Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Photos Of Our Visit To Zoo Ayoob Park Islamabad

Hello   Sweet   Fellows!

Hope   and  pray   that  you   are  dealing   with  all  odds  of  life   so   brilliantly    and   feeling   SPECIAL   because   God   created  each   soul  with   Special   love  and   virtue   it's  just  how   we   explore   these   blessing  within  us  by   contemplating    upon    his   grace  which  is  larger   than  life  itself!

After   being  back  from  my  native   area   and   two  month   stay   in  islamabad   i   am  feeling   so  blessed  that   on  this  globe  i  have  my  own  nest   to   sit   with   peace  and  serenity!

First  two   week   was  soooper  dooper   busy   with  bringing  back   house   in  his  original    organized   tidy  shape  !

Many  to  do  things  are  still   in  waiting   list though  but   they  can  wait   so   we   are   trying   to  regain  our  physical   and  mental   energy  .

Sudden  change  of  temps   raised  some  minor  issues   in  our   health   but  by the  grace  of  God  they  are  in  fixing  process!

But   one  among   us  is  seriously  ill!!!

Yes  my  old   laptop  ,no  one   is   solving  permanently  and  after   each  one  or  two  days  it  goes  just  BLANK :(

My  eldest  son  said  he  will  bring  new  one   and  try  to  fix  it  when  he  will  come  in  winters !

Whenever  we  install window 8  or  10  pc  shuts  down  ruthlessly ,
right now    we  installed  window   7 home premium which  is  running  on  SAFE MODE only  and  performances  of  pc  is  slow  and  limited  yet  i  am  at  little  peace that  i  can  connect  to  my  friends  at  least!

Today  sharing  pics  of  our  zoo  visit  in  capital  city,hope  you  will  like   them!

Ayoob   park  is  really  is  widely  spread  park  which  includes   huge  walking  area  ,a  big  lake  for  boating  , among  green lashing  surroundings  many  many  huge  swings  and  birds  ,animals  and  snake  display  section  

we  visited  there  twice  ,before  and  after  fasting  month  Ramadan ,these  pics  are  from  first  visit

 Visit  before  place  gets  so  rushy  seemed   luxury  to  me ! people  were  less  ,otherwise   one  cannot   feel   serene   among  so  much  noise  and  countless  faces

 this  was  beautiful  scene to  look  at ,ducks  were  so  organized  and  joyous 

 when  i  was  little  and  lived  in  city  before  getting  in  mom's  native  village  i  remember  this  kind  of  bucket  of  water   brought  by  men  to  home  for  the  certain  price 

 we  were  early  so  ticket  was  not  as  hard  to  get  as  later  when  evening  turns  into  nights  because  people  come late  in  summers  and  early  in  winters 

 Enterance  to  certain  area  where  zoo  begins , open  mouth  of   artificial  lion  looks  like   horrible  odds  of  life  to  me 

numerous  birds  were  caged  and  i  felt  bad  for  them like  i  always  do when  i  see  them  trapped  helplessly  instead  of  flying  happily in  the  vast  sky

This  beautiful  parrot  just  sat  on  ground  and  i  clicked ,hope  he  did  not  mind!

 they   were  in  pairs  though  but  looked  lonely and  sad  to  me !

tried   hard  to  capture  her  beauty  completely but  failed 

 this  was  splendid  beauty  for  eyes  but  i  wish  i  could  make  him  feel  home!

 King  of  the  jungle   seemed   to  look   for  his  slaves  who   ditched  him  

 i like   these   lovely  creatures  ,they  look  so  adorable  and  harmless  

 My  phone  camera  was  not  powerful  enough  to  capture  the  sad  beauty  of  the  eyes  of  these  pretty  dears 

naughty  monkeys  were   busy  in  eating  fruits ,i  waited  for  their  look  but  they  were   so  sunken  in  their  epitite
 this  cute  duck  was  catching  tiny  fish  in  her  beak  and  feeding  her  babies

 she  looked  as   she   was  asking  for  help to  get  outside

Bear  was  roaming  restlesly  in  his  area  but  his  or  her   partner  was  sleeping  in  cave  peacefully

Lion   and  lioness  were  gazing   each other  as  they  were  talking  about   this  stupid  spice  who  was   standing  there  surrounding  their  cages  and  interrupting  their  privacy !

