directly on mind and mind if is extra sensitive can affect the systems performance in our body .
      My father used to read lots of newspapers and magazines but news wete not as horrifying as now a days.
      I am going to make my husband read your comment and of my other friends and I sure our breakfast time will be better with this. Thank you for again for very nice responses my friend!

  32. Hi Baili :) A long time ago, I stopped watching the news and reading the papers. There is really nothing I want to hear about because everything is so over the top about crime and suffering...or it's just "fluff" news that is clearly a filler to make the paper more thick lol...I don't think it's a lack of care that I have for other people, I just have come to realize that these things do affect me. Reading negativity on a daily basis is not good for MY spirit so I avoid all these things. So does Alex so we are a good match for that. If something big and important happens that will affect our welfare and lifestyles, it is inevitable that we will hear about it, we just don't go looking.

    1. Very correct my friend Rain!

      In beginning I do not realizes that how terribly news effect me .may be unconsciously i was taking all I the negative impressions on my insidious world which specially appeared strongly when after parents death my capability for such bearings decreased. Signs were obvious at my stomach and I felt that it is better to avoid .
      Even though I am working on my sensitivity as I really want to be a normal person not Extra sensitive which is great loss of physical and mental health

  33. I truly hope that you feel better with time. A lot of terrible things do happen in this world, most of which can be tuned out as a choice, for sanity and personal well being. Warm greetings to you and stay well.

  34. My mom watches the news all the time, and I don't like it! I agree with you my friend! Big Hugs!

  35. I think that we all live in the world and have a responsibility to be informed about what happens in it. But certainly not at mealtime. Family is the balance to the hardships of this world and family time is precious.
    Take care of yourself, my friend.

  36. My son is always watching the news on his tablet...and the result is that he is often feeling depressed and afraid for the future.
    Yes, I guess we all need to know what is going on in the world, but I often ask myself, "Where is the GOOD news?"
    It is so sad how the media seems to only seek out doom and misery, isn't it?

    I am really sorry to hear about your illnesses...and do really sympathize.
    I am suffering stomach ulcers at the moment too...and every treatment seems to work for a short while and then ceases to work.:/
    It isn't much fun at all, is it?!

    Yes, please do take care of yourself, my dear friend.
    You are always in my thoughts...:))

    A Big Hug xoxoxo

  37. Dear Ygraine!

    Really sorry to hear about your Stomach disease!

    I feel for you my friend as I know how painful it is to bear.
    Yes you are right medication make difference for while only and then it seems less effective but what to do when the doctor is saying that's all he can do .
    According to doctor I have take lots of care in my food and keep taking medicine until I breath.
    Ofcourse it is hard and more hard is to stay positive while facing all this.
    I request to your precious son not watch as much news as media is only after ranking which he thinks come with more thrill and terror.
    Take good care my friend! please

  38. Some people are very sensitive to many things including sad or depressing or horrible news; others are not so sensitive. I believe we must pay attention to our ability to take in difficult information and not overload ourselves. We need to be aware of what is going on; we can't be ignoring it. But we don't need all the gory details that the media seems to provide. That is my opinion, anyway :) Take care of your health, my friend. It is valuable.

  39. Hi Jenny!
    I totally agree with you as i know it's my fault more than news because I am have become little extra sensitive but "unconsciously "believe me .
    I am trying to make my mind little brave for such stuff but one thing is clear that if the fault is in consciousness can be correct more easily .
    Thank you for kind word I am trying my best to stay healthy all rest is upon who makes the final decision

  40. What interesting questions you posed, Baili, on a topic that causes dissension in many families. News via the newspaper, the television, or cell phones and computers can really stress people out. So much of it is scary and hateful these days. I am a news junkie, and I often have it on in the background as I go through my daily routine. I feel a responsibility to keep up on all the distressing things happening in my country. I've been writing my congressman and senators on issues that are important to me. I am distressed by the demeanor of my president and with the direction he is steering our country in. So I write letters ... I haven't felt this at risk since the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.

    What you are doing with your blog is so important, my friend. I know I've said it before, but you are reaching out to people around the world and personalizing Pakistan, showing what's wonderful about its people and places. You are helping spread understanding and with understanding, there is hope for peace in our troubled world.

    Sending you love and hugs!

  41. Hi dear Louise!
    thank you for your precious visit and words, they mean LOT to me believe me !

    Just like you i too feel responsible to stay informed and connected with specially with our political so called guardians who are becoming more expert to manipulating the right of common people and misleading their nations to turn everything into their favor only .

    My question was specially about horrible events that happen in everyday life and media film it and show it and dramatize it with insensitive phrases along them .Such new while eating cause negative energy and i feel it so easily because i am already a stomach patient .
    i wanted to know that is this RIGHT???

    Thank you so much for encouraging my tiny efforts through my blog dear friend!
    I wish God help me more with this

    1. Yes, it is right, Baili! I got off track last night when I was responding to you because I had distressing news on in the background. Terry and I are guilty of listening to the news on tv while having our meals. It's a habit we've had throughout our 32 years of marriage. But if anyone else is visiting ~ no tv! Media films have become so course and violent that I don't watch many of them.

      We have another saying in my country: "God helps those who help themselves." I think that your posts are inspiring, and I think the longer you blog, the better they will become. They are a positive force in this world. I admire your courage to write in a second language and to discuss complex ideas in that language. And, of course, I love your pictures! You may be getting more hope from God than you realize!!!

  42. Dear Louise right now i am overwhelmed by your kind and generous words.
    Believe me I see myself nowhere as blogger because I am though masters in English but I did it only on my own reliability without any tutor privately.

    I am not well read .not much social.
    My knowledge is based on only my personal observations and opinions and I share here what goes on in my head instantly without pondering much over it because I don't find time much to sit and think like my ideal intellectual people do.
    I just that may God keep me on right path and help me to say what is correct only

  43. I am trying to make my mind little brave for such stuff but one thing is clear that if the fault is in consciousness can be correct more easily .


    1. what great thing you said dear Roth!
      you are so right if the fault in consciousness can be correct easily but believe me lets not give up the hope and effort .
      God want "faith " from us and if we don't let it shake miracle happen

  44. Brilliant observation about the news, I am trying to take a break from all the misery. But it is good to keep up with what is going on.

    I am sorry to read of your ailments, I will say a prayer for you. Take care.

  45. Thank you dear Ann!

    hope you will also take good care of yourself and give yourself break from news if needed.

    I am phsically not well but believe me these diseases cannot take away the love of life ,God ,people and everything around me .
    it makes life easy and i am so lasy to choose this simplest way of living


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