Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Happy Birthday In a Beautiful Rainy Day! and some heart sharing!

Hey  Beautiful  Hearts!

Hope   and  pray   that   you   are   enjoying   each   moment   of  your   life   with  deep  sense   of  gratitude   and   contentment  :)

Yep  , without   these   two  special  feelings   we  can not  understand   the   true   essence   of   life!

No   one  has   filled  glass   of  water  in  hand   believe  me .

If  you  see  so  ,it is  just   illusion   created   by    fantasy .

There   is  always   less   in   each  glass  whether   you  can  see  it   or  not !

Though   one  who  holds   it  know  it  better!

To  stay   happy  there  is  no  need  to  find   your  glass   filled  completely.

It   is  just  how  you  look  at  it!

Being  content   with   filled  part   of  your  glass  and  struggling   smoothly  to   keep   it  that  way  and  trying   to  increase   the  amount  that   is  what  life  all  about!

From   very   first  breath   to  till  last  breath  we   just  try   to   fill   the  space   of  time  given   to  us .

Nothing     goes   along  when  we  leave  this  world   except  few   highlights    of   that   appear   in  our   mind  during  our  very   last   breaths !

Main   and  very  special   events  of  our  life  and  most   strong  emotional   evolution  evoked  in  certain   times  of  life!

Your  energy  is  flowing  water  from  tap!

don't  waste  it  unknowingly  ,it   causes   flood   of  negativity   around  you!

Keep   the  flow   smooth   and  use  it  artistically  to  create   beautiful   gardens   of  subtle   thoughts  and  positive  way  of  thinking .

Which   brings  true  joys   not  only   to  your own  heart   but   it  enlightens   your   surrounding  too :)

Last   day   My  eldest  son  sent  me (my request obviously)  some  really  absorbing  images   which   he  took  during   wandering   with  his  best  friend  Mubashir  .

He  specially  went  to  Mubashir  to  spend  time  with  him  on  his  birthday !

They  both  had  cake  and  pizza  at  restaurant  and  then  took   walk  to  beautiful  place  near  them .

Downpour   made   the  scenes  gorgeous  and  according to  my  son  they  loved  the  magic   of  whether  and  beauty  of  area!


May  he  see  many  many  more  returns  of  the  day! amen.hope  you  will  enjoy  the  views  either  as  i  LOVED  them  because  they  remind  me  my  native town so much!!!

birthday  boy  taking  pic obviously  to  share  with  his  family  that  he  was  not  alone  on  his  special  day :)

I find  these  captures  very  nicely  taken ,my  son  has  artistic  heart  though  he  is  software  engineer :)

I  would  love  to  sit  there  and  write  some  poetry 
What  a  charming  view!  loved  those  pretty  ducks and  naughty  crows adding  the  life  to  sights!

We  should  enjoy  the  blooming  time as  after  deceasing  bodies  are  first  to be  neglected!

  wet   paths   under  gloomy   grey  skies  seem  like  eyesight   of  a  sad  soul  looking  for  loved one ,roaming  about  restlessly !

                                        found  this  shot  perfectly  in  frame

                                       Hope  she  is  not  missing  sun  over  her  head!

This  stem  looks  like  a  pen  waiting  for  writer  to  pick  it and  write  over  the  water  that  life  is  beautiful  inspite  of  all  it's  obstacles :)

solitary   tree   talking  to  it's  own  reflection !,best  way  to  be  friend  of  yourself :)

              We  take  steps  which  speak  for  our  dare to  take  one  forever!

  He sent  me  this  quick  selfie  last  night from  his  office table where  he  does  part  time  job in  evening  after  class!

Okay  i  think  this  is  enough  for  today  ,electricity   is  about  to  go  for  2  or  3  hours .

this  is  11:30am ,sun   is  smiling  and  showering  his  rays  over  my  frontyard!

Hubby  had  planted  seasonal  plants  that  will  take  more  than  month  to  bloom hopefully, 

weather  is  mild  ,little  cooler  with  gentle  breeze.

We  are  desperately  waiting  for  our  eldest  son  who  will  come from  Munich  next month by  the  grace  of  God!

Fish  is  waiting  for  me  to  be  fried  so  goodbye  for now  with  lots  and  lots  of  love  and   best  wishes  for  you  precious  friends!

please  take  great care!
Stay  strong  and  positive!
Have Faith  upon  who  created  you  and  blessed  you  with  all  the  blessings  you   have:)))

He  will  be  with  you  until  you   will  keep  him  in  his  heart!

God  Bless  You   All!!!


  1. He has a real flair for photography!

    1. Thank you dear Sandi!

      It is always pleasure to hear from you :)

      Either I think similar to you

      Since young age he wanted to have a fine camera so he can capture everything that attracts his attention

      He bought quite expensive phone month back but camera is still in his wish list which I am sure will be fulfilled when after completing his studies he will have proper job by the grace of God!

  2. Happy birthday to your son's friend, the pizza looks delicious and the photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you dear Christine!

