Friday, July 6, 2018

Our Visits To Various Parts Of The City Islamabad And Net problem

Hello  My  Precious  Fellows !

Hope   ,wish  and  pray   that  all  is   going  fine   and   pleasant   in  your   lovely   worlds!

I   am  sorry   that   i  been   absent  for  the   reason  which  is   so  often  here .

Yes   the   abrupt  net  failure  as  though   we  brought  our  portable  device  along  but  did  not   put  balance  in  it  because  Hubby's  student  and  friend  (one who helped us with rented flat)  advice  hubby  to  apply   an  internet   which  provides  local  private  firm for  reasonable  monthly  fee .  He told   that   he  is  using   this  service  since  many  years .

We   followed  his  words  but   after   some  days  with  proper  supply  net   started   being  disconnected .As   we  have   planned  our  vacations  like  we  stay    at   home  for  one  day     and   go   for  outing  on  another  day  .I   could   have  visit   your  blogs   regularly  and   post  on  time  but  disappearance  of  net  put   me   in  tension .After  our       

constant  complains  last   night   we   got   out  connection back   but   can't   say   for   how   long  it  will  work so   want   to  say   that   love   and  miss   you   all  sooo.......much!

Only   almost   20   days  to  get  back  to  my   routine .   
   Leaving   you   adorable   people   with   some   glimpse   of  our  various   visits   to   different   picnic   points !

Pics  above   belong  to  our   visit   to  PAKISTAN  MONUMENT  which   is   situated   in   one   side  shakar  parian  Islamabad.

i  will  try   my  best   to  keep  in  touch  if  net  works   properly  during  our  stay  here.

With  much  love  i  will   say  that  please   take   great  care  ,stay   blessed   with   true   joy   and   peace   which   comes   from  strong   faith   and   self   recognition!

God   Bless  You   All!!!


  1. Good to have you back Baili. Enjoy!

  2. Seems like a wonderful trip, I love the colors of your outfit! Have a lovely day☺☺

  3. oh I have missed you!!! I was so glad to see you on my readers list! I'm sorry you have had problems with the internet , hopefully all is returned to normal,, thank you for sharing the wonderful photos today!

  4. Thanks for sharing Islamabad with us! How frustrating all the net problems.

  5. Sorry to hear about your internet issues. No worries about blog comments. I would not be visiting blogs while traveling. Islamabad looks very nice and very interesting. Happy travels!

  6. Welcome back Bali and we've all been affected by internet and/or computer issues at one time or another, so can understand. I enjoyed seeing the photos of some of the places visited in your travels. It looks like a very large and modern shopping area in a couple of the photos.

  7. I enjoyed your pictures but internet problems are everywhere these days.

  8. It is so annoying to not have access to the internet once you become used to it. You all look like you are having a good holiday.

  9. It's good to hear from you, baili. I hope your internet behaves! I enjoyed your photos. Have a good time on your other stops during your vacation :)

  10. So pleased to read a post from you and to know you are all ok...
    So sorry about the internet, it certainly can be a problem when you pay for something you don't get. If you are missing from your blog we will know you are still having problems with it.

    The photos are lovely and show what you have seen. Nice photo of your son, your self and husband.
    Take care..enjoy your time..

  11. It is wonderful to hear from you, Baili! I always enjoy your photos, too.

  12. How lovely to see where you have been, it was interesting to read about Zuby as I had not heard of him. Don't worry about the internet, in some way if the obligation of social media isn't there, it's nice to enjoy the break - you will have so much to post about on your return and I will look forward to seeing more of your travels. Your picture with husband is a good one! your outfit is beautiful and you both look very happy. Betty x

  13. I enjoyed seeing your pictures, Baili. Such a nice picture of you and your husband at the end! I'm sorry to hear you've had internet problems lately. That can be so frustrating. I hope they are all fixed for you now.

  14. It was so nice to see and read this post from you.
    The internet (lack of it) can sometimes be a problem …

    Do take care and enjoy your time together.

    All the best Jan

  15. Os problemas da internet obrigam-nos a parar. Ainda bem que está de volta. Obrigada por partilhar as fotografias.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  16. Good to hear about you! Hopefully the net problems are solved

  17. There are two men featured in the third photo in a mural with a blue background. Who are they?

    I am surprised to see so much English. Is it used a lot there?

  18. When on a break away from home I find it quite refreshing to be away from the internet for a while. Although I do miss my blogging friends.

  19. Dear Baili, take care and just enjoy what is and is being. Thank you for the photographs of your visit to the Pakistan Monument. It's so good to learn about other cultures and countries and traditions. I just so enjoy your sharing. Peace.

  20. You've been missed! So good to hear from you! Really enjoyed the pictures! Take care!!

  21. Great photos ! I like the photo of you and your husband.

  22. Estimada Baili. Espero que pronto se solucionen esos problemas de conexión, de los que a veces tienen mucha culpa las Compañías que no cumplen lo contratado, y otras veces la orografía del terreno.
    Te agradezco también el que compartas la visita que habéis hecho a ese interesante museo, del que me ha gustado mucho tanto su arquitectura como el contenido del mismo.
    Y me despido como tu lo haces, deseándoos que Dios os bendiga, y que siga la familia tan unida y feliz, como se os ve en las fotografías.

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  24. Hoje é só para dizer que já estou de volta.
    Amanhã já haverá comentários.

  25. I liked reading this post! Thanks for sharing it and all the photos!

  26. I have had internet problems so I can sympathise when it's difficult to keep in touch with blog friends. Thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. I'm guessing that you are back from your trip. It looks as if you enjoyed your visit to the museum. I was interested to read the the sculptor Ozzir Zuby spent some time studying in Rome. I hope the week ahead is a peaceful one for you and your family.


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