Monday, November 5, 2018

Flowers For Vases and Some Shopping

Hey   Lovely   Souls!

Hope   and    pray    that    each   breath   is  filled   with   gratitude    and    peace !

Yesterday   on  Sunday   hubby   me    and  kids   we   all  go  to   visit   Sukkur   city   45  minutes  drive   away    from  us .

Aim   was   to   buy   some   stuff   specially   flowers   for  my  vases  that   i  bought   from   Islamabad   .

Due   to   early   days    of    month   market   was   crowded   and   walking   through    such   flooded   streets   was  quite   hard   task   for  me .

Mostly   we  go   for   shopping   in  last   few  days   of  months   just   because   during  last  dates  markets   are  less   crowded   but   i  don't   know   how  we   forgot   this   time.

May   be  as   the  date   of  my  eldest   son  's  arrival   is  crawling   nearer    i   am   feeling   more   than  just  happy  or  excited  ,  I  want   my  house   to  look  so   HAPPY    and  so    WELLCOMING    for  my  baby :)))

Joy   is   springing   in  our  hearts   and  blood   and   we  are  counting   the  days    and   talking   about   days  when   he   will   be  with   us   and   we  will   see   him   and  talk   to   him  after   such  long   time ah  a  whole   one  year !

At    the   same   time   i  want   December   to   be  soooooooooooooooo looooooong    for   us   so   we  can  have  him  more  with   us!!!

Sharing  below    some   pics   of  our   shopping  last   day  hope   you  will  like  them .

 i  am   using   the  old  pots  gifted  by  mom  on  wedding as  flower  pots   and  i  think  they  look  great aren't  they ?

                   no  other  use   of  them  so   i  think  this   one  is   perfect  for  them

             i  bought   these   glasses  in  1000  only  not   finest   quality   just  finer

                           old   hot  pots  were   deceased   so  bought   this  set  for  kitchen use  in  2100

unstiched   dress in  3500 ruppees   for   myself  ,as  there  is  probability  to  attend  a  marriage  ceremony  next  month

        Hubby  bought  these  shoes  for  walking  as  weather  is  perfect   for  walking  these  days !

My  joints   are  doing  fine  under  the  effect   of  medication  by   the  grace  of  God!

Thank  you  for   bearing  with  me  precious  fellows!!!!!!!!!

You   are  so   Precious   for  me  and   want  to  thank  you  the  way   you  reply   to  my  questions!

Please   stay   healthy  and  happy!

Peace  is  something  related   to  your  own  attitude   so   don't  try   to  find  it  outside  ,it  lies  just  beneath   your  heart  and  within  your   soul!!!

Take  Care ,love  you  all!!!

God  Bless  you  All!!!


  1. Beautiful flowers and it's wonderful to hear your son will be with you soon. :)

  2. I’m so glad your joints are feeling better! Your flowers are so beautiful and beautiful vases as well. How happy you must be with your eldest son coming home! I miss my son too and he is also coming in December, I don’t like to to go to fast but I’m wishing the days coming up to his trip home would fly then the days can slow while he’s with us lol,, thank you for sharing this today,

  3. Bail I love your pewter/silver pots for flower, it's a great idea - you could also use them for pot pourri (dried flowers with fragrant oils). I can imagine your excitement as December draws near and that you want everything homely for your son - it's going to be a wonderful month for you:)) Blessings to you and your family. p.s. the dress you are making looks interesting.

  4. Your flowers look beautiful. December will be here very soon!!

  5. Dearest Baili...oh wow...these flowers are so beautiful and welcoming!
    I can imagine how excited you are as the time of your son's return draws near...and I am so, so, happy for you. I know how much you have missed him!😊😊

    Lots of love and hugs xoxoxo

  6. Oh I can understand your excitement when your son is coming home and of course you want to welcome him with a house full of flowers. I love your vases, pots and flowers of course, I'm a flower lover myself. Your last quote is so true: Peace is something related to your own attitude......
    Wish you all the peace and love of the world dear Baili!

  7. I like that you chose many different colors. They must certainly brighten your home. I like the hot pots too.

  8. The vases are even more beautiful than the flowers.

  9. How nice to have such bright colors throughout your home, Baili, and I know they bring your happiness and peace. We know how excited you will be getting as December comes closer and your eldest son is home and also know you will be sharing posts about good times with family. I was glad to read that the medications are helping and that you are feeling better - good news all around, my friend.

  10. I think they are all such beautiful flowers, and they look so lovely in your vases.

    Wonderful to read that your son will be with you soon … great news.

    Also so pleasing that your joints are less painful now.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  11. Hi Baili! :)) I'm so glad your joints are doing's rough to have constant pain. Your flowers are just beautiful and I can read the excitement in your post, waiting to see your son again. Has it really been a whole year???

  12. I am so glad to hear your joints are feeling less pain, baili. That is good news indeed!

    I have a special fondness for flower vases although I rarely have flowers in them. I just like the vases themselves. But after seeing your lovely vases full of beautiful blooms I am thinking I ought to use mine, not just have them on display in a cabinet!

    I so understand your excitement to welcome your son home after such a long time away. It is very good for a mother's heart to have all her children under her wing again.

  13. Your vases and flowers are quite beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your son. I know how much you are looking forward to seeing him.

  14. My house, inside and outside, is full of flowers.
    A must.
    Have a great week.

  15. So many lovely treasures, Baili! And flowers always add beauty and joy to a home. I can imagine how excited you are for the arrival of your son. I know how much you have missed him. He will be home soon! xo

  16. The flowers are beautiful as are you and your thoughts xx

  17. I love those flowers in those pots! Beautiful! Looks like you had a great time shopping! Big Hugs!

  18. The flowers are lovely, Baili, but I'm guessing what your son longs for most of all is a big hug from you and his dad. Not having a child of my own, I can barely imagine the joy you will feel when your wrap your arms around Ahsan! Sending you a big hug, my friend!


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