Dear   friends   leaving   with  you  with  my  simple  words  that  please take  great  care  of  yourself!

Stay  blessed  with  faith  in  your  creator ,he  can  NEVER  forget  you and  you  can  check  this  with  your  one  TRUE  call  for  him!

God  Bless  You  All!!! 


  1. Cannot tell you how much picture #2 made me smile. I love it! Have a wonderful day Baili.

  2. Enjoyed your vacation photos, although it is always nice to return home! So sorry about the computer problems, very frustrating.

  3. Beautiful photos Baili. Good luck with your computer!

  4. Great photos. I love zoos and I love animals. It is really nice spending a day exploring one.

    Computers can be so frustrating. Updating them can bring about such bad things.

  5. It was a fun day with your family. I like the zoo entrance way.

  6. The zoo is very nice. Your bear has a slightly longer snout that ours do. Windows 10 has been problems for me too. I know they have fixed some things but am waiting for the rest.

  7. "i like these lovely creatures ,they look so adorable and harmless"
    Imagine them roaming freely in the streets, comingo tom eat in our hand.
    No, it's not a movie, is Nara, an incredible city in Japan just beside Kyotto.

  8. beautiful photos, I have never been to a zoo! I hope your computer problems ARE BEHIND YOU! Take care my friend,

  9. What fun! And such beautiful photos, especially of you and your family!

  10. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from the zoo. Entering by walking into the lion's mouth does look threatening!! The animals are beautiful to see, but it is sad to think about them being caged up isn't it. I hope you are able to get your computer fixed soon or get a new one to use. Have a wonderful day!

  11. What a lovely trip to the zoo, I enjoyed your photographs.
    Hope you soon get your computer problems sorted.

    All the best Jan

  12. Blessings and thank you.
    I enjoyed my tour of the zoo.

    Stay blessed

  13. Sorry about your computer! I love the zoo photos, but I feel like you do, that the animals want to be free! Big Hugs!

  14. Hello Baili, I am glad you had some luck with your laptop and were able to share your zoo pictures. I feel like you that although the animals are beautiful and we are lucky to see them, it is sad for them to be there, especially creatures that are created to run like the deer. It looks like although you have had a wonderful time you are glad to be home and enjoying tidying and home making. I am doing some minor repairs to my house just now and painting (hubby cooks and I do DIY - it's a good deal!). blessings. Betty

  15. So many interesting things here today, baili! Thank you for sharing your trip to the zoo and your family photos. I feel sad for caged creatures, too. But what can a person do? I hope your computer behaves until your son can bring you a different one. So many "improvements" don't seem to be improvements at all, when it comes to computers :)

  16. WOW...how can I ever thank you enough? Such incredibly beautiful photos! It must have been an amazing visit...and I love the tiger's mouth gate. It is so unusual.
    Yes, it is sad to see caged creatures, but I guess at least it saves some species from becoming extinct sometimes.
    Whenever I see a zoo, I just offer a quiet prayer that the animals are being looked after with kindness.
    Oh thank you so much for sharing your trip with us...I have so enjoyed! :))

    Sending you Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  17. Hello Baili, first thank you for your recent comment on posts about our cross country road trip, which we are still in process but have finally reached our destination state of Oregon! I was sorry to read that your computer is not being cooperative and it may be time for a replacement, so hope that works out. I agree with you about how hard it is to visit a zoo and see the animals caged and it's why I do not like to take photos although we did visit one zoo on our travels. Coming home and catching up on everything does take time and it's what we will be facing when we return, but all works out in time. Taking it slowly is the best approach, so good advice, my friend.

  18. Gostei da sua reportagem fotográfica ao Zoo Ayoob Park Islamabad. Obrigada por partilhar.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  19. Very beautiful and interesting!
    Sending you hugs and blessings! ♥


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