      3 of my sons are fan of pizza and I think most of new generation is in love with it:)

  3. Those misty park photos are so beautiful! And yes, EVERYONE loves pizza!

    1. Thank you dear Debra!

      Yep this age is pizza age :)

  4. Happy birthday! Gorgeous images and thoughts about being happy with the glass we've got!

    1. Thank you my friend!

      Glad you liked it!

      We should not over look who don't have even half of it

  5. that is yummy pizza!! Its lovely that he shared such beautiful photos, what a lovely spot to visit, ,, thanks Bali for showing us today these beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you dear Laurie!

      This place looks one from my dreams ,So charming indeed

  6. Hi Baili :)) I LOVE your water analogy...it's so true that if we let our energy flow in a wasteful way, it can flood us with negativity, very cool idea my friend! :) OH MY GOSH I could DIVE INTO THAT PIZZA!!!!!! It looks so good!! The photos of the birds are beautiful! I love to watch the ducks! :)

    1. Thank you dear Rain!

      I used to be like overthinker .My brain was always full of random pile of tangled thoughts which kept me so confused and nervous sometimes.

      After starting physical and mental exercise (meditation) I feel control over my head .
      I feel more composed and organized since I Learnt to use my energy according to my own will.

      I can see many positive changes in my life and relationships after that

    2. It's true, meditation has helped me a LOT too, to quiet the worries and the overthinking. I was (and still am a little!) like that too!

  7. Such a lovely post Baili.
    Many happy birthday wishes to your son's friend, that pizza does look tasty.
    I enjoyed seeing all of the other photographs too.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you dear Jan!

      My quick simple post is liked by you .I feel good!
      Thank you so much specially for best wishes my friend! Same for you!

  8. These are calm, beautiful peaceful pictures, you are right, he is very artistic. The technical quality is also good - he must have a good camera. I think it must have been a very nice day for him and I am glad he was able to share his happiness with you!

    1. It was dear Jenny!

      I am happy you found my son 's captures cool :)

  9. It is also important, what you put in your not filled glass.

  10. Good point dear Joe!

    We often chase fals temptations in desire to fill our glass without being foresighted which pollute all we have already

  11. Happy Birthday though late to your eldest son's friend - I'm sure he had a wonderful day.
    One can talk about water for ever :)
    The photos are nice, they are moody because of the sky - be interesting to see with a blue sky.

    1. Thank you dear Margaret!

      Best wishes are never late as we all need them all the time:)

      We here mostly have blue skies so looking at grey sky is aesthetically appropriated though now in this part of age I love blue sky more

  12. i missed coming around your blog and reading the thoughts of your precious soul....<3 the photos you shared are so beautiful. happy birthday to your son!
    also- that pizza looks YUMMY.

  13. Here's hoping your son's friend had a wonderful birthday!
    That pizza looks so delicious...I wonder why I feel suddenly very hungry?! 😉
    Dearest Baili...thank you so much for these stunning photos...oh wow!!😊😊

  14. These photos are beautiful, Baili! How lovely that your son sent them to you. I can imagine how excited you are for his visit home! It is coming quickly!

  15. Hello, I agree with you about thinking negatively, it is not good. Happy Birthday to your son, he is a handsome young man. The pizza looks delicious. I love the scenery and the birds, very pretty. It is nice of your son to share the photos. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

    1. thank you dear eileen !

      best wishes for your weekend too!

  16. I so agree that we can make the most out of however full our glass may be, and people may show they have everything ok, but behind closed doors things can be so different from what they show to the world. Looks like a fun day out, actually got some pretty close pictures of the ducks. I do love the reflections of the trees in the water. Hope your son can make it home :)

    1. you pointed out really important side of issue dear Connie!

      I am familiar with some people who are totally different than what they show to the world and their actual thoughts are horribly Low!

      This sounds so weird to me that why we give other people more importance than our God who knows us from inside and our intentions .
      pretending different than you actually are is beyond my understanding

  17. Positive attitude and thoughts will get us much farther along than negative ones--so true! I enjoyed seeing your son's photos. He does have an artistic eye, and he captured some lovely scenes. Wishing you a wonderful day, dear Baili.

    1. so true dear Connie !

      thank you so much
      i am glad you enjoyed my son's captures :)

  18. Your son's pictures are beautiful, baili. I love the fog and find it makes lovely pictures. I imagine that your favourite picture is the last one :) It won't be long before he will be home!

    Happy Birthday to your son's friend. It's good that they could celebrate together; much better than being alone on his birthday.

    1. Thank you dearest Jenny!

      Oh your guess is so clever about my favorite picture :)))

  19. I have got to come back and catch up - loved this post and the photos!

  20. I love that pizza! Happy Birthday to your son's friend! Gorgeous photos! Thanks Baili! Big Hugs!

  21. Your son has a good heart that he obviously got from you his mother, Baili. It was lovely of him to spend the time with his friend on his birthday. That pizza looked very good too! Rainy day shots are often overlooked but are usually the best time to take photos as there is no interference from the sun!

  22. You have such beautiful thoughts :-) I am blessed to know you :-)

    Your son obviously takes after you, he shares his beautiful thoughts through his photography :-)